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Schedule of a Super Rockstar
 7:00 am – Take a bath
 8:00 am – Breakfast @ Dad’s w/ Manager
 9:00 am – Contract signing w/ BMG @ Podium
 11:00 am – Guest appearance @ Boy & Kris
 12:00 pm – Courtesy Call @ Malacaňang
 1:00 pm – Eat late lunch @ home
 1:30 pm – Go to airport for 4pm travel to Davao
 5:30 pm – Check-in @ International hotel
 6:30 pm – Prepare for concert
 7:00 pm – Start Rockin & Rollin!!!
 9:30 pm – Have quick dinner
 10:00 pm – Fans Socialization Evening/ Autograph Signing
 11:30 pm – Get back to Hotel
 12:30 am – Settle down, take a bath, and SLEEP!!!
 5:00 am – Prepare things & go to airport
Wanna be a famous celebrity?
Know your schedule!!!
  What are his activities that
   happened only in that particular
  What are his activities that more or
   less happen regularly?
  Why is there a need to schedule
   and manage one’s time?
So, what are verb tenses?
 Verb tenses are indicators when and what kind of
 action happened.

 In English, there are three simple form of tenses:
 present, past, and future. Each has a perfect form,
 indicating completed action; each has a progressive
 form, indicating ongoing action; and each has a
 perfect progressive form, indicating ongoing action
 that will be completed at some definite time.
Analyze the following:
1.   I brought home a lot of papers to check yesterday.

2. The weather is very unpredictable nowadays.

3. The 2nd year students will have their field trip this
Present & Present Progressive
Common misconceptions about present tense:

1. Present tense indicate a present action.
- Most actions done at a present time SHOULD BE IN

2. Everything done in the present is a present action
- Most actions done at a present time SHOULD BE IN
A Present Tense will be:
1.   Present Actions or Conditions
-    I hear you.
-    Here he comes.

2. General Truths
- I have two hands, the left and the right.
- The sun shines every morning.

3. Non-Actions / Regularly-Occurring or Habitual
- I hate liars!
- My dad goes to work on weekdays.
A Present progressive tense will be:
1.   Action in progress/ Continuing Present Action
-    My mom is cooking our supper.
-    He is currently working on his project.

2. Continuing condition/ Verbs of perception
- He is feeling sad at the moment.
- She is looking better everyday
Timeline for Present and
Present progressive tensesPRESENT                       FUTURE
                      Here he comes.

                        I love
 PAST                      PRESENT                      FUTURE

                They are playing basketball.

        Everybody is listening intently to what he is
Past Tense & Present Perfect
Things to remember when there is a past action:
1. A Past action/condition that ended in
   the past is in past tense.
2. A Past action/condition that has an
   indefinite end is in present perfect
3. A Past action continued until the
   present time is in present perfect
A Past tense will be:
• Completed action/ condition
- We went home earlier than the others.
- She looked sad yesterday.
- Nobody saw what happened.
- I felt awkward when I saw her yesterday.
- They were extremely wealthy in the past.
- I missed the plane bound for Batanes.
A Present Perfect Tense will be:
1. Completed Action/Condition in
    Indefinite time
-   They have learned a lot of things.
-   No one has thought of a solution.
-   He has been upset over something.

2. Completed action/condition continuing to
- My friend has waited for the last two hours.
- She has felt weak all day.
- He has never experienced any problems since
    she moved to a new neigborhood.
Timeline for Past and
Present Perfect Tenses
  PAST                           PRESENT          FUTURE
    I drove our car last
 They had an argument early

  PAST                          PRESENT           FUTURE

            X x x x x x xx
     I have been extremely lucky all my
    She has shared a lot of her opinions to the
Past Perfect & Past Progressive
Things to remember:
1. Past actions/conditions use past tense if it definitely
   happened in the past.
2. Past actions/conditions that happened before another
   past action is in past perfect tense.
3. Actions in progress cut by another past action is in
   Past progressive tense.
Past perfect tense will be:
1. Action/Condition completed before another
    past action
-   My friends had gone home when my parents arrived
-   He had been very busy before he got sick.
-   I had finished my homeworks before I went to sleep.
-   He had bought a lot of things when he found out he
    lost his wallet.
A Past Progressive tense will be:
1. An action in progress that happened together
    with another past progressive action
-   He was listening intently to the teacher while the
    rest were playing around during the period.
-   They were preparing their report while eating their
    lunch early this afternoon.

2. An action in progress followed by another past
- I was sleeping when I dreamed of going abroad.
- The students were having their lunch when the bell
               Timeline for Past Perfect and
                 Past Progressive Tenses

    PAST                             PRESENT   FUTURE
              X xx x x X
  They had planned to have a party
  when half of them suddenly backed
   I had slept for 12 hours before I
   finally woke up this afternoon.

    PAST                             PRESENT   FUTURE
She was telling her story when the
children fell asleep one after the
The team were buying their
‘pasalubong’ while they were enjoying
the beautiful sites.
Future, Future Perfect, & Future
Progressive Tenses
Things to Remember:
1. Any future action/prediction is in simple future
2. Future actions &/or activities can also take the form of
   a present progressive tense (if & when close to
   present time).
3. Future actions stated before another future action is in
   future perfect tense.
4. Future continuous action to be followed by another
   future action is in future progressive tense.
A Future Tense will be:
1.   Future action/condition
-    I will call you later.
-    I will be serious tomorrow I promise.

2. Present continuous action directed to the future
    (is/are/am+ going to + infinitive)
- My friends are going to take a vacation right after the first
- I am going to go there right away.

3. Future action happening with another future action
- We will go to the mall when dad gets home.
- You will take a break when the sembreak starts.
A Future Perfect Tense will be:
1.   Future action/condition that will happen before
     another action (in present form)
-    The guests will have received souvenirs when the
     reception ends.
-    The teacher will have checked the papers by the
     time classes resume.

2. State, activity, or a period of time before a second
     action/situation in the future (2 time markers)
- I will have stayed in the library for three hours
     when it closes.
- By next year, my grandfather will have been 74
     years old.
Future Progressive tense will be:
 1. Background activity in progress when another
     action takes place
 - I will be sleeping in a plane bound for Davao by the
     time my parents arrive home.
 - He will be thinking about what happened when the
     event is already over.
 2. Future action that will be going on for a while
 - My cousin will be expecting better grades this
     coming semester.
 - She will be having her Asian city tour in the summer.
       Timeline for Future and
        Future Perfect Tenses
PAST            PRESENT                         FUTURE
                    She will tell us
                    something later.
                    My mom is going to
                    cook ‘chopsuey’

PAST            PRESENT                         FUTURE
                          X           X
                    I will have gone to school by
                    the time my dad returns.
                    I will have gone to school by
                    the time my dad returns.
Timeline for Future Progressive Tenses
 PAST            PRESENT                          FUTURE
                     She will be telling us
                     something later.
                     My uncle will be giving me
                     study tips while he is
                     staying with my family.

                     She will be looking at a
                     different person when they
                     see me next week.
    Perfect Progressive Tenses
1.   Present Perfect Progressive – an ongoing action started in the
     past and continues indefinitely to the future
-    I have been working on my journal articles since last month.
-    Nobody has been making any noise for the last 30 minutes.
2. Past Perfect Progressive – an ongoing action started in the
     past followed by another past action
-    I had been practicing with the team for 6 months, but my mom
     told me to stop.
-    A lot of things had been bothering me when I sought the help of
     a guidance counselor.
3. Future Perfect Progressive – an ongoing action/condition that
     will continue until a definite time in the future.
-    My tita will have been writing her novel for 2 years by the time
     December arrives.
-    The class will have been answering their exams for 1 hour and 30
     minutes when the lunch bell rings.

Make your own timeline!
 Answer the following questions in sentence form using
 the appropriate verb tense. Draw your own timeline
 and put your answers on the proper period of time.

 PAST                   PRESENT                 FUTURE
1.    How often do you play Computer games?
2.    When was the last time you went to your
      province/visited your relatives?
3.    What possibly could happen after the rain fell?
4.    Since when have you been a student of UST?
5.    How do you see yourself in the next 4 years?
6.    What did you do before going to sleep last night?
7.    What did you do last Sunday?
8.    Are you a kind person?
9.    What are you doing right now?
10.   What is your favorite hobby/hobbies?

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