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					Chapter 1

         My name is James, and I never really expected become anything special, just a quiet orphan boy
with minimal social life and average grades. All that changed that one night. It was about 11:30 when I
got bored of conjugating Spanish verbs and I slipped out the window, and slid down the telephone pole
onto the dark, quiet street. Henry Clark, my foster father wouldn’t be very happy with me roaming the
streets at this time. Even though there wasn’t any danger. I lived in Puebla, a small town about 20 miles
away from Los Angeles. I took a careful look at the house to see if there was any activity from Henry’s
room, let out a deep sigh of relief, turned and walked.

         On walks like these I like to think about my parents or rather lack of them. I never knew them,
not even their names. I don’t even know if they’re dead or alive. That’s why it has always been just
James. Of course all my documentation read Henry’s surname, Clark. Making up stories about them
would have to do. My dad would be a world renowned lawyer, a history teacher, or when I was in a bad
mood a raving drunk. He would be strict, didn’t crack too many jokes. We would have the same blue
eyes. My mom would always be the sympathetic one, a stay-at-home mom. She had the same dark
brown hair as me. It was always a good distraction to make up a fake family. When I finally get out of
high school I would like to track them down, whether it’s to a white house with a picket fence or their
graves. An hour of walking and thinking I saw it. It was a simple black leather bound book lying in the
middle of the sidewalk under the flickering glow of a street lamp. Thinking it was an odd place to leave a
book I picked it up. The title read The Teleporter’s Handbook. I chuckled as I flipped open the cover. A
black glove fell out, and instinctively I caught it. It was a jet black fingerless right-handed glove. Without
really thinking I slipped it on. Out of nowhere was an intense burning when the glove came in contact
with my skin, like dunking my hand in a pot of boiling water, no more like lava. Falling to my knees I
tried with all my might trying to rip it off, almost pulling my arm off in the process. The burn spread like
tendrils up my arm, and then up through my neck to the base of my skull. The burning seared at the
base of my skull for what seemed like hours, and as quickly as it started the burning ceased. I stood
back up and marveled at the glove. There were no burn marks on my hand, and it seemed as if the
glove had fused with my skin. Turning my hand over, I saw that there was a smooth black stone on the
palm of the glove. Seeing that there was no way I was getting this glove off, I picked up the book and
flipped to the first page. It read:

Dear (insert your name here),

Congratulations on finding the “Teleporter’s Handbook” in this book you will be learn to master the fine
art of going from any place to another instantly. I know that you must be very excited to tour the
Pyramids of Giza or The Great Wall of China, but first I have to tell you some important rules.

    1. DON’T THINK ABOUT HOW IT WOKRS! Trust me you’ll just end up banging your head against
       the wall for hours.
    2. This does not make you a God. Gods can be everywhere at once. You can only be everywhere at
       one time.

These are the only two rules you’ll find in this book. Everything else in here is informative or a guideline.
        I snapped the book shut, and glanced at my watch. Realizing I had 3 hours before school I
sprinted home, clambered up the lamppost, jumped through my window and landed in bed with The
Teleporter’s Handbook tucked in my arms.

Chapter 2

        The alarm seemed to go off as soon as my head hit the pillow. I willed myself out of bed and
clambered down the stairs to find Henry eating a bowl of cereal. “Late night?” he inquired, not looking
up from his breakfast. “Yeah, had to do more Spanish than to last a lifetime,” I replied. He chuckled; he
knew I wasn’t a huge fan of foreign languages. “I was talking about your walk, your curtains were closed
when you went to bed,” Henry said, “You know I really don’t care if you go out.” Guess I wasn’t as
stealthy as I thought. “Just didn’t want to wake you up!” I shouted as I walked up the stairs. I glanced
down at my right hand, the glove was still there. I decided to wrap it in gauze and call it a burn. It would
work for now.

        Puebla High was not the crowning achievement of public schools. Only half the teachers knew
what they were talking about, and most of the students seemed to care more about the results of the
football game on Friday, or what Becky said to Stacy then actually doing anything near school related.
First hour was English so instead of discussing the theme of The Lord of the Flies, I decided to crack open
the handbook. I opened to the chapter that read “Basic Instructions.”

Basic Instructions

In this chapter, you will learn a little about your new abilities, and how to use them.

This glove will allow you to be anywhere in the world instantly. You have three basic ranges of
teleportation, close, medium, and long ranges, simple right? A close range teleportation is achieved by
swiping four fingers on the stone and focus on the area you want to go. For example, let’s say that Billyis
stuck on one side of a river and wants to get to the other side. Billy simply focuses on an area near the
other side of a river, swipe four fingers and poof he’s there. This is only limited to what you can see. A
medium range teleportation is started by holding two fingers on the stone. A map will show a 10 mile
radius of you current location. To teleport to a location simply touch the map with your free hand. This is
also limited if a building is selected you will always appear on the roof. The long range teleportation is
achieved by holding three fingers on the stone. A globe will appear, and then you select a country, and
then the area you wish to go. From there it is exactly like a medium range teleportation. We hope that…

         The bell blared before I could finish the last sentence. This was a lot to take in at once. I would
have to think about it later. Next hour was biology, which was my favorite class for a couple of reasons.
First was I just loved the class in general, I always thought that science was interesting. The other was
that it was with Katie Craig. She was the only person in the school that really talked to me, and she was
beautiful. Her blonde hair was in a mess, she must have also had a late night. Her blue eyes lit up when
she saw me. “James!” she yelled, “I really need some help with last night’s home work.” I took my seat
next to her. As I talked her through DNA replication, I picked up my pencil, and Katie saw my hand.
“Holy crap what’d you do to your hand,” she said, pointing at my bandaged hand. “Oh that, just burned
it last night,” I replied, which wasn’t a total lie. “How’d you manage that, did you just dunk your hand in
a boiling pot or something,” she joked. “I really don’t know,” I said, “had a pretty late night.” The rest
of class was pretty usual, Katie asked me questions, I answered, and then she asked more. The
remainder of the day was used to catch up on lost sleep. Sprinting home with the handbook secured
under my arm, all I could think about was the glove, and if it would work.

         After putting up a good attempt at completing my homework, I sat down on my bed, and un-
wrapped the gauze. I stared at the dark, glassy stone placed at the center of my palm. “Focus on the
area,” I said to myself, and stared at the wall on the other side of my room. It’s just four feet, I thought,
you’ll be fine. I slid four fingers across the stone, and when I released them I was on the other side of
the room. No pop, poof, flash, zap, or any other noise. I was simply there. I turned around and tried it
again just to make sure. I slid four fingers, and I was on the other side of the room. “It actually works,” I
told myself in amazement. Focusing on the street down below I slid four fingers, and then I was in the
road, right in front of an oncoming truck. The horn blared, as I dove out of the way of the Ford, and felt
a rush of wind by behind me. I would have to be a lot more careful than that. Teleporting back to my
room, I jumped in bed and decided to read the Handbook a little more.

More Information

This chapter serves as more than just information about your power, it is also a warning about others.

You’re probably wondering why you can’t take the glove off. This is because the glove has now become
a part of you, both physically and mentally. The glove will draw locations from your memories. For
example, after a while you will be able to just think “home” swipe 4 fingers and go wherever than may
be. Another important tip, if you find yourself in free fall and you teleport, you do not keep your
momentum. Meaning if you jump off the Empire State Building and decide to teleport to the ground, you
won’t be at terminal velocity when you get there. Also the only way the glove can be removed the glove
is by death.

I am not certain how many other objects there are or what powers they grant. But there are others and
you should always be prepared for an attack. There is always a person that wants more than they
already have. From this point on you are being hunted.

        Not exactly the best thought to end the night on. I stared at the glove and wondered if it was a
blessing or a curse.

Chapter 3

         Saturdays would normally consist of me waking up late, longboarding for hours, and going home
late to watch T.V. Things have obviously changed since then. Now it was thinking about which place in
the world I wanted to go. Before going halfway across the world I thought I should try a medium range
teleportation. After a quick breakfast I told Henry that I’d be gone all day. I hoped on my longboard and
road off. Carving down the streets I thought of things to do in L.A. I stopped in a dried out ditch near
the edge of town, I looked back to make sure that nobody was around, and pressed two fingers on the
stone and a circular hologram hovered inches above the stone. It was about a foot in diameter, and
showed what looked like a satellite image. There was a red dot in the center, which I assumed was me.
I looked towards the top of the map and could make out the outskirts of Los Angeles. With my left hand
I pressed the map, in what looked like a pretty secluded place. Then I looked up and I could see the city,
I was no longer standing in a ditch in Puebla, but in an abandoned parking lot in L.A. I strode off into L.A.
with a grin on my face, and once again fascinated with my new abilities. After a day of hanging out in
the city I reappeared in the ditch in Puebla. I picked up my long board and went home.

         Instead of rushing home to flip on the T.V. or play video games I hopped on Henry’s computer
and opened up Google Earth. After staring at aerial views of different countries for an hour I decided on
a location. I pressed three fingers on the stone and a holographic globe shimmered. Slightly larger than
the medium range map, and also showed a satellite-like picture of the globe. I could turn the globe with
my free hand before I made a selection. Zooming in on Italy, and found Venice. I zoomed in further and
touched it. Instantly I knew I was in Venice, and not because of the architecture, or the smell, or the
people speaking Italian. It was because I ended up in the middle of the Grand Canal. I swam to the
nearest side avoiding oncoming gondolas and water buses, and clambered up the side wall. Some of the
locals were giving me strange looks. “I fell in,” I explained, shaking the water off my clothes. There was
a mix of dirty looks and laughter in the crowd. One man muttered something in Italian and walked off.
After my unfortunate incident with the canal I walked around Venice for a while, which was absolutely
amazing. I checked my watch, which thankfully was water proof, and it was 1 am back home. So I
darted down an ally and brought the globe back up. Found California, then Puebla, and then I touched
on my house, and then I appeared on my roof. An angry Henry awaited me in my room. “Where the
hell where you?” he asked sternly. “I was just in Italy,” I responded. “I was just worried, no need to get
sarcastic. Go to bed,” Henry said, and walked out, closing the door behind him.

         On Sunday I decided to visit the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The sun was searing my neck as
I stared down the side of the cliff. Something I’ve always wanted to try was BASE jumping, which is
basically parachuting off of mountains, or buildings. This was exactly the same thing except I didn’t have
a parachute. “Stare at the ground, and swipe four fingers,” I told myself as I took a couple steps back
away from the edge. I sprinted forward and threw myself into empty space. What I felt next was terror,
excitement, and wind, and I could see the ground rapidly approaching as I plummeted. 500 feet, 200
feet, 100 feet, I swiped the stone, and appeared on the ground. Standing up I inspected the damage, no
broken bones, or any other sign of injury. I stared back up at the cliff and laughed. My heart felt like it
was going to leap through my chest. Then I went to the ditch in Puebla.

         Still feeling the buzz from the adrenaline rushing through my body I picked up my longboard and
rode off further down the ditch. After a few short hills I noticed that someone was sitting on the incline
of the ditch, it was Katie. I’ve never seen her outside of school, she had her friends, and I had myself.
She waved at me, so I rode up the side of the ditch and sat down next to her. “What brings you to this
part of Puebla,” I asked her. She laughed and answered, “Just felt like exploring, I didn’t even know this
was down here.” The few people that new about the ditch were stoners, thugs, and I, nobody else
seemed to know, or care, about its existence. This is why it was the perfect place to teleport to, nobody
would be here. “Well it’s a pretty cool spot I’ll show you around,” I said. She said, “That sounds like a
lot of fun.” We walked down the ditch, me dragging my longboard behind me. While walking she talked
about her family and friends, I talked about Henry. After hours of walking we arrived at her house. “It
was nice to see you today,” she said, “I’ll see you tomorrow at the factory.” Tomorrow our class was
going to a steel mill. We were going to learn about the workforce or something like that. Then she
hugged me and said, “Thanks for showing me around.” Walking home I wondered why I felt like I threw
myself off a cliff.

Chapter 4

        On the way to the steel mill I decided to read the handbook a little bit more. So I made sure
that no one was looking and opened it.

Heroes and Villains

If you’re a good person you’re probably thinking “hey with this I can save people’s lives!” and if you’re a
bad person you’re probably thinking “hey with this I can steal anything!” We suggest that you do neither
because they both end up in the same result.

For example let’s say that you save a baby from falling off a cliff. That’s great, babies are hard to catch,
but then you’ll have to go on the news. Then the people that are hunting you will see, find out where you
live, most likely set your house on fire, and then kill you and your family.

Now for the other example, so you decide to teleport into a bank vault and take two hundred thousand
dollars, and maybe a candy bar from the local convenient store. You’d be a terrible person and the police
will put out a warrant for your arrest. Then the people hunting you will see, find out where you live, most
likely set your house on fire, and then kill you and your family.

See, heroes and villains both end up dead, avoid public attention at all cost. You will live longer.

         I heard a strange humming sound in the back of my head, and I glanced out the window. On a
normal field trip I would see houses, buildings, maybe a traffic jam. A car flying towards the bus is not
what I expected. The car sailed effortlessly through the air and struck the roof of the bus. The force of
the impact tossed the car to the side of the road and peeled off the roof. The car continued over the
bus and hit the side of a building, and exploded. I could feel the heat, and the noise almost blew my
eardrums. Looking out the window I saw a figure standing in the middle of the free-way. I wondered
what he was doing, and then I saw him pick up a car. He had another artifact; it probably gave him
super strength or something. He was here for me, so I sprinted towards the exit of the bus and dove
out. The man saw and hurled his second car at me. It passed over me, just barley. I could almost feel a
tire graze my back. “James!” I heard someone scream. It was Katie, and she was out of the bus running
towards me. I looked back at the man; he was walking, very calmly, towards me. He ripped a light post
out of the ground, tossed it over in his hands, and then continued walking towards Katie and me. I
could have just teleported away from him, but then he would kill Katie, and probably everybody else on
the bus.
        Glancing over my shoulder I noticed a group of abandoned buildings, so I grabbed Katie and ran
towards them. “We have to get out of here,” I told her. “Who the hell is that!” she yelled. She was
scared, I could feel her shaking. “No idea,” I said. We reached the building and I kicked in the door, and
we ran up the stairs to the roof. The man was standing in front of the building, light post in hand. I
could make out his grin as he wound up and swung the post like a bat, completely obliterating most of
the front half of the building. It started to collapse. A mixture of adrenaline and fear caused time to
grind to a halt. I could see the fissures in the roof, Katie screaming, and the building across the ally. Not
knowing if it would work, I grabbed Katie’s arm and pulled her in close. Then focused on the other
building, we were falling. The dust was rising; I swiped the stone, and squeezed Katie as tightly as I
could. Then I was on the other building, with Katie in arm. The building we were just on crumbled, as
was now a pile of rubble. It had worked! Katie and I were safe for a couple seconds.

         I heard a huge crash and looked over my shoulder. The man had jumped up to the roof. He was
about a foot taller than me, and had long black hair. I could see a kind of gauntlet on his right arm. It
had the same black stone as my glove. The ringing in my head increased ten-fold. “That’s a pretty neat
trick,” the man said cracking his knuckles, “I want it.” He walked toward us and then stopped suddenly.
With a look of surprise on his face, and then a blade produced out of his gut. Another man appeared
behind him. He had short blonde hair, and cold green eyes. “Nice try,” he said calmly as he ripped the
knife out. It shimmered and turned into a sword and he shoved it into his neck. The black haired man
coughed up blood and fell to the ground, and his gauntlet fell of as he gave his last breath. The blonde
haired man cleaned the blood off his blade then picked up the gauntlet and snapped it on his own arm.
I could hear the burning, but he showed no reaction, he also had a kind of shin guard on his left leg. He
had three different artifacts. The knife/sword thing, the strength gauntlet, and whatever the shin guard
was. I didn’t want to find out what it did. I pulled Katie close to me again. He asked, “Any last
request?” “Well I said,” I held two fingers on the stone, which was hidden behind my back. “You have a
name,” I asked. He chuckled, “Alexander.” Alexander took another step toward us; I whipped my arms
around and touched the map. I didn’t know where we ended up, but it wasn’t on the roof. The
humming in the back of my head ceased. We were safe for now. Katie leaned against the wall and
passed out, I caught her before she hit the ground, and set her down. I sat down next to her and waited
for her to wake up.

Chapter 5

        While Katie was unconscious I decided I’d read a little more out of the handbook. I found a
chapter that would definitely help me out.


This chapter explains how to fight people with teleportation.

Along with your teleportation ability, your strength and healing abilities are all increased. You won’t be
able to grow your arm back but most major wounds short of amputation heal overnight. You also won’t
be able to pick up a car.
We have some basic steps to fighting with teleportation.

    1. TELEPORT! Don’t stay in one place for too long. Strike, then teleport, then strike again.
    2. Don’t be predictable. If you’re fighting a single person don’t always teleport to right behind
       them. They will figure it out eventually. Vary your teleportation locations like you’d vary your
    3. Smart weapon choice. Although a katana may seem like a bad ass weapon, you kind of have to
       be a samurai to know what you’re doing. If you decide to take a weapon make sure you know
       how to use it.

Follow these tips and you will live longer.

         I felt a jolt in my arms as Katie woke up. She screamed, “What the hell was that, how did we get
here, who was that blonde guy with the sword?” I stood up, “Well this is going to sound crazy but a
couple days ago I found this glove that lets me be anywhere in the world at once. The blonde guy also
has some other items that give him powers, and he’s trying to kill me. He’s probably looking for me
right now.” “How are you so calm about this?” Katie asked. Of course I’m not calm, I just had two cars
thrown at me and almost got crushed by a building. That’s what I wanted to tell her, but I didn’t want to
scare her any more than she already was. Someone needed to act level headed. “There’s nothing I can
really do about it. I can just deal with my present situation,” I responded, “which reminds me, we need
to hide someplace, any ideas?” I opened up the globe. “I’ll let you pick,” I added, “first pick a general
area, then again to zoom in, and one more time to pick an exact location.” She grabbed a hold of me,
and studied the globe for a while. Katie touched the map, and then we both smiled.

         We ended up on the roof of a penthouse in Las Vegas. I hopped down onto the balcony to see
if the owners were home. The place seemed empty so I grabbed Katie and teleported through the
locked door into the room. The penthouse was massive, two floors, the walls were huge floor to ceiling
windows, there were multiple flat screen T.Vs hanging from the windows. Who said a hiding place had
to be a bunker 50 feet below the ground. We sank down onto the huge leather couch. Katie rested her
head on my shoulder and fell asleep. I decided to open the handbook to learn any information about
what Alexander had, or how he could find me.

Other artifacts

This chapter goes in depth about some of the people that are trying to kill you and how they do it.

By now you have probably encountered other people with artifacts. We suggest you nurse your burns
and broken bones now because they will be back soon. People with artifacts can detect one another.
You may have noticed a slight humming when you were attacked. If you focus hard enough you can still
hear it. This is what they use to track you, and you can use it to your advantage.

We are not sure how many artifacts there are but we have a list of some of the known ones.

Gauntlet- increases the strength of every single muscle in the body 20 fold.
Helmet- grants invincibility in short bursts, very hard to kill.

Leg guard- boosts speed and stamina.


There are probably many many more of these artifacts. And we…

          I stopped reading there was a faint, barely audible, buzz in the back of my head. He found us.
Katie woke up and asked, “Hey are you ok?” I walked up to the door. I was about two steps away when
the door flew off its hinges. The door struck me and I was flung backwards. I slammed into the window
and heard it crack. Standing in the doorway was a smiling Alexander. He then charged at me, moving
faster than any human should be able to. He lashed out with his knife, and plunged it into the pane of
glass. I had teleported 3 feet to the left, and I threw a punch at his jaw. He dodged, grabbed my wrist,
picked me up and threw me across the room. I sailed across the room skipped like a stone on the
kitchen counter and slammed into the wall of the kitchen. I slipped off and landed on a nice cushion of
broken glass and dining utensils. I was barely conscious, and Alexander loomed over me knife drawn.
“You made this way too easy for me,” he said coldly as he made his way towards me, “Now I could just
cut your throat, or I could get a bit creative.” The knife changed to a sword, then a spear, a battle axe,
and other instruments of death I didn’t recognize. He was making up his mind. While he was
contemplating ways to kill me I noticed a kitchen knife that had fallen. I grabbed it and hid it behind my
back. I saw Katie stand up, and grab something off a desk. She charged at Alexander with what looked
like a letter opener. Alexander heard her, and spun around and grabbed Katie by the neck. He lifted her
three feet off the ground; she flailed against his superhuman grip.

          With new found strength I grabbed the knife with my left hand, and teleported right behind
Alexander and stabbed. He avoided the fatal blow to the neck, but the knife still went clean through his
bicep. He dropped Katie and I caught her. A lot of things happened in the next few seconds. First I
opened up the globe, the hologram shimmered as I sprinted towards the cracked window. Alexander
pulled the knife out of his arm. I crashed through the glass, with Katie in arm. My back was cut by the
glass, I could feel individual shards entering. I twisted us through the air as we entered our free fall. Out
of the corner of my eye I saw Alexander thow the knife. Katie and I plummeted towards the busy Las
Vegas streets. The lights of the strip blurred by as we got closer and closer to the sidewalk. I clicked
twice on the globe. We appeared somewhere in the middle of the United States, in a huge expanse of
grassland. No human settlement in sight.

        That is when I noticed the knife sticking out of my back. “Hey Katie, I need you to do
something,” I asked weakly. I was about to pass out. “What is it?” she answered. She was shaking,
maybe from the combination of being chocked and jumping out of a building. “Pull this out of my back,
then take this,” I said as I tore off the shirt, “and wrap it around as tight as you can. Keep pressure on it.
I’m pretty sure I’ll pass out when you pull it out, so don’t worry.” “Yeah… sure,” she stammered. I lay
down on my stomach. “One, Two, Three,” Katie said. I felt the knife being yanked out of my back, and
then Katie’s hands working quickly to wrap my shirt around me. The last thing I felt before I passed out
was her hands pressing against my back.
Chapter 6

         I woke up to find that I was on my back and Katie was leaning over me. She smiled when I sat
up. First no hum, good, I’d have to check periodically. Feeling my back I didn’t find the cut. The quick
healing worked. I stood up and cracked various parts of my body. We were lucky Alexander didn’t skin
us alive last night. He was faster, stronger, and more experienced at fighting than me. It would take a
small army to take him down. I wasn’t a small army; I was one teleporter that could barely fight.
“We’re going to have to be on the run for a while,” I told Katie, “until I can stop him. He knows you so I
can’t leave you alone. I need to say goodbye to Henry, and you need to say goodbye to your family.”
Katie nodded and grabbed my arm, and we went back to Puebla. We arrived at Katie’s house, “I’ll pick
you up in one hour. Tell them that we’re in trouble with some people, leave out super powered
murderer as much as you can,” I told her. She chuckled and walked into her house. No hum. I walked
to my house.

         I walked in and Henry was in the kitchen. Henry’s reaction was a mix of happiness and anger.
“It’s great to see that you’re breathing. A bus crash and a building collapse, and you don’t even think of
trying to contact me,” he yelled. “Henry, I’m in trouble with some people, I can’t stay long,” I tried to
explain. He interrupted me, “I don’t care if the Russian mafia is chasing you there’s no way you’re
leaving this house.” “I can’t go into details but they want me dead, and to get to me they’ll kill you too.
I’m sorry, but I’ll be back. Not really sure when, but I’ll be back,” I said as I turned around and bolted out
the door. I didn’t hear his response because I teleported to Katie’s roof. I peered into her window and
saw her sitting on her bed talking to her parents. They were all yelling. No hum. We have been here for
too long. After what seemed like centuries her parents left. I tapped on her window. She ran over and
opened it and pulled me in. “How’d it go with Henry,” she asked. “He’ll be really pissed when we get
back,” I said making sure to say when instead of if. “My parents said I was crazy. They said they’d never
let me come back home if I left,” she said. I could see her starting to tear up. I hugged her and said, “It’s
O.K we just need to get away from this creep. Everything will be fine. We need to pick a place he
wouldn’t expect a teleporter to go.”

         We appeared on an overpass somewhere in England, looking down on a set of railroad tracks.
Why would a teleporter ever use a train. Katie smiled, “Last place he’d expect to find you.” “It was
either this or the middle of Siberia,” I said. We waited for about an hour until we finally saw a train, I
brought us to the roof of the train. We climbed down the ladder, and entered the train and sat down.
No hum. I don’t know why I checked. Alexander was across the Atlantic Ocean. Maybe I was just
getting paranoid. “How long is this going to go on, us running?” Katie asked as we sat down. “Until I can
stop him,” I told her. “How are you going to do that,” she inquired. I held up the handbook and told
her, “This has had all the answers, it already told me a little bit about fighting. I’m going to see if there is
more information.” “So while a crazy guy chases us, we’re going to sit on a train while you read,” I
ignored her and opened the book and desperately searched for another chapter about fighting. So I just
reread the fighting chapter as many times as I could to make it feel like I was learning how to fight. I was
on reread thirty four when something made me look up. It was two men wearing the same dark coat
making a b-line for the bench we were sitting at.
         Katie had fallen asleep on about reread number sixteen, and I woke her up when I noticed the
men. They both had shaved heads, and could probably beat a bear in a fight. The man on the right said,
“James, stand up slowly and walk towards the cargo car. You touch the glove and you die. We have
people everywhere there is no place you can run.” His coat was open and I noticed a handgun hanging
in a shoulder holster. The gun had a suppressor on it. They were going to kill us here. “Alright,” I said
and stood up. I wondered how they knew about the glove, or how they knew that I had it, and also how
they knew where I was. “The girl too,” the man said. His partner pulled out his silenced pistol. Katie got
up next to me, and gave me a nervous look. I gave her a reassuring smile like everything was going to be
O.K. We started walking to the back of the train. The sliding doors opened, and we entered the cargo
car. Before the bad guys have me a new hole to breathe out of I spun around and punched bad guy #1
in the throat with my left hand. My right hand reached into his jacked. I grabbed the holstered gun, and
aimed in the general direction of his friend. While the gun was still holstered, I squeezed the trigger and
the gun gave a slight cough. Bad guy #2 dropped to the ground with a bullet in his chest. I yanked the
gun out of the holster and put it under bad guy #1’s chin and fired. I clipped the safety on and took bad
guy #1’s shoulder holster, and put it on. I guess I’d played enough violent video games to figure out how
to work a gun. “Where did that come from?” Katie asked, but she was a little shaken. Noticing that she
was in shock I said, “Don’t look at them.” She turned her head away from the two bodies. Just when I
thought we were in the clear, four more dark coated skin heads barged into the car two with handguns,
one with a knife, and the other with a lead pipe.

        My first instinct was to hide and teleport halfway across the world. I was tired of running, and
these people knew who I was. They were obviously a part of a gang, and it might extend globally. There
was a chance that in every single part of the globe there were people trying to kill me. I wanted to send
then I message. Katie dove behind some boxes and I teleported right behind them. I pulled out the gun
and fired a couple shots and the gunmen fell. A man with a knife charged at me. I pulled the trigger,
but the gun was empty. He slashed at me. I ducked under the blade and holstered the gun. I rolled to
the side stood up and received a lead pipe to the head. Dizzy from the hit, I teleported behind the
knifeman and threw him at the guy with the lead pipe. The both slammed into the wall and fell to the
ground. While they were getting up, I picked up another handgun and fired three shots. They both fell
to the ground.

        With six dead bodies I decided it was high time we get off the train. I grabbed the magazines
from the other handguns. They all looked similar so I hoped that they would fit. I also went through all
their wallets and found at least 1,000 euros. Katie grabbed on to me and I decided to go to Venice
again. We needed to go someplace busy, and not in America. Hopefully avoiding detection from that
gang, and putting an ocean between Alexander and me.

        We walked down the streets of Venice talking about life after all this was over, if we both lived.
It was nice to act like there wasn’t a worldwide organization or a crazy man with a sword trying to kill
me. “You think everything will be normal after all this,” Katie asked. I honestly didn’t think anything
would be normal. If we somehow did kill Alexander and got the gang off our backs we would still live
with the memories. “I really don’t think so, but we’ll be safe,” I told her. As we walked Katie reached
out and grabbed my hand. This shouldn’t have been significant because Katie was grabbing my hand
and arm a lot lately, but that was for escaping or hiding. We around Venice, and acted like normal
American tourists. We bought some new clothes, because gunfights and sleeping in a field doesn’t
you’re your clothes any cleaner. Realizing that I haven’t slept in a bed for the past two days, I decided
that we needed to get a hotel room.

Chapter 7

          The room we found was very nice. Red carpet with white drapes that covered the windows, the
coatrack that held my gun, and the beautiful wooden chair that was jammed under the door handle to
prevent intrusion. We were going to be a lot more careful than in Las Vegas. The hotel was out of the
way, and hopefully we weren’t followed here. We decided to take shifts. Katie would take the first one.
I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I heard a buzzing, and I woke up with a start. It was just
the electric humming of the mute T.V. Katie was sitting on the ground at the foot of the bed. I hopped
off and sat down next to her. “What are you watching,” I asked her. She chuckled and said, “I really
don’t know, some Italian movie.” “You can go to sleep, I’ll watch for a little while,” I said. Katie replied,
“I’m not really that tired. I got a lot of sleep on the train.” So we sat for a couple hours, trying to figure
out what was going on in the movie, and laughing at each other’s ridiculous interpretations. Katie finally
did fall asleep on my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around her.

         About an hour later, I saw it. A tiny metallic black tube under the door, it was a camera. I
nudged Katie and told her to wake up. “They found us, we’ve got to get out,” I told her. While she
stood up, I threw the complimentary towel over the camera. Then I heard banging on the door. The
chair would hold for now. I ripped off the curtains on the window. I saw about ten guys in the same
dark coat waiting at the front door. The banging on the door increased to a mad bludgeoning. Katie
grabbed my arm just as a hole was blasted in the door by a shotgun. I teleported us to the roof of a
building across the street, as I opened the globe I hear a crack of a gun and a bullet hole appeared in the
roof a foot away from me. They had a sniper somewhere. If we stayed still we were dead. “Come on
we’ve got to keep moving,” I told Katie as we sprinted towards the edge of the roof, and I teleported us
to the next one and kept running. The other members had climbed up to the roof, and pulled out their
weapons and opened fire. Bullets sprayed up all around us. I could see them bounce off the roofs. We
ran off and kept going from roof top to roof top. We reached the end of one building to find the ocean
thirty feet below us. I turned around and saw that we had not lost our pursuers. They surrounded us.
“Katie do you trust me,” I said. “Yeah why,” she asked. I grabbed her and took a step backwards.
Bullets flew over our heads as we descended. We stayed in the air for three seconds before crashing
into the cold water. I heard the muffled gunfire, and the bullets passing through the water. My lungs
started to burn for a breath of air. One desperate thought came to my head, take me home.

        Suddenly I could breathe again. Katie and I were in the ditch in Puebla. I guess the glove had
started to draw locations from my memories. It was either early in the morning or late at night. We sat
down soaking wet and breathing heavily. The heavy breathing eventually turned into laughter. It was
just another near death experience that we could add to the growing list. After a while there was just
silence. I decided I’d go look at my house. I couldn’t talk to Henry, just to make sure he was O.K. Katie
and I walked down the streets. Something seemed dark about the place. Everyone’s lights were on. It
was like the entire town watched the same scary movie and couldn’t sleep. That’s when I saw it. Police
caution tape in the front of my house. I teleported to the front door, and tried to open it. It was locked.
I checked in the gutter for the spare key, it was gone. I teleported to the roof, and opened the window
into my room. Katie and I climbed in, and walked down to the kitchen. I burst into the kitchen and
found Henry dead. He was bound to a chair, with knife wounds in his stomach, and another on his neck.
I immediately threw up. What I felt next was a mix of sadness, rage, and guilt. Sadness because Henry
was gone and I will never speak to him again. Rage because I knew that Alexander did this, and now he
needed more than ever to die. Guilt because I could have stopped this, it was my fault. I wanted to
punch a wall, cry, and kill Alexander. I could check two off the list already. My knuckles were bloody
and my cheeks were wet. Katie said, “James the police will be back soon, and they’ll probably take us in
for questioning. You won’t find him if we’re in custody. We have to get out of here.” I didn’t say
anything, but I reached out and grabbed her hand.

         Before I could select a location the glove picked on for me. We appeared on some snowy hill.
This was the first time I’ve ever seen snow. I looked around and realized that we were in a graveyard. I
looked at the two graves that were in front of me. One read Keith Mercer and the other Jill Mercer. I
don’t know how the glove knew something I didn’t. Maybe I have been here when I was very young.
The glove could draw locations from memories I didn’t remember. Also, how could it send me here, I
didn’t think about my parents graves. Maybe deep down I really wanted to find them. Then I saw a
small stone box labeled James between the two graves. I opened it and there were two things. A series
of numbers and a not that said, It’s yours. I looked at the numbers more carefully and realized that they
were latitude and longitude. I didn’t know that my parents had left me anything. I was going to check
this out right away. Katie asked, “Are you OK.” “Yeah, Henry is dead and there’s nothing I can to do to
help that,” I said. Katie nodded. Only two thoughts were going through my head, 1. Kill Alexander and
2. Go to the location.

         Killing Alexander would have to wait. I pulled out the handbook to see if it had anything about
teleporting to an exact location. It didn’t, but I did find a world map at the end of the book. Looking at
the note and then back I the map I found that location was in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I opened
the globe and got as close to the location as I could. Katie grabbed onto me and we appeared in a
heavily wooded area. Looking over to the right I noticed a paved driveway. We followed it for about
three minutes, and walked up to a house. The house was very modern looking. It was wooden and very
box like with windows covering almost every inch, and was roughly three times the size of where I lived
with Henry. I walked up slack jawed at apparently my new home. The door had a number lock, and I
looked at the note again. The code was written on the back. I typed it in and I heard a series off locks
undo them-selves. We entered my new house and saw that it was completely furnished. I decided to
explore. Katie went upstairs and I decided to go to the basement. The stairs down were dark, but as
soon as I reached the bottom the motion activated lights turned on. They revealed a pretty bland room
filled with metal cabinets. Another code was needed. I looked back at the note, and there was
something that I’d missed. It said Back of last page. The last page of what I thought. Then I looked at
the handbook. I flipped through and found the last page. On the back there was a scribbled note.

James if you’re reading this then you found my gifts. The glove, the house, and what is in this
room. Unfortunately I must also give you my burden. You probably know by now that there are
people after you. What you’re about to find may shock you. It was my work, and your mother
new nothing about it. 5794935839 That should open the cabinets in the basement. I wish I could
tell you more but I don’t have much time. I lo

          He was cut off mid-sentence. That was the last thing he ever did. I entered the code and
decided to open one. What I found was probably a bigger surprise than the house, guns. Not the
average hunting rifles, but high grade military weapons. From assault rifles to pistols and each cabinet
revealed another stash of weapons. One drawer was completely filled with knives, another had a
crossbow. My parents had enough in their stock pile to supply a small army. I had mixed feelings of
bewilderment and excitement. I had finally found out what my father did. Apparently he was some sort
of teleporting killer. Not what I had always hoped and dreamed. I also now had the equipment to
finally kill Alexander.

         I turned around to find Katie standing behind me, wide eyed. “This was your parents’ house?”
she asked. I turned and looked at all the weapons on display. “Yeah it was a shocker to me to, I always
pictured my dad as a lawyer or something,” I said then chuckled. “Katie, this place is safe and I have to
leave for a while, but I swear I’ll be back,” I told her. “You’re going after him are you, it’s going to take a
lot more than just a few guns to kill him,” she told me. “I know what I’m doing now,” I told her, which
was true. “I need to find him first,” I said. We walked upstairs. I didn’t know how he did it so I sat down
and closed my eyes and focused. After what felt like an eternity I felt it, a faint humming. I could almost
see a location. It was like trying to look through a fogged up window. It would help if he wasn’t moving
so fast. He finally stopped so I could start pinpointing his location. Eventually the cloudiness cleared
and I could feel where he was. Some warehouse in Ohio, he was closing in on me. He wouldn’t expect
me to meet him halfway. My eyes snapped open with the location still in the back of my head. Katie
looked worried and asked, “Did you find him.” I nodded. She asked, “Are you going after him.” I
nodded again and said, “Stay here and be safe.” I stood up to go walk downstairs and get ready. Katie
pulled me down and kissed me. “This better not be the last time I see you,” she said. I nodded,
speechless and walked downstairs.

         There were a lot of things I could take. The rifles hanging from the wall looked tempting, but I
really only knew how to use a pistol. The pistol I got from the train was ruined from the saltwater. I
looked over the lower shelves until I found one. It was a silver metallic color with a greyish hand grip. It
was in the center of all the others so I guess it had some importance. I picked it up, and it fit perfectly in
my hand. I put it carefully into the shoulder holster. I found four magazines and put them into my
pockets. I also decided to grab a knife and put it on. I cocked the gun and opened the globe. As I
selected my location all I could think about were Katie’s lips against mine.

Chapter 8
         I appeared just outside of the building that Alexander was in. The buzzing was raging in my
head. It was probably the same for him. There was no point in sneaking up on him. So I decided to
walk through the front door. I walked inside and noticed two things immediately the first was Alexander
standing in the middle of the room sword drawn and out of breath. Then I saw the large amount of
dead bodies around him. All of them were missing one or more limb and I saw that they were wearing
the same jacket as the people that have been chasing me for the past week. He looked up and saw me
and yelled, “Are you kidding me!” I said, “You knew this was coming.” “What are you talking about, I let
you go to England and I haven’t been looking for you since,” he said. “Then why did you kill Henry!” I
responded and aimed my gun at his head. “I haven’t killed anybody recently except for the people here.
I told you I gave up after Las Vegas,” he said. He opened his mouth to speak again, but I pulled the
trigger. He somehow dodged it and sprinted up next to me. In a blink of an eye Alexander ran halfway
across the warehouse and pinned me to a wall. “A world organization is trying to kill you and you don’t
think they know about you,” he said, “I could just kill you, but with you alive their attention is divided. If
I wanted to kill you I would’ve done it right now. Put the gun down and I’ll let you down.” That’s when I
noticed the knife to my throat. That’s also when he saw my gun pressed against his rib cage. “We don’t
have much time…” he started to explain.

         He was interrupted by an armored car crashing through the side of the ware house. He let go of
me and bolted to the opposite side of the room. I teleported behind one of the supports. At least
fifteen armed men walked out of the car. I fired a couple shots at them and two of them fell. The rest
opened fire at the spot they heard the shot from. I teleported from that spot to where Alexander was
standing. “Any ideas?” I asked. “Not really,” he said and pulled out his sword. He ran towards the mob
of men. I stayed behind and gave him some covering fire. Now that he wasn’t trying to kill me I noticed
how skilled of a fighter he was. Alexander could throw one man through the air simultaneously stabbing
another man and dodging about twenty shots. Then there were two men left. I teleported behind one,
grabbed him in a choke hold and shot the other. I threw the other one to the ground and shot him.
“Who are these guys?” I asked him. Alexander said, “I have no idea. That probably would have been
good to ask that guy before you shot him.” “So what now, these guys won’t quit,” I said. Alexander
stayed quiet for a few minutes and responded, “Every gang has a leader. How bout you and I go for the
head and then leave each other alone.” “Sounds like a plan,” I said. “We are literally going against an
army, we’ll need some… supplies,” he said. “I’ve got some,” I said, and extended my hand. Alexander
grabbed it and I took us to my parents’ house.

        We appeared at the front door. We entered the kitchen, and Alexander received a pan to the
head. He reeled backward with a bloody nose. “How did you let him follow you here!” Katie yelled.
“Wait, calm down he’s with us now,” I said. I sat her down on the coach, and explained to her that the
people after me were also after Alexander. I then tried to tell her that we were going to try and kill the
head of the gang. “Do you have any idea who this leader is, where they’re at, or how many people he or
she has lying around?” she asked. “No to all three, but we can find out very easily,” Alexander said,
“One of us has to get caught. They’ll take us right to the leader, and the other can trace them to the
location. Then go in guns blazing and hopefully not die.” “That might actually work, but who’s going to
get caught,” I said. “Well seeing as I have most of the artifacts, and have more experience, and am a
better fighter I think you should get caught,” he said. Katie said, “James you don’t have to do this,
they’ll just kill you.” “Not necessarily,” Alexander said, “now that they’ve seen you fight they’ll probably
try and get you to do work for them first. Stall them as long as you can, and I’ll kick down the door,
hand you some weapons then we can go to work.” At best the plan sounded risky. It was better than
no plan though. Katie said, “I’m coming too. I can get caught with James, it will seem more believable.”
“She has a point. You two have been together every time they’ve attacked you. I think she has to be
caught with you. They won’t kill her because they’re trying to get you to work for them.” I grudgingly

          I showed Alexander the armory. He looked like a kid in a candy store going from rack to rack,
grabbing an assault rifle, a sub machine gun, and a shot gun. I walked upstairs to let him be. I saw Katie
sitting on the couch. “It’s pretty weird that you guys are friends all of a sudden,” she said. “I wouldn’t
call it that. We have a common enemy,” I said. I sat down next to her and put my arm around her.
“We’ll be fine,” I said, “just think, when this is over we can go back to semi normal lives.” “Where will
you live?” she asked. I didn’t respond. I guess I hadn’t really thought of that. Living with Henry was
something I’d always taken for granted. Mabye Katie would get a semi normal life, and I could never go
back. We just sat there for a while, not really saying anything. Then I pulled her in close and we kissed
again. This one was longer and it didn’t feel like a desperate good bye. We were interrupted by
Alexander barging up the stairs. “We need to go back to Ohio right now!” he yelled. Thankfully he
didn’t really notice he was interrupting anything. Katie grabbed my right arm and Alexander grabbed
my left. I opened the globe up.

Chapter 9

         We appeared in the ware house in Ohio. Alexander explained, “They’ll be sending another team
in soon to check the area. Make it look like you two are recovering from a fight or something. Make
sure your gun is empty. Then just put your hands up. Then they’ll probably throw you into a van. I’ll be
behind you, and when they bring to the leader keep him talking as long as you can.” The plan sounded
risky at best. It was better than nothing. Alexander ran out, and I fired some random shots until the gun
was empty. We started to go through the wallets of the men. No I.Ds, or driver’s licenses. Then out of
the blue at least then guys busted through the front door, rifles raised. Katie dove behind the armored
car, and I pulled out my gun and pulled the trigger. When bullets didn’t come out the other end I acted
surprised, then angry and got on my knees and put my hands behind my head. Katie got out from
behind the car and did the same. The then advanced slowly, guns trained on us. They got to us, bound
my hands behind our backs. They strapped something on my right hand, so I couldn’t move it. How
much did they know about my glove? Then I received a swift gun butt to the head and blacked out.

          I woke up to darkness. First things I realized were the smell of dried blood and the constant
rattling, the second was that I was gagged and there was a hood over my head. We were in the back of
a van or some other car. So far Alexander’s plan was going perfectly. Despite the terrible headache I
was pretty happy. Then the car stopped suddenly. The back doors opened and I was dragged out of the
car and thrown onto the ground. Once I was there I received many boots to the ribcage and stomach. I
felt like I was going to pass out again. I just focused on the thought that Alexander was coming. Then I
felt some arms pick me up and drag me across the floor. I heard the doors of an elevator slide open. I
was dragged into that. After seconds of standing still the doors opened and I was dragged across the
floor some more.

          Then I was put in a very comfy chair and the bag and gags were removed. I was in a conference
room in a high rise of some city. Across from me was an older man with two assault rifle wielding body
guards. The man looked like he was about sixty, had no hair, and was wearing a very nice suit. It took
me a while to comprehend that this is the guy we wanted to kill. He seemed very calm. This obviously
the first time he’s seen an abused person sitting across from him. “James Mercer,” he said. His voice
sounded very calm. “You probably have a lot of questions, so I’ll try to answer some. My name is Victor.
We are the Brotherhood and” he started to explain. I laughed and interrupted, “The brotherhood, that
was the most creative name you came up with.” I got another gun butt to the head. He continued
speaking as though nothing had happened, “As I was saying, we are very interested in the glove you
have. It used to be in possession of one of our most skilled assassin’s, Keith Mercer. Of course he
needed some… persuading from us to do some work. One day he tried to kill me, and he almost did.
The bullet passed an inch away from my heart. So we killed his wife in front of him, then him. What we
didn’t know was that he had a son, your mother must have hidden you then sent instructions to your
late foster parent. Your father was close friends . On your father’s dying breath he laughed and said
that he chooses where the glove appears next. Ever since we’ve been trying to track you down. You
carry your father’s gift, but you also must carry his mistakes. You will kill for us, and if you don’t you and
everybody you care about will also die.” In the three minutes of him speaking I learned everything
about my life that I’d always thought about. I never came close to figuring out the truth. That’s why my
father had the house and weapons, he was an assassin. Apparently not by choice. “It’s strange that you
found this,” he said producing the silver gun I’d been using, “this was the same gun that we gave him for
his first job. He never used it after. Now take this and kill Alexander, he’s been a liability.” He slid the
gun down the table and it came to a stop inches in front of me. I felt my hands become un-bound
behind me. The restraint on my glove was still there. Then I saw a man bring Katie out. She was also
gagged and bound. She saw me and I heard I muffled yell. Victor pointed a gun at her head, “If you do
not kill him, she dies, if you try to kill me, she dies, and when you kill him, I’ll send you on another job
with the same consequences.”

         All I could think was where is Alexander and why hasn’t he bust through the door and gun
everyone down. Instead of coming through the door, he came through the wall. I raised my gun and
fired, not at Alexander to Victor’s surprise, but at his own hand. The gun flew out and Victor dropped to
the ground. Before I could get another shot off he ran through a door that closed shut behind him. The
others fired their weapons. After a couple more shots Alexander said, “Stop hiding, they’re dead.” I
pulled myself up and made my way over to Katie. She stood up and I undid her gag and un-bound her
hands. She stood up and she looked shocked. My first instinct was to go after Victor. The door was
locked, so I tried kicking it down, ramming into it, and shooting it. All three attempts failed. Alexander
even tried knocking it down. The wall must be reinforced with steel or something. So the only option
left was to escape. I looked at my right hand and saw that there was some sort of metal wiring around
the glove. My right hand only had limited motion, and I couldn’t reach the stone. I decided to touch the
stone with other hand, and received a powerful electrical shock. I couldn’t teleport us out of here. “We
need to fight our way out of here,” I said. I was about to say something else when we heard the
thundering of feet coming towards the door. We ran out the hole that Alexander made. We entered a
cubicle area, not exactly what I expected. A hail of bullets prompted us to move faster. We kept our
heads low, making as many turns as necessary to try and evade our pursuers. We finally reached the
elevator. The large mob of gaurds noticed us and ran toward us, Alexander repeatedly pressed the close
door button. “Close the damn door!” Katie yelled. The door didn’t care if we were in a life threatening
situation, it took its time closing. The men got coser, twenty feet, ten feet, the door finally closed shut.

          Alexander pressed the lobby button, and we rode down listening to some instrumental music.
The door opened to reveal seven men in black suits. The middle one pulled out a badge and said,
“You’re under arrest.” Alexander pulled out his knife, but the men were quicker, and they shot him.
Thankfully it was only a taser, I heard the clicking which was the sound of electricity coursing through his
body. He gave a muffled groan and crashed to the ground. “Do you want to be next,” the man said,
pulling out his taser. Katie and I put our hands behind our backs, which were handcuffed. Then we
were brought outside and put into the back of a van. At least they didn’t blind fold us. The van ride
over to wherever they were taking us was quiet. If I had to pick people to be abducted by I guess I’d
have to pick the government agents or whoever they were. So far I have received no gun butts to the
head, no dance party on my ribcage and stomach, and there wasn’t a hood over my head. I haven’t
slept, if getting knocked out dosen’t count, for at least a day and a half. I decided to use this car ride to
rest. I closed my eyes and drifted off.

Chapter 10

         A sudden jolt of the car stopping woke me up. Alexander was also awake and didn’t look too
pleased about the electricity induced nap. The door opened, and we were motioned out of the van and
into what looked like a parking garage. There was the same vast cement ground, ceiling, and walls,
except there weren’t any cars. Instead there were three chairs, ten armed men, and a screen used to
show a slide show presentation. It was kind of like being in school, but instead of discipline referral we
would get bullets to the face. A man walked in front he did not appear to be armed, not that he really
had to, he looked about 30ish, and was African American. He was bald and looked extremely pissed off.
“Do you have any idea what you three did back there?” he asked. “Breaking and entering?” Alexander
responded. “Vandalism?” I added. “Disturbing the peace?” Katie asked. This government agent did not
like sarcasm. He yelled, “You three single handedly ruined an operation that went three years into
planning! I don’t know what motive you had about going against Victor Kristoff, but a lot of the tax
payers’ money went into taking him in.” “You want to know my motive for getting kidnapped?” I asked.
“You let yourselves get caught, why else would you go back to the ware house,” he added, “But that
doesn’t matter though, what matters is that you three attacked Victor and now he can be anywhere in
the world. Now I have two options for you three, and I am breaking almost every rule we have, I can
either send you to prison for a very long time, or you can find where he is and tell us where he is and we
can forget about this.” “What makes you think we can find him?” Katie asked. “You three infiltrated
and escaped a building with at least thirty armed guards, and you seem no strangers to gunfire,” he
          He went further on to explain how we would avoid jail and capture Victor, it sounded like two
birds with one stone. “Before I begin briefing you, my name is Johnson, and I work for the CIA. You’d
probably like to know why Victor is so important. He has a list of every single main branch of the
Brotherhood and who is in charge of it. If we capture him and get that list than every single person on
that list can be arrested, and would dissolve the list,” he explained. “How are we going to do that, we
don’t even know where to begin looking,” Alexander said. “That’s why I need you three. We have a
contact who has information about Victor, but he needs some… wet work done for him. We can’t have
government agents caught taking bribes,” Johnson continued. “So you want to blackmail us so we can
take bribes from another guy,” I said. “That is the crude way of putting it, I prefer doing multiple
favors,” he replied, “so are you up for it.” We didn’t really have much of a choice. We nodded, and
Johnson handed us an envelope, and him and his entourage of burly gun men packed up and left. “No
slideshow?” I said.

         Then I opened the envelope, and found a couple items. The first was a black and white picture
of a man. He looked pretty rough, and his name was Richard Thomson. It gave us an address to a bar
near the area. There was some black box with a single button. The note attached to it read activate
when you have V. V I guess stood for Victor. I placed the envelope that the men at the CIA were so kind
to recover. I also found that the handbook was still in place. I grabbed my father’s gun, my gun now,
and made sure that it was loaded before putting it back in the holster. I glanced down at my right hand,
the metal anti teleportation apparatus was still in place. “Hey Alexander you think you can cut this off?”
I asked as I motioned towards the glove. He said, “Maybe, go rest your hand on that chair.” I did, palm
down, and I heard something move through the air quickly, heard a loud crack, and then saw a samurai
sword millimeters away from my skin. The metal fell off my hand as I yelled, “Did you really have to
slice, you could have just sawed at it or something.” “It was quicker,” Alexader said as he shrugged. It
felt great to be able to teleport again, kind of like the feeling when you take off a heavy weight. I started
to walk out the door when Katie said, “Where do you think you’re going.” “To find Richard,” I said. She
laughed and replied, “Have you seen yourself, you look like shit.” I looked down at my clothes, which
were more like rags now. The clothing that wasn’t ripped was covered in blood. I decided a quick
detour back to the house wouldn’t hurt. When we got to the house I bolted upstairs, threw away the
ragged clothes, and took a long, much needed shower. I got out and went into my parents’ bed room.
My father’s clothes were still in his closet so I grabbed a pair of his jeans, and a t shirt. While I searched
through his closet I found something very interesting. It was a Brotherhood coat, except it wasn’t. The
coat had the same design, but the color was a bit lighter, a light grey instead of black. I put it on, and
now I had his gun, his coat, his glove, and his problems.

         I met up with Alexander and Katie on the main floor. “We should go as soon as possible, this
guy’s information may only be useful for a couple days,” Alexander said. I nodded in agreement, and
brought us to the front of the bar. It looked like the kind of place you want to make sure you had your
tetanus shot before you went in. Brocken windows, holed in roof, the only thing that seemed in perfect
condition was the door. We walked up and knocked. A slide on the door revealed two eyes. The man
said, “Password.” Alexander responded, “I don’t have time for this,” and promptly kicked the door in.
The door flew off its hinges and slammed into the man who asked for the password. Alexander then
yelled, “Which one of you is Richard.” “Right here,” said a man in the far back corner of the bar. He
sounded surprisingly calm. We walked over to where he was sitting and pulled up some chairs. “Let’s
cut to the chase,” Richard said, “I have information, and I want someone dead, you guys want
information. Make this person dead and we can all be happy.” He slid us a picture across the table, and
I picked it up. The picture showed a man, he was built like a refrigerator. Over six feet tall and looked
like a bear in men’s clothing. “This man has been harming my… colleagues. He has at least three
bodyguards, plus he’s a friggin tank. Take him out, meet me back here, and I’ll give you my information.
His apartment is four blocks down, top floor.” I stood up and said, “You two stay here and keep an eye
on Richard.” He responded, “Don’t trust me?” I answered, “No.” “You’ll get yourself killed,” said Katie.
“Oh come on, don’t make me babysit, I want to have some fun too!” Alexander complained. “I can
handle myself, I’ll be back before you know it” I said as I left the bar and walked into the streets. I
walked for about five minuets before I found the apartment building. I opened the medium range map
and found the building. I appeared on the roof. There was a hatch, and I opened it as carefully as I
could. Thankfully it wasn’t locked I slipped down into what looked like a janitor’s closet. Cracking open
the door I found two men standing in front of an apartment door. That was where the target was. I
looked over at the cleaning supplies and a plan started to form.

          I took a couple deep breathes, calming my nerves and stepped out into the hallway. The guy on
the right said, “Hey punk you lost.” I said, “Yeah” I took a couple steps toward them, “you think you can
help me…” I reached into my pockets and shoved my two newly made ammonia soaked towels into
their faces. They fought back, but I held on as hard as I could. They both finally passed out, and I
lowered them gently to the ground. That’s when body guard number three decided to waltz on in. At
first he reeled back from shock. It’s not every day you find a teenager drugging two of your friends.
Then he charged at me, picked me up and threw me. Normally this would be a bad situation, but I just
had to teleport to the ground to stop the throw from actually harming me. He charged at me again, but
this time, teleported right next to him, with my arm sticking out. He fell to the ground where he then
received a swift stomp to the head, knocking him out.

         I stared at the three unconscious bodies. They were all at least a head taller than me, and
weighed at least one hundred pounds more than me. There is no way I should have beat them, but I
didn’t even break a sweat. They didn’t come close to harming me at all, much less killing me or knocking
me out. This is probably why the Brotherhood was so interested in me and my father. We were the
perfect killers. When properly trained no one could beat us in a fight, and we were untraceable. They
could be looking for me in California, but I could be in China, Hawaii, Alaska, or Mexico City just to name
a few. This is probably how my father did this. Teleport to a roof of any building, then sneak in and beat
up any guards then walk up to the target blow his brains out then teleport home to his wife and son,
and repeat. I wonder if I could live a life like that, he obviously couldn’t that’s why he tried to get out. I
would have to figure out what to do with my life after I save it and Alexander’s and Katie’s. I walked up
to the door and opened it. The end of a double barreled shot gun greeted me. He pulled the trigger and
it blasted a hole in the wall behind where I just was. I appeared behind him, pistol drawn. He turned
around with a look of bewilderment as I pulled the trigger. The gun gave a loud crack and his body
slumped to the ground, with the surprised look still plastered on his face, and blood leaking out of the
hole in his chest.

         I reached down and pulled out his driver’s license and put it in my back pocket. Richard would
probably want proof. I decided to walk back to the bar. The whole job took about a half an hour. Most
of the time was spent walking to the building. I guess I’ve filled my father’s shoes, I have become an
assassin, a weapon, a killer. I shrugged off the idea of James the assassin for now and thought more
about Victor.

Chapter 11

        As I sat down at the table with Richard, Katie, and Alexander I was greeted with a mix of
happiness and doubt. Of course Katie was happy that I came back, but Alexander looked like he could
care less. He was probably happy because he could have his turn. Richard was skeptical. “Already?
Yeah right,” Richard snorted. I didn’t say anything and set the man’s license on the table. Richard
picked it up and examined in. Tossing it over in his hands and looking at it, like he was checking for a
fake. Seeming satisfied, he set the license back on the table and looked back up at me. “How the hell
did you do it so quickly?” he inquired. “Just tell me about Victor,” I said. Richard shrugged and right as
his mouth opened to speak, a cloud of blood erupted from the side of his head. The lifeless corpse
slipped sideways out of his chair.

         Shocked at first we just sat there, then I looked to my right and left. To the left the window had
a small hole in it and a spider web of cracks extending from it. A bullet hole, then I searched the
neighboring building for the shooter. Alexander yelled, “Top floor right side.” And sprinted off towards
the building, he was a blur as he went across the street and into the building. I only saw the shooter at
the window for a brief second until he was yanked backwards as though he were attached to a bungee
cord. I saw him seconds later, Alexander dragging him by his feet into the bar. No amount of struggling
or screaming could make Alexander loosen his grip. The man had the signature Brotherhood jacket.
Alexander eventually just threw him across the room. He flew across the room flailing like a rag doll and
landed on a cushion of broken glass and dining utensils. Before he could sit himself up, I jammed my
gun against his forehead. “That man was about to tell me something very important,” I said as I pulled
the hammer back on the gun, “if you want to keep breathing then tell me where Victor is.” The man just
started laughing, the laughter continued. It sounded like he was on the brink of insanity. Eventually he
started foaming at the mouth and died. We stared at him in silence for a couple moments. The man
seemed to stare back at us, with the smile still plastered on his pale, cold face. “He must have taken a
poison pill,” Katie said, “like in old spy movies.” “Looks like we’re back to square one,” Alexander said.
“No wallet, no I.D, no driver’s license,” Katie said as she searched through his pockets.

         It was a surprise the bartender didn’t call the police yet. He just stood behind the bar cleaning
glasses, seeming indifferent to our actions. We decided to leave the bar. Alexander threw the body into
the dumpster outside the bar. This probably wasn’t the first funeral service at the bar. On the way to a
motel a plan started to formulate. So far none of our plans had worked. Hiding in Vegas didn’t work,
Alexander’s plan to kill Victor didn’t work, and most recently our plan to contact Richard didn’t work.
This was probably our last chance to find him and do what my father couldn’t. I gathered everyone
around the moldy kitchen table and told them about my idea. “You know how Victor has the list of all of
his advisors or whatever. We could find someone on that list and they can tell us where Alexander is,” I
explained. “Great plan except for one thing,” Alexander said, “how the hell are you going to find one of
his advisors.” “They lead the arm of the Brotherhood in the city right? So they must have a stronghold
or something where they can all meet. We just have to find that then find who’s in charge and make
them talk,” I concluded. Katie looked hopeful, and Alexander looked doubtful but he grudgingly agreed.
We just had to find a member of the Brotherhood and follow him, and hopefully find their strong hold,
or headquarters for this area. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

Chapter 12

         I couldn’t sleep, there was too much going on. After a couple hours, I decided to wake Katie up
and go sightseeing. We were currently sitting on the top Eifel Tower. Paris stretched out below us,
hundreds of thousands of lights shining. Before we went here we have been to the Great Wall, the
Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Pantheon and the Coliseum. “I think this is my favorite so far,” Katie said
with her head resting against my shoulder. “Really, I thought the Pantheon was pretty awesome,” I
replied and chuckled. I’d never thought I’d be talking about my favorite places in the world. Before the
glove the farthest I’d ventured out of Puebla was to Las Angeles for a field trip. Now I realized why
Henry lived in Puebla. It was a small town and the Brotherhood had on control there. I had no idea that
Henry and my parents were such close friends. I wonder if Henry would have ever told me about the
Brotherhood, my parents, or even the glove. Maybe my father never told him about it. There wasn’t
really a point to thinking about these questions; it was probably a good distraction, a way to calm my
nerves. The last time we had purposely gone after the Brotherhood it ended up with me being useless,
and Katie with a gun to her head.

         “Hey James are you O.K?” Katie asked. I must have been thinking for a while. “Yeah, just
getting a little tired, we should probably get back to the motel,” I replied. She wrapped her arms around
me as I took us back to the motel. I took us to our room and Alexander was waiting in the kitchen. He
said, “While you two were off having a great time, I actually did some work and found a Brotherhood
member for you to tail. Right now he’s where I last saw him at the bar where Richard died. Probably
went to check and see if his assassin succeeded. James, go there and stick to the rooftops. If you think
you found their headquarters come back and find us. Then we can go over there and find the leader,
and make them tell us where Victor is, simple.” “All right, guess I’ll be off now,” I said as I teleported.

         I choose the building that the shooter had used the previous day. After waiting for a good two
hours I finially saw the Brotherhood member exit the building. I couldn’t make out any important
details from here, but I could easily see where he was going. He turned around the corner, so I went to
the top of a building across the street. This continued for about a half an hour until he finally walked
into a factory building. The place looked abandoned. Then I noticed the guards. There were two on the
roof with assault rifles, and four more down below who didn’t appear to be armed. They probably
were. We had found the Brotherhood head-quarters. It looked really easy to get in, just send Alexander
and me to the roof to take out the two inept guards then drop in through the skylights. That was the
easy part. Then we have to kill everything in sight and interrogate the leader who may or may not have
the information we want. At best it sounded risky, but we don’t have many options left. I studied the
factories roof from looking at the medium range map and teleported back to the motel.

         “You found it?” Alexander asked. “Yeah, they’re in some factory. Two guards on the roof and
four down below. No idea how many insider. You ready?” I said. Alexander didn’t respond and just
grabbed my arm. Katie also grabbed my arm. She held up a handgun and said, “I practiced when you
went after Alexander.” “Alright let’s get this over with,” Alexander said. I took us to the top of the roof.
We ended up behind the guards. Alexander killed both of them with his knife as soon as his feet
touched the ground. He sprinted from one man to another. We saw nothing but a blur then a flash of
his knife. Both men clutched their throats and fell to the ground. We kicked down the door and bolted
down the stairs into the factory. It was completely empty except for one woman. “You in charge here?”
Alexander asked. The woman nodded, she seemed terrified.

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