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May 2010 – e-mail/ WEB edition

Youth Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an informal group of non-partial organizations, groups and
individuals that fulfill the needs of young people in both entities, actively involving them in building
democratic values and strengthening of civil society. (Mission of hCa Youth Network in Bosnia and
Herzegovina, established on workshop from strategic planning in Kulasi, 11-17 July, 1999.)Today
Network has 106 member-organizations and 40 individuals from 57 cities in B&H.

Dear friends,

This is the May edition of monthly informative bulletin of Youth Resource Centre (ORC) Tuzla and Youth
Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bulletin is been published on Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian and English
language. It contains information about the activities of Youth Resource Centre (ORC) Tuzla and Youth
Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina, information about monthly activities of youth organizations and
groups-member groups of this network, their plans for the coming period, and other useful information
(about donors, scholarships, stipends, invitations for attending seminars and conferences, etc.)

If you want to be on the mailing list for the next editions of the monthly informative bulletin or if you
have questions or suggestions, contact us. You can find the monthly informative bulletin and archive of
former editions on the web site of Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina: http://www.omladina-

Enjoy your reading!

During the month of May hCa/ORC Tuzla has worked on regular activities – processing of interesting
information for youth activism and distribution of the same towards the youth organizations and
members of the mailing list of Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as editing and
distribution of Monthly bulletin of Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina and regular update of the
web page:

During the May we have also worked on assessment of the success of projects we have been working on
in the previous period, as well as on the preparations for the reports.

Within the realized cooperation with Fondazione Mediterraneo – Napoli, Italy, during the May hCa/ORC
Tuzla has sent an invitation for young directors from B&H for sending of short movies for Napoli Film
Festival. We have made selection and sent into Napoli the following short movies:

"SAM" – written and directed by Zoran Radonjic

"Kad porastem – bicu dijete" (When I grow up – I want to be a child) – short documentary film made by
the students of Technical School Brcko, under the guidance of the professor Nusreta Dzinic.

Also, we have received applications and chosen two young candidates as the members of the jury for
this years' Napoli Film Festival, that is being held from 8. to 10. of July. Those are: Sabina Pstrocki,
International Multi-religious Inter-cultural Centre Sarajevo (IMIC) and Branislav Dakovic, Mostar Youth

For this years' EuroMed award 2010, "Together for ecological sustainability", in front of ALF of Bosnia
and Herzegovina we nominated "Eko-Oko" – Festival of Ecological Movie, in the organization of
International Centre for Peace, of International Festival of Sarajevo "Sarajevo zima". 56 nomination for
this award was received.

We finnished the report for Step 3, within the Anna Lindh Foundation B&H, and prepared plan for
continuation of activities for the next period (Step 4). Within this program, for members ALF B&H is
predicted the organizing of two meetings, and common activities, that will be defined afterwards.

For all of you who are interested in membership in ALF B&H, here are brief instructions:
You need to go to the web site:, on the right side of the page you click on
the title "Join ALF Networks", a new link will open, and at the end of it there is a link that you need to
click: "Apply here to become a member". When you click on this, a new link will open, which you need
to fill out, in the window "National Network you are applying for:" in the drop-down menu you chose
"Bosnia and Herzegovina", you fill out the remainder of the questionnaire, and at the end YOU MUST

After that we will receive your data and register you to the network!

On 17. of May we received a visit from delegation of USAID, Mrs. Lubov Fajfer and Dobrila Boba
Vukmanovic. The subject of the conversation was the actual situation of youth in Bosnia and
Herzegovina, as well as the possibility of development of youth sector in small areas and peripheral
areas in B&H.

On the 20. of May our organization was visited by Goran Taleski and Boro Kitanovski from Peace Action
Prilep. This visit of our partners was held within regular monitoring of the project "Regional Youth Action
Against the Discrimination", which our organization has implemented in the period from November last
year until the May of this year. In this project, besides our organization, from B&H is participating also
the Youth Club "Pod istim suncem" Jablanica, and peace organizations from: Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia
and Kosovo. The support to this project was given by the Norwegian Peoples' Aid (

In the period from 27. to 30. May representatives of hCa/ORC Tuzla stayed in Ohrid, Macedonia. On this
occasion, together with the partner organizations, we conducted the evaluation of joint and individual
activities of the partners within the project "Regional Youth Action Against the Discrimination".
Participants of this regional meeting had, besides everything else, presented their activities from the
previous period, and talked about the aspects of mutual communication, deadlines of the project, and
about possible continuation of joint activities in the following period. More information about activities
within this regional initiative you can find on our web page:, and on the web


Continuation of work of hCa/ORC Tuzla on the regular distribution of information towards the youth
organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the editing and the distribution of the Monthly
bulletin of Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
Preparations for the organization of the second training for trainers, within the "Yes, you(th) can",
supported by "The Balkan trust for democracy". The training will be held at the end of the month, and it
will be participated by 25 young people – representatives of the youth organizations members of the
Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the following period, after we define exact time and place,
we will send the invitations.

Preparations for the continuation of the coordination of B&H network within the Anna Lindh


Udruženje KULT – Gradacac

Ul. Reufa Huseinagica bb, 76 250 Gradacac

Phone: 035 818 472



Education and professional orientation fair

Association KULT Gradacac, within the realization of the pilot project "WBP – Professional orientation"
which is supported by the German society for technical cooperation – GTZ, has on Wednesday 28. April
in city cinema in Gradacac held a "Education and professional orientation fair" as the central happening
for the students of eight grade of the elementary schools of Municipality of Gradacac. All of this was
actually a part of regional project titled "Creation of conditions for transfer of youth in the world of
vocation in Wester Balkans" that is realized by GTZ with the cooperation of respective ministries in B&H.

Association KULT has with the support of organizations GTZ, OSCE and Municipality of Gradacac
organized presentation of high schools from our municipality and high schools from neighboring
municipalities that have schools and professional titles and professions that are not represented in the
high schools in Gradacac.
The fair was designed as the happening that will gather in one place representatives of high schools,
with the basic data about the plan of enrollment for 2010/2011 school year and students of the eight
grade of the elementary school which will, in indirect contact, gain the information that will help them in
making decisions about further education.

High schools that have presented themselves on this fair had offered printed materials, video
presentations of the schools, and in indirect contact with representatives of the schools have left the
possibility for answering questions about anything that the students were interested about: education
for specific vocation, duration, terms for enrollment, and all other details.

Result of this manifestation can be seen in that that the young people familiarized themselves with the
plan and program of the high schools in the area of Municipality of Gradacac and wider, and with that
the number of deficit vocations will be decreased because the youth were informed at the enrollment
about the offers and needs of the labor market.



7. ulica bb, 74 250 Maglaj

Phone/fax: +387 32 609 340


Web site:


We have successfully completed the cycle of trainings, which we do for the OSCE, with the purpose of
networking Pupil Councils of four schools, from Tesanj, Usora, Doboj and Maglaj. On the day of 12. of
May in Maglaj was held the fourth in a row training, that CORNO does in the cooperation with OSCE,
with what the cycle was completed. The training was visited by the representatives of the OSCE Zenica
and Doboj, who gave a short lecture to the pupils and distributed appropriate materials, related to the
forms of discrimination and how to fight against it. Two representatives of the Pupil Council from each
of the stated cities were chosen, with which the process of networking schools and Pupil Councils will
continue, trough joint meetings with the OSCE, directors, pedagogues, schools, via public debates etc.
On Saturday, 08. of May we held a second in a row training, that we do for Save the Children, our
partner in the project. Training was titled "Team, group work and trust building" was held in Doboj and
was done by our two trainers. Participants were of different age, various professions, students, pupils,

On Sunday, 09. of May in Maglaj, Europe Day was officially commemorated. As we have previously
reported, the whole action was conducted with the help of organization for promotion of European
values "EUROPLUS". Of course, CORNO has this time also showed the readiness for cooperation and
support in commemoration of this significant date. Cities' mixed choir Maglaj, folklore and rhythmic
sections, volunteers from CORNO and other organizations, as well as numerous citizens have glorified
this day by their presence.

On Wednesday, 12. of May, was held a meeting with the Association "INFOHOUSE" from Sarajevo,
related to the cooperation in the project "Volunteer – Credit". We have expressed mutual interest for
cooperation in this project, which will be realized in the following period.

We are still intensively working on the project "Youth and key competencies as cornerstone for
European integrations" in front of CEM and CORNO, with which we want to inform relevant institutions
in detail about the project, which we realize on regional level with our partners from Montenegro,
Serbia and Macedonia. The project was financed by the Foundation "Balkan Trust for Democracy".


In the month of June, as always, we will continue with existing and start with new projects, new
challenges. Besides everything else:

-     regular activities in the offices and youth clubs;

-     applying for new local and international projects;

-     networking and cooperation with other organizations / institutions;

-     attending relevant seminars, round tables, debates, that are of importance for the project;
-     realization of the project with OSCE Zenica "Promotion of volunteerism and activism of youth";


Derventa Section



Activists of JEF (Young European Federalists) of Bosnia and Herzegovina have on 09. of May
commemorated the Europe Day, together with centre for promotion of European values from Doboj
"EUROPLUS" which organized the EUROBUS, with which the youth from drama sections of School of
Economics from Doboj, passed trough the cities of Derventa, Doboj, Brod, Maglaj and Teslic performing
symbolic performance with the national flags of the members of European Union. JEF has organized a
stand on which the promotional and info material was distributed and so the citizens of Derventa could
be closely informed about the integrations of B&H into the EU. Materials were provided by the Direction
for European Integrations, via the volunteers of EUROPLUS.

Europe Day is the remembrance on the declaration of Robert Schuman that was made on 09. of May
1950 about the joint production of coal and steel which was the beginning of the European Union. So
this year 60 years of united Europe was celebrated.

It is important to notice that this is the first time Europe Day is commemorated in Derventa, and that
most of our citizens' were interested in the problem of integration into EU, and also significant number
of youth attended this happening.



Address: Matije Gupca 13, 75 000 Tuzla

Phone/Fax: +387 35 362 830,        035 362 831



With the aim of animating youth to active social acting in their communities, Foundation of Tuzla
Community has started a project of forming of youth clubs in five communities in which it acts (Simin
Han, Tusanj, Solina, Husino and Gornja Tuzla). To strengthen the capacity of youth in these communities
and to incite youth to organized acting, FTZ has offered a set of seminars about youth activism, that will
happen before the formation of youth clubs in these communities and also the actions of the youth.

Youth from the communities of Simin Han and Gornja Tuzla have already realized two actions:

-     arrangement of the riverbed of river Jala (Simin Han section)

-     Sprayed Yard, action of creative arrangement of the Elementary School Gornja Tuzla

Members of Youth Clubs can become youth from mentioned communities in the range of age from 15
to 25. The project was supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

Udruženje KULT

Obrazovno – razonodni centar za mlade Spajalica

Central Office Sarajevo (CUS)

Banjska ul. 2, 71 210 Ilidža, Sarajevo


Phone/fax: 033/637 290


New training of youth leaders UMiD, generation 5 and 6, has started
Association KULT for the fifth year is conducting certified training of youth leaders UMiD that offers to
the youth trough informal education to gain additional skills, develop their capacities and familiarize
themselves with the possibilities of exercise of their rights, as in local community also in society.

Introductory and one of the most important workshops about the subject "Volunteering, civil society
and youth activism" was held on 15. and 16. of May in the facilities of Centre for Youth SPAJALICA. This
workshop informs youth on what is volunteerism, civil society, youth activism, informal education and
additionally motivates them to involve in social processes.

The training includes 12 two-day workshops whose subjects youth cannot find in regular education, such
as: youth policy, managing of the project cycle, team work, solving of conflicts. Besides the workshops,
the youth will go trough practical part of the training, that is, they will conduct 22 initiatives or little
projects that will directly influence on enhancement of situation in communities from which they come.
Training of UMiD is acknowledged by the Ministry of Education of the Sarajevo Canton.

Projects of youth leaders of the training UMiD, generation 4

"What to do with bags?" is the project organized by the participants of the training UMiD and volunteers
of KULT, that is trying to strengthen the ecological awareness amongst youth, about increase of
pollution of our environment, ways of recycling and environmental preservation. These activities we
have conducted with the cooperation of six divisions of the first grade of the Fourth Grammar School
Ilidza. The director of the school and the teachers have supported our initiative and have given their
classes of class education and art classes, where we have within the classes realized workshops with
practical examples of useful appliance of waste material in everyday life, making of wallets from the
tetra-pack or paper bags from old newspapers. Youth have received the paper bags for use at the end of

Video "The big ask" was shown to the students. It is a three minutes long film about global warming and
eventual consequences that cold happen to the Earth if it is continued with it's current pollution. After
the presentations, we played the game "Don't leave traces" with the students.

We are asked too

In East Ilidza, on 22. of May, was held a street campaign titled "Involve yourself", that had for a goal the
affirmation of youth activism. Activists of the youth councils together with pupils of elementary school
"Jovan Ducic" from Kasindol have walked trough streets of our city, distributing brochures with all
necessary information about youth activism in their local community. In this symbolic way the youth
have adverted to this very important factor of the development of our surroundings.

We're dancing la la la...

Theme for May for the School of Friendship was music. Combining different natural and developed
materials the children made musical instruments creating them as they wanted and using their
imagination. The result of the freedom of expression were little items of different shapes, dimensions
and colours with the ability of reproducing unusually interesting sounds. At the same time, volunteers
were the trainers of dancing steps of folklore and modern dance. The children will have the chance to
show their skills and dance abilities next month when a little manifestation for the parents was planned.
We will let you know how it went...

We BEEHIVed in Module 1

Previous month, project BEEHIVE – strengthening of the youth female leaders in youth organizations,
was marked by the realization of the workshops of Module 1 – "Volunteering, civil society and youth
activism" in following partner municipalities: Sekovici, Bugojno, Gracanica, Vogosca, Velika Kladusa,
Sipovo, and the City of Sarajevo.

The evaluations testify about the success of the conducted Module 1 and they are the medium of
motivation for further effort and work. For successful realization of recent workshops, besides the
trainers and girls, responsible are partner organizations: CA „Zašto NE“ (Sarajevo), „U.G. Omladinski
centar Sipovo“ (Sipovo), Youth volunteer centre „SAHT“ (Bugojno), Association „ANEA – Mladi
Gračanice“ (Gračanica), „Futura“ (Vogošća), NGO „CAM Sekovici“ (SekoviCi), „Demokratska organizacija
mladih – DOM“ (Velika Kladusa).

Project "Participation of youth in strategic development of local community"

At the end of the month, agreement about partnership has been signed in the project between
Municipality of Srebrenica, Youth Council Srebrenica and Association KULT. Mr. Camil Durakovic, vice-
mayor of the Municipality has stated that these kind of projects are always welcomed in Srebrenica and
that he hopes that in the future there will be more of them. After signing the agreement,
representatives of the KULT visited Youth Centre in Srebrenica and talked with the representatives of
the Youth Council about the impressions of the attendees of the training from the first workshop of
UMiD, that was held on 15. and 16. of May in SPAJALICA.

Within the earlier implemented Project of education of youth involved in social processes, KULT has
together with representatives of partner municipalities built a model of decision about criteria for giving
funds to the projects for youth that are financed/co-financed from the municipal budget. That model
has been sent for review to all partner municipalities in the actual project, with the aim of gathering
suggestions of the local governments on the model and development of the final solution. The
prepositions for changes and add-ons to the model have come and the final preposition of the decision
is currently being developed.

Guests from Nepal in SPAJALICA

Association KULT and Centre for Youth SPAJALICA had the honor, together with GTZ, to be a host for a
group of 12 persons from Nepal. The goal of the visit was for the guests to get familiarized with the
Center for Youth, it's actions and planned way of realization of health project "Joint in circuit" in our
country. Same methodology adjusted to the needs of their community is already being conducted in
Nepal. Within the socializing a projection of 15 minutes long movies about the implementation of
methodology "Joint in circuit" in Nepal and Bosnia and Herzegovina has been organized.


Youth Day of Municipality of Ilidza

This year also, for the fifth time in a row, with great effort and devotion of the volunteers of the
Association KULT a traditional Youth Day of Municipality of Ilidza is going to be held. This happening, on
which we are extremely proud, is planned for Saturday, 05. of June this year in front of SPAJALICA.

Program of the Youth Day encompasses the following:

10:00 – 12:30 – Children's Workshop
12:30 – 18:00 – Games Without Frontiers

20:00 – 22:30 – Concert (local band Mustuluk, DJ Extenzion)

On the children's workshop are invited all pupils from first to fourth grade of the primary schools, whilst
on the games without borders or pupils from first to fourth grade of high schools are invited. Everyone is
welcomed to the concert.


Srđe Zlopogleđe 37, 78000 Banja Luka

Phone/Fax: +387 51 464 824



On the occasion of the Hepatitis World Day, Association "B 18" has had a series of activities that weren't
just held on that day 19. of May, but they've spread during the whole month.

By signing the Contract with the Telecom Srpska from 01. to 31. of May Humanitarian Phone 1457 was
in function and had a goal to collect funds for help in the treatment of poor persons that live with
hepatitis B and C.

For the second year our Association is trying to, besides the very and a little bit sterile, and for younger
persons boring, conducting of lectures and giving of information about the very disease, find a way to
make it a little different, and for everyone to find something interesting, and in that way to break
prejudices about these sicknesses and to make those persons full and active members of our society
worthy of attention in every segment of their activities.
On 14. of May in the Musical pavilion of the "Petar Kocic" park in Banja Luka was held a concert of the
Music School "Vlado Milosevic" – class guitar. On that occasion the best students of lower and high
musical school have held a very great and thematically very interesting concert in which the acoustic
guitar some of the performers have shown in it's best light, because the concert was not of competitive
character and it was in a very relaxed atmosphere and the free choice of the works which gave a special
charm to the evening.

On 19. of May, as every year, we conducted the distribution of educative and promotional material on
the Trg Krajine in Banja Luka with the help of volunteers of Local volunteer service OKC from Banja Luka.
On this occasion we distributed to the citizens around 5000 different brochures and flyers and around
500 condoms.

On 20. of May in Music pavilion of the "Petar Kocic" park in Banja Luka we held a humanitarian auction
of the paintings titled "Source of life". For this occasion 27 top art, mostly academic painters, have given
away their works for the collection of funds for the continuation of the work of INFO HEP CENTRE
Association "B 18".

On 25. of May in elite DFK Club in Banja Luka was held a concert of support to the persons that live with
hepatitis B and C. On this occasion also was distributed around 500 flyers and around 350 condoms. On
that evening 6 rock bands from Banja Luka from different genres performed:

Fade out

Marko Kelečević&E.A.P.



As I Fall


PRONI Centar za omladinski razvoj

Bosne Srebrene 16, 76 100 Brčko Distrikt BiH

Phone/Fax: 00 387 49 217 695, 49 233 940


Youth and media

On Monday, 10. of May was held a debate on the subject "Lack of interest of media for youth". The
project encompassed four high schools from Brcko, Grammar School, Economics School, Technical
School and Agricultural – Medical School, and Grammar School from Banja Luka, which have conducted
the research on the level of school concerning the representation of youth in media. All researches were
presented on the debate. The debate was attended by the principals, pedagogues, professors and high
school students, editors and journalists of local media, and the reporters from FTV, BN TV and RTRS.

The debate had a very qualitative dialogue, which resulted with the conclusions:

Youth should represent themselves to the media with projects of greater quality

Media should have more tolerance and understanding for youth with ideas

To secure more efficient communication between the media and the schools

With joint forces to work on the change of media principle "where there is blood – the news go first"

Besides that, the debate resulted in concrete negotiations between the reporters of RTRS and students
of Economics School from Brcko, about the recording of the video and promotion of the same. On the
debate was elected the best debater and the best presentation, so that the Economics School got the
acknowledgement for the best presentation, on which the work was done by Eldar Cejvanovic and
Aleksnadra Lukic, whilst the student of the Brcko Grammar School, Emsal Besic, gained the
acknowledgement as the best debater. The debate was conducted in cooperation with PRONI Centre for
youth development and Pupil Councils of two Brcko high schools. Financially the project was fully
supported by the SHL (Schuler helfen leben), trough FOP (Fund for Youth Projects) project. Evaluation of
the group of students, who worked on this project, had for a conclusion that the work on solving this
problem will continue.
PRONI was credited for work on Warning on Mines

PRONI Centre for youth development of Brcko DC B&H has on 19. of April credited for conducting the
activities on the conduction of anti-mine actions according to Law about de-mining in Bosnia and
Herzegovina and Standard for removal of the mines and non-exploded items in Bosnia and Herzegovina
for activities of PMA:

Warning on Mines:

on the containment of specific activities:

-     "planning of warning on mines for endangered community"

-     "implementation of the program for warning on mines"

-     "urgent marking"

The accreditation was done by the De-mining comission B&H within the Ministry of Civil Rights.
Accreditation is valid from 19. of April of 2010 until 19. of April of 2011.

Employer of PRONI member of the project team of OSRS

Bojana Sekulic, manager for PR and education in PRONI Centre for youth development, has become a
member of yet another project team and that is OSRS (Youth Council of Republic of Srpska).

The project team of the Youth Council is consisted of eleven members, i.e. young people who are
activists in youth NGOs.

Bojana Sekulic is in charge to work on the solving of two questions from the Priority list, and those are.

How to establish greater international mobility of youth?

How to establish greater inter-city/local mobility of youth?
Employer of PRONI president of the Executive Board of NGO Council B&H

Bojana Sekulic, manager for PR and education in PRONI Centre for youth development of Brcko DC B&H,
has been elected as a president of Executive Board of NGO Council B&H. On Friday, 25. of May, Bojana
held the first workshop to the members of the NGO Council that had for a goal to gain the arguments for
and against the registration. Since on one of the previous meetings Randy Puljek Shank has said that for
a long period there is an internal discussion should the NGO Council register itself as a legal entity and
that it was decided in January to hold the workshop in duration of four hours, and that the wish of NGO
Council is that it should be done as soon as possible.

Presentation of FOP

PRONI Centre for youth development had during the month of May in cooperation with German
foundation "SCHÜLER HELFEN LEBEN" continued the active work on promotion of FOP (Fund for youth
projects), which is the youngest project of the foundation. PRONI Activist for human rights Mladen Mljic
in cooperation with AS in B&H (Association of High School Students B&H) has conducted during the
month of may presentations in the Pupil Council in Grammar School and Technical School in Bijeljina.

PRONI in this way wants to support FOP, as well as SHL in global, because we think that this type of
support for the youth in realization of their ideas is innovative and in every means deserves our support.
PRONI this kind of presentations plans to realize in June in Janja and Agricultural – Medical School in
Bijeljina, to help SHL in mission of enhancement of life of youth which is of course PRONI's main

Continuation of work of YOUth ZONE

PRONI's radio show becomes more and more interesting as for the volunteers that actively work on the
shows so as for the listeners and actors in society. Shows are broadcasted regularly, volunteers gain
more experience each time in the new field and ideas. During the month of May the guest in the show
was Suzana Petric, director of the Music School in Brcko DC, and the talk was about the history of Music
School in Brcko DC, its' current work and future plans, as well as about the awards that have been won.
In the last show the guest was Fatmir Sulejmani from Brezovo Polje who is for a long period participating
in the various contests for children's songs in B&H and wider. Fatmir has won third place on the
competition in Hungary and first place on the competition in Banja Luka "First applaud". During this
show Fatmir performed the wishes of the listeners who called in the program with the following on the
guitar by his brother Mejdi Sulejmani who is a volunteer of PRONI.


слушај, питај, сазнај...



slusaj, pitaj, saznaj...

realiziraju: PRONI Centar i RADIO BRČKO DISTRIKT

Urban radioactive show for youth

listen, ask, find out....

realization by: PRONI Center and RADIO BRCKO DISTRIKT

Meeting of the youth organizations in Bijeljina

During the month of May another regular meeting of youth organizations was held in Bijeljina. This
meeting had a goal to start the initiative on improving the position of youth in Municipality of Bijeljina
and to take concrete steps with which the status of youth in the area of this Municipality would be
enhanced. Municipality of Bijeljina from year to year decreases, as the funds so the programs for youth
in this area, and the number of youth organizations is constantly increasing, which indicates on the fact
that there is a need for youth work and engagement.
PRONI Centre is a member of this group and trough public advocacy we want to influence the governing
structures of the Municipality of Bijeljina to before everything else create, develop and implement
strategy for work with youth in this area.

NVO MDD – Muslimansko dobrotvorno društvo – Merhamet Doboj

Kralja Aleksandra 17, 74 000 Doboj

Phone: 053 226 886




Everyday activities of MERHAMET Doboj are:

Records of new members and giving of information;

Typing of texts;


Work of the internet club;

Providing information to the members;

Distribution of humanitarian help.

-      Activists of MERHAMET Doboj, Arnela Hadzikadunic, had participated in the workshop titled
"Citizen participation" and "Volunteerism".

-      President of MERHAMET, Faketa Avdic, has attended the meeting on the subject "Process of
building of development strategy of the Municipality of Doboj".

-     Activist of MERHAMET, Arnela Hadzikadunic, has attended the workshop on the subject "Culture
of nonviolent acting".
-    President of MERHAMET, Faketa Avdic, has attended the conference titled "Institutional
cooperation in the function of local development".

-     President of MERHAMET, Faketa Avdic, attended the meeting on the subject "Partnership of
government of civil society in the process of integration of B&H in EU".

-    President of MERHAMET, Faketa Avdic, has given humble gifts to Merima Smajlovic who has
Down's syndrome.

Omladinski centar Bijeljina

PO Box 33, 76300 Bijeljina

Phone/Fax:+387 55 211 813



Youth Centre Bijeljina has on the occasion of 1. of May organized a one-day campaign of the festive
character titled "EMPLOY ME!". One-day campaign "EMPLOY ME!" had for a goal education, training and
consultation of youth and young people of Municipality of Bijeljona in the direction of enabling them for
effective finding of employment and/or starting individual commercial/service industry (built of self-
confidence, besides the gaining of needed knowledge, skills and abilities), and all of that with the goal to
solve their social problems and decrease unemployment. One-day campaign besides the educational
part also had the entertainment part with the performances of four bands: Second Hand and S:T:R:A:J:K
from Bijeljina, Lavirint from Sabac and Ultrazvuk from Novi Sad. After the bands, following performers
performed: DJ Andjelo, Epano, Cute Monkey, Speakerhumpin and MC Kupry and Hello Bongo. Around
1000 youth attended the happening.

From 30. of April until 02. of May was held third peer education for educators of Youth Health Project
(GTZ). The theme of the third module was "Public advocacy and lobbying" that was held in Vlasenica.
Peer educators from Bijeljina are: Zorica Glisic activist of the Youth Centre Bijeljina and two
representatives of the CA "OTAHARIN".

By oral and written examination of the participants of the course of English language in May was
completed the three months long course. Financer of the project, Ministry for family, Youth and Sport in
the government of the RS has for the third year in a row supported the program of free courses of
English language in 20 municipalities in RS. In Bijeljina, from around 70 participants, 50 of them has
successfully passed the tests. All participants that passed the testing will receive internationally
recognized certificate of the Cambridge Centre.

In Sarajevo, on 10. and 11. of May, in the building of Joint Institutions B&H was held a two-day
workshop for the preparation of the municipal partners for reports and monitoring of the
implementation of the project financed by the MDGF program Culture for development. The seminar
was attended by Svetlana Krstic.

The first preparatory meeting on the occasion of the camp Bjelasnica 2010, which was held in Sarajevo
on 28. and 29. of May, was attended by Slavisa Lakic. The camp is of an peace – educational character
and has for a goal gathering of youth across the B&H. This year also, as well as for the previous eight, the
camp expects around 200 participants from all parts of B&H and guests from abroad. It was planned for
the camp to be realized in the period from 14. until 19. of June 2010 on Bjelasnica.

Udruženje građana"Naša djeca" Zenica

Londža 126,72 000 Zenica

Phone/Fax: +387 32 418 768, 412 246


Members of the Association "Our Children" Zenica in the course of May implemented following regular
program activities:

The project "Youth Club" "Nasa Djeca " Zenica:

Music section: piano, accordion and guitar (Younger and advanced group);

Literary section

Drama section


Art workshop in the premises of the Association

Art workshops for sick children located in the Children's Department of the Cantonal Hospital of Zenica

Youth Press:
Preparation and implementation of youth weekly radio shows "No limit" on Radio Q and “Pro - contra"
on Radio Zenica

Preparation and realization of youth TV show "Taboore" on TV Zenica

Sports and recreational activities: Tai - bo for the members of the Association, swimming

The computer course - Microsoft Word for children and adults

English language course.

Project Strengthening of the Local Democracy - LOD project implemented by UNDP

"Education of young people about sexual health" is implemented under the project "Strengthening of
the Local Democracy - LOD" that is financed by the European Union. LOD project is implemented by the
Development Program (UNDP) of United Nations in Bosnia. Education of youth through the project
started to be implemented in three high schools in Zenica; Grammar School, Mixed Middle School and
Vocational Industrial School.

Workshops are conducted in the early grades of secondary schools listed. In each class will be held two
hours of workshops on three topics namely: adolescence, humanization of the relationship between
gender and education of young people about sexual health. At the workshops students are currently
showing great interest in these topics which help them grow healthy and mature.

Raising awareness about the need for prevention of sexual health in young population through the
media: Radio broadcasts and TV shows.

Printing of promotional materials for the project "Education of young people about sexual health" is
finished and the distribution in schools is being conducted.

For June of 2010 we have planned the realization of regular activities with the project of education of
youth about sexual health and healthy growing:
Conducting workshops in high schools within the "Education of young people about sexual health" in the
project "Strengthening of the Local Democracy – LOD”. Seminars for teachers and parents from
aforementioned schools.


Muhamed Bilcevic

Adresa: Orahoviva/Babici 40 E, 72 212 Nemila


Phone:        062 275 237


I am currently student of Medresa "Osman ef. Redzovic" in Visoko and I am very good and exemplary
student. After I have finished my primary school, I have decided to enrol in this school, because I think
that today's society has gone into a big crisis from which it can pull out, and if the school is of internship
type is the only way to get away from it. I have participated on many seminars, workshops and
campaigns which have greatly helped my political and social education. Since the April of 2010 I am the
president of the Network of Pupil Councils of Zenica – Doboj Canton, and I am from this year president
of the Pupil Council in my school.

Concerning the current state of youth in our country, we can rightfully say that it is not on a satisfactory
level. Even more, it could be say that the youth are in a very difficult position. Everyday the decisions are
made that are directly concerning youth without anyone asking them. The decisions are made without
their knowledge. I think that it is possible and necessary to fix this status by greater activity of youth,
and their devotion for their role in the society.

Recent experiences in the field of Youth activism:

Concerning my recent experiences in the field of Youth activism I am very satisfied, because I have until
now tried to activate myself in all fields that are useful for, concretely – high school students. I am
currently the president of the Network of Pupil Councils of Zenica – Doboj Canton, that has been
recently formed and we try to connect with greater number of associations and organizations so that we
can work together on numerous projects. I hope that this is one of the means to network and jointly act.

I have participated on many seminars concerning the youth, involving the youth in decision making
processes... I am currently working on two projects. One is concerning the ecology, and within the
project is promoted the strength, power and ability of the youth, and their activity in the field of
decision making process.

Second project is of two parts, and it is about a karaoke show on the Canton level. First part are internal
auditions in schools and it will be completed by the end of this school year. Every school will delegate
two members for the second part of the project, for the final competition.

I think that by networking with other association we could jointly realize various projects.


Ulica Brace Jugovica, zgrada „Drina“ br.5/22, 75 400 Zvornik

Phone: +381 64 97 32 322




Strengthening and protection of human and national rights of youth, trough realizing principles of
dignity, freedom, equality, peace, tolerance and understanding.

Education of youth about principles of democratic decisions, advanced European ideas, raising of
awareness of youth about their rights and possibilities to create economic and social chances, which
greatly influence their social and economic status.

Enhancement of the position of youth, trough their active engagement in society, affirmation and
strengthening of creation of alternative bodies trough which the youth could follow the work of
legitimately elected representatives and point on the eventual deficiencies and omissions in work, while
giving concrete propositions, stances and opinions.
Out of institution education of our members from all areas of social life, publishing, informatics,
electronic – media work...

Cooperation and connecting with other organizations from country and abroad.

Activities in the interest of all citizens of RS and activities of the importance for realizing goals of Zvornik
Urban Association of Youth.

Education of youth in the area of ecology, health and sport.

Help to the poor, socially endangered, invalids, children, elderly etc.

Activities with the goal of creating tolerance, religious freedom, rights of the minorities etc.


Until now the following projects have been done:

We have organized a humanitarian party in which we have involved a great number of people from our
town. We have collected funds which we gave to the most endangered families in Zvornik.

We have organized a blood donating action in which we had a great response in just one day.

Plans of the organization for the following period is to organize a series of cultural, sport and educative
happenings. In the summer we will, under the sponsorship of the Municipality, organize summer sport
games and hip-hop festival where some famous performers would participate and not affirmed groups.
Also within that we will organize a camp on the shores of river Drina where we would invite youth from
more B&H cities and who would have a goal to socialize and get closer the youth of out country.


Miroslav Ivanovic – one of the founders of the organization ZUUM

Marko Knezevic – member of the organization ZUUM


Union of Balkan Egyptians announces a call for application for training of potential candidates from the
countries of Western Balkans (Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia ) regarding the
project "Effective participation of ethnic communities vulnerable to racial discrimination in public life of
Western Balkans"

Selection of participant for training of potential candidates

The candidates training is meant to encourage and increase the participation of Ethnic Communities
Vulnerable to Racial Discrimination(ECVRD), (with focus on most vulnerable groups Ashkali, Balkan
Egyptians, Bejashi, Kovachi, Roma , as the young persons and women) in the elections, and to improve
the political skills of the members of the political parties and individuals from ECVRD, candidates in the

It will be long term training accompanied by the ongoing discussions with the self-selected individuals,
potential candidates. The curricula will include:

The importance of political participation for ECVRD ;

How to build a political party;

How to develop a political platform;

How to lead an election campaign and public relation (PR);

How to make and to implement strategic development plans for a local community. Submission:
Interested applicants may submit a CV and Motivation letter at

DEADLINE: June 15th (Tuesday), 5 p.m

For further information about the project please contact Ms. Mimoza Pachuku and visit web-site:

This project is financed and supported by the European Commission.
Rubin Zemon PhD



The Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) GVC and Cospe promote the fourth edition of Terra di Tutti
Film Festival Southern world countries documentaries and social cinema exhibition.

Deadline: 30/06/2010


The exhibition is an international event without any restriction on nationality, age and profession. The
participation is free of charge.

Competition Object

The competition is open to videos of a maximum duration of 60 minutes. The works have to belong to
one of the following categories:

* Documentaries

* Animation

* Social fiction – Docu-fiction

Works realized with any kind of technique (even animation) and format (that respect the following
regulation) are admitted.

Terra di Tutti Film Festival Fourth edition priority issues are:

- Fight against poverty

- Natural resources valorisation and preservation

- Water as a common wealth
- Food sovereignty; sustainable, biologic and fair-trade agriculture.

- Sustainable energy

- Migration sustainable development

The videos must anyway deal with social issues linked to globalization and development, and at least
one of the following topics: gender and development; active citizenship and development; human rights
and democracy; work and globalization; environment; youth and children rights; war, terrorism and
violence; media and information on/in Southern world countries.

Participation rules

* Every single filmmaker can participate with a limit of three pieces.

* Only works produced after January 1st 2007 are admitted;

* The submission has to be done by filling up the on line entry form. The subscription will be confirmed
to the candidate also by e-mail.

* It is necessary to fill up a subscription form for each submitted work.

* Call for entry deadline is June 20, 2010.

Delivery and selection process

At the time the online subscription it’s done, the author should send a copy of each submitted work
before 30 June 2010, in one of the following ways:

a) In DVD format and in a sealed envelope with the name of TERRA DI TUTTI FILM FESTIVAL on it, to one
of the following address:

GVC – Gruppo di Volontariato Civile Onlus

Via dell’Osservanza 35/2 – 40136 Bologna (Italy)

Mrs. Stefania Piccinelli

COSPE – Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo dei Paesi Emergenti

Via Slataper, 10 – 50134 Firenze (Italy)

Mr. Jonathan Ferramola
b) Or, if it is you preference, it’s also possible to upload the DVD master in AVI, MPG4 o MOV format
compressed (zip format) into the following addresses:

1) For max 2GB file the URL is the following:

2) If the file is more than 2GB:

It will be possible to do the upload trough an FTP client.


It will be given as production support, a voucher of 1,500 Euro to be divided among the three best work
(Prize to Best European production, Best Southern world production, Special Prize from the Council of
foreign of Bologna) chosen by the Festival honour jury.

The price giving will take place during the festival last night.

Check the

for more information


“Virtually Active” – training program on using new-media-content to establish online-active-citizenship

18th- 23th July 2010 Macedonia

Open to: applicants from Albania, Armenia Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia,
Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Deadline: 10/06/2010
Mladi info – FEJS Macedonia supported by the Central European Initiative (CEI) and European Youth
Foundation (EYF) organizes “Virtually Active” – a training program on using new-media-content to
establish online-active-citizenship. The training will take place from 18th - 23th July 2010 in Macedonia,
reserving four working days for the program and two days for arrival and departure.

The working language of the training is English.

The primary aim is to educate young people and school graduates from CEE countries regarding today’s
new media opportunities. The program’s goal is to present ideas and initiatives about how, with the use
of new media and created media content, the youth employability can improve and increase.

The selected participants after the training process will become part of Mladiinfo virtual newsroom
( and will get a chance to publish their articles, video and photo stories on one of
the most successful youth media in the region.

The training course will be a combination of theoretical and practical lectures and assignments, which is
why the training is based on methods for active learning, or “on-the-job” training.

The focus will be on the following topics:

* How to write for the web;

* How to conduct advanced web research;

* How to take pictures and use Adobe Photoshop;

* How to use a photo camera;

* Vital elements which will guide their success in the attempt to establish and run internet media in the


* the training is open for citizens from Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia,
Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine;

* the candidates should be preferably involved in youth programs (organizations) or have experience in
blogs, article writing etc;

* be proficient in English;
* the candidates should be interested to implement what they have learned and to continue working on
Mladiinfo after the training;

* candidates should not be more than 30 years old.


All costs (participation, travel, accommodation and food) are covered by the organizers of the training.

Application procedure

All interested applicants should submit their CV and motivation letter to:

The application deadline is 10/06/2010.



Deadline: 15/06/2010

The Swiss Cultural Program in the Western Balkans (SCP)

Call for Submissions of Concepts for Regional Cooperation Projects in the Fields of Art and Culture

The Swiss Cultural Program in the Western Balkans invites cultural organizations, initiatives, networks
and/or associations from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia, both from
the non-governmental and governmental sector, for submission of concepts for Regional Cooperation
The submitted Project Concepts should be aligned with SCP thematic priorities. These include youth,
gender equity and the creation of structures for broad cultural participation while taking into account
good governance principles – accountability, transparency, non-discrimination, participation, and
efficiency. The project should also:

Be relevant to the regional context of the Western Balkans

Have a regional orientation by involving organizations from at least two of the above mentioned

Contribute to the development of culture and arts in the field in which they are operating

Offer innovative approach and diversified services and products

Aim at improving the situation in the region by strengthening culture and cultural life as an essential
element of a participatory, open and dynamic civil society.

Aim at involving other donors public or private, bilateral or multilateral as much as possible. A minimum
of 25% co-financing is required.

The guidelines and template for submitting project concepts can be downloaded below on this page.

Submission: Concepts for Regional Cooperation Projects are to be submitted according to the template
available on the SCP website by electronic mail to

The SCP’s Regional Steering Committee will select the concepts to be developed further into project
proposals at the beginning of July 2010.

Call 2010 Announcement:

Call 2010 Guidelines:

Call 2010 Template for Applications:

Official website:

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