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									                                                Cambridge City Council

                                         Equality Impact Assessment

                                                 What is this template for?

Completing this template will help you to think about what the impact of existing or new strategies, policies, plans, projects,
contracts or decisions may be on service users, residents and staff. It will help you to deliver better services by making sure
that, as far as possible, they reflect the needs of all our citizens, and of our staff.

                              When do I need to do an Equality Impact Assessment?
You only need to do an Equality Impact Assessment if your strategy, policy, plan, project, contract or decision is relevant to
equality. The ‘relevance test’ in the General Guidance notes will help you to decide whether your activity is relevant to equality.

                                                How do I use the template?
The template is easy to use. You do not need to have specialist ‘equalities’ knowledge to complete it. It asks you to make
judgements based on evidence and experience. There are guidance notes to help you complete this template, which you can
refer to. You can also get advice from Anette Grindsted, Project Support Officer, on 01223 457063 or email
anette.grindsted@cambridge.gov.uk or from your departmental Equalities Link Officer.

     Equality Impact Assessment

     General Information
1.   Name of strategy, policy, plan,        All relevant HR Policies:
     project, contract or decision:
                                            Parental / Flexible Working Policies
                                            Right to Request Flexible Working Policy, Career Break, Maternity / Adoption, Paternity, Parental
                                            Leave, Unpaid Leave, Flexible Retirement, Working Beyond Retirement

                                            Managing Difficulties and Change at Work
                                            Disciplinary, Grievance, Dignity at Work, Capability, Whistle blowing, Organisational change and
                                            redundancy, Redeployment, Sickness and absence (incl. Intermittent Absence Procedure and
                                            Long Term Absence Procedure), Disability, Counseling, Stress, Alcohol and substance abuse,
                                            Compassionate leave

                                            Pay and Progression Policies
                                            Equal Pay Statement, Honoraria Scheme, Job Evaluation Policy, Pay Progression Policy (incl.
                                            Pay Bands), Retirement, Standout and Callout Pay and Arrangements – Collective Agreement,
                                            Travel Allowance Policy

                                            Recruitment Policies
                                            Fixed Term Contracts Policy, Relocation Policy, Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults,
                                            Volunteers Policy, Work Experience Policy
2.   What is the objective or purpose of    To advise on employment policies and procedures.
     the strategy, policy, plan, project,
     contract or decision?

3.   Who will be affected by this strategy,   Residents                                    A specific client group or groups (please
     policy, plan, project, contract or                                                    state):
     decision? (Please tick those that        Visitors
                                              Staff X

4.   What type of strategy, policy, plan,     New
     project, contract or decision is this?
     (Please tick)                            Revised

                                              Existing X

5.   Responsible department, section          Department: Human Resources
     and Head of Service.
                                              Section: Chief Executive’s

                                              Head of Service: Deborah Simpson

6.   Are other departments or partners        No                                 Yes (please give details): Day to day
     involved in delivering this strategy,                                       implementation is carried out by managers and staff
     policy, plan, project, contract or                                          in accordance with the HR Framework set out in
     decision?                                                                   these policies.

     Gathering Performance Data

7.   How do you (or how will you) monitor     Performance indicators/targets                   X
     the impact of the strategy, policy,      Benchmarking with other organisations            X
     plan, project, contract or decision?     User satisfaction survey results
     (Please tick any that apply)             Consultation results
                                              Complaints information                           X
                                              Service uptake data                              X
                                              External verification e.g. inspection results,   X
                                              views of organisations representing
                                              equalities groups
                                              Staff survey results                             X
                                              Workforce monitoring data                        X
                                              Other (please state)                             X        Trade Unions, Feedback from staff and
                                              None                                                      managers
8.   Which of the equalities groups does      Age                                              X        Other (please state):
     this monitoring data relate to?          Disability                                       X
     (Please tick any that are relevant)      Gender/transgender (inc gender re-               X
                                              assignment, pregnancy and maternity)
                                              Marriage and Civil Partnership                   X
                                              Race                                             X
                                              Religion/belief                                  X
                                              Sexual orientation                               X
     Analysing Performance Data
                                                                                               Same     Not same    Positive /   Insufficient
                                                                                               impact   impact      Negative     evidence
9.   Using the monitoring information that    Age                                                                                X
     you have, please indicate if the         Disability                                                                         X
     impact of the strategy, policy, plan,    Gender/transgender (inc gender re-                                                 X
     project, contract or decision is the     assignment, pregnancy and maternity)                                               X
     same for the equalities groups as it     Marriage and Civil Partnership                                                     X
     is for the population or the workforce   Race                                                                               X
     as a whole.                              Religion/belief                                                                    X
                                              Sexual orientation                                                                 X

                                             Other (please state):
                                             Equalities Group                           What the potential       Evidence of potential
                                                                                        negative impact is       negative impact if there is
10. List and explain any negative            Please see Action Plan A for details of
    impacts identified in Qu 9. State        identified issues and actions due to be
    which equalities group is affected,      taken. This is based on 4 EqIA meetings
    what the negative impact is and give     with a range of representative staff who
    details of any evidence of this impact   provided feedback.
    e.g. document titles, web links.
                                             No issues have been highlighted in
     If you have no evidence of the          feedback from staff and managers.
     negative impact but believe it may
     exist, please say so.

11. Are or will people from equalities       Yes X                                      If no, please provide details….
    groups take up services associated
    with the strategy, policy, plan,         No
    project, service, contract or decision
    at the same rate as the population or    Insufficient evidence
    the workforce as a whole?

     (Please tick)

12. Is your strategy, policy, plan, project,   Yes                                              If yes, please provide details…
    service, contract or decision likely to
    exclude or disadvantage equalities         No X
    groups in the longer term?
                                               Insufficient evidence
     (Please tick)

     Checking Delivery Arrangements                                                             Yes    No    Insufficient         Reason
13. Please check the delivery                Are any premises involved accessible to            X
    arrangements for the strategy,           all?
    policy, plan, project, service, contract
    or decision against these criteria:      Is any ICT software and equipment                  X
                                             accessible to all?

                                               Is consultation and participation inclusive of   X

                                               Are public events and meetings accessible        X
                                               to all?

                                               Do public meetings and events avoid              X
                                               conflict with religious events?
     If you answered no to any of the
     criteria, please explain why, giving      Is electronic, web based and paper               X
     details of any legal justification if     information accessible for all?
     there is one…..
                                               Are images and text in documents and             X
                                               publicity campaigns representative of all?

    Conclusions and Next Steps
14. a) The evidence has not identified     No further action required. Sign off this form and send a copy to Anette Grindsted, Project
    any disadvantages or negative          Support Officer, Strategy and Partnerships anette.grindsted@cambridge.gov.uk who will arrange
    impacts                                for it to be published on the Internet and Intranet.
    b) The evidence indicates that there   Complete the Action Plan: Section A
    are no disadvantages or negative       X
    impacts that cannot be easily
    c) It has not been possible to say     Go to Question 15
    whether or not there is a
    disadvantage or negative impact e.g.
    there is insufficient evidence
    d) The evidence indicates potential    Complete Action Plan: Section B
    disadvantages or negative impacts
    that cannot be easily addressed.
    Gathering additional information
15. What additional evidence are you       Advice from experts                                Other (please state):
    going to gather? (Please tick any      Demographic profile e.g. Census
    that apply)                            Existing consultation results                      Staff groups will be kept
                                           Existing user data                                 Diversity Monitoring
                                           External verification e.g. expert views of
                                           people/organisations representing equality
                                           Local needs analysis e.g Joint Strategic
                                           Needs Assessments
                                           National best practice information e.g. Audit
                                           Commission reports
                                           New consultation with a specific equality
                                           Research reports
                                           Relevant staff group expertise

16. If you have any additional comments
    please add them here.

17. Name and job title of assessment         Anette Grindsted, HR Diversity Adviser
    lead officer

    Date of completion                       12/01/2010

    Names of other assessment team           Focus Group members: Staff group representatives, Business partners, relevant HR manager
    members and people consulted             (depending on policies being assessed), Head of Service, Union representative (Unison)

    Date of next review of the EqIA          As policies are updated / revised EqIAs will be completed.
    This should be within three years of
    the date of completion of the original

   Note: when completed a copy of this form should be saved with the relevant strategy, plan, policy, project, contract, major change in
   service or decision and an electronic copy sent to Anette Grindsted, Project Support Officer in Strategy and Partnerships email
   anette.grindsted@cambridge.gov.uk who will arrange for publication on the Council’s web pages and the Intranet.

Equality Impact Assessment Title: HR Policies                   Date: 12/01/2010

Section A
Disadvantages or Negative Impacts that can be easily addressed i.e. within the next six months

Equality Group         Details of possible disadvantage or Action to be taken to address the        Officer             Date action
                       negative impact                     disadvantage or negative impact          responsible for     to be
                                                                                                    progressing the     completed
                                                                                                    action              by
Age                    City Pay Bands                          Review the length of pay scales      Head of HR          Completed
                       Potential discrimination against
                       younger staff due to not having been
                       employed the same length of time as
                       older employees.

                       Work Experience Policy                  Policy will be changed and widened   Business Partner    March 2011
                       Policy should be widened out to         out accordingly
                       include people over 18 years of age.
                       Retirement Policy                       The County recently issued an        HR and Finance
                       More awareness raising needed re.       updated pensions booklet.            (Support Services
                       change in policy raising the pension                                         Manager)
                       entitlement from 50 to 55 years of

Disability             Sickness Absence Policy, Intermittent   Review return to work interviews                         Form now
                       Absence Procedure and Long Term                                                                  incorporated
                       Sickness Absence Procedure                                                                       into Sickness
                       Staff may not wish to declare their                                                              Absence
                       illness to a manager.                                                                            form

                      Unclear what documents staff need to Policy to clarify what CCC needs
                      provide                              from staff

                      Capability Procedure                    This is to be dealt with on a case-     Diversity Adviser   Completed
                      If capability issues are related to     by-case basis. A general diversity
                      health issues this could potentially    statement will further encourage
                      disadvantage some staff.                managers to seek HR advice.

                      Redeployment Policy                     Legal definition to be added to         Business Partner    Policy
                      The term ‘reasonable adjustment’        clarify meaning of ‘reasonable                              removed
                      should be clarified                     adjustment’.                                                (incorporated
                                                                                                                          into Org.
                      Changes to Travel Allowances            To be changed to ‘Ability to travel’.   Recruitment         JDs are
                      Requirement to be able to drive could   Ensure this wording is also used in     Manager             checked for
                      exclude disabled people                 Job Descriptions.                                           correct
Gender/Transgender Maternity Support / Paternity Policy       Due for review                          Business Partner    Jan 2010
Inc gender reassignment Clarity needed on application of
and Pregnancy and       policy

                      Changes to Travel Allowances            Complete EqIA                                               Completed
                      Some groups of staff may be less
                      likely to be entitled to/receive this
Marriage and Civil

Race/ethnicity       Grievance Policy                        To be forwarded to Unions to raise   Unions             Being re-
                     Concerns raised re ethnicity of Union   at JTUG                                                 written

Religion or belief
Sexual orientation   Maternity / Adoption Policy             Due for review Jan 2010              Business Partner   Completed
                     Clarity needed on rights for same-sex
                     couples, surrogacy, foster care and
                     adopting vs. non-adopting parents

                     Parental Leave                          Due for review                       Business Partner   Dec 2010
                     Specify rights for same sex couples,
                     information needed by employer and
                     link to ‘dependency leave’

Other                Career Break                            To be looked at for possible re-     Strategic HR       Under review
                     Clarity needed re when to use policy,   writing                              Manager
                     implications and no right to return
                     Unpaid Leave                            To come under leave Policy           Business Partner
                     More guidance to managers needed        currently undergoing review
                     Grievance Policy                        Policy is being re-written           Business Partner   Under review
                     Clarification needed re who can
                     accompany employee at meeting and
                     what support is available to alleged
                     Dignity at Work                         Policy due for review                Business Partner   Dec 2010
                     Alcohol and Substance Misuse in the     Policy due for review                Business Partner   Currently
                     Workplace                                                                                       under review
                     Concerns re up to date sources of                                                               Nov 2010
                     support as policy is from July 2005

Compassionate Leave                        Review of dependency leave due in   Business Partner
Concerns re managers discretion-           order to tighten up policies
guidance needed from HR. Clarity
needed on when to take dependency
leave and when to take
compassionate leave
Equal Pay Statement                        Published                           Pay and Reward     Completed
To publish Equal Pay Statement                                                 Manager
Honoraria Scheme                           Due for review                      Business Partner   Under review
Concerns re the nature of the
requests across the Council
Relocation Policy and Procedure            Currently undergoing review         Recruitment        Completed
Potential unfairness in who is/ isn’t                                          Manager
offered relocation expenses
Safeguarding Children and                  Under review                        Business Partner   March 2010
Vulnerable Adults Policy
There are potential issues of
discrimination when dealing with
rehabilitation of ex-offenders.
Confidential Reporting Policy              To be re-worded                     Business Partner   Policy has
The wording in 5.3.1: ‘…We attach                                                                 been re-
less weight to concerns expressed                                                                 written July
anonymously…’ could be misread.                                                                   2010

Clarification needed re confidentiality.   Amend policy to state that          Business Partner
                                           confidentiality cannot be
Organisational Change and                  Paragraph to be added to state      Business Partner   Policy has
Redundancy                                 importance of ensuring all staff                       been re-
Some staff may not understand the          understand the change document.                        written Oct
change document.                                                                                  2010

Managing Stress                            To be addressed in risk
The root of the stress problem needs       management re. stress
to be addressed.                           assessments.
City Pay Band Progression Scheme           Guidance revised                       OD Manager          Completed
Clarifying what constitutes a rating A
and B in order to ensure consistency.
Fixed Term Contracts Policy                Diversity information is being         Recruitment
Diversity strands should be monitored      monitored as part of the recruitment   team/ HR
in order to identify any trends re fixed   process                                Systems Manager
term contracts.
Individual managers decision is the        Write a general diversity statement    Diversity Adviser   Completed
potential for discrimination.              on HR policy intranet page which
                                           also points out that managers
                                           should seek advice from HR.

Section B

Disadvantages or negative impacts that are not easily addressed i.e. will take more than six months to implement.

Equality Group            Details of possible disadvantage or   Action to be taken to address the   Officer           Date action
                          negative impact                       disadvantage or negative impact     responsible for   to be
                                                                                                    progressing the   completed by


Inc gender reassignment
and Pregnancy and
Marriage and Civil


Religion or belief

Sexual orientation


Name and Job Title of Officer completing the Action Plan:

This plan will next be up-dated:

(Please give date)
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