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									                      British Pharmacological Society Meeting
                                            Friday 10th July 2009
          Meeting organisers: Dr H Anne Leaver, Edinburgh UK & Dr Dino Rotondo, Strathclyde UK

                'Topical questions in Cell Death Signalling'

                                               Outline Programme

The theme of this session will be cell death signalling, stressing new pathways, including lipid mediators and
neuronal systems. Each lecture will raise relevant questions in this rapidly developing field. Topics will include:
Intracellular and transcellular pathophysiology of cell death mediators and signals, intrinsic mitochondrial
pathways, stress and reactive oxygen responses, calcium flux, in vascular endothelial, neuronal and
inflammatory systems, degenerative processes.

    Chair              Prof Anna Nicolaou, University of Bradford, UK & Dr Mehar Manku,
                       Amarin Neurosciences, Oxford UK

    8.50am             Chair welcome and introduction

                                        Keynote Lecture
    9.00-9.45am        ‘Survival signaling and neuroinflammation-related genes in apoptosis:
                       significance in neurodegeneration’
                       Prof Nicolas Bazan, Louisiana University Neuroscience Centre, New
                       Orleans USA

    9.45-10.15am       'Which signals mediate the stress response in different cell systems?'
                       Dr MT Rizzo, Signal Transduction Laboratory Indianapolis USA

    10.15-10.45am      ‘DHA metabolism: targeting the brain and lipoxygenation’
                       Prof M Lagarde, Insa-Lyon /Inserm, Metabolic Regulations, Villeurbanne,

    10.45-11.00am      Coffee

    11.00-11.30am      'Lipids, mitochondria and cell death: implications in neuro-onclology’
                       Dr Alison Colquhoun, Department of Cell & Developmental Biology, Sao
                       Paulo, Brazil

    11.30-12.00am      General discussion
                          Satellite Meeting on Cell Death
                                 Friday 10th – Saturday 11th July 2009

       Current Opinions in Cell Death Signalling

                                          Outline Programme
This session will update current opinions on the pathophysiology of cell death signalling, introduced by a
pioneer of apoptosis research, Professor Andrew Wyllie. Lectures will present differing opinions on initiation
and progression of apoptotic and necrotic pathways of cell death

                     Friday 10th July 2009

  Chair              Prof Ian R Whittle (Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of
                     Edinburgh UK) & Dr Dino Rotondo (Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy &
                     Biomedical Science, Glasgow UK)
  2.00 - 2.10pm      chair welcome and introduction

2.10-2.50pm        Keynote lecture

                  The Promyelocytic Leukemia (PML) nuclear body in stress responses and the coupling of
                  the stress response to apoptosis
                  Prof Andrew H Wyllie (Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge UK)

  3.50- 3.30pm       Role of the insulin receptor in neuroprotection of photoreceptor cells
                     from stress-induced degeneration
                     Prof Robert Eugene Anderson, Departments of Ophthalmology and Cell
                     Biology (University of Oklahoma, USA)

  3.30- 3.50pm       Break

  3.50- 4.30pm       Stress responses in glioma and endothelial cells: intracellular signals and
                     cellular interactions
                     Dr H Anne Leaver (Scottish Blood Transfusion & Department of Clinical
                     Neuroscience, Edinburgh UK)

  4.30-5.00pm        General discussion
       Current Opinions in Cell Death Signalling
                                       Saturday 11th July 2009

   Chair             Prof Nicolas Bazan (Louisiana University Neuroscience Centre, New
                     Orleans USA) & Dr Maria T Rizzo (Signal Transduction Laboratory
                     Indianapolis USA)

   9.30- 10.10am     Immunosuppressive effect of apoptotic cells -a mechanistic insight
                     Dr S Brown (Centre for Inflammation Research, University of Edinburgh)

   10.10- 10.50am    Signalling and Axonal Transport in Neurodegeneration
                     Prof Scott Brady (Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology, University of
                     Illinois, Chicago, USA)

   10.50- 11.30am    Regulation of pro-survival and pro-death pathways by neuronal calcium
                     Dr Giles Hardingham (Centre for Neuroscience Research,University of
                     Edinburgh UK)

   11.30am - 12.00 Platelet Activating Factor and cell death signalling
                   Prof Haydee E. Bazan, Dept Ophthalmology, Biochemistry, Molecular
                   Biology & Neuroscience, New Orleans, USA

   12.00-12.30pm     General discussion

Further information is available from: www.bps.ac.uk and Dr H Anne Leaver, Cell Biology Laboratory,
21 Ellen’s Glen Road, Edinburgh EH17 7QT, tel: 0131 536 6783 e-mail: hanne.leaver@googlemail.com or
helen.leaver@nhs.net Fax 0131 536 6761
Treasurer: Dr D Rotondo Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences 27 Taylor Street
Glasgow G4 0NR Phone: 0141 548 3629 e-mail: d.rotondo@strath.ac.uk

   Satellite registration d.rotondo@strath.ac.uk £30 for the satellite meeting, early registration
   is recommended, as numbers for this workshop are restricted and registration will be on a
   first come, first served basis

   Sponsors: Amarin Neurosciences; Antoxis; Enzo Life Sciences; Promega;
             The Royal Society of Edinburgh
                     Cell Death Signalling
 Integrated pathways, membranes & mediators
       July 10th - 11th 2009 Edinburgh UK

                           Registration for Meeting and Satellite








Fee      £100 (for full 2 day Cell Death Signalling meeting)
         For BPS members*, £30 before 12th June, £80 after 12th June
         £30 for Satellite meeting only (pm Friday 10th and am Saturday 11th July)

         £20 for optional informal meeting refreshments and dinner**

Cheques in BP sterling to be made out to: ‘ispo satellite meeting’ please send to:
Dr Dino Rotondo Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences, 27
Taylor Street, Glasgow, G40NR UK 0141 548 3629; d.rotondo@strath.ac.uk
Paying by Bank Transfer: Please transfer total fees (free of bank commission)
to: Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh UK: BIC BOFSGB21216:
IBAN: GB48 BOFS 8002 2400 3333 85
Accommodation and general information:
Organiser: Dr H Anne Leaver, Cell Biology R&D, Edinburgh UK 44[0]131
536 6783; 07870 955173; hanne.leaver@googlemail.com
*state Br Pharm Soc membership number http://www.bps.ac.uk.
                     Cell Death Signalling
           Pathways, membranes & mediators
           July 10th - 11th 2009 Edinburgh UK

                             The registration fee includes:

                            Entry to the scientific programme,
                             poster and trade information sessions
                            Book of abstracts
                            Tea and coffee beverages
                            Free registration for the opening mixer
                            The opportunity to book
                             accommodation at reduced rates

There will be additional, optional, informal refreshments and bistro style meal
(with vegetarian options) for participants on the evening of Friday 10th June, at a
cost of £20 to participants (this does not include the cost of alcoholic beverages
accompanying the meal). But please book this option before 1st July.

   Cancellation Policy

   Cancellations received on or before 12th June 2009 will be refunded
   minus a £20 processing fee. There will be no refund for cancellations
   after 12th June or no-shows, but substitute participants can be nominated
   at any time without additional cost. Accomodation bookings will follow
   BPS policy see http://www.bps.ac.uk

                              Sponsored by
                          Amarin Neurosciences
                            Enzo Life Sciences
                      The Royal Society of Edinburgh

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