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                                  Grant Reviewers Needed

Professionals in the field are needed to review and evaluate applications submitted in response to the
Comprehensive School Reform—Texas High School Initiative grant program. If you are able to review
grant applications, please complete this form and return it to the address below no later than October
7, 2004. Applications and review score sheets will be forwarded via mail and e-mail to reviewers on
approximately October 18, 2004 for review from October 18, 2004 through November 9, 2004. You
will be notified once we have evaluated the application volume and required number of reviewers.
You will be contacted if you are selected to be a grant reviewer. Please share this with your fellow


 Position Title

 Reviewer Type (enter Teacher, School
 Administrator, ESC Staff, Parent, etc.
 Enter only one type which best represents


 Education Service Center Region
 Applicable To Your Area

 Mailing Address

 City, State, Zip

 Telephone (including area code)

 Alternate telephone (including area code)

 Fax (including area code)

 E-mail (please double-check for accuracy)

 Description of expertise/experience in the
 program area

                                       Please return this form to:

                                        Texas Education Agency
                                    Division of Education Initiatives
                                       1701 N. Congress Avenue
                                           Austin, TX 78701
                                         ATTN: Barbara Knaggs

                  If you have any questions, please call: Barbara Knaggs, 512-936-6060
                           Fax: 512-463-5337 Email:

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