Computer Drive Experience & Current State of maliwatch Center by 4HlMdi4


									mAliWatch Center Project
mAliWatch Center Project

The last phase of a multi-year effort
(2001-2004), this project’s goals are:
- Set up full internet access at Lycee
kAnkU ’musa (Kankou Moussa);
- Purchase & ship used computers
from US to (new) partners in mAli;
- Systemic (re)training of teachers
and students at Lkm/other Lycees.
           Project Execution
•   Phase 1: Project Planning & Funding
•   Phase 2: Computer Shipping Experience
•   Phase 3: Faculty and Students Training
•   Phase 4: Government Involvement
  Phase 1: Project Planning & Funding

• Previous scope changed from donation of
  computers to the construction of new Computer
  Lab/mAliWatch Center  Experience led to new
  demands from professors, students and MEN.
• Thus, original 3 committees must really perform
  their assigned tasks (Realization, Management,
  and Fund Raising & Public Relation).
• August 31, 2001: 15 used computers were
  purchased from WVU at $1,650 (donations and
  mW funds). Now, 15 more computers are needed.
Phase 2: Computer Shipping Experience

• Initially, there were three major impediments:
  Lack of information; lack of even minimal
  funding; and lack of favorable macro context.
• Now, trial-and-error process has led to acceptable
  formula: Shipping by ground service to NYC +
  Air-freight to bAmAkOO-senu.
• Somewhat expensive (formerly $190/computer;
  now, $230/per computer), but benefits of saving
  time, of limiting damages, of no customs fees, and
  most importantly re-energizing of partners.
Phase 3: Faculty and Students Training

• Faculty need to be trained in the areas of personal
  skills, curricula enrichment, and applied research.
  Some expertise exists.
• Almost all students need to be trained in basic
  computer literacy and web applications.
• Modules exist but need to be updated, and some
  types of manuals (for both professors and
  students) need to be distributed.
  Phase 4: Government Involvement

• Government support has always existed through
  Ministries of Health and of National Education;
• Hopital gabriyEli ture (Hgt, Gabriel Toure) and
  Lycee kAnkU ’musa (Lkm) known as test-sites,
  then as model/pilot-sites;
• In 2002 and 2003, $28.8 thousand in funding
  provided for new building at Lkm, and for
  CJA/HSTA “LifeStyles Project” team (3 students
  and 1 professor) to participate in International
  Science Expo 2003 in Moskva (Moscow)
      mAliwatch Centers Program

• The goal is to provide selected or all high-schools
  in mAli with IT infrastructures over a period of 2,
  5, or 10 years, in partnership with the
  Government, local IT businesses, communities,
  teacher and student groups, and other sponsors of
• Three high-schools are already identified (Lycees
  prOspEr kAmArA in bAmAkOO, dUgUkolo
  kOnArE in kAyI, and abire goro in kooro) in order
  to test/set up an integrated learning system.
       mAliwatch Centers Program
                                 Program Coordination

Computer Drive &    Facilities Construction   Computer Installation     Training
Sponsors Relation      & Maintenance            & Maintenance

  Maliwatch            Maliwatch Mali            Maliwatch Mali        Maliwatch
 North America         & Government             Internet Provider     Organization
   & Europe                                        IT Business
A. Computer Drive & Sponsor Relations
• Work with mAliWatch Coordination
  Generale to develop goals and timeline for
  computer drives
• Identify possible sponsors
• Develop relationship with targeted sponsors
• Prepare and file applications for funding
• Oversee purchase and shipment of IT
B. Facilities Construction & Maintenance

 • Work with the Government to obtain
   funding for new facilities
 • Assist with the design and construction/
   renovation of new computer labs (user-
   friendly, as in the case of persons with
 • Develop maintenance program for existing
   computer labs (security, A.C., accessories)
C. Computer Installation & Maintenance

 • In the near future, develop the basic requirements
   and specifications for computers & IT equipment
 • Oversee the installation of new equipment
 • Negotiate contracts with Internet providers
 • Develop maintenance program for IT equipment
 • Negotiate maintenance and recycling contracts
   with local IT companies
               D. Training

• Work with the Ministry of Education
  and/or the high-schools to develop new IT
• Develop training programs for professors
• Recruit volunteers and set up extra-
  curricular programs for students/public
        Program Approach
• Phase 1: Upgrade existing mAliWatch
  center to a “smart classroom” standard and
  establish a sustainable management model
• Phase 2: Replicate the model in x high
  schools over y years (function of available
                  Phase 1
•   Finalize terms of “Accord-Cadre”
•   Obtain funding
•   Connect to Internet
•   Establish student fee and management plan
•   Agree upon need assessment mechanism
    and develop training modules
                 Phase 2
• Target new high-schools in collaboration
  with all interested parties/institutions
• Estimate funding requirements and locate
  sources (be open to all possibilities)
• Apply & Obtain funding
• Integrate efforts into the National IT
  Promotion Program (Ministry of
  Communication and New Technologies)
    Proposed Financing – Phase 1
•   LKM total student body: 3000 students
•   LKM student yearly increase: 1%
•   Student annual fee: 2500 CFA ($5.00)
•   Sponsors fund: $35,000
•   Internet connection fee (Ikatel 2 yrs): 550,000 CFA
•   Internet service fee (Ikatel 2 yrs): 399,000 CFA
•   Anticipated internet service discount: 40%
•   Upgrade expenses: 10,000,000 CFA
•   Monthly maintenance allowance: 200,000 CFA
•   Exchange rate: $1.00 = 500 CFA
           Five Year Cash Projection
                          Year 1        Year 2     Year 3     Year 4     Year 5

Sponsor Fund                $35,000

Government Fund                    $0

Student Fee                              $15,150    $15,302    $15,455    $15,609
Total Available Fund        $35,000      $15,150    $15,302    $15,455    $15,609

Upgrade/Equipment           $20,000

Internet Connection Fee        $660
Internet Service Fee         $5,746       $5,746     $5,746     $5,746     $5,746
Maintenance Allowance        $4,800       $4,800     $4,800     $4,800     $4,800
Total Fixed Cost            $31,206      $10,546    $10,546    $10,546    $10,546

Annual Operating Fund        $3,794       $4,604     $4,756     $4,909     $5,063
• Program is rooted in years of experience and is
  self-sustainable after the first year
• Requires one time financing only
• Very realistic student annual fee (2500 CFA/$5)
• Ability to replace/add 5 new computers every 2
• Promote the country’s IT program
• Business opportunity for IT businesses
• Requires collaboration and rigorous management

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