List of Sites for Presidential Pathways Scenic Byway (North to South) by 8gY3UTk


									     Route for Presidential Pathways (aka Southwestern Ohio Scenic Byway)
     Starting in Cleves, OH
1.          Shawnee Lookout Park 2008 Lawrenceburg              Springhouse School and log cabin,
            & the Oxbow Wildlife Rd, North Bend, Oh             picnicking, playgrounds, nature trails,
            Preserve                                            boating. Learn about Wetlands
            Turn right on Lawrenceburg Rd, right on Dugan’s Gap Rd, Dugan’s Gap becomes Cliff
            Rd.—beautiful overlook of the Ohio River.
2.          Congress Green             Across Cliff Rd from     Burial place of Harrison & Symmes
            Cemetery                   Harrison’s Tomb          Families
3.          Harrison’s Tomb            2 Cliff Rd, just west    Burial place of Wm H Harrison, 9th US
                                       of US 50                 President, (1773-1841) & family.
                                                                Overlook Ohio River.
                                                                North Bend is birthplace of Benjamin
                                                                Harrison, 23rd US President (1833-
            Turn left on Brower Rd, then left on Miami Ave.
4.          Cincinnati Whitewater 413 S. Miami Ave.,            The tunnel was an engineering marvel
            Canal Tunnel               Cleves (Historic         of its day on land donated by WH
                                       Marker will be on        Harrison who was a leading proponent
                                       your left.) A few        of its construction (1839-1843) The
                                       parking spots on         canal was closed in 1856. The canal
                                       gravel near sign.        route was used by the railroad.
            Continue north on Miami Ave. turn left on State Rd (Rt 264), then right on US 50. Turn
            right on Kilby Rd.
5.          Kilby Rd                   US 50 north. Turn        Follows the route of the Whitewater
                                       right on Kilby Rd.       Canal—land donated by WH Harrison
                                       Left on Campbell Rd.
                                       Right on S. State Rd
                                       to Harrison
6.          Whitewater Canal           Corner of Campbell       The land for the Ohio side of the
            Marker                     and State                Whitewater Canal was donated by WH
                                                                Harrison to improve commerce in the
                                                                area. The right-of-way was later taken
                                                                over for a railroad. Work on the canal
                                                                started in 1836 in Indiana.
7.          Morgan’s Raiders           State Line Rd and        Morgan and his Confederate cavalry
            Marker                     Harrison Ave. in W.      invaded Harrison on July 13, 1863,
                                       Harrison.                during the Civil War. They stayed
                                                                about 3 hrs. looting businesses before
                                                                they left.
            Right on Harrison Rd. Many sites are clustered in Harrison. Park the car and walk in the
            fresh air! Enjoy the restaurants and traditional Main Street atmosphere.
8.          Downtown Harrison          100 & 200 blocks         Named after WH Harrison, established
            National Main St.          Harrison Ave.            in 1850. Some of the properties here
            Program Designation        Find out more about      were donated by the Harrison family.
                                the History of
                                Harrison at the Village
                                Historical Society
      Continue east on Harrison Rd out of Harrison. Turn Left (north) on New Haven Rd.
9.    Gov. Othniel Looker       10580 Marvin Rd          Built by Governor Looker (5th
      Home                      Private Home Please Governor of the State of Ohio) in 1804.
                                call ahead for a tour.   A little off the byway
                                Point of interest
10.   Miami Whitewater          Hamilton Co. Park        Great walking/biking path, golf,
      Forest                    District                 picnicking and camping.
                                9001 Mt Hope Rd.
      Turn Left on Oxford Rd.
12.   Passmore Cabin            Near intersection of     Built between 1803 and 1816
                                Oxford Rd and            Also slightly off the byway (Most
                                Baughman Rd, located likely what Harrison would have seen
                                behind fire station.     while campaigning). The cabin was
                                Park in Fire Station     moved to this site in 2000.
                                parking lot.
                                Call Crosby Twp
                                Historical Soc. for
                                information 513-367-
12.   Whitewater Shaker         Oxford Rd.               Site of 1822 Shaker Village with 22
      Village                   Contact 513-738-8764 buildings. Restorations began in 2006
      (Contained in Miami       for information and      and are proceeding. The buildings are
      Whitewater Forest)        access                   now part of the Miami Whitewater
13.   Oxford Rd becomes                                  Originally a Native American Trail
      Race Lane.                                         ending at the Great Miami River.
                                                         Students from Wm. Bebb’s Sycamore
                                                         Grove School would race their horses
                                                         along this road. The original
                                                         Morgantown was located along Race
14    Shandon, OH.                                       Original Welsh Village in Ohio (1801).
      Race Lane dead ends                                Birthplace of Gov. Bebb. (See Morgan
      into Cincinnati                                    Twp driving tour for more
      Brookville Rd (SR                                  information).
      126). If you turn right
      on SR 126, You will
      come to Shandon.
      Turn Left on St. Rt. 126 aka Cincinnati Brookville Rd.
15.   Gov. Bebb Preserve        1979 Bebb Park Ln        Pioneer Village and 1850 Covered
                                off SR 126, Morgan       Bridge in Park named for Ohio’s 19th
                                Twp.                    Governor (and campaigner for William
                                                        Henry Harrison). The Preserve
                                                        contains the log cabin in which Gov.
                                                        Bebb was born in 1799.
      Turn left out of the park on SR 126. Turn Right on SR 129 aka Hamilton Scipio Rd. Turn
      left on SR 732 aka Sample Rd. Follow SR 732 with Indian Creek Preserve on your left.
      SR 732 becomes Oxford Reilly Rd.
16.   Indian Creek Preserve      1899 Oxford Reily Rd Picnic sites, nature trails, one mile of
                                 (SR 732)               Indian Creek to explore. Indian
                                 (has a closed exit on  Mound
                                 Springfield Rd)
      Stay on SR 732 into downtown Oxford. Park and walk. Restaurants available.
17.   Visitors and               30 W. Park Pl.         Check out Music in the Park (summers
      Convention Bureau          (1/2 block northwest   on Thursday evenings)
                                 of High & Main for     Antique auto show, Porsche show, etc.
                                 brochures of the       Check out the walking tour of Historic
                                 attractions in the     Homes in Oxford. And the walking
                                 area.)                 tour of the University Historic District
                                                        which includes the birthplace of
                                                        Caroline Scott Harrison, wife of
                                                        B.Harrison, the site of their wedding
                                                        and a home where he boarded while
                                                        attending Miami University.
18.   Oxford Community           10. S. College Ave.    Restored Oxford Women’s College,
      Arts Center                                       Site of DAR Memorial to Caroline
      (Corner of College                                Scott Harrison, wife of Benjamin
      Ave. and High St west                             Harrison. A rally celebrating B.
      of Main St.)                                      Harrison’s election as President held
      Oxford                                            here.

19.   Miami University          Just east of Oxford,     Alma Mater of Benjamin Harrison, 23rd
      (.3 miles east of Main    OH between               President of U.S., founded in 1809.
      & High Sts. in Oxford)    Sycamore (N) and         Museums:
                                Chestnut Sts(S) and      *Art Museum, 801 S. Patterson,
                                between Campus Ave.      *McGuffey Museum, 401 E. Spring St.
                                (E) and SR 73 (W)        *Limper Geology Museum, Shideler
                                                         Hall, corner of Spring and Patterson
                                                         *Anthropology Museum: 180 Upham
                                                         *Western College For Women, East of
                                                         Patterson Ave. on Miami Campus.
                                                         *Civil Rights Memorial, Western Ave.
                                                         at Kumler Chapel

20.   DeWitt Log House,         restored log house of    The DeWitt Family sponsored a
      built in 1805.            one of first residents   reception at The Mansion House (In
      Restored by the Oxford   of Oxford. Off SR 73    Oxford) to celebrate WH Harrison’s
      Museum Association       just east of MU         election to the Presidency.
21.   Black Covered Bridge     Oxford Museum           1868 Covered Bridge, restored—
      SR 732 at Corso Rd.      Association. Just off   engineering feat in its day
      (4.5 miles south of      SR 732 (Main) at
      Hueston Woods)           Corso Rd.
22.   Hueston Woods State      6301 Park Office        Horseback riding, camping, golf,
      Park                     Road, College Corner,   boating, hiking, Lodge with restaurant.
                               OH 45003

23.   Doty Farm House,         Oxford Museum           1844 Farmhouse and Barn open for
      Barn and Cemetery        Association             tours and special events—see how
                               6969 Brown Rd,          farming was practiced in the 1800’s,
                               Oxford, OH 45056        periodic craft shows, lectures and
                                                       special events.

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