The Institute of Technology Sub Aqua Club Celebrate His 10th Birthday by wkzh0g4J


									                       Happy 15th Birthday

From: Niall O Flaherty
Sent: 11 February 2009 16:05
Subject: Article for Student Union Magazine (Sub Aqua Club)

Hi B,
Find below a little extract which I hope you find suitable. Also find attached group picture
from last year.

The Institute of Technology Sligo Sub Aqua Club is celebrating its 15th Birthday

The club was set up in 1993 by Dr. Bill Crowe with the assistance of Enda Gibney,
Dave Clarke, Noel Moran and Dr. Richard Thorn. In 1994 the club became affiliated
to the Irish Underwater Council (C.F.T.). The main aim of the club is to introduce
people to the world of scuba diving while acquiring internationally recognised dive
qualifications (C.F.T./C.M.A.S.). Indeed members have dived in such diverse places
as Australia, the Caribbean, Greece, Indonesia, Sweden, France, Thailand, South
Africa, the Red Sea, the Canaries Islands as well as all around Ireland. In the first
year (1993) the club had 10 active snorkelling members however several years later it
has grown to an average of 50 new active member divers or snorkelers. This includes
the following staff members through the years:

       1 Mon 3: Richard Thorn
       1 Mon 1: Bill Crowe
       1 Leading Diver: Noel Moran
       1 Club Divers: Arnaud Teyssou, Edna Gibney, Peter Byrne
       1 Trainee Diver: Eammon Price

In addition some club members hold other qualifications including PADI Open Water
Diver & Advanced Diver, BSAC Diver Leader & Sports Diver. As well as other
commercials qualifications.
Club Activities

The club hold weekly theory lectures and pool training sessions between October and
December each year. These take place at 8.30 pm in the college and 10.00 pm in
Sligo Sports Complex Pool respectively, on Thursdays for both. From December we
start our outing, snorkelling in our cold Atlantic water. We generally dive on
Saturday or Sunday mornings at Mullaghmore. We also organise few trips away
during college holidays.

If you have any queries about the club do not hesitate to contact Arnaud ext 375, Bill ext 357,
Eamonn ext 410 or club secretary Niall O’ Flaherty


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