Medical Research for Hair Growth Tips

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					                                                                                                Julia Harper
                                                                                           February 1st, 2012

                            Medical Research for Hair Growth Tips
The battle against baldness is nothing new. However, the fact that many are now winning this battle is

something that has only dramatically improved in recent times. It finally appears that the exponential

growth in enhancements in alternative medicine is finally outpacing the human evolutionary problem of

hair loss. As men and women are evolving well into the twenty-first century and beyond, the anatomical

necessity for hair is greatly dwindling. However, with recent discoveries, many of those ahead in the

evolutionary trait of hair loss are able to reverse this issue. Some have turned to herbal remedies for a

cure for any form of alopecia. There are items that have some positive impact on preventing further

shedding and can actually stimulate new follicle growth. Saw palmetto oil, as well as zinc and nettle, is

very popular because of its overall impact on health. It has properties that help those suffering from

alopecia, but saw palmetto also works to promote a healthy liver. Naturally, herbal medicines do not have

the dramatic impact that pharmaceutical drugs or surgery may have, but upon use, there are less

implications for negative side-effects. However, when they relate to diseases, such as Seborrhea,

medicated shampoos may be the only option available right now.

Minoxidil is a popular drug utilized for slowing down, or curing, hair loss. However, it came to market for

another purpose initially. Minoxidil was used as a blood pressure medication. Because of the affect this

medication has on the bloodstream, it is favorable for those suffering from a receding hairline or early

signs of baldness. Minoxidil improves nutrient delivery to the cells, especially for hair follicles, because of

its influence on the bloodstream. It is also one of the few medical hair loss products that have remained

on the market because of its positive track record with the FDA. Recent medical research regarding

alopecia, which has not yet gone to clinical trials, has proposed the new method of Follicular Unit

Transplantation (FUT) to be the miracle remedy for baldness. It goes right to the source of the problem of

androgenic alopecia which is genetics. DNA has a major impact on contemporary hair loss because of

how it has altered humanity during the process of evolution. As we began to shed the hair from all over

our bodies, our genetics today leave us with very little hair compared to our distant cousin, the great ape.

As for today, the most popular hair loss treatment is still follicle replacement therapy. Hair transplants are

effective and the look very natural, but many still fear the pain and expense associated with the whole

                                                                                             Julia Harper
                                                                                        February 1st, 2012
process. However, many still favor this procedure over drugs because not only due to its effectiveness but

also because there are no harmful long-term consequences. Like any alopecia treatment and tips for re-

growth, it takes several months before real results are noticed. Whatever the reason for seeking a hair

loss treatment, it is important to bear in mind that each has its pros and cons. With a minor receding

hairline, utilizing the healthy benefits of herbal remedies and natural supplements is most likely the best

route with which to start. When a Norwood level of three or higher has been reached, more dramatic

measures may need to be taken. However, this is where it can become dangerous if the appropriate

research on the available options is not conducted.


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