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                                         EduNova’s Top Ten
                                          January, 2009
What’s New? Read below to see what is happening with EduNova’s members, associates
and partners.
1. King’s-Edgehill School - Exceptional Experiences for Students

Education never stops at King’s-Edgehill School. This March Break our students will have the exceptional experience
of travelling overseas or within Canada. Three separate expeditions are planned. The first includes a ten day dog
sledding trip in Algonquin Provincial Park under the expert guidance of Outward Bound Canada instructors and King’s-
Edgehill staff. Time in Toronto and Niagara is planned as well. Warmer climes beckon those bound for Costa Rica for
students who will benefit from an extended eco-tour adventure through the rain forests and volcanoes of this fabulous
tropical country. Paul McInnis is leading this group of excited students. In addition, thirteen students have committed to
an ambitious two week community service trip to Kenya. Teaching African school children, mixing cement and laying
bricks, painting, and cultural exchange will all be parts of this transformational life experience. Mr. Seagram, Dr.
Seagram, Kassi Cowles, Jason Stuyt and Dale Block will be leading this Youth in Action expedition. An Upcoming
Break with a Great Learning Experience

2. Dalhousie University - Teaching Green

Imagine not just one professor at the front of the class, but three. Give them an issue to discuss and watch them thrash
it out. Classrooms are about to get a lot noisier at Dalhousie with the introduction of a new academic program,
Environment, Sustainability and Society, offered through the College of Sustainability. “In a first-year class, you may
have three professors at the front of the class arguing, say an economist, a biologist and a political scientist all coming
at issues from their different positions and different ways of dealing with problems,” says Jared Kolb, project and
research coordinator with the College of Sustainability. “It should be pretty electrifying for students.” Students are being
recruited for the new undergraduate program, which launches in September. Like their professors, they’ll come from a
myriad of backgrounds and interests— the history major with the future engineer and computer scientist—and share a
common passion for the sustaining the planet. Teaching Green

3. Nova Scotia Agricultural College - Forage irrigation, drainage system first of its kind in Atlantic Canada

Nova Scotia Agricultural College’s engineering department is pioneering a unique, low-energy, combined irrigation and
drainage system for forages and pastures. Engineering professor Dr. Peter Havard is working with a team of
researchers and the NS Cattle Producers Association to develop less costly, more environmentally friendly ways to
grow forages. What makes the NSAC project unique is the combination of the irrigation and drainage systems in the
same 4-inch sub-surface pipe. The project also uses pumps (smaller than conventional irrigation pumps) that have to
build pressure for aerial sprinklers. Being a sub-surface system it also applies water more directly to the roots of
forages. The energy and water savings will be measured and the research jointly funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food
Canada (AAFC) and the NS Department of Agriculture. NSAC engineering technician Chris Nelson says the wiring,
plumbing and trenching has been completed and tests are underway to fine-tune the system. The project’s objective
will be to look at the best ways to recycle drainage water and nutrients to use water and energy more efficiently, he
explains. First of its kind

4. Saint Mary’s University - Saint Mary’s strikes deal to commercialize software products

Saint Mary’s University and Britech Information Systems Inc. have signed an agreement that could bring up to
$725,000 in royalties to the University from product sales. The agreement to commercialize a suite of software
products was signed in December as a result of a successful research and development project funded through the
ACOA-AIF program. “Saint Mary’s is proud to work with Britech and other collaborators in building such strong and
positive relationships,” said Dr. Kevin Vessey, Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at Saint Mary’s
University. “This project is an excellent example of how a post-secondary institution like Saint Mary’s can work directly
with private sector partners to develop solutions that will bring long-term benefits for our region.” The Halifax Space-
Time Activity Research (STAR) project began in 2005 with Economics professor Dr. Andrew Harvey as the Principle
Investigator. It involved the collection of data from more that 2,000 households across HRM using GPS technology to
learn more about neighborhoods, including the nature, timing and location of the activities of residents.
The outcome of this study resulted in the development of several travel-study products which Britech plans to sell on
the market. Deal to Commercialize Software Products

5. St. Francis Xavier University - Schwartz School students participate in inaugural “Women in Capital
Markets, Mentorship at a Distance” program

Students from StFX’s Schwartz School as well as Dalhousie, Saint Mary’s, and the University of New Brunswick were
invited to be part of the launch of the Women in Capital Markets Mentorship at a Distance initiative on January 9, 2009.
The Mentorship at a Distance program is an exciting initiative for female students interested in capital markets
professions and is organized by the Centre for Financial Studies, Faculty of Business Administration, University of New
Brunswick. The program represents an opportunity for female students to explore career opportunities and issues in
the capital markets. Martha Fell, ceo of Women in Capital Markets, presented via conference call an overview of
capital markets and career paths. Ms. Fell has many years experience as a senior professional in the field of bond
trading. The mentorship program will continue throughout the term with other guest speakers and topics that
concentrate on issues important to women in the capital markets. Women in Capital Markets

6. Sacred Heart School Continues to Welcome International Students

Greetings from Sacred Heart School of Halifax! The school community, including students, teachers and parents,
continues to enjoy the presence of the school’s international students. In September 2007, Sacred Heart School of
Halifax implemented an English as a Second Language (ESL) Programme into the school curriculum. The programme
has welcomed students from a variety of countries including China, Italy, Iran, and Korea. Not only are these students
immersed in Canadian culture, but also, they are immersed in the Canadian Sacred Heart curriculum including a strong
extra curricular programme in performing arts and athletics. All students benefit in this multicultural milieu; International
students help broaden the horizons and perceptions of the world for all students. For more information regarding the
international student opportunities at Sacred Heart School of Halifax, please contact Alison Boyer, ESL Programme at

7. Ray Ivany Appointed President and Vice-Chancellor of Acadia University

Ron Smith, Chair of the Board of Governors of Acadia University, today announced that Ray Ivany has been appointed
President and Vice-Chancellor of Acadia University. Ivany’s six-year term will begin April 1, 2009. “On behalf of the
entire Acadia community, I want to congratulate Ray and welcome him to Acadia,” said Smith. “Our Search Committee
did an excellent job from start to finish and its recommendation was unanimously endorsed by our Board. Ray has the
ideal combination of proven leadership ability, experience in Nova Scotia’s post-secondary environment, and
enthusiasm for building relationships that will ensure Acadia maintains its reputation as one of Canada’s leading
primarily undergraduate universities.” “I am deeply honoured to have been chosen as Acadia’s 15th President,” said
Ivany. “My visits to campus during the selection process confirmed my long-held belief that Acadia is more than simply
the sum of its parts. Its combination of rich history and tradition, outstanding faculty and staff, spirited and inspired
students, and dedicated and loyal alumni make it a truly unique institution that offers students an exceptional university
experience. I am looking forward to working with both the Acadia and Annapolis Valley communities to build upon
Acadia’s historic strengths and to capitalize on new and emerging opportunities.” Acadia's 15th President

8. West Island College-Class Afloat – The Second Atlantic Crossing

The final leg of our voyage this semester involved a second Atlantic crossing. Our sail began in Praia, Cabo Verde and
concluded in Cabedelo, Brazil. We were treated to gorgeous weather and favorable winds. Our crossing took only a
week, giving us the opportunity to stop at Fernando de Noronha for several days of rest and relaxation. It was a
beautiful island with amazing beaches. Unquestionably, it was one of the most picturesque places we traveled. On the
second day of our crossing, we anchored off the coast of an outer Cabo Verde island for a swim in the ocean. This was
the first time that the students and faculty were treated to a “swim call.” They thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity
to climb to the tip of the bowsprit and jump into the water below. The water was warm and superbly refreshing. They
frolicked in the water for ninety minutes before it was time to eat lunch and return to classes.

9. Nova Scotia Economic Development - Nova Scotia Signs Agreement with Bermuda

A memorandum of understanding signed today, Jan. 13, by Premier Rodney MacDonald and the Premier of Bermuda,
Ewart Brown, will create more market diversification for Nova Scotia in a region of the world where the province is
already very visible. "Nova Scotia and Bermuda have been doing business with each other for 150 years, and we see
lots more potential looking to the future," said Premier Rodney MacDonald. "Nova Scotia is well positioned to
encourage new business with Bermuda in growing knowledge and financial sectors, as well as in the areas of
education and tourism." "Collaboration such as this between industry, government, universities and community
colleges helps to create unique programs and initiatives for our workforce," said Mark Parent, Minister of Labour and
Workforce Development. "New opportunities resulting from this agreement will be attractive to immigrants, as well as
Canadians working in Bermuda who wish to return home." Nova Scotia Signs Agreement with Bermuda

10. Dalhousie University – From Lab Bench to Market

Improving the understanding and prediction of how sediments move through water has many potential applications,
says Eric Siegel, of Nortek Scientific. The Halifax-based firm has partnered with a university research team to develop
a commercially viable prototype of a highly sensitive underwater acoustic instrument. Until now, predictions of
sediment transport have relied on computer modeling techniques. Unfortunately, this traditional method tends to
produce inaccurate results, says Dalhousie’s Alex Hay, principal investigator.

This knowledge transfer is being supported by the Atlantic Canada Opportunity Agency’s (ACOA) Atlantic Innovation
Fund, which will support the commercialization efforts with a $1.1 million investment. The Hon. Peter MacKay, Minister
of National Defence and Minister for the Atlantic Gateway, announced the most recent round of AIF funding at
Dalhousie’s University Hall on Jan. 23. Half a dozen projects were funded at $12.4 million, which will produce
additional private-sector investment (a government investment of $1 is expected to leverage $1.36 in private funding).
Minister MacKay acknowledged that these are difficult times in the world’s economy but added that a commitment to
science and technology innovations will provide a foundation for a strong recovery. Linking university, government and
business together takes innovations out of the lab and into the marketplace—to date, AIF has created hundreds of
partnerships. From Lab Bench to Market

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