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					                                US: Political Culture and Linkage Institutions
                                            Vocabulary 2011-2012

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527 group                              Green Party                               Political efficacy
AARP                                   Hard Money                                Political participation
ACLU                                   Horse race mentality                      Political socialization
Agents of socialization                Hyperpluralist                            Popular vote
Amicus curiae brief                    Ideology                                  Populism
Baker v Carr                           Independent expenditure                   Presidential Primaries
Bandwagon effect                       Independent voters                        Press conferences
bipartisan                             Interest groups                           Primary elections
Blanket primary                        Issue ads                                 Print media
Buckley v. Valheo                      Legitimacy                                Proportional representation
Campaign finance reform                Linkage Institution                       Public funding
Caucus                                 Litigation/Litigious                      Public interest lobbies
Census                                 Lobbying                                  Random sample
Citizens United v FEC                  Malapportionment                          Reagan Democrats
Civic duty                             Mass media                                Reapportionment
Civil Disobedience                     McCain-Feingold Bill                      redistricting
Civil society                          Media consultant                          Referendum
Class action lawsuits                  Media Event                               Regional primaries
Cleavages                              Melting pot                               Responsible party model
Closed primary                         Midterm elections                         Right to work laws
Coalition                              Minority-majority                         Ross Perot
Coattails                              Moderate                                  Scarcity doctrine
Conservative                           Multi-member district                     Scorekeeper role
Cross cutting cleavage                 MV Act                                    Security mom
Dealignment                            NAACP                                     Single issue groups
Demography                             Narrowcast                                Soccer mom
Direct mail                            National party convention                 Social capital
Direct/indirect primary                Negative campaigns                        Social conservative
Divided government                     New Deal Coalition                        Social movements
Electoral college                      Nomination                                Soft money
Electoral system                       Normative                                 Solid South
Elite Theory                           NRA                                       Sound bites
Empirical                              Open primary                              Spin Doctor
Exit polls                             Partisanship                              Straight ticket voter
Federal Election Campaign Act          Party eras                                Suffrage
Federal Election Commission            Party identification                      Super delegates
(FEC)                                  Party machines                            Super Tuesday
Federal Matching Funds                 Party organization                        Tea Party Movement
Federalist 10                          Party platform                            Third parties
Fiscal conservative                    Party realignment                         Ticket splitting
Free rider problem                     Patronage                                 Trial balloons
Frontloading                           Pluralist theory                          Voter registration
Gatekeeper role                        Plurality                                 Voting Rights Act of 1965
Gender gap                             Policy agenda                             WTA or FPTP
General election                       Political action committees
George Wallace                         (PACs)
Grass roots                            Political culture

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