How to Boost Your Creativity

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					How to Boost Your Creativity

       By Daniel Harper

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Creativity is very important if you want to be productive. It allows a person to create something out of pure
thought and imagination and often times it leads to something wonderful. Unfortunately, creativity cannot be
simply turned on and off like a switch whenever you want to. It requires motivation, inspiration and
dedication. However, you can take steps to boost your creativity to help you in your endeavors.

   Listen to music. Listening to music, especially classical music, stimulate parts of the brain that is
    responsible for the creativity. If you need to boost your creativity in activities such as painting and
    writing, music is a good way to go.

   Brainstorm. Running out of ideas? Set up a brainstorming activity with friends or colleagues. A
    healthy discussion about different topics will surely bring about tons of new ideas from different
    perspectives. This is also a good chance to be in the company of creative minds which can also inspire
    and motivate.
   Write it down. Often times you get that creative spark or thought that can lead to a brilliant idea.
    However, this spark is instantaneous and can easily be forgotten. Whether if it’s just a keyword or a
    random feeling, make it a habit to write it down so you can easily recall it afterwards.

   Distract yourself. The creative process is actually about being distracted all the time because you
    need to jump from one different thought into another. If you find yourself having difficulty getting
    fresh ideas, probably it’s because you’re stuck. Distract yourself by doing a whole different activity
    such as reading a good book or have a conversation with someone for a few minutes. By the time you
    get back to your project, you’ll have a more different perspective.
   Change your environment. Your environment plays a big influence on your creativity. When you’re
    in the creative process your senses are trying to get as much information as it can to help construct a
    new idea. If you’re stuck in your room the whole day then the information you gather will be limited.
    Once this happens, try to change your environment by going out. Stroll around your neighborhood,
    have a walk in the park or wherever works for you. If you have the time, you can also do a little
    traveling to refresh your mind.

   Exercise. This means exercising your body and your brain. If you want to give your creativity a boost
    then you need to keep your body in shape and your mind sharp. Exercise, eat healthy, give your brain
    something to immerse in like a puzzle or doing crosswords. A healthy body and mind will surely
    boost creativity.
Creativity is about thinking and producing. And your overall health plays a big role on that creativity. If you
want to produce something wonderful then you should start by having a wonderful mind and body.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at
                                     last you create what you will.”
                                         ~George Bernard Shaw

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