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					Warriors Don’t Cry

                                                Chapter 1

Gyrate: move the hips back and forth                    Catapulted: move quickly and suddenly
Crinoline slips: old-fashioned woman’s                  Eternal: forever
undergarment                                            Perplexed: confused
Lynch mob: large group of people who intend             Ample: plenty
on lynching (illegally hanging) someone                 Astounding: surprising
Decreed: officially giving a law                        Genuine: real
Defied: did not obey                                    Sauntered: walked slowly and leisurely
Compelled: obligated                                    Hatched: created, thought of
Dispatched: sent                                        Contribution: participation,
Gun-toting: carried a gun                               Uproar: state of noisy and violent disturbance
Maneuvered: moved with a plan                           Astonished: very surprised
Spiriting: to carry off secretly                        Forceps: surgical tool used to pinch and pull
Turret: tower-like part of a building or tank           things
Mounted: got on                                         Convulsing: violent shaking
Rejection: said ‘no’                                    Last rites: religious ceremony given to someone
Profoundly: deep meaning                                right before they die
Intolerable: can’t stand it                             Irrigate: water plants or crops
Take stock: see what you have                           Indignant: disagreed
Endowed: given                                          Coddle: to unnecessarily take care of someone
Unequivocally: clearly

                                                Chapter 2

Sepia-toned: brown colored                              Dutch-girl quilts: kind of a quilt (blanket)
According: agreeing                                     pattern
Scowled: frowned                                        Spectacles: glasses
Primer: beginning experience                            Regal: royal
Five-and-dime: store where everything costs             Hostler: someone who takes care of horses
either five or ten cents                                Dickering: to barter or trade
Chided: scolded                                         Erected: built
Uppity: snobby, acted like you’re better than           Quiver: small shakes
others                                                  Plight: very unfortunate situation
Painstakingly: very carefully                           Tablet given Moses: 10 Commandments
Concessionaire: (here) man operating the                Mortgage: loan to pay for the house
merry-go-round                                          Radical: extreme
Picaninny: (offensive) black child                      “Made waves:” caused trouble
Cherished: held dear                                    Revivals: brought something old back to life
                                                        Apprehension: uncertainty
Leered: a sexually suggestive smile                     Cowered: shrank in fear
Pleaded: begged                                         Chastising: scolded
Gulped: swallowed hard                                  Dingy: old and worn
Clasp: held onto tightly                                Chorus: group of people in the background
“’cooperated’ with him:” had sexual relations           Billowed: spread out in the wind
“special colored lady:” mistress                        Beckoned: called or motioned for you to come
Hassled: harassed                                       to someone
Kowtow: submit like a slave or servant                  Humbly: not proud
Cordially: politely                                     Gone astray: done something bad
Placating: to make peace by giving in                   “behind bars wearing stripes:” be in jail
Aroma: smell                                            “wearing ropes around our necks:” be lynched
Grocer: someone who sells groceries                     Manicured: well-kept and cut
Ominous: threatening                                    Majestic: grand, beautifully imposing
Paralyzed: made unable to move

                                                Chapter 3

Hazardous: dangerous                                    Liable: responsible
Lapse: mistake or failure                               Prominent: important and famous
Boasted: talked about something with too much           Stingy: provides only the minimum
pride                                                   Hedges: bushes
Tolerable: can be endured                               Emphatic: strongly expressed
Salaries: money you make from a job                     Fend off: defend
Redeem: get back                                        Grilled: asked a lot of questions
Distress: trouble                                       Inquisition: formally asking questions

                                                Chapter 4

Lecturing: long speech that is supposed to teach        Taken aback: surprised
something                                               Testimony: speech stating someone’s beliefs or
Petite: small                                           what they saw
Caravans: groups of cars that travel together           Conviction: decision that someone is guilty
Extracurricular: non-academic                           Contemplation: thinking about something
Dwindling: becoming smaller                             Erect: rigid and upright
Executed: killed, or taken care of                      Agony: extreme pain
Meticulous: detailed                                    Chided: scolded
Attire: clothing
                                                 Chapter 5

Frenzy: chaos
Vile: evil
Closed ranks: stood or moved tightly together to prevent an attack
Predicament: problem
Peril: danger
Accosted: attacked
                                               Chapter 6

Mused: thought about
Saturated: more than filled up
Dismally: negatively
Stalled: to cause to stop
Splinter groups: smaller groups of people who break off from a larger group
Brief: short
Pretense: make-believe, pretending
Blessing: act of asking God to favor someone
Honky-tonks: cheap, noisy dance hall
Feigned: faked
Nonchalant: indifferent
Snapshot: photograph
                                               Chapter 7

Putty: very thick substance used to fill holes and       Savoring: enjoying
cracks                                                   Pristine: spotlessly clean
Humdrum: boring                                          Gripes: complaints
Repercussions: consequences                              Rumpus: noisy or violent disturbance
Backlog: a lot to make up                                Quipped: spoke up
Pertaining: having to do with                            Parody: change something (like a performance)
Brusquely: shortly and meanly                            just a little to make fun of something
Tarry: linger, wait                                      Prolonged: to make longer

                                                 Chapter 8

Digest: break down (food or news)                        Heated: angry
Wimping out: being a coward                              Groping: touching indiscriminately, or touching
Suspend: stop something                                  inappropriately
Sagging: hanging down                                    Mississippi attitudes: extremely racist
Acquired: got                                            Suitable: it’ll do, work
Intact: together, unbroken                               Welled up: tears coming to your eyes
                                                Chapter 9

Accustomed: used to                                     Remorseful: sorry
Imposing: threatening                                   Mend: fix
Moot: doesn’t matter                                    Ball and chain: enslaved
Gauntlet: challenge                                     Sheepskin: diploma
Thwarted: prevented plans from happening

                                                Chapter 10

Cavernous: cave-like
Treacherous: traitor, betraying
Ridicule: made fun of
Obscenities: curses, bad words
Brigade: group of people that are going to fight
Composure: presentation of yourself that everything is OK
Transfixed: focused on
Anteroom: waiting room
Ajar: slightly open
                                                Chapter 11

Patrolmen: men who keep watch over a large              Side-burners: on the side
area to protect something                               Vigilance: watching
Subsiding: stopping                                     Almanac: a yearly publication that has
Rampage: chaotic violence                               information about events of the new year
Siege: violently surrounding a building so no           Roving: wandering
one can get out                                         Obstruction: something in the way of
Curdle: turn into a solid                               something else
Articulate: speak clearly                               Cease and desist: to stop
Accentuate: brings notice to, compliments               Quash: to stop
Conducive: helpful

                                                Chapter 12

Menaces: threatens                                      Distraught: very upset
Undermine: to injure or destroy by secretly             Convoy: group of something traveling together
doing things                                            for protection
Revere: respect                                         Breakneck speed: so fast your neck might break
Precise: exact
                                                Chapter 13

Cluster: small group                                    Clogged: stuck
Convenient: easy access                                 Briskly: quickly
Scathing: angry                                         Round robin: changing partners or teams often
Browbeat: to bully                                      Respite: peace and calm
Singed: slightly burnt                                  Bombardment: attack with a lot of weapons
Unruly: opposite of calm, disobedient                   Periodicals: magazines
En route: on the way

                                                Chapter 14

Bristled: became defensive                              Chipper: happy
Catcalls: yelling sexual insults                        Inflammatory: meant to make you angry
Hurling: throwing violently                             Defiant: not obeying
Tonic: medicine that gives you energy                   Hoopla: dramatic activities

                                                Chapter 15

Disseminating: to spread widely
Falsehoods: lies
Incommunicado: not allowed to communicate with others
Blurted: spoke without thinking
Dither: trembling, vibration
                                          Chapter 16

Hysterical: so upset they cannot stop or be             Severity: seriousness
rational                                                Hayseeds: seeds that grow into hay
Tormentor: someone who is mean to you                   Oddball: weird
Mountains out of molehills: making a big deal           Reverberated: to echo or resound
out of something small                                  Belligerent: bullying
Stunned: surprised                                      Optometrist: eye doctor
Fiasco: flop or joke                                    Medicated: taking medicine
Retain: keep                                            Effigy: figure that represents someone
Smug: confident in one’s superiority                    unpopular
Ineptness: incapable                                    Peepers: people who look without permission
Viciousness: extreme meanness                           Tainted: poisoned
Snippet: small piece                                    Erosion: slowly wearing away
Plodding: slow, heavy walking
                                                Chapter 17

Asphyxiate: suffocate                                   Retaliation: revenge
Staunch: stop                                           Lulled: comforted, made sleepy
Moderate: in the middle                                 False sense of security: felt safe, even though
Avowed: promised                                        you aren’t
Objected: disagreed                                     Barrage: a bunch of things at once
Stone’s throw away: very close                          Scalding: boiling hot
Brooding: negative thinking about something             Generating: creating
Mobile: on the move, moving                             Excruciating: extremely painful

                                                Chapter 18

Concrete: solid                                         Polarized: at opposite sides
Rapid-fire: very fast                                   Adamant: sure
Ostracized: excluded and persecuted                     Heathens: people without religion
Trampled: stomped on                                    Benevolent: kind
Upheaval: uprising                                      Ante up: get more
Badger: annoy                                           Garbled: unclear
Loathed: hated                                          Contorted: bent out of normal shape
Inquiries: questions                                    Festive: like a party
Furor: angry chaos                                      Skunk: bad smell
Enraptured: in love                                     Trounced: beaten badly
Fatalistic: bound to happen                             Frivolity: not serious
Clamming up: shut up                                    Mind your p’s and q’s: behave
Encounter: random meeting                               Fend: defend
Withdrawn: not talking or participating

                                                Chapter 19

Lavish: rich, to give a lot of something                Jittery: nervous
Ventured: attempt, try                                  Mite: small bug
Agility: how easily you move

                                                Chapter 20

Relished: enjoyed                                       Luring: getting someone to come with you with
Hi-fi: radio                                            bad intentions
Frantically: urgently while upset                       Inhuman: not human, not acting like a human
Exposure: left out to the elements                      being should
Insidious: intended to confuse, lie or betray           Sapping: slowly taking away
Overtures: first agreement towards negotiation,         Balked: hesitated because you were afraid
relationships or agreement                              Escalate: to grow bigger and more extreme
Console: comfort someone                                Blow her fuse: lose your temper, become angry
Annual: every year                                      Melee: chaos
Moisture: a little wetness                              Brawl: fight
Bang her head against a stone wall: to do               Jubilant: full of joy
something in vain                                       Jovial: happy

                                               Chapter 21

Eject: throw out                                        Fracas: noisy fight
Stave off: defend                                       Preening: fussing with your appearance
Embroiled: to bring into conflict                       unnecessarily
Lambasting: to beat or reprimand severely               Slouch: do not stand or sit straight up
Nuisance: annoyance                                     Deluged: poured down
Browsed: slowly looked through                          Coveted: be jealous of

                                               Chapter 22

Indignities: events that disrespect you
Hoax: joke or lie intended to make others believe something that isn’t true
Liaison: relationship
Impasse: situation with no way out
Whimpered: made a frightened noise of pain
Ruckus: loud noises

                                               Chapter 23

Marred: damaged to make imperfect
Clawing: violently grabbing at something/one

                                               Chapter 24

Meek: humble, not thinking you are better than someone
Shunned: not accepted on purpose
Hodgepodge: mixed, random
                                                 Chapter 25

Vital: very important, necessary                         Inconsolable: cannot be comforted
Cloak and dagger game: spying, dramatic and              Indignant: disagreeing
secretive romance                                        Aroused: interested
Traitor: someone who betrays someone/thing               Ostracism: purposefully leaving people out of a
Insure: guarantee                                        group with the intention of hurting them
Biannual: twice a year                                   Gala: party celebrating an event or cause
Forwardness: boldness, confident to say or do

                                                 Chapter 26

Vicarious: taking the place of something or someone, to act as a substitute
Immaculate: perfect, clean, free from evil
Emaciated: thin, undernourished, starving
Harping: constantly criticizing

                                                 Chapter 27

Caliber: degree, worth
Groundswell: big wave of approval or enthusiasm
Accolades: awards, honors
Roving: wandering

                                                 Chapter 28

Divine: holy                                             Unmitigated: not softened or lessoned
Elated: extremely excited                                Gall: braveness, confidence
Snide: rude, mean                                        Marvel: a wonder
Pity pot: a mood where you feel very sorry for           Enclave: small group or area surrounded by a
yourself                                                 larger group or country, or, to isolate
Whim: impulse, sudden idea                               Donned: wore
Safe harbor: safe place                                  Garb: clothes
Quakers: type of Christianity who believe in             Putting: to go, move around
acceptance and moderation                                Marginal: not the main part, on the edge or
Tenacious: holding together, tough                       outside

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