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									                                CUSSW FACULTY SUPPORT CENTER

                                               JOB REQUEST

Phone: 4-0140                      5th Floor                       Email: ssw-fsc@columbia.edu

To be completed by Faculty Member (use mouse or TAB to move around form; save, print and
include when delivering work in-person, or include as attachment when e-mailing work request):

Priority (select Low/Normal/High):         Normal priority

Job requested by:

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Task Description (Please check all that apply):

     Scan       No. of pages:
     Copy       No. of pages:              No. of copies:
     Deliver to:
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     Name(s)/fax number(s):
     Mail to:
     Fedex               Instructional         Project Account No. (specify):
     Put in student mail folder:
     Type/Revise             No. of pages:                     Need hard copy       Need soft copy
     Conduct a search:
     Additional comments:

To be completed by Faculty Support Center:

Request received——Date:_________________Time:_____________________

Job assigned to:_________________________Date:_________________Time:_____________________

Faculty Member contacted by:  Phone  Email                 Date: ____________Time:_________________

Job was completed on: Date____________________ Time___________________

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