Using MS Excel to Order Lumber by PvU21amT


									Using MS Excel to Order Lumber
        7th Grade Technology Education

                         TJ Buchanan
                         Spring 2005
                      What you will learn…

• How to open an existing Excel File.
• How to change cell contents.
• How to insert a graphic to the worksheet
  from the internet.
• Excel Vocabulary.
• How to properly order lumber.
• What a formula does.
• Visual ID of different species of lumber.
                      Vocabulary Words….

• Cell – The individual blocks on a
  worksheet. The intersection of a row
  and column.
• Row – The horizontal location (#’s)
• Column – The vertical location (a,b,c..)
• Worksheet – An active page in excel.
• Formula – A mathematical component.
              Opening an existing file…

   Click here to watch this process animated.
When clip ends, close window to return to show.
                   Editing the Worksheet…
•You should now see the worksheet shown
                   Entering Text into a Cell…

• Click on the cell you wish to edit (H2)

 •Change the contents of the cell by typing in
 the formula bar.
                    Entering Text into a Cell…

• Press Enter and your contents of cell
  (H2) should now have your information.

 •Repeat this procedure to fill in your section
 and company name.
           Putting information into a Formula

• A formula is a mathematical calculation
  that is completed within the worksheet
   Example – This is the formula for cell H7. It performs many functions.
       Putting information into a Formula

• There are many formulas for performing
  different tasks.

• For our purposes the formula will
  calculate the amount of Board Feet
  needed in our project.

• Mr. Buchanan has already entered this
  into the worksheets.
         Putting information into a Formula

• Enter the Quantity of a particular piece into
  the correct cell. All of these will be in the B
        Putting information into a Formula

• Enter the Species of wood to be used for
  your project. This is entered into the C
       Putting information into a Formula

• Enter all measurements of the pieces.
  Be sure to use inches and decimals.
                   Calculating Board Feet

• A Board Foot is said to be a piece of
  lumber that is 12” wide, 12” long, and 1”
  thick. Lumber is typically sold by this
  unit of measure.
• Calculating by hand it would look like
  this          (lengthxwidthxthick)/144
• This worksheet will take your
  measurements and convert them into
  Board Feet.
                                   Calculating Board Feet…

              • Here is the Excel Formula

Cell Being Viewed                                  Formula

•This formula is multiplying the contents of cells D7(length),E7(width),and
F7(thickness). Then it divides the product by 144 (a constant) and finally
multiplies it by B7 (the Quantity).
                      Calculating Board Feet…

• The Result is left in Cell H7.

This is how many Board Feet you would need for that part.
                    Calculating Board Feet…

• Repeat this procedure for all other parts

• In Cell H18 you will see that the worksheet
has added all of the (bf) for your project.
This is another formula.
                                    Calculating the Cost…

• Check for the correct cost of your material. It
  should automatically be inserted for you when
  you entered your species.

    Lumber species costs can be found on the bottom of the worksheet
                     Calculating the Cost…

• The worksheet has been set up with
  another formula to multiply the board
  feet by the cost. It will put the product
  of this into cell H21.

                              Finishing Up!

• After making all of the changes to the
  worksheet you have opened, you must
  save the file to your directory or a disk.
• Make sure you call it something that is
  meaningful and unique (ie: “LampWood” )
• Finally – Each new species of lumber will
  require an individual order sheet, with a
  picture of the desired lumber in place of
                   Replacing the Image…

• Go to and select the
  images link.
                   Replacing the Image…

• Type the wood species name and the
  words “wood grain” after it.
• Then Click search.
                    Replacing the Image…

• Right Click on the desired image and
  copy it.
                    Replacing the Image…

• Return to your worksheet and right click
  paste on the existing image.

                    The new image should appear near your old
                    Replacing the Image…

• Right click and cut the old image
          Before               After
                   Replacing the Image…

• Position and resize the new image by
  dragging the handles.

                          Get Your Materials!!!

• Save your file again.

• Print one copy of each different species
  order and submit it to Mr. Buchanan.

• Mr. Buchanan will review your order and
  fill it ASAP.

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