Windows 7/ Windows Vista by kg1VS9


									Windows 7/ Windows Vista
Movie Maker 2.6
Version 6.1

This tutorial is for problems with burning a CD in Windows Movie Maker 2.6.

   1) Save regularly with desired file name before starting this tutorial.

   2) In Movie Maker under “finish movie,” choose the option to "Save to my

Next, save project file to My Videos. Make sure to name the file correctly.
Click Next

Click Next
Click Finish. (you don’t have to play the movie when finished)

   3) Once you have finished, open Windows Media Player. If you do not have it, click
       the link below to go to the MS Windows website to download.

   4) Once Windows Media Player is opened, there will be a pane of options to choose
      from on the left.
Library, Playlists, Music, Videos etc. Click on Videos. This will bring up your My
Videos folder on the main portion of the screen.

5) On the right side of the screen there will be 3 tabs labeled Play/ Burn/Sync. Click
   on Burn.
6) Now click and drag your file to the space provided saying Drag items here.

7) Insert your blank CD.

8) If there is a   icon next to the file name, click on it to change the CD type to a
   data CD. This is required if you want to burn the CD correctly. If there is no icon
   you will not need to change the CD type.

9) You may now click Start burn. The Start Burn button is directly below the
   Play/Burn/Sync tabs.

10) Your finished movie is now complete.

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