Structure and Movement Chapter Test Review by N07os1e5


 7th grade Science
1. Area where a river    Plankton
meets the ocean
2. An area that has
reached a stable stage
of ecological.           Estuary
3. Foundation of
open ocean food          Ecological
chain                      Succession
4. Gradual changes
that occur in the
types of species that    Climax
live in an area             Community
5. Average weather pattern in     Climate
an area over a long period of
6. Takes place in an area with    Permafrost
soil that was once the home of
living organisms
7. Large geographic areas with    Biomes
similar climates and ecosystems
8. Development of new
communities in newly created      Primary
land areas without any soil
9. Soil layer below the thawed
surface in tundra and taiga
A _________ biome is a cold, dry
 area where the sun barely rises
        during winter.

     Deserts have all of the following
           EXCEPT _______.
A.    Little Rainfall
B.    Little Wind
C.    Soil with little organic matter
D.    Few large animals
      All of the following are likely areas
     for secondary succession EXCEPT
A.    Flooded land
B.    Exposed coral reefs
C.    Abandoned logging areas
D.    The land after a forest fire
 Grassland biomes have all of the
  following EXCEPT _______.
A.   Grass for grazing animals
B.   Wet Seasons
C.   Slight Temperature range
D.   Wheat fields
Temperate deciduous forests have all
of the following EXCEPT _______.
A.   Poor soil for plants
B.   Four seasons
C.   Trees that lose leaves in autumn
D.   Precipitation throughout the year
     What would happen if grazing
     animals in the tundra became

Plants and other vegetation might become so
    scarce that many of the grazing animals would
    die from salvation, upsetting the balance in the
 If, over time, a fast-moving stream
becomes slow-moving, what changes
in plant and animal life might occur?

More animal life would appear because of the
  slower current.
    What might happen to a desert
     located near a city if it is not

To provide water for a city’s residents, a desert’s
   rivers and streams might be diverted, and
   wildlife would move to stay near the water
   sources. Desert animals might be endangered
   by traffic and building developments.
 What might happen if water from a
  river were diverted into a pond

The pond would become deeper and much of its
   plant life would die because less light would
   reach the bottom. Over time, the pond would
   become similar to a lake.
  What would happen to the animals
living in a wetland if it were drained?

Wetland plants and animals would die off, and
   migrating birds using the wetland as breeding
   grounds might fail to reproduce.
Describe saltwater and freshwater

Saltwater ecosystems may contain as much as 3.5%
    salt, whereas freshwater ecosystems have very
    little salt. Fresh water can flow, as in streams
    and rivers, or be standing water, as in lakes,
    ponds, and wetlands. Saltwater ecosystems
    include open oceans, coral reefs, and estuaries.
                         Volcano Erupts

                          Lava cools

           Lava forms new land composed of rock

Lichens and the forces of wind and erosion help break down rocks

                     Lichens die and decay

                           Soil Forms

                        Large Plants grow
Cactus             Taiga
Deer               Desert
                   Grassland
Moose              Tropical Rain forest
Oaks               Tundra
Polar Bears
Kangaroo Rats      Deciduous Forest
  Why is it important to preserve

Products that come from wetlands, including fish,
   shellfish, cranberries, and other plants are
   valuable resources.
      How is a desert a climax

With ongoing limited rainfall and hot daytime
   temperature, diversity and balance are
    How is a deciduous forest a
      climax community?

Diversity and balance are maintained in a
   deciduous forest because as trees die, they
   provide nutrients for new communities of
   Tropical Rain Forest
A __________________ biome has warm, wet
  weather throughout the year. The climate allows
  a large variety of _____________ to live.

  Different plants and animals live in different
  _______________ of the ______________,
   Zones                                 Rain Forest

               Forest Floor
  called ____________________,
  _______________, _________________, and
   Understory                     Canopy


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