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					                    Ashley Tan                            Email:
                   14 Jennifer Place                      Cell: 415-235-2105
                    San Francisco, CA 94107               URL:
OBJECTIVE: Seeking a user interface engineer position where I can utilize my computer engineering background,
information management expertise as well as my analytical and problem solving skills to improve system architecture
and user experience.
       9/2002-5/2004       SIMS, UC Berkeley                   MS in Management of Information Systems, GPA 3.85/4.0
       9/2002-1/2004       Haas, UC Berkeley                   Management of Technology Certificate
       9/1994-12/1998      Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute BS in Computer and System Engineering, GPA 3.75/4.0
Masters Project                      1/2004 - 5/2004         School of Information Mgt & Systems Berkeley, CA
Led, designed and implemented a web-based visualization tool to allow users to view and analyze company
relationships and discover hidden patterns and trend in the wireless telecom industry.
      -     Conducted user interviews and user needs assessment at every stage of the development
      -     Designed the system architecture and the database systems
      -     Developed the first Low-fidelity prototype and the interactive prototype
      -     Used Actionscript 2.0, JSP, Java, MySQL and XML, XML Schema
Graduate Student Researcher 6/2003 – 6/2004               Electronic Research Lab                         Berkeley, CA
                                                          & Center for the Built Environment (CBE)
  Applied information technology to building automation.
  - Used WordNet 2.0 to create a recommender system for maintenance personnel
  - Interviewed users for user interface study and system analysis
  - Identified needs for product improvements and potential product opportunities
  - Designed and developed a easy to use web user interface for building maintenance requests which will be deployed
and used by US General Service Administration, a federal government agency, at the end of this year 2003
  - Performed tasks as a web and database administrator
Software Engineer                    1/2001 – 6/2001         Certicom Corporation                         Hayward, CA
  Performed research and development in the field of software security.
  - Designed and implemented the Java version of the XML Digital Signature toolkit. This toolkit was implemented
according to the W3C XML-Signature specification, which allows the user to digitally sign a file and obtain the
signature file in its XML format. It can also be used to verify a signed XML file using existing certificates.
  - Led the integration test team.
  - Utilized WML and WMLScript to implement simple GUI interfaces.
  - Implemented a web application with JSP and Servlets, which stored and retrieved information from a MySQL
Consultant                           3/2000 – 1/2001         Primix Solutions                             Watertown, MA
  - Lead a team to developed and executed the test plan; set up the testing environment; and automated the tests
using WinRunner and LoadRunner.
  - Developed ASP code to integrate HTML with COM objects.
  - Used C and kjava to develop an application on Palm OS, which displayed employee database.
  - Developed a web application focused on the Calendar object, which showed the business hours, depends on the
locale and time zone of the country and area.
Application Developer                 3/1999 - 3/2000        Motorola                                   Mansfield, MA
  - Developed a Network Management GUI application and JApplet in Swing using Java 1.2 and RMI
  - Used UML, Rational Rose to design the core architecture of the application
  - Developed a integration test plan to assure interoperability of all components involved
         XML, Actionscript 2.0, Java, Product Management, OO design, Information Visualization, Web Development,
Web Services, Database Modeling and Design, familiar with Linux, Unix and Windows development environment
         Management of Technology at China Fellowship (Spent 10 days in GuangZhou, ShangHai and Beijing visiting
high-tech companies, universities and giving presentations to entrepreneurs, government officials and scholars)
         Haas Business Plan Competition Semi-Finalist 2003
         Dean’s List
         Fluent in Mandarin (speak, read and write at a native-level)
         Oracle PL/SQL Certified Programmer

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