Components provided for training by kg1VS9


									Components provided for training               Components provided for decoding

   1. The trainer source code                         1.   The decoder source code
   2. The acoustic signals                            2.   The language dictionary
   3. The corresponding transcript                    3.   The filler dictionary
      file                                            4.   The language model
   4. A language dictionary                           5.   The test data
   5. A filler dictionary

Setting up the data

mkdir tutorial          cd tutorial

gunzip -c an4_sphere.tar.gz | tar xf -        gunzip -c rm1_cepstra.tar.gz | tar xf –

Setting up the trainer

gunzip -c SphinxTrain.nightly.tar.gz | tar xf -

cd SphinxTrain                 configure               make          make install

cd SphinxTrain          perl scripts_pl/ an4

                        perl scripts_pl/ rm1

Setting up the decoder

gunzip -c sphinx3.nightly.tar.gz | tar xf -

cd sphinx3       configure --prefix=`pwd`/build        make          make install

cd sphinx3       perl scripts/ an4

                 perl scripts/ rm1


cd an4           perl scripts_pl/ -ctl etc/an4_train.fileids

                 perl scripts_pl/


cd an4           perl scripts_pl/ -ctl etc/an4_test.fileids

                 perl scripts_pl/decode/

$CFG_HMM_TYPE = '.cont.'; # Sphinx III

$CFG_HMM_TYPE = '.semi.'; # Sphinx II

$CFG_NPART # The number of CPUs in your system

$CFG_QUEUE_TYPE = "Queue::POSIX"; # for multiple CPUs on a local

$CFG_QUEUE_TYPE = "Queue::PBS"; # to use a PBS/TORQUE queue

perl scripts_pl/

perl scripts_pl/00.verify/

perl scripts_pl/10.vector_quantize/

perl scripts_pl/20.ci_hmm/

perl scripts_pl/30.cd_hmm_untied/

perl scripts_pl/40.buildtrees/

perl scripts_pl/50.cd_hmm_tied/

perl scripts_pl/90.deleted_interpolation/

perl scripts_pl/99.make_s2_models/


$DEC_CFG_ALIGN = "builtin"; # computes Sentence Error Rate (SER)

$DEC_CFG_ALIGN = "/home/elsh10/tutorial/sctk-2.2.2/bin/sclite";

                              # computes both SER and WER

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