Water Cooler troubleshooting guide by hedongchenchen


									Water Cooler - Trouble Shooting Guide
Miko (Nene) aims is to provide its customers with one of the best aftercare services in the industry.
Our customers don't usually have any trouble with their water coolers and enjoy great tasting water
week after week.
However, in the rare event of a problem with your water cooler, please give Miko a call on 01733
371484 or contact us on mikocoffee@aol.com.

There are however, some frequently asked questions and the an swers to some fo these are provided

Water is appearing on the floor
      Check to see if the drip tray needs emptying.
      Check to see if bottle is leaking and/or cracked. Sometimes there is a pin-prick sizr hole in the
       bottom of the bottle which only becomes apparent when the bottle is placed onto the machine
       – the bottle will “hiss” as the air escapes from the hole and more importantly, the water will
       keep flowing and spill. Remove the bottle immediately, mark as damaged and put another
       bottle onto the machine. The bottle will be replaced free of charge at the next delivery.

No Water is coming out of the mains fed water cooler
Has someone turned off the supply to the POU cooler? Has the special grey water bloc device been
activated and needs resetting again? If the water block seems to be the problem either call Miko or to
reset it yourself follow the following steps:
     Turn mains water off
     Unscrew water block from mains supply
     Unscrew water block from pipe to cooler. Inside the water block you will see a small red
         button. Push the button in to reset.
     Reassemble the system and test

No water flows from the tap of the water cooler
      Replace the bottle, if empty.
      There may be an air blockage. Lift the bottle off the cooler and place back on. Perform this
       procedure 2 or 3 times. Ensure that there are cups positioned on the cup station and open
       both taps.

Water from the cold water tap is warm from the water cooler
      Check the cooler is plugged in and switched on at the socket.
      If the cooler has just been used extensively leave to re-chill for 15 minutes.
      Check with another electrical item that the electricity supply is working. If it works, change the
       fuse on the cooler plug.
      Check the thermostat at back of cooler and adjust with a small screwdriver to lower the

There is a plastic cap or sticker floating in the bottle of the water cooler
      The self-sealing valve has come loose from the cap. There is no action required. The water
       quality has not been compromised. While the bottle is on the cooler it is still sealed within the
       probe mechanism. Do not lift the bottle until empty or the water will escape.
      The protective sticker has been pushed inside the bottle. Again no action is requires although
       remember to remove the sticker before putting the next bottle on!
Water from the hot tap is not hot
      Ensure the hot water switch on the back of the cooler is turned on. If this is already on, then is
       the cold water cold? If not then, check the fuse. If the cold water is at the correct
       temperature, call Miko.

The water tastes different / odd from the water cooler
      Wait until the water has chilled/heated properly. If the cooler has been recently sanitised,
       there may be a slight difference in taste. This is not harmful - simply flush some water
       through the taps or wait a short while.

The water cooler smells bad
      Empty and clean the drip tray regularly to avoid bad odours.

The water cooler is noisy
      Some coolers will make a noise when heating or cooling. This is normal and will stop when the
       water is at the set temperature.

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