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					Salem High School                                                 Name: __________________________
Fall Semester 2010

COURSE:                          Math 1B

INSTRUCTOR:                      Mr. Parry Moss                  
                                 Room 1202                                       (770) 929-0176 x 200
Cell:                                                                            (404) 312-6372

OFFICE HOURS:                    Monday – Thursday 3:15 to 3:45 or by appointment

DESCRIPTION:                     This is the first course in a sequence of courses designed to provide
                                 students with a rigorous program of study in mathematics. It includes
                                 radical, polynomial and rational expressions, basic functions and their
                                 graphs, simple equations, fundamentals of proof, properties of polygons,
                                 coordinate geometry, sample statistics, and curve fitting.
                                 (Prerequisite: Successful completion of 8 th Grade Mathematics.)

Materials:                           3 Ring Binder
                                     Composition Notebook
                                     Graph Paper
                                     A calculator (i.e. Texas Instrument TI-30X-IIS)

Established Goals:                   Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

   MM1A1.        Students will explore and interpret the characteristics of functions, using
                 graphs, tables, and simple algebraic techniques.
   MM1A2.        Students will simplify and operate with radical expressions, polynomials,
                 and rational expressions.
   MM1A3.        Students will solve simple equations.
   MM1G1.        Students will investigate properties of geometric figures in the coordinate
   MM1G2.        Students will understand and use the language of mathematical argument
                 and justification.
   MM1D1.        Students will determine the number of outcomes related to a given event.
   MM1D2.        Students will use the basic laws of probability.
   MM1D3.        Students will relate samples to a population.
   MM1D4.        Students will explore variability of data by determining the mean absolute
                 deviation (the average of the absolute values of the deviations).

Assessment: Semester grades will be based on the following:

   Grade Components:

             Semester                                                 Final Class Grade

             Tests                                      35%           18 week Average                             75%
             Quizzes                                    35%           Comprehensive Semester Exam                 10%
             Assignments                                25%           End of Course Test                          15%
             Homework                                    5%

             The instructor reserves the right to change requirements, assessment, and/or policies and procedures as needed.
Class Procedures:

Written assignments should be completed in blue/black pen or pencil and labeled in the upper left-hand
corner with the student’s name, the current date, and the period. Please use your best penmanship.
Additionally, all work, unless otherwise indicated, should be original work. In other words, plagiarism
on writing assignments will result in a zero (0) on the assignment.

Once graded, students should file homework, assignments, quizzes, and tests in reverse chronological
order, most recent on top, in their binder.

Students have 10 calendar days to complete make up assignments, when appropriate, following an
absence. I would encourage students to visit my wiki: and catch up on the
work as soon as possible. As we all know math builds upon itself. Remember: It is your responsibility
to work with me on make-up work. All make-up work should be completed outside of the regular class
period. When a test has been missed, the instructor reserves the right to give an alternate test.

Hall Passes:

Students will receive 8 Halls Passes for the semester that may be used with teacher approval. If you
have a medical condition that necessitates your leaving more often, you should supply the instructor
with a medical excuse or note from an administrator. If at the end of the semester, students turn in
unused passes when requested, they will receive extra points on class assignments.


1.   All school rules apply. Be familiar with the Salem Student Handbook.

2.   Come to class prepared -- bring the necessary materials and assignments.

3.   Food, gum, candy, and drinks may not be consumed in the classroom.

4.   Electronic devices should be “turned off and put away” during the school day. If these items are
     seen or heard during class, the item will be taken up and kept until the end of the class period. On
     a second offense, the device will be taken up and kept until the end of the day. On subsequent
     offenses, the device will be turned into the administration for pick up. Any electronic device seen
     and/or used during a test without express teacher consent will result in a zero (0) on the test.

5.   Talking during announcements, the pledge, the Moment of Silence, and class presentations are
     inappropriate and may result in a referral.


The following is a list of possible consequences for failure to meet the rules:

     Teacher detention before and/or after school with an increasing degree of detention time
     Seat change
     Conference with students, instructor, and administrator (pre-discipline conference)
     Conference with or a call to parent or guardian
     Administrative Referral

           The instructor reserves the right to change requirements, assessment, and/or policies and procedures as needed.
Salem High School
Mathematics Department

Math 1A Contract
Mr. P. Moss’s Class
Return by Friday, August 6, 2010, for a 10 point Quiz Grade

I have read the course syllabus and have shared its contents with my parents. Furthermore, I am aware
of the different types of assignments that will form the basis of my evaluation and I understand how the
average will be commuted. I am aware that homework and class participation are extensions of the
regular class work and will be counted as a part of the overall evaluation. I understand I am required to
maintain a notebook containing all notes, class work, homework, quizzes and test in chronological order.
I am also aware I must make arrangements to complete missed assignments within a week.

Please return this page signed

_____________________________________                                    ____________
Student Signature                                                              Date

Parental support is requested to make sure that all assignments and homework are completed and
turned in on time. Parents are also asked to sign below indication that they have read this cover sheet
and the course syllabus.

_____________________________________                                    ____________
Parent/Guardian Signature                                                Date

Comments (Please note any concerns that you may have about the policies)


           The instructor reserves the right to change requirements, assessment, and/or policies and procedures as needed.

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