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                       Please make sure you have read the dates and prices, brochure or website, and the Terms & Conditions before you complete
                       this form. Complete the form in English, then send the completed form by email.

                       Please note - there is a different application form for the Explore London Experience teenage course.

Family Name                                  Given names                                Gender            Please select
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
Nationality                                  First language                             Other languages spoken
Mailing address in your country

Email address
Home phone (including international code)
Mobile / cell phone (including code)
Emergency contact name                                             Relationship (eg husband, mother)
Emergency phone                                                    Emergency email address

Name of Representative                                             Company Name
Email address                                                      Telephone number

Are you applying for a Visa?      Yes          No              If yes, which type? (Click F1 for help)         Choose from list
If you are applying for a visa you MUST give the following information, and send a clear copy of your present passport with
your application.
Country of birth                             Passport Number                            Expiry date

Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy)                        Finish Date (dd/mm/yyyy)                      Total Number of Weeks
All Year round Courses (September – June)
         Course 1                              Select from list                                                    Number of weeks:
         If choosing Private 1 to 1 lessons, please state number of hours per week:
         Course 2                              Select from list                                                    Number of weeks:
         If choosing Private 1 to 1 lessons, please state number of hours per week:

Summer courses (July & August)                 Select from list                                                    Number of weeks:

Do you plan to study for an English examination while you are studying at Excel English?                 Yes           No
If yes, which one (s) Select from list                 If other, please give details:
(Please note: All Tier 4 (GSV) students MUST study for an English examination)

How long have you been studying English?                 years
When was your last English course? (YYYY)
Please list any English examinations you have taken & the dates
Examination 1 & Date taken:                                   Examination 2 & Date taken:
Estimate your level of English. (Click F1 for help):          Select from list
If you are not sure of your level, please contact us to do our online test. Please note that Excel English will not accept beginners.
All students applying for exam courses and all Elementary (A1) level students will be asked to do an online test.
Have you studied at Excel English before?           No                    Yes                         If yes, which year?
Do you need somewhere to live in London (accommodation)?
         No, I have arranged my own accommodation                                                Yes, I need accommodation
If you have arranged your own accommodation, please provide the address:
If you require accommodation, please complete the following:
Arrival Date:                                          Departure Date:                                  Total Number of weeks:
                           st    nd
Please select your 1 & 2 preferred choices of accommodation. We will do our best to meet your accommodation requirements. If
      st      nd
your 1 and 2 choices of accommodation are not available then we will offer you an alternative. Please book early to avoid
Please note we can only arrange a twin room for same-sex friends or relatives.
    st                                                                               nd
1 Choice:            Please choose from list                                     2        Choice:   Please choose from list

Do you smoke?                                                 Yes          No         Please note the residences and most host families do not allow smoking
Do you have any allergies?                                    Yes          No         Please give details:
Do you have a special diet                                    Yes          No         Please give details:
Do you have any ongoing medical conditions?                   Yes          No         Please give details:
Do you take any regular medication?                           Yes          No         Please give details:
Do you have travel and medical insurance?                     Yes          No         Please give details:

Do you want to be met at your UK airport / Eurostar Terminal and driven safely to your accommodation?                                   Yes          No
At which UK airport / Station will you arrive?                    Choose from list
You must send your travel details as soon as your ticket is booked.

Why are you learning English?                          Select from list
How did you hear about Excel English?         Select from list                            Select from list        Select from list
(Please select more than one option if required)
Please tick this box if you do NOT want photographs of you, taken in conjunction with your course at Excel English, to be used for
promotional purposes (eg website, brochure, etc)

To confirm your booking you must now pay a deposit or the fees in full
Select one method of payment.                          Choose from list
Please note:
        To pay by Sterling Bank Transfer
        Excel English, Account Number 50971804, Barclays Bank Sort Code 20-29-77, Enfield Branch, The Enfield Group, 20 The Town, Enfield,
         Middlesex EN2 6LY.
         IBAN Code GB07 BARC 202977 5097 1804, SWIFTCode BARCGB 22.
         Make sure the bank includes your name on the bank transfer document. You are responsible for all international banking fees. Instruct your
         bank to send the full amount plus additional funds to cover ALL bank transfer charges.
        To pay by Mastercard or Visa Credit Card
        We will send you a credit card payment form. If you pay the deposit by credit card, the balance of your fees will automatically be deducted
         from the card two weeks before your course start date.

Please tick one of the following:
I have paid a deposit of 150 GBP (without accommodation)                                              or 300 GBP (with accommodation)
I have paid the fees in full to Excel English
I have paid these fees in full to my educational travel representative / travel agent

DECLARATION (please tick to confirm the following):
         In signing this application form, I have declared my ability and my intention to follow and complete a course at Excel English and to
          leave the UK after the course ends.
         I understand that Excel English monitors the attendance of all students carefully and that in the case of Tier 4 GSV students the school will inform
          the UKBA within 10 days of unauthorised attendance
         I understand that once I have applied for my visa and it is granted the course cannot be shortened or changed except under exceptional
          circumstances as detailed in the Terms and Conditions.
         I have read and understood the current Excel English Terms and Conditions and agree to abide by them.
         I am the applicant (if aged 18 +) or the applicant’s guardian (if aged 16 or 17)
         I understand I cannot start my course until the fees have been paid in full and a deposit must be paid to reserve a place.

Signed                           Date (dd/mm/yyyy)                       Signature of guardian (student aged 16 or 17)

Please keep a copy of this application form for your records. Please note that Excel English will store the information on this form electronically.

Now please send a signed copy of this form to: Excel English, The Hall, 8 Muswell Hill, London, N10 3TD or by email to

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