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									   The Master Mind Behind     drinking socially on a
          Hair Wars           regular basis.
       David Humphries
     “Hump The Grinder”       Hair stylists experience
Where did I get the title     ups & downs when it comes
from, one night at a club     to making money. Some years
in downtown Detroit, my       the money is great other
hometown where I was during   years, everyone’s hurting,
one for my hair parties. A    depending
good friend of mind name
Tujuana Davenport shouted
out “There’s a Hair War
going on tonight”. In my
mind I was thinking, is
this a hair war and at that
moment I wasted no time
securing that name, so I
could have legal rights for
the use of Hair Wars
throughout America.

My early shows were very
informal. There were no
format to follow, we all
just went with it. After
the stylists realize this
could be a form of
entertainment, they became
very creative with
entertaining the live
audience. We did weekly
shows for years with just a   on the economy. There is a
couple of hundred people at   pattern I have noticed.
a small club, it was real     When the democrats are in
underground.                  the White House, the money
                              is flowing much better.
It’s always been a saying     Another factor is the type
that hair stylist don’t get   of hair style or styles
along. Usually when hair      that are popular at the
stylists generally don’t      time. It also depends a lot
get along with each other,    on the degree of
they’re the ones who are      difficulty. If a style is
having the problems.          real hot and everyone,
Detroit hair stylists have    including the kitchen
gotten along well for         beauticians and beauty
years. Which that goes back   school students are
from the nightclub hair       mastering it, the price
shows parties. Hairstylist    drops quickly. On the other
gets together in a club       hand, styles that require
atmosphere, so everyone is    more skills, like several
mingling, dancing, and        of the high-fashion styles
or the high-end weaves, the   One of my philosophy on
prices usually stay high      during a hair show is
for a good stretch, while     bigger doesn’t necessarily
at the same time, the         make it better. I prefer an
mediocre stylists scramble    intimate setting for Hair
to come up with their own     Wars, where everyone can
bootleg version. I always     actually SEE the hair – not
encourage hair stylists to    being subjected to viewing
be original and creative –    a big screen in a large
wake up in the middle of      arena. Satisfying our
the night and create your     customers is the number one
dream do – at least on        priority. I don’t knock the
paper. And if you’re not      show promoters for what
original, go to classes and   they do,
keep up with the newest
trends. Another thing we
need to do is to hold an
annual or bi-annual summit
for top hair trend setters,
mainly to originate more
money-making hair dos that
will have more longevity.

Hair Entertainers that is a
phrase I commonly use and
it is what it is – hair
stylist entertaining. I was
visualizing the hair
stylists as stars. Instead
of being a celebrity
stylist, THEY should be the
celebrity. When the Hair
Wars Tour finally made it
to the Las Vegas strip in
1999, the hair stars were
in lights and we reached      I’m just not out to give
people from all over the      the biggest show. I’m out
world who just happened to    to present the BEST show.
be visiting during the
weekends of our shows.        Don King, Don Cornelius and
Since then, the New York      Ricky (Cedric) Walker, in
Daily News and the Los        no particular order are my
Angeles Times media began a   biggest influence in the
campaign in their stories     entertainment business. All
by using the phrase ‘hair     these men have had
entertainers.’ After that,    longevity in the
TV shows and magazines are    entertainment world. Don
now referring to these hair   King world’s top boxing
stars as hair entertainers    promoter, Don Cornelius
– and it’s well-deserved.     Soul Train was a local show
                              where you can pick-up
tickets to dance at Sears,    how the African slaves took
Ricky Walker is running       care of their hair and it
strong as the creator and     eventually makes it to the
producer of the successful    current days of how hair
UniverSoul Circus. These      stylists are becoming stars
brothers keep me motivated.   with the birth of hair
                              entertainment. Regina and
Hair Wars has a few           the film crew came to
misconceptions. Obviously,    Detroit and got a chance to
with the name Hair Wars,      hit the streets and get
many people automatically     footage from a Detroit Hair
think it’s some sort of       Wars show and got stories
competition. Others think     from many of the top trend
it’s a trade show, designed   setting hair stylists. Big
for hair stylists and         Bad D, Karl Reed, LaToya
barbers only. We try to       Pearson, Ms. Color Me Vic,
make our advertising plain    Kevin Carter, Ali D’Shua,
and simple, but we still      Big Dickie, Cool C,
have a lot of explaining to   Khalife’L, Jo-Jo Lanier,
do. When we tell them it’s    Little Willie, Mr. Little
an actual show, some may      and Steven Noss were among
compare it to a booty-        those interviewed.
shakin’ – type production,
or a variety show where
local rappers, singers and
comedians perform, or an
event where they style hair
while you watch. Some also
think it’s just for women.
Meanwhile, some people just
scratch their heads.

Hair Wars is including in
the upcoming documentary,
My Nappy Roots. Los Angeles
filmmaker Regina Kimbell
spent several years
researching the history of
black hair and came up with
this amazing movie. The
who’s who in the hair
industry are in it,
including George Johnson of
Johnson Products, Ed
Gardner of Soft Sheen,
                              Benefits for that
Lafayette Jones, Art Dyson,
                              participate in Hair Wars as
Barry Fletcher, Torain and
                              a hair stylist. On the
Hollywood stars Vivica A.
                              local level, we provide a
Fox, Patti LaBelle and Kim
                              venue and an audience for
Fields to mention just a
                              them to advertise their
few. The film begins with
work. Thousands of flyers     the impact of this
hit the streets with their    promotion, but they do see
names and salons on them      the results. Once a show is
and we have a large direct    over, Hair Wars begins to
mail campaign that will       market their creations from
reach potential customers     that event. Sooner than
for them. We also attach      later, many of them see
their photos to the press     their work in publications,
releases, which are sent      or get calls to appear on a
out to the newspapers,        talk show. We estimate that
magazines and TV news and     we have reached more than
features departments. When    100 million people around
we blast the radio ads, we    the world – and we’re still
include the stylists’         growing.
names, in addition to         I see Hair Entertainment
promoting them as ‘hair       going in the future for
stars.’ On a national         sure as a regular
level, we send out tons of    attraction on the Las Vegas
photos to popular magazines   Strip. We had an
and top national              opportunity to test Hair
newspapers. We also send      Wars on a small budget
DVD clips of the stylists’    during the three shows we
work to the national          produced at Bally’s Hotel &
entertainment and talk        Casino. I can only imagine
shows. Over the years, we     what it will look like with
have built great              some corporate dollars
relationships with the        behind it. I also visualize
national media & the          hair entertainment tours
entertainment show circuit.   throughout America and
We have gotten many hair      around the world. I see
stylists national exposure,   hair entertainment on the
and we have a department      big screen as well as
just for that. Another way    several types of stage
the hair stylists benefit     shows, in addition to
nationally is through the     television, & movie
distribution of the DVD’s.    productions. Hair Wars is
We send out thousands of      currently reviewing TV and
Hair Wars DVD’s to hair       scripts, and developing new
salons across the nation,     and innovative stage
and we include the            concepts. I see hair
stylists’ name, salons or     stylists as celebrities,
production names and the      with major endorsement
cities they are from. Every   deals. We’re working with a
day, people are checking      couple of ‘hair agents,’
out their work, from coast-   preparing these hair stars
to-coast. Also, with our      to be hair entertainment
email network growing, we     celebrities. It’s a real
are constantly promoting      cultural phenomenon. There
the stylists’ photos on a     is hair talent everywhere –
daily basis. I don’t think    and they love the
most hair stylists realize    “spotlight.

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