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  Please complete this form, print it on your companies letterhead and return it to us

                                LETTER OF INTENT
Issued to:

E-Mail: info@sa2rgroup.com
Fax: 00 33 1 70 24 70 74

LOI Ref. No:

Date Issued:

We, (COMPANY NAME), hereby confirm with full legal and corporate responsibility and
under penalty of perjury that we are ready, willing and able to enter into a contract for the
purchase of the commodity specified below, that funding is available and any
import/export permits needed to fulfill this purchase have been obtained.

                                Offer Specifications
Commodity:                      (PRODUCT)

Specifications:                 (REQUIRED SPECIFICATIONS)

Packing:                        (PACKING)

Quantity:                       (QUANTITY) MT (+/- 5%)

Shipping Schedule:              (QUANTITY PER SHIPPMENT) MT

Origin:                         (PREFERED COUNTRY OF ORIGIN)

Target Price:                   (PRICE) USD/MT CIF ASWP

Port of Discharge:              (PORT OF DESTINATION)

Inspection:                     by SGS or comparable at loading port at sellers’ cost

Payment:                        Payment shall be made by and irrevocable, confirmed,
                                automatically revolving for one month of shipment value,
                                transferable, Bank Guarantee (BG) or Standby Letter of
                                Credit (SBLC) or Conditional MT 103, payable 100% at sight
                                against documents.

                                Payment will be issued or confirmed by a TOP 50 bank.

Performance Bond:               2% issued by Seller’s per shipment


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  Please complete this form, print it on your companies letterhead and return it to us

Step 1          Buyer sends Letter of Intent (LOI) and Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) or full
                banking co-ordinates with permission to soft bank probe to Seller.

Step 2          Seller issues draft contract in favour of the buyer.

Step 3          Buyer signs and sends back the contract draft to the seller whiting 48

Step 4          The buyer's Bank sends to the seller's Bank a message by Swift MT199 which
                she will open the instrument of payment at reception the hard copies

Step 5          Seller sends 05(Five) hard copies duly signed and sealed. Buyer duly sign
                seal all copies and return back 03(three) copies to the seller.

Step 6          Buyer opens a non-operative BG or SBLC or MT103 to Sellers’ bank within 5
                banking days after receipt of Contract from Seller.

                Payment instrument must be issued or confirmed by TOP 25 European bank

Step 7          Sellers’ bank opens a 2% Performance Bond (PB) and sends Proof of Products
                (POP) within 10 banking days via SWIFT to Buyers’ bank. At the same time,
                the non-operative payment instrument of the Buyer becomes active.

Step 8          Shipment(s) will commence as per contract.

                                Buyer Banking Details
Name of the Bank:
Bank Account No:
Bank Account Name:
Address of the Bank:
Bank Phone No:
Bank Fax No:
Bank Officer:
The seller / the sellers’ mandate has permission to commit a soft probe.

                             Offer Terms and Conditions
We the buyer acknowledge that there will be no changes made to the above procedures and
by signing this Letter of Intent, we the buyer agree that we are willing and able to follow
the procedure exactly as outlined above. We further agree, that SA2RGROUP
INTERNATIONAL. has the permission to forward this LOI and all attached documents to
qualified partner companies (manufacturers, sellers or sellers’ direct mandates) in order to
fulfil our inquiry.


(Company Name)
(Street / Mailing Address)
(Postal Code)

Official Signature:   _____________________                      (COMPANY SEAL)

(Name and Position)

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