CDG Tech Forum by Z6Y96WL


									                                        CDG Technology Forum
                                            October 1, 2002
                                  Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport


8:15    Welcome
        Sam Samra, Senior Director, Technical Programs, CDMA Development Group

8:20    Carrier’s Expectations of Advanced Antenna Technology for CDMA2000
        Tom Crook, Director, Technology, Sprint
        Dean Prochaska, Director, Wireless Industry Standards, Sprint

9:05    Advantages of Smart Antenna Technology for CDMA2000 Networking
        Alejandro Martinez Muñoz, CDMA Product Line Manager, Nortel Networks

9:35    Intelligent Antennas and BLAST for CDMA2000 Wireless Networks
        Paul Polakos, Director, Bell Labs Wireless Systems Core Technologies Lab, Lucent Technologies

10:05   Refreshment Break

10:30   Use of Smart Antennas in a Mixed CDMA2000 Voice and Data Environment
        Eduardo Cocozza, Strategic Marketing Manager, Motorola
        Dr. Colin Frank, Advanced Radio Technologies Research, Motorola

11:00   The Evolution of Smart Antennas to 3G
        Dr. Marty Feuerstein, CTO, Metawave Communications

11:30   IntelliCell Adaptive Antenna Technology in CDMA2000 Base Stations and Terminals
        Dr. Athos Kasapi, CTO, IntelliCell Group, ArrayComm

12:00   Lunch

1:15    Mobile Terminal Antenna Diversity Processing
        Michael Orr, Vice President, Business Development, Innovics Wireless

1:45    Simulation and Field Test Results for Mobile Receiver Diversity for CDMA2000
        Parag Agashe, Staff Engineer, Qualcomm
        Roy Davis, Engineering Director, Qualcomm

2:15    Multiple Antenna Technologies for CDMA2000 Mobiles
        Adam Gould, CDMA CTO, Nokia

2:45    Maximizing CDMA2000 Network Performance Using Optimal Cell Parameter Planning
        Zoran Kehler, Director, Professional Services, Schema

3:15    Refreshment Break

3:45    A Three-Step Approach to CDMA2000 Network Capacity Enhancement
        Dr. Joseph Shapira, President and CEO, Celletra

4:15    Distributed Cell Site Architecture
        Miguel Cizin, CEO, Celerica

4:45    Interference Mitigation to Increase CDMA Capacity
        Ted Myers, Vice President, Business Development, ISCO International

5:15    Where Do We Go from Here – What are the Next Steps?
        Moderator: Sam Samra, Senior Director, Technical Programs, CDMA Development Group
        Bjorn Hjelm, Network Planning and Advanced Technology, Alltel
        Mark Yarkosky, Sprint
        Said Mokbel, Director, Technology Planning and R&D, Telus Mobility

6:00    Close of CDG Technology Forum
        Cocktail Reception

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