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					  01 March 2010 Page 1

  Minutes of Meeting of Fulford Parish Council held on Monday 1 March 2010 in the Old
  Library, Fulford Social Hall, School Lane, Fulford commencing at 7.30pm

  Present: V Campbell (Chair), K Aspden, B Bircher, S N Kenwright, C Marshall, M Urmston,
  K de Vries, J Wilford, J Young (members) and J M Fletcher (clerk) & 11 members of the public
  were in attendance.

10/041    Apologies for absence

An apology was received from Councillor D Craghill.

10/042    Declarations of Interest

Cllr de Vries declared a personal interest in item 6a Planning application at Greenacres.
Cllrs Bircher & Marshall declared an interest in 6C & 6D planning applications at Harlington House,
3 Main Street
Cllr Urmston declared a personal interest in the website and Cllr Aspden’s declared personal, non-
prejudicial interest as a member of the Heslington and Fulford Ward Committee was noted.

10/043    Minutes of Last Meeting

10/020A - (third line) Change “Chair said that she regretted” to “Chair said that it was

10/022 – (last sentence) Change to “Clerk said that she would be willing to e-mail minutes upon
request after they had been approved.”

After making the above slight amendments the minutes of the meeting held on 1st February were
agreed and signed as a true record of the proceedings of the meeting.

10/044    Parish Council Vacancy

 An interested Parishioner was in attendance at the meeting.

 At this point the Chairman adjourned the meeting to take Parishioners’ Questions


10/045    Planning applications at Harlington House, 3 Main Street

 Five separate representations were made by Parishioners who were in opposition to two
 planning applications made at former Townends Accountants premises, Harlington House, 3
 Main Street. One application concerned change of use from office (use Class B) to residential
 care home (use Class C) with internal and external alterations and a two storey extension and
 the other was for a two storey pitched roof ancillary building to rear of Harlington House for
 use as residential care home. Concerns voiced included disturbance to the integrity of the
 neighbourhood and detrimental effect on house prices, problems of access onto A19 by
 increased volume of traffic causing anxiety over safety and security of pedestrians and children.
 Several dwellings would be overlooked and overshadowed leading to loss of privacy and
 change of outlook to residents some of whom had lived there for a great number of years. With
 change of use from offices, normally closed in the evenings and at weekends, to residential care
 home people and traffic would be coming and going at all times of day and night with all the
 increased noise that this would inevitably generate. There were other worries associated with a
 privately owned access, security lighting and inadequate existing drainage in the area.
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Chair said that the residents’ comments would be taken into account when the council decided on
its comments to the applications. Cllr Urmston urged everyone to write individually to the
Planning Department and to object to each application individually. Cllr Aspden confirmed that
he would be calling in the application to be heard by Committee and he assured residents that
they would be receiving notification of site meeting and planning meeting where they would be
able to register to have the opportunity to speak.

10/046      Posts in Main Street

A request had been received for more wooden posts to be erected in Main Street in the vicinity of
the Big Bite, cycle shop etc. to stop parking on verges. Cllr Aspden informed that the current
year’s budget was being spent in a different part of Main Street but that he would put forward a
request for this area to be looked at as soon as practicable.         Action: KA

10/047      Parking at side of Social Hall.

The Council was informed that a resident had taken to parking at the side of the Social Hall on
land owned by the Parish Council without regard for pedestrians using the access to the Scout
Hut. It was agreed to contact the Police about this and to send a recorded letter telling the owner
of the vehicle that this is private land and that if he continues to park there further action will be
taken.                                                                            Action: Clerk

10/048      Tree at corner of Dower House

Cllr Urmston informed that a tree at the Dower House in the Fulford Conservation area had had
work done to it without permission. CoYC had been informed and were going to investigate;
meanwhile this would be followed up with a letter to CoYC Tree Officer.   Action: Clerk

10/049      Fulford Residents Association.

Cllr Campbell had attended a meeting of the Residents Association on 24th February along with
one officer and three members of the Public. One concern raised was that grass was encroaching
on footpath alongside the parish field on A19 and required cutting back. A letter would be sent
to the Street Environment Officer.

10/050      Police Report
       th                    th
    27 January 2010 – 26 February 2010

   Year to date Figures 113 crimes compared to 152 last year – 39 less crimes (-26%)

   14/02/10 – Old graffiti reported by Fulford Yacht Club.
   17/02/10 – Bike taken from a property at Crockey Hill
   23/02/10 – Bike taken from a property on Main Street
   13/02/10 – Youths in St.Oswalds Road
   McArthur Glen
   02/02/10 – Safe taken
   06/02/10 – Phone taken from a hand bag
   12/02/10 – Vehicle damaged in car park

   There being no further business the meeting was reconvened
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 10/051          PLANNING

 A        Greenacres, 48 School Lane, Fulford (10/00113/FUL)
          Extension of time for permitted application 07/00293/FUL extra floor to bungalow to
          create a two storey building for Miss Esme Short.

          No objections

 B        Connaught Court, St Oswald’s Road, Fulford (10/00144/FUL)
          Single storey flat roof extension to dining room for Mr John Ismay

          No objections

 C        Townends Accountants, Harlington House, 3 Main Street, Fulford (10/00178/FUL)
          Change of use from office (use Class B1) to residential care home (use class C2) with
          internal and external alterations, two storey rear extension and dormers to rear roof
          slope for Milewood Healthcare Ltd.

          The Council objected to this application
                                         Action: Reply delegated to Planning Sub-Committee

 D        Townends Accountants, Harlington House, 3 Main Street, (10/00180/FUL)
          Two storey pitched roof ancillary building for use as residential care home to rear of
          Harlington House for Milewood Healthcare Ltd.

          The Council objected to this application
                                         Action: Reply delegated to Planning Sub-Committee

 E        Forest Farm, Lingcroft Lane to Crockey Hill, York YO19 4RE (10/00073/FUL)
          Garage with berths for 3 no. cars and 1 no. caravan for Mr Richard Foster.

          The Parish Council was divided over whether it should object to this application on the
          grounds that much development had already taken place on this green belt land. It was
          decided not to object but to ask the Planning Officer to scrutinise the application carefully
          before making a decision

 F      54 St Oswald’s Road, Fulford
        Various Tree pruning Works Cedar (T1), Ash (T2) and Rowan Trees protected by
        TPO 13/1981

 G        29 Fulford Park – Crown lift to 4m Sycamore protected by TPO 3/77


 H        17 Heslington Croft, Fulford
          Single Storey pitched roof side and part rear extension after demolition of existing

01 March 2010 Page 4

I        11 Heslington Lane, Fulford
         Two storey detached dwelling


J        Treetops, Mitchells Lane, Fulford. (09/00261/FUL)

         An application at this address had been erroneously listed as Heslington Parish but
         subsequently withdrawn.

K        Greenacres, 136 Main Street
         Two storey pitched roof extension including garage to north elevation. Conversion of
         existing garage to granny annexe.

         Application withdrawn.

10/052          Report of Chair of Planning sub-committee

A short report had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting. This included details
of a meeting that had taken place on 26th February with the Local Development Framework
(LDF) team. During this meeting a constructive dialogue about a number of Fulford related
issues had been offered. CoYC officers would look at what might be done to address concerns
and a further meeting would be scheduled.


A        Website

The banner and font had been altered and the website was ready for launch as soon as content was
sufficiently added and edited. Cllr Bircher still awaited content from sub-committees. Final
payment was authorized.

B        Posts in Chapel Alley

No reply had yet been received and Councillor Aspden agreed to chase up.        Action: KA

C        1 Heslington Lane – Trees

A reply had been received from Townends who noted the council’s concerns about the removal of
trees and vegetation on their site. They said that unfortunately the site had been allowed to descend
into a very poor state and level of neglect. They had initially taken the decision to remove the
hedge and restore the iron railings to reclaim the property’s original identity. The decision to
remove the trees had not been taken lightly and advice had been sought. Replacement trees of a
species of Oak called Holm Oak had been planted to ensure greenery all year round but they had
been unable to replant in the exact same position as the previous trees due to the stumps and root

D        Playground Inspection & Repairs

Two quotations had been obtained for inspection and repair contract. A third was awaited        from
CoYC, Parks & Leisure.
01 March 2010 Page 5

E        Skips

It was decided not to support a proposal by Fulford Residents Association to join in provision of
skips for Fulford residents.

F        Fulford Reach Moorings

No reply had been received from Planning Enforcement.

G        Action on Tree at corner of School Lane

Council resolved in principle a proposal to ask for the boundary fence to be moved in order      to
reveal the huge oak tree and make the area more attractive. This would be subject to any
practical considerations which might later come to light

10/054           Fulford Village Signs

It was agreed to form a working party to look at the final design and look at costing of Village
Sign(s) Interested councillors’ were asked to contact the Chair by 12.00pm 2nd March and a
meeting would be arranged. It had been agreed that Ward funding could be held up until June for
this project.

10/055           SOCIAL HALL

A                Refurbishment of Vestibule

It was resolved to replace the flooring in the entrance hall to match that in the Old Library at a cost
of £400 using matched funding from Ward Committee. It would be necessary to first carry out
some redecoration and it was estimated that this would cost in the region of £300.

B        Users for February

         Slimming World                         2,9,16,23
         S Corbally                             3,5,12,17,19,24,26
         Fulford Womens Institute               9                        (Library)
         Silver Circle                          9,23
         Fulford Friendship Group               10                       (Library)
         Townswomens Guild                      11,24                    (Library)
         Tai Chi Class                          2,9,16,23
         T Wallace                              10
         J Bailey                               18,25
         T Knight                               11
         E Yates                                15
         C Jones                                19
         M Stratford                            16,24
         B Levy                                 26
         K Aspden                               26,27,28

         Total hire hours = 87.25
    01 March 2010 Page 6


A           Report of Chair of Open Spaces

A report on a meeting which had taken place on 22nd February had been circulated prior to the
meeting. The sub-committee had looked at issues raised by a Parishioner regarding use of the
new play equipment on School Lane after dark. It was thought that although it might be
possible to mechanically lock the equipment to prevent its use late at night, practically it would
need to be locked and unlocked seven days a week. It was decided instead to inform the Police
of the potential problem and look again at providing a sign forbidding use of the equipment
after dark. Regarding the problem of flooding at the bottom corner of School Lane field, it was
felt that one long-term solution might be to plant trees which would soak up the water and look
at roping off the area from late summer until spring when the ground was most prone to
flooding. The new trees, including the memorial tree for Sandra Hutton had now been planted
by CoYC but it was noted that they hadn’t followed arrangements to contact the parish council
prior to planting. Should the parish council decide that they are not in the right place then they
would be prepared to move them. Clerk was asked to make arrangements for the seats currently
stored at the cemetery to be installed. The sites for the seats would be chosen by the sub-
committee and work was to be overseen by L Platt. Street cleaner would be asked to collect
litter later in the day to prevent overflowing bins and Clerk would continue to seek prices for
new notice boards.

B          Allotments

It was agreed to move the proposed allotment meeting to 20/04/10 and to write and inform
tenants of the fees for the coming year and invite them to the meeting.

10/057     CEMETERY

A          Report of Cemetery Superintendent

There were 16 interments in the cemetery in the month of February and the total receipts
amounted to £13,523.75. The street cleaner has now returned to work after three weeks of
sickness due to a bad back. Work on Cross Lane has been completed to comply with planning
regulations, new posts and new hedging has gone in plus two new British native trees, Oak and a
Field Maple. Photos of the work have been taken and are stored at the cemetery. I have some
prices for wood regarding the new fencing for the green burial site but these have yet to be
clarified. R Thrush has been paid the sum of £250 for work completed at the Social Hall and a
sum of £40 to cover fuel expenses in connection with this work. Work is due to begin on the
office electrics on Monday 1st March 2010. Work on the extension has been further delayed due
to severe weather conditions and staff shortages.

Petty cash balance as at February 1st = £191.62

B          Report of Chair of Cemetery Sub-Committee

Report of Sub-Committee meeting which had taken place on 9th February had been circulated
prior to the meeting.

C          Green Burials

Councillors resolved to accept the recommendation of the committee to press ahead with a
proposal to provide green burial space on the new extension. S McCabe had visited two green
burial sites and carried out design and costing work. He would be asked to prepare a business
   01 March 2010 Page 7

  plan before a meeting of the full Cemetery Committee which includes representatives from

  At this stage Cllr Wilford declared an interest as her house overlooks the cemetery site.


A Noise from Elvington Airfield, Environmental Protection Act 1990

   Notification was received that the trial would be 14-18 June 2010.

B Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

   Councillors were asked to consider whether they would like to organise a celebration for
   Fulford in 2012 and if so to put forward any ideas.

C Vat Returns

   Clerk had received notification from HMRC that all Vat returns from 1 April 2010 would have
   to be filed on line with payments being made electronically. It was noted that the Council
   normally received rebates on Vat and did not make payments but Clerk as Financial Officer
   was given to operate Vat in this way.

D Standing Orders

   New model standing orders had been released. It was agreed that GPC would decide whether
   it would be appropriate to amend the council’s current orders.

E Jubilee Air Rifle Club

   A letter received from the Jubilee Air Rifle Club requesting information regarding ownership of
   land and permission to build extension was passed to Planning Sub-Committee for investigation.

10/059     York University Expansion

   It had been confirmed that the City of York Council was looking at the feasibility of providing
   a new Community Sports Stadium for the City. Consideration was being given to a number of
   potential sites across the City which included York University however nothing had been
   decided at the present time.

10/060     Sustainability

  Cloth Bags
  Council agreed to accept the final design for the bag without any printing on the reverse or
  further wording on the front. (Vote had already been taken not to print on back and so decision
  could not be reversed.)


         The following wages and accounts were approved:-
            Net Wages £7,888.76
            Inland Revenue, PAYE & Nat. Insurance £2,319.28
            NYPF £2,435.49
           Crockey Hill Lawnmowers, servicing & repair £507.80
  01 March 2010 Page 8

          Designition, final 20% payment £507.60
          D G Dale & Son December 09 a/c £104.60
          D G Dale & Son January a/c £185.40
          CoYC £105.75
          Fields in Trust, subscription £35.00
          Geoff Wright, computer support £58.00
          B & Q £38.56
          Direct Debits
          Tiscali internet £14.99
          EDF energy £42.00
          Talk Talk £41.93

10/062           Items for Agenda of Next Meeting

                 Talk by John Hilton on the Old People’s Assembly
                 Village Signs

10/063           Date of next meeting(s) (note change of day for April and May)

                 Full Council – Tuesday 6th April at 7.30pm
                                Tuesday 4th May (following Annual Parish Meeting)
                                Monday 7th June

                 Cemetery Sub-Committee – 13th April at 4.00pm
                 Open Spaces Sub-Committee – 26th April at 7.30pm
                 Social Hall Sub-Committee – 16th March at 7.30pm
                 General Purposes Committee – to be arranged

                 Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Tuesday 4th May commencing at 7.00pm

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 10.25pm

  Minutes taken by J Fletcher, Clerk
  Dated 02/03/2010

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