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Wakefield & District Coeliac Group Newsletter – Spring 2012

Welcome to the Spring edition of your Coeliac      On a personal note, I was delighted to be
newsletter!                                        asked to represent the group at Pontefract
                                                   Hospital’s Annual Coeliac Clinic. It was
Judith’s End of Year Report                        lovely to meet so many new people and to
                                                   put names to faces! As usual when any
“I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.      coeliacs get together it was a two-way
As I pass over the reins of Group Organiser        information event, and I’ve put down people’s
to David Gordon, I’d like to take this             recommendations later in the newsletter. At
opportunity to thank you all for your support      this point, I’d also like to thank all our local
throughout the past year, and especially my        dietitians and doctors who have always given
fellow committee members, who have so              us their help and advice ever since
generously given of their time to ensure the       Rosemarie Booth initiated the group 15 years
smooth running of the group during that time.      ago.

This really has been an interesting year, with     If you’ve signed up to Coeliac UK for this
all the changes to gluten-free definitions, and,   year, you should have received the new
as some of you will know, changes to rulings       ‘2012 Food and Drink Directory’ and the
on our prescriptions by the various PCTs           Spring edition of ‘Crossed Grain’. The new
across Britain. Some of our Wakefield              gluten-free food laws which are now in force
members have already received letters from         can be seen at
their doctors to say that they will no longer and in an
supply sweet biscuits and cake mixes on            article in the Crossed Grain.”
prescription. I’ve been told that this should
be looked at for individual cases and have
sought clarification on this.                      Save the dates!
I do hope you enjoyed our events last year,
and that you’ll enjoy those we’ve arranged for
                                                   AGM and Dietary Information
this year. If you have any other ideas for         Afternoon
venues, etc., please let us know.
                                                   Saturday 31 March 2012 at 2.00pm –
Unfortunately Sheila Cutt, who has served on       4.00pm, Horbury Community Centre,
committee since the group’s inception, has         Cluntergate, Horbury, WF4 5DA
decided to step down this year. Our grateful
thanks go to her for all the work she has put      The meeting will start with a brief AGM at
in over those years.                               2pm prompt, followed by a talk by Fionnuala
                                                   Casey, Gastroenterology Specialist Dietitian
Would you like to join us on the committee?        from the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.
We are a very friendly group, and you won’t        There will also be a question and answer
be pushed into doing more than you feel you        session.
can. Please think about it, and if you would
like more information, please email me at          You will be able to sample gluten-free .                         products from Nairns and Warburtons and
If you have decided to put your name               have the opportunity to buy products from
forward, please ring David – (contact details      Foodamentalists and Gluten Free Bakers.
on page 2) before 31 March. If you prefer not
to be on the committee, but would just like to     Tea/coffee and cakes will be available to buy
help at the events, please let me know – we        and any contributions of gluten-free baking
always welcome your support.                       would be very welcome. Please remember to
                                                   provide your cake recipe and say whether it is
completely gluten-free or just wheat-free.          Members’ recommendations
Contributions for the raffle will be gratefully
received.                                           (Please check menus as chefs and owners
                                                    may change).
If you would like to join our Committee or
offer to help at our meetings please email             Mocca Moocho café, Cross Square,
David at: before               Wakefield, make a very nice gluten-free
31 March. Alternatively, please speak to                quiche!
David or Judith at the start of the AGM                Six Lane End Fisheries, 94 New North
meeting. We look forward to seeing you!                 Road, Heckmondwike, WF16 9DH, tel:
                                                        07939 434648. “The owner understands
                                                        about gluten-free fish and chips and uses
Coeliac Awareness Week meal                             separate utensils and fryers. Well worth
                                                        the drive as his fish and chips are
To mark this important date in the coeliac
                                                        excellent.” The owner would prefer
calendar we have arranged a dinner during
                                                        members to buy either at the beginning or
Coeliac Awareness Week (14 to 20 May) at
                                                        end of a session so that he can avoid
Gaskell’s Restaurant, Wakefield College on
                                                        cross contamination.
Wednesday 16 May at 6.30 for 7pm. If you
would like to attend please see the menu at            The Foxglove, 36a Penistone Road
the end of the newsletter. Please email                 Kirkburton, Huddersfield, HD8 0PQ, tel:
Judith at for                  01484 602101. This Vintage Inn has a
Booking Form by Wednesday 18th April.                   special extensive gluten-free menu with
                                                        several choices within each course.
As last year, we are hoping to hold an
                                                       The Greyhound, Sibling, St Nicholas, near
information stand to spread the gluten-free
                                                        Cerne Abbas in Dorset serve gluten-free
message. We’ll be raising awareness of
coeliac disease and handing out information
to the public. Confirmation of the date and            The café at Farmer Copleys Farm Shop
venue will be announced at the AGM on 31                (Pontefract Road, Purston, Pontefract,
March, so if you’d like to help us raise                WF7 5AF) (child friendly) serve gluten-
awareness please contact David Gordon on                free items – ask for gluten-free bread with
01924 250120 or speak to him at the AGM.                the soup. They also have a range of
We would welcome your help and support!                 gluten-free items in the farmshop, and can
                                                        bake sausage rolls and cakes to order.
Autumn Pie and Pea supper                              Wheat Free Bakery Direct:
Details of this social evening will follow in the . The
next newsletter – watch this space!                     bread is bigger than usual gluten-free
                                                        bread and it is very soft and tastes just
Christmas event                                         like wheat bread. Jammy iced fingers,
Our Christmas event this year will be held on           Belgian buns, muffins, bagels, fruit loaves,
Saturday 17 November at St Peter & Paul’s               pastry, and a whole lot more are available.
Catholic Church Hall, Standbridge Lane,                 Postage is £5.95 delivered by courier at a
Wakefield (opposite Asda), from 2pm to 4pm.             given date and time.
It will include a cookery demonstration by
Rebecca Rayner of Glebe Farm Foods.

                                                    Thank you for your recommendations – keep
Future dates                                        them coming in! It’s so helpful to other
                                                    members. See Judith at the meetings or
York Food Fayre on Saturday 12 May at the           send your recommendations to
Bar Convent, York from 10.30 to 2pm.      
Manufacturers’ news
Tesco Express stores now stock a range of         Report on New Year meal at Cedar
own label and branded free-from products.         Court
The Bradley Villa Farm, Bradford Road,            A good number of us had a pleasant night
Huddersfield, HD2 2JY, tel: 01484 421782,         out in the New Year at Cedar Court Hotel.
has a wide range of gluten-free products:         Coeliacs were well catered for; it was a                                      Wakefield College
                                                  very enjoyable evening overall.
Delicious Alchemy now have direct ordering                       Dinner Menu
on their website:                 (served as a carvery)

The Black Farmer has introduced more                     Thursday 17 February 2010
gluten-free products available online from                   6.30pm for 7.00pm
Ocado: Delicious Pork & Apple Burgers and
succulent Beef Burgers, with bite-sized pork                  £14.00 (inc VAT)
or beef meatballs from The Black Farmer’s

Freedom Meals who visited our last AGM are                     Clam Chowder
now online at                           or

La Tasca’s menu indicates gluten-free items.
                                                  Cedar Court are happy to provide gluten- launched its
                                                  free meals for us, and we suggested they
searchable iPhone app last December. The
                                                  mark their menu with meals that are gluten-
app includes access to over 6,000
                                                  free, or could be adapted to be gluten-free,
restaurants, hotels and shops across the
                                                  to encourage coeliacs to attend.

Kent and Fraser currently make a range of
eight biscuits (two savoury, six sweet) which
you can view on their website: . They are also at
                                                 Important note about this newsletter
Blacker Hall Farmshop, Calder Grove,
Wakefield and other local outlets. They
                                                 Last year, the total cost of printing the
recommend which
                                                 newsletter and postage (£732) reached more
stocks their whole range of biscuits (with a
                                                 than double the amount which we received in
reasonable delivery charge). They have a lot
                                                 donations. With more than 300 members on
of exciting new products coming up so keep
                                                 our database, we must ask that, if you wish
an eye on their website for news of these!
                                                 to continue to receive this newsletter in a
                                                 paper format, you would let us know by
Outwood Pharmacy, 466 Leeds Road,
                                                 emailing Judith at
Outwood, has a new service which has been
set up for patients with coeliac disease and
                                                 If you have not already done so since
those who have other dietary issues. As an
                                                 October 2011, please could you include a
independent pharmacy they are able to stock
                                                 small donation or a book of stamps to help
a wide variety of dietary products through a
                                                 cover running costs? As a charitable group
number of wholesalers.
                                                 we have no other income from any other
                                                 source except for your donations, and any
Dietary Specials have now opened an online
                                                 monies left over after meeting costs have
                                                 been paid. Thank you.
order. Tel: 07540 185183.
                          Awareness Week Dinner
                              Gaskell’s Restaurant
                               Wakefield College
                                Margaret Street

                              Wednesday 16 May 2012
                                6.30pm for 7.00pm

                           £14.00 (inc VAT and gratuities)

                           Peach, Parma and Fig Salad
                           Watercress Soup with Chives


                            Chicken en Cocotte a I’Estaragon
(Pot roasted breast of chicken with a tarragon cream sauce, baby onions and mushrooms)
                       Orange and Fennel Red Mullet en Papillote
                         (Red mullet cooked in a bag with orange)
         Mushrooms in a cream tarragon sauce served with braised rice (V)


                                   Cretan Potatoes

                           Sauté Mushrooms with Pesto

                          Buttered Broad Beans with Ham


           Katrina’s Chocolate Cake with Raspberries and Crème Fraiche
                                 Sabayon of Fruits

                                    Tea or Coffee
                                                                           Bar available

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