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									                           SPOKANE CHAPTER

                             MARCH 2009 NEWSLETTER

Design Hiding in Plain Sight                           Chapter Meeting: Sunday
RNA, or ribonucleic acid, is a type of molecule
                                                       March 22, 3-5pm
similar to DNA. However, it is usually (but not
always) single-stranded, not double-stranded, and is   We invite you to attend our monthly meeting
made of slightly different building blocks.            Sunday, February 15, from 3-5pm. This month it
                                                       will be held at Coy Fullen’s house.
RNA performs several major known roles in cells.
Messenger RNA is a copy of a small part of a cell’s    Date: Sunday, March 22
DNA, which is carried out into the cell and used to    Time: 3-5pm
make proteins the cell needs. Ribosomal RNA is the     Host: Coy Fullen
central component of the ribosome, the protein         Location: 24006 N Rose Meadow Ln
manufacturing machinery of all living cells.           Colbert, WA
MicroRNA is involved in controlling gene               Phone: 276-6388
expression. Short bits of double-stranded RNA
prevent the expression of a gene. Scientists hope to   Coy’s house is north and west of our usual
use MicroRNA to treat medical conditions.              meeting location. From Spokane, go north on
                                                       Hwy 395 (at the Y). Watch for Half Moon Road.
A research team at the Broad Institute of Harvard      The next street will be Wild Rose Rd. Turn left.
and MIT and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center       Watch for Rose Meadow Lane on the right. Coy’s
has uncovered a vast new class of previously           house is the first on the right.
unrecognized mammalian genes that do not encode
proteins, but instead function as long RNA
                                                       RTB Revamps Web Site
                      Continued on Pg. 2.
                                             , RTB’s web presence, has
                                                       received an overhaul. You can listen to
TABLE OF CONTENTS:                                     podcasts, read blogs, and still access a lot of
                                                       the resources we’re familiar with. However,
                                                       the transition of publications such as RTB’s
1   Chapter Meeting March 22, 3pm                      great magazine, Facts for Faith, is still not
                                                       complete. Under “What’s New” you can find
1   Design Hiding in Plain Sight                       media and print appearances of members of the
                                                       Reasons team of scholars and staff. It looks
                                                       like there is a lot of great functionality to
1   RTB Revamps Web Site
                                                       come, such as audio and video clips. Keep
                                                       checking it out!
2   Who We Are and What We Do

                                                                                               Newsletter 1
                                                         Once again, the idea that cells contain ‘a bunch
Design Hiding in Plain Sight                             of junk’ left over from a random process is
                                                         diminished. The level of information in the
This novel class of "large intervening non-coding        genetic code continues to boggle our minds, and
RNAs" or "lincRNAs" plays critical roles in both         teach us about the amazing creative qualities of
health and disease, including cancer, immune             our designer-God.                      END
signaling and stem cell biology.
                                                                    Messenger RNA in Action
b"We've known  that the human genome still has
many tricks up its sleeve," said Eric Lander,
founding director of the Broad Institute and co-
senior author of the Nature paper. "But, it is
astounding to realize that there is a huge class of
RNA-based genes that we have almost entirely
missed until now."
In contrast to the microRNA mentioned above, the
newly discovered lincRNAs are thousands of
molecules long. About ten examples of lincRNAs
were known of before, but they were seen as
oddities. This study shows that they are much
more common, and much more critical.
"The challenge in finding these lincRNAs is that
they have been hiding in plain sight," said John
Rinn, a Harvard Medical School assistant
professor at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
and an associate member of the Broad Institute of
Harvard and MIT. "
                                                         Who We Are and What We Do: Your
By correlating the expression patterns of                Local Reasons To Believe Chapter
lincRNAs in various cell types with the expression
patterns of known critical protein-coding genes in       We’re here to answer your questions and help
those same cells, the scientists observed that           local Christians and churches get more answers
lincRNAs likely play critical roles in helping to        about science and the bible issues.
regulate a variety of different cellular processes,
including cell proliferation, immune surveillance,          *   We offer trained apologists and bring in
maintenance of embryonic stem cell pluripotency                 national speakers to speak at local
(A pluripotent cell can create almost all cell types),          churches and other events to share these
neuronal and muscle development, and                            exciting discoveries.
gametogenesis (a process of cell division). Further         *   We help Christians overcome their fear
experimental evidence from several of the                       of science and equip them to use it as an
identified lincRNAs verified these observations.                effective tool in spreading the Gospel.
                                                            *   We reach out to skeptics and non-
It is likely that there are many more lincRNA                   believers with gentleness and respect,
genes hiding in plain sight in the genome, as well              encouraging them to evaluate their
as other RNA-encoding genes that are as important               worldviews.
to genome function as their better-recognized            Contact Information:
protein-coding counterparts.                             Phone: Ray Luse (509) 465-8562

                                                                                                   Newsletter 2

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