Bars Shift Manager by kBANxy6P


									Summary of Terms of Employment
EUSA Shops Team Leader
Hours:           You will have no normal daily or weekly working hours. Your
                 hours of work will vary according to the requirements of
                 EUSA’s business which can vary throughout the year.

                 You will not normally be offered more than 15 hours per week
                 during term time.
Contract type:   Student Contract.

                 Employment with EUSA is conditional upon you being a fully
                 matriculated student of the University of Edinburgh, and will
                 cease on the date on which you cease to be a fully
                 matriculated student of the University of Edinburgh.
Salary:          £6.25 per hour. Payment is made monthly by BACS transfer.
Holiday:         Paid holiday leave is earned for actual hours worked.
References:      Any offer of employment will be subject to EUSA receiving
                 satisfactory references from previous employers or other
                 suitable referees.
Contract:        A full contract of employment will be issued once employment
                 has commenced.
Ethos:           EUSA are only seeking to employ those who share our ethos
                 regarding the organisation, our attitude to work, to our work
                 colleagues, and to our members and customers.
                 We expect all staff to share our enthusiasm for EUSA and to
                 be positive ambassadors for the organisation. We expect staff
                 to support each other, to demonstrate high expectations of
                 themselves and their colleagues, and actively contribute to the
                 development of their team and our organisation.
                 We believe that providing a positive and friendly working
                 environment and a welcoming, professional and excellent
                 service to our members and customers are at the forefront of
                 everything we do, and the most important conditions of
                 working for EUSA.

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