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									Dress Code:
   All students should be dressed appropriately for their specific class. Students
      not properly attired will be asked to sit & observe class.
   Appropriate shoes are required for all dance classes –no street shoes on the
      dance floor.
   Avoid strong perfumes or cologne as they could be overpowering to your
      classmates and a distraction for everyone.
   Dancers should wear their hair controlled for class so that the instructor can see
      the line the neck and head have in relation to the body. Long hair should be
      tied back. For ballet, no pony tails or hanging hair, it should be in a bun or
      wrapped braid, short hair held back with a ribbon or band, so that it will not
      interfere with learning jumps or turns.

Ballet (girls) – Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. Ballet students are
permitted to wear fitted black shorts with no writing or designs on them.
Ballet (boys) – White leotard or white t-shirt, black tights, black ballet shoes
Creative Dance & Pre-Tap Combos (girls) – Pink leotards, pink tights or white socks,
pink ballet shoes & tap shoes if needed.
Creative Dance & Pre-Tap Combos (boys) – Dark colored shorts, white shirt, white
socks, black ballet shoes.
Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap – Fitted clothing, no t-shirts,
may wear leotards. No "jeans" permitted. You cannot stretch in jeans. Barefoot or
foot-undeez for Lyrical & Contemporary. Jazz shoes for Jazz and Hip Hop okay. Hip
Hop sneakers are preferred for Hip Hop, no regular street shoes, however new tennis
shoes that are not worn outdoors and have non-marking soles may be used for class.
Ballroom - Comfortable clothing, no slouching pants, no mini skirts, no midriff
showing. Shoe with a suede sole, not leather, are preferred. Ballroom shoes with a
maximum of 2inch heel, jazz shoes, or character shoes with suede soles are all okay.

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