Justin Bieber will become The Idol for SEO specialists by hirudov


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									     Justin Bieber will become The Idol for
                SEO specialists
The young singer name surely made a lot for SEO in the last year.
SEO or search engine optimization is a set      read more just needs to place a name of
of tools and techniques that brings more        famous pop star, artist or performer and he
website traffic, thanks to the better           can expect excellent results. Justin Bieber
presence in the search engine results. The      as being one of the most searched terms on
history of the SEO is more than a decade        the Internet is the favourite for these self
old.                                            SEO specialists. The artist is young,
                                                famous, loved by many with great potential
At the beginning website owners and             and present on many websites, including
content creators wanted to have more            YouTube. So people who want to catch all
exposure for their websites. How shall          that attention started to explore the name
people know about their websites, if they       and saw excellent results. YouTube videos
are not shown in the first rows of the          with the Justin Bieber phone number,
search        engine       result     pages     Justin Bieber before he got famous, justin
(SERPs)?Reading about the most popular          Bieber rants, Justin Bieber cries, Justin
engine algorithm, where a link to a page or     Bieber impersonations, Justin Bieber
website was equal to a vote for this            smoking, Justin Bieber dances, Justin
website, the first SEO companies that           Bieber karaoke songs, Justin Bieber
offered services where just making              recipes for cake and anything that can be
backlinks to the site being optimized for       related to a person with Justin Bieber name
better exposure and were getting excellent      in front or at the back of the titles are the
results. Google changed the way it ranks        trend that can make the Bieber fans
the pages since then, but the SEO               occupied for years. Most of these titles are
companies adapted and learned new ways          simply fake, but nobody cares as long as
to get better placement in the SERPs.           they have fun with it and people surely do.

Many years passed since the first SEO           But what does this means for the SEO
methods where used. Today SEO is a very         specialist? It means they need to find better
complex job that involves work on content       methods for search engine ranking or they
of the website and then its presence on the     risk getting obsolete. Nobody will hire a
external websites around the net. Today         SEO if he can achieve the same results by
there is blogger SEO, website SEO,              only putting Justin Bieber name in his text.
YouTube SEO, Twitter SEO and even
Facebook SEO.                                   Going further with my article that is a part
                                                of a SEO experiment for the next months, I
All these kinds of search engine                created a Justin Bieber SEO blog, where I
optimizations while being very hard to be       will make and report my experiments with
performed outside the websites in question,     the SEO around the name and what I have
are very easy on content of the posts.          learned around it.
Celebrities help a lot for the SEOs and
people noticed this. Instead of spending        Follow me there and feel free to post
thousand on SEO consulting and                  comments and suggestions on my SEO
development, a person who wants to be           experiment.
About the author: Ventsislav Tsvetkov writes for Docstoc since September 2010 and loves
experimenting on the Internet.

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