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									                             South Staffs Learning Disability Locality Board Minutes

Minutes of South Staffs Learning Disability Locality Board Meeting

Held: The Conference Room, Cedar House
Jackie Owen (Chair)                 District Manager – South Staffs
Barbara Aston                       Carer
Sheila Baker                        Wings Support & Carer
Sue Baldwin                         Rockspur
Debbie Brackstone                   Codsall Day Service
Chris Dale                          Community Nurse Team – South Staffs Healthcare
Maria Dunbar                        Carer
Richard Field                       Case Manager – Wellbeing Disability Team South Staffs District
Alan Lake                           Service User
Mandy Morris                        Mencap Self Advocacy
Jan Playford                        Outreach Worker – CASS
Tony Price                          South Staffs Housing Association
Fiona Scarrott (Minute Taker)       Secretary to Jackie Owen
Karen Talbot                        Transition Worker – Wellbeing Disability Team South Staffs District
Karen Webb                          Service Manager – Community Living South Staffs District
Victoria Todd                       Connexions

  1     Welcome, introductions and Apologies:
        Jackie welcomed everyone to the meeting and introductions were done around the table for those who
        had not been present at the last meeting.
        Apologies were given for the following:
        Lesley Baird, Adrian Eggington, Marie Lancett, Di Poole, Graham Riley, Samantha Stayt and Alison

  2     Minutes of the last meeting & Matters Arising
        Item 4 - Delivering The Partnership Proposed Work Programme – the group were advised that Mr
        Telford had voiced his concern with regard to being the Lead for the Carers Sub-Group. Jackie advised
        that his name was put forward as Mr Telford Chairs the Carers Group.
        Discussion of the South Staffs LD Locality Board Paper
        Jackie explained to the group that this paper had been put forward by Marie Lancett and explains what
        the Locality Board is all about.

                What is expected of the Locality Board

                The format of the Locality Board

                What the priorities of the Locality Board are

                Who the leads are for the different Sub-Groups

                        South Staffs Learning Disability Locality Board Minutes

           Leads would be required to feed in on a regular basis the progress on work undertaken by their
            particular Sub-Group.

    It was agreed by the group that this would be a working document in progress and may need to be
    revised over time following discussions with a larger group of Service Users and in line with the county

    Tony Price felt that the Terms of Reference need to be consistent with the work programme and the
    principles of the group.

    Jackie advised the group that she would be attending a meeting on Monday to look at how the South
    Staffs Locality board could be supported in relation to Valuing People Now from the centre.

    Action – Fiona to contact Katie Beard – South Staffs District Council to invite her onto the

4   Agreement of Terms of Reference
    The Terms of Reference were discussed at length. It was agreed that the Terms of Reference also
    needed to be taken to the Service User Group to be agreed by that group.
    Tony Price noted that there was overlap between 1.1 and 6.0 and that Housing Providers were not part
    of the membership of the group.
    It was also noted that Rockspur and Codsall Day Services were not represented.
    The Improved Health Sub-Group will be led by Chris Dale and Alison Troke, not just Chris Dale.
    Karen advised the group that she felt she should be Co-Lead of the User Group and not the main lead
    as the Service Users themselves will undertake this role.
    Debbie requested that she be involved in the employment Sub-Group
    Action - Housing Providers Rockspur and Codsall Day Services should be added to the
    membership of the group.
    Action – Jackie will speak with Marie Lancett to ensure the Terms of Reference are consistent.
    The Terms of Reference and work plan were agreed by the group.

5   Update from Sub-Groups
    Employment Sub-Group
           The minutes of the last meeting were distributed to the group.
           Barbara expressed concern over the amount of apologies that were received for the
            employment Group meeting and that there had been no representation from Connexions.
           Jackie advised the group that Marie had made several attempts to source a suitable date and
            time for the meeting but this did not result in improved attendance so she decided to go ahead
           The group felt that the make up of the group members needed to be looked at.
           It was agreed to look a inviting the following people to the Employment Sub-Group:
           Jobcentre Plus Disability Employment Advisor Tina Brannon.
           A representative from the Co-Op who are very proactive in employing people with disabilities.
           The LDF bid for the Employment Worker had been unsuccessful.
           Sue Baldwin advised that Mencap Pathway were asking for referrals – they have funding for 7
            vacancies at the moment.
    Action – Fiona to contact Sue Baldwin for the number for Tina Brannon and the name and
    telephone number for a representative from the Co-Op to pass to Marie.
    Action – Karen Talbot to identify any suitable candidates to put forward to Mencap Pathway.

                     South Staffs Learning Disability Locality Board Minutes

Housing Sub-Group
The minutes of the last meeting were distributed to the group.
Tony advised that
       The Council Housing Strategy consultation closed on 10 April 2009.
       The group meets prior to the Council Housing Group
       The has been a change to how Housing will be allocated – “Choice Base Lettings”
       A priority of the group is to build up a database of people that fall into the “Unsettled
        Accommodation” category.
Action – Tony agreed to do short presentation on “Choice Base Lettings” at the next Locality

Personalisation Sub-Group
Richard Field update the group:
       A scoping meeting has been arranged for 8 May 2009 at 2pm
       A good response has been received from interested parties
       Frequency of the meetings to be arranged
       Purpose, aims and objectives to be discussed
       As yet no Service Users have been identified to attend but hope to include some soon.
Action – Richard to update from the meeting at the next Locality Board

Service User Sub-Group
Karen advised there had been a meeting last week.
       The Service Users did not understand what the Locality Board was or what difference it would
        make to their lives.
       It was decide d to go out to the localities and explain what the Locality Board does.
       Karen Sue and Debbie are attending a meeting on 20 May 2009 in the evening for Locality 4 to
        explain what the Locality Board is and what it will deliver.
       There is a User Sub-Group meeting in June.

Health Sub-Group
Chris Dale updated with the following:
       The leads for the Sub-Group are Chris Dale and Alison Troke
       The main aims objectives were complete.
       The first meeting is set for late May 2009
       Looking at different professionals to attend.
       Will look at cross border issues.
Action – Chris will feedback to the next Locality Board.

Karen Talbot update the group with the following:
A meeting was held with a local school recently but it became apparent that although the policy has
been agreed but not all the partners have signed up to it.

                          South Staffs Learning Disability Locality Board Minutes

    The Transition Sub-Group will be talking to the other partners involved.
    There will be talks with other schools in the district in the future.
    Carers Sub-Group
    There is currently no Work Programme in place and the group needs more of a focus.
    Current attendance by Carers is poor.
    A better way of engaging Carers who were unable to attend meetings due to Work/Care commitments
    needed to be sought:
           Alan Lake suggested a newsletter would be a good idea
           A Carers web page was suggested – where Carers could raise their issues for discussion at
            the meetings. Also agendas and minutes could be posted to keep everyone informed.

    Action – Jackie and Marie to look at the Council website and Carers Association websites to
    see if a Locality Board page could be put on the websites, where minutes, agenda and general
    information could be posted.
    Action – Marie to meet with Bert Telford to put together a Work Programme, run through the
    structure of the group, focus on the Carers issues and what they want to feed back into the
    Locality Board.

6   Identify 2 Sub –Groups to provide detailed progress report at next meeting
    Housing Sub-Group – Tony Price/South Staffs Housing Association will feedback and do short
    presentation to the group regarding “Choice Based Lettings”
    Personalisation Sub-Group – Richard Field will report back to the next Locality Board.

7   DoH Documents
    Jackie brought the groups attention to the “Valuing People Now” Department of Health Documentation.
    This documentation covers the key actions for making Valuing People Now happen both locally and
    Debbie advised the group that A resource pack was available on the Department of Health website
    which included a DVD and recently published Health Action Planning Guidance.

8   Any Other Business
    Training and College
    The issue of transportation to college for those with Learning Disabilities was discussed by the group.
    The group were advised that recently 2 Service Users had been withdrawn from Rodbaston College
    due to financial implications for the Service User. The access to transportation is an issue and needs to
    be looked into.
    Action – Marie to identify people who could take this issue forward with a view to looking at all
    options available.

    Name labels
    Barbara asked if name labels could be given to all attendees to the locality Board.
    Action – Fiona to provided sticky labels for all attendees to each Locality Board
    It was asked if the minutes of the Locality Board and Sub-Groups could be typed in different colours as
    they become confusing.
    Action – Fiona to ensure that the various reports from the different Sub Groups are copied onto
    different coloured paper.

                        South Staffs Learning Disability Locality Board Minutes

    Chair for next Locality Board
    Jackie advised the group that she would be retiring in June 2009 and that currently there was no
    Action – Jackie will approach Marie Lancett to ask if she would chair the next Locality Board

9   Date of next meeting:
    Thursday 23 July 2009 at 1:30pm
    The Conference Room, Cedar House, Kingswood Business Park.


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