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                                                 March 1, 2006

Jon Biggs                       Bob Dodds                         John Oilar                   Deanna Shafer-Rater ~Matt Hodson
Kevin Booker                    John Duncan                       Kevin Ply                    Kelly Smith ~ Joe Lane
Steve Bowman                    Jeanne Hare                       Matt Rietz                   Scott Sproles
John Cannaday~Fran Peterson     Dan Hinrichs                      Paul Rose ~Kevin Denny       Jim Taylor
Scott Condreay                  Chuck Huffer~James Brock          Wanda Rubendall              Paula Vitello
                                David Meyer

Red denotes not in attendance

Bob Bain                        John Gleason                      Martha May                   Jay Schwartz
Ted Brink                       Bill Grosso                       Joe Mikesell                 Stephanie Sinnott
Bob Cornell                     Kim Hudgins                       Pam Nesbitt                  Alan Holtman
John Duncan                     Wayne Kjonaas                     Kevin Ply                    Mark Kebert
Jim Schweitzer                  Al Leonard                        Gail Riese                   Julie Huetteman
Jo O’Neal                       Dave Lucas                        Carol Shelby
Jo Sheets                       Jeff Cooper                       Mike McClure

                                             MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING

      A motion to approve the February minutes was made by David Meyer. Kevin Ply seconded the motion. Accepted minutes from
       the meeting will be posted on the web.

                                                      INJURY STATISTICS

      Jim Schweitzer shared the statistics. They are posted on the web.

                                                           AREA UPDATES

      Building Services Day Shift Safety Committee (Dan Hinrichs)
           o New scrubbing boots have been distributed awaiting feedback.
           o New scrapers were distributed.
           o New members are being trained on conducting safety audits.
      Building Services Evening Shift Safety Committee (John Oilar)
           o Paperwork has been completed to install platforms for the dumpsters as part of the Performance Leadership project.
           o New scrubbing boots are being tested.
           o Committee determined that most accidents occur either in the few weeks prior to vacation or during a few weeks after a
      Building Services Night Shift Safety Committee (Wanda Rubendall)
           o No Report.
      Central Shops / Project Teams Safety Committee (Matt Rietz)
           o Defibrillator training is scheduled for March 13 for the shops.
           o Tetanus shots will be provided by the Worklife/Wellness group for folks in the Sheetmetal shop.
           o Tunnel ID cards are being distributed.
           o Kyle Banter is the new Chair and John Watterson is the new Co-chair.
      Electrical Safety Committee (Jon Biggs)
           o The Campus Safety Task Force is looking into Boulevard lighting for the island.
           o Kevin Oliver has assumed the role of Vice-Chair.
           o Dan Francis initiated the paperwork for the sign center to produce labels for electrical vaults.
           o Wade completed five weeks of training!
      EHPS Safety Committee (Kevin Ply)
           o Safety presentation on Fire protection systems.
             o Continuing to discuss next Performance Leadership project.
       Grounds Safety Committee (Fran Peterson)
             o Remember that the gravel pit area observes a 20mph speed limit.
             o Committee is determining a Performance Leadership project.
       MMDC Safety Committee (Alan Leonard)
             o Repairs will be made to the deteriorating cement on the receiving dock.
             o Labels were made for and affixed to battery chargers.
             o Committee is seeking new members.
             o Awaiting certification walk-through.
       Printing Services (Steve Bowman)
             o Certification walk-through has been scheduled.
             o PPE hazard assessment has been completed for Indigo press.
             o Beginning to think about safety requirements for new building.
             o Working with shipping department on Performance Leadership project.
       Transportation (Alan Leonard)
             o Started AED training for new personnel.
       Utilities Safety Committee (Jim Taylor)
             o Magnetic manhole lifters have been ordered. All lifters will remain property of the Utilities department but can be
                  borrowed for business need.
             o Continue under new leadership to focus on near misses.
       Wade Safety Committee (David Meyer)
             o Reviewing Emergency Plan
             o Finished five weeks of winter training.
             o Beginning a Performance Leadership project to address steam valves in ceilings. Could result in building platforms.
       Zone/IAQ Safety Committee (James Brock)
             o Beginning work on new Performance Leadership project regarding safety precautions on air handlers.
             o Developing a standardized Lockout/Tagout station.
       Support and Service Safety Committee (Gail Riese)
             o Narrowing search for Performance Leadership project.
       EUC (Scott Condreay)
             o All members have completed DTI training.
             o Certification walk-thru has been scheduled for this month.
             o May deadline for Building Emergency Plan.

                                                            SAFETY TOPIC
Team 6, with help from Kevin Ply from the Fire Department presented a Fire safety presentation. Following the meeting, a hands-on live
demonstration of fire extinguishers was given. The full presentation is available on the web.

                                                          NEW BUSINESS
A committee will be formed to look at and possibly redesign safety cards. The flow of the cards is determined by the nature of the
concern. Always use normal work processes to get to the area responsible for the repair as quickly as possible.

                                                          ROUND TABLE
Kevin Ply- AED training has been completed for all requests. HFS has requested additional training. AED’s will be in all Food Courts.

Julie Huetteman- Appointments are still available for staff and spouses to complete Wellness screenings. Kudos to Printing Services for
a job well done on creating the packets. Also, Kudos to Computing Services for installing kiosks.

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