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02.뉴질랜드 대외무역협력 현황_Mr.Andrew French


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									NZTE in Korea
                 Presentation Outline

• NZTE who are we?

• NZ Korea Trade Relationship – Recent Trends

• NZ Key Sectors in Korea

• 3 Key sectors and NZTE activities

• Relationships are the key
                   NZTE – who are we

• The New Zealand Government's national economic development agency.

• Our role is to support the NZ Governments objective of increasing the
average income of NZers in line with countries in the top half of the OECD.

• We work with industries and sectors in NZ that have a long-term
sustainable advantage and with businesses that have high growth

• We work globally and have 48 offices worldwide. Like KOTRA we look at
assisting exporters to access opportunities and encourage foreign
businesses to invest in NZ
                         NZTE KOREA

• Build alliances and develop strategic commercial relationships

• Provide hands on assistance to NZ exporters

• Promote NZ and its capabilities to potential customers and investors

• Help Korean importers/ distributors source NZ goods and services

• Help Korean investors identify investment opportunities in NZ
             NZ Korea Trade Relationship

• NZ’s 6th largest Trade partner – 2 way Merchandise trade worth NZ$2.6
• NZ’s 6th Largest Export Market – Merchandise Exports Totalling NZ$1.4
billion - Wood Products ( NZ$463m, 34%); Meat ((NZ$251m, 18%); Dairy
(NZ$120m, 9%); Methanol (NZ$78m, 6%); Kiwifruit (NZ$65m, 6%); Aluminium
(NZ$58m 4%).
• Korea Exports to NZ totalled NZ$1.2billion. Main exports petroleum,
electronics, cars, machinery, plastics and iron & steel etc. Brands like Hyundai,
Samsung, LG, Kia becoming very popular in NZ.
• Food and Beverage accounts for over 40% of NZ total Merchandise Exports.
• NZ’s 2nd largest education market. 15,067 students to NZ (6,552 ELS, 6,507
schooling, 2,008 tertiary)
• 5th Largest Tourist Market – 110,000 Korean Tourists to NZ ($NZ315m)
• Film and ICT increasing in importance
                  Recent Trends

• NZ exports grew 7.4% in June year 2005/06 and recorded very
strong growth 21.1% for 2006/07. (Wood +34%, Meat +11%, Methanol
+383%, Kiwifruit 19%, Cooper Scrap 2,140%, Deer Velvet +38%,
Buttercup Squash +58%).
• Outlook for Korean economy very good.
• Outlook for NZ exports good
• The Emergence of China
• FTAs and deregulation
• Well-being craze
• Increased leisure time – move from 6 to 5 day working week.
• Aging and increasing affluent population
• Most internet connected country in the world.
                    Key Sectors

• Food and Beverage
   – Beef, Dairy, Seafood, Kiwifruit, Organics, Wine
• Life Sciences
   – Deer Velvet, Nutriceuticals, health supplements
   – Digital Content, Health ICT, Robotics, mobile and
      wireless solutions
• Film and TVC
   – Post production, location services.
• Race Horses
• Education and Tourism
• Forestry
        Food and Beverage - Opportunity

• Increasing consumer affluence

• Tastes have westernised

• NZ’s reputation as a supplier of safe, healthy high quality food

• Well being Craze
        Food and Beverage - Activities

• NZTE Importers Group

• NZ Food and Beverage Month – November 2007

• Food and Hotel Korea – May 2008

• Wine delegation
Food and Beverage
             ICT the Opportunity

• Korea ICT Market one of most advanced world highest
  broadband uptake and world leading Mobile and Wireless
• Research shows biggest opportunity for NZ ICT
  companies in digital content, healthcare and robotics
• Innovative NZ ICT companies have world leading
  enabling technologies that will help accelerate
  convergence in Korea.
• Korea’s goal is convergence and ultimately a ubiquitous
                       ICT - Activities

•   NZ Digital Contents Delegation visited Korea in May 2007

• KANZ Broadband Summit in 2008

• Korean Digital Content delegation to NZ in 2007

• Assisting a number of NZ software companies to access the
Korean market
             Film/ TVC - Opportunity

• Market size: TVC/ Music Video/ TV programmes ($NZ2b)
  Film $600m.
• NZ location and post production capabilities well known
  following success of LOTR, King Kong and Narnia
• NZ and Korea have film co-production arrangement
• Training opportunities
• Co-productions – Black Sheep and Horrorholics
Film / TVC Activities
                Relationships are the Key

• Key to business success in Korea is building strong, mutually beneficial


• NZ relationships date back to the Korean War (1950-53) .

• 1960’s Colombo plan over 250 Koreans studied in NZ under this plan.

• Late 1960’s Helped established the Korea Dairy Industry with Maeil Dairy.

• Today – Zespri, Daesung/ Park Road Post, NZCCE, Tourism and Education


• 40,000 Koreans in NZ (highest population per capita/ 3 or 4 most common


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