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									                  OFFICIAL WEBSITE: “serlepc.org”


                             SEPTEMBER 17, 2007


WELCOME/INTRODUCTIONS                 President Kip Bowen welcomed attendees and
asked everyone present to introduce their self and make any announcements or
comments with introduction.

CITIZENS TO ADDRESS THE LEPC              None present.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES          Meeting minutes of July 16, 2007 were available as a
handout to attendees. Motion made by Mike Nall, seconded by Dave Theiler to
approve minutes as printed. Motion carried.

APPROVAL OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS                 Financial Statements for August
2007 and September 2007 were available as handouts to attendees. Motion made
by Roy Turner to approve Financial Statements as submitted. Motion seconded by
Walter Gant. Motion carried.

FACILITY REPORTS        Apache Oil not present to report.
                        Agrifos not present to report.
Doug Thompson with Albemarle reported on spill at ship channel facility on
September 2nd.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT               President Bowen reported Ron Miller with
Homeland Security would be the speaker at the November General Meeting.
Ron Miller is Regional Commander from Homeland Security, out of San Antonio
and he will give a presentation on CFATS (Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism
Standard) that will be very beneficial and informative for chemical facilities.
Requested facilities send a representative to the November meeting, especially if
involved with facility security.
Southeast Regional Lepc Mtg.
September 17, 2007
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Compliance Mac Smith with MEMC reported he sent a letter to Apache Oil to report
on their oil fire incident and will follow up on that since Apache Oil did not attend
meeting and make a report.

Emergency Response & Security       Roy Turner reported he is still working on
jurisdiction map and will have one more meeting to get it worked out.

Emergency Warning System Dave Theiler reported he has been working with
American Acryl on CIMA Zone 4 drill on October 11th.

Public Education & Community Awareness            Co-Chairman Peter Bowman
reported on Wally popularity at Strawberry Festival. Announced committee is
prepared to provide speakers for public groups.

OLD BUSINESS           None.

NEW BUSINESS           Resolution Vote. Copies of the draft Resolution, which
deals with incident reporting to the LEPC and what is proper notification, were
available as handouts. Questions and discussion. Ron Wrobleski requested
clarification on some wording. Tim Lancelin inquired on format for notification.
President Bowen advised that until phone call is made, proper notification has not
been made and intent of resolution is to give some guidelines for notification and
have everyone make notification the same way. Also advised a link to CECC forms
will be added to SER LEPC website.

Motion made by Peter Bowman to adopt draft Resolution, as amended (minus the
comma), to be added to by-laws as a Rule for proper notification. Motion seconded
by Ron Wrobleski. Motion carried.

GOOD OF THE ORDER                David Wade reported on Hurricane Status Reporting
System, the ECHMA standard reporting system in the event of a hurricane. It is
online now and someone from every ECHMA facility has access to that website and
should have input facility information on that website. Purpose of website to give
facility hurricane status information, such as ride-out crew, how many and where
they are located so OEM can assist with accountability of personnel on site and if
any event is noticed at a facility, we know if there is someone at facility who can do
a follow-up and we can communicate with them for their safety and any help that
may be needed. Also will be having a 24 hour exercise on October 3rd for ECHMA
Southeast Regional Lepc Mtg.
September 17, 2007
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Motion made by Peter Bowman, seconded by Roy Turner to adjourn meeting.
Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 12:21 P.M. Lunch served.


Doug Thompson – Albemarle
Emery Baker – Albemarle
Dick Waller - Albemarle
Mike Deakle – American Acryl
Stephanie Orozco – American Red Cross
Rex Shuff – BASF Pasadena
Rusty M. – Bayshore Medical Center
David Johnson - Bigler Terminals
Thelma Gaffney – Calpine Pasadena
Bob Farley – Calpine Pasadena
Celanese Pasadena
Shannon Jackson – Celanese Clear Lake
Brian Phelps – Colonial Pipe Line
Sam Pipkin – Deer Park City/Lepc
Dan Morgan – Dianal America
Allen – Dianal America
Dave Theiler – Dixie Chemical
Mike Nall – Dorsett Brothers
Dave Stang – City of El Cary
Tom Merchant – El Lago
Kip Bowen – Ethyl
Blaine Nix – Garner Environmental
Trace Kielman – Georgia Gulf
John Wilson – Gulf Bayport Chemicals
Charlie Mills – Gulf Bayport Chemicals
Jeff Osmus – Gulf Coast Waste Bay Area
Jeff N. – Gulf Coast Waste Bay Area
Sheldon - Haldor Topsoe
David Wade – Harris County Fire Marshall/OEM
Arcadio Avalos – Harris County Precinct 2/Washburn Tunnel
Lee Nunn – Harris County Public Health
Mac McClendon – Harris County Public Health
Pete Greco – Houston Refining
Erick Patton – Hoyer Global
Marta Halat – Kinder Morgan Liquids
Glen Davis – LBC Houston
Southeast Regional Lepc Mtg.
September 17, 2007
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Tommy Cooper – Lyondell Choate
Roy Turner - Lyondell Underwood
McKinley Smith – MEMC Pasadena
Darlene Sanchez – Nasa JSC
James Wise – Nasa JSC
Ron Wrobleski – Nassau Bay City/OEM
Nassau Bay PD
Suzanne Thomas – Nova Molecular Tech.
Dodie Gober – Odfjell Terminals
Vern Shirley – Odfjell Terminals
Tim Lancelin – OxyVinyls, LP
M. P. Jackson – Pasadena Citizen Advisory/P.D.
Jim McCrone – Pasadena City/OEM
Joanne Carpenter – Pasadena OEM
Walter Gant – Pasadena PD
Pat McCabe – Patients Medical Center
Sheri McGavern – Seabrook City/OEM
John Buchanan – Shell Oil Company
Curtis Tuttle - Shell Pipe Line
Rick Campbell - Sunoco Bayport
Trang Vu – Texas General Land Office
Kevin Koerner – Total Petrochemicals
Harry Stenvall – University of Houston
Paul Willingham – University of Houston Police
Lisa – University of Houston
LCDR Keeli Darst – U. S. Coast Guard
Jamie Galloway – City of Webster OEM/Fire Dept.
Peter Bowman


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