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									                                 VIDEOS AVAILABLE AT THE DES MOINES STATE OFFICE
                          Title                           Format   Date
1993 Floods (Nova program)                                 VHS
America's Private Land: Geography of Hope                  VHS
Backyard Conservation: One Yard at a Time                  VHS
Backyard Conservation (TV spots): Working Mothers /
Frequent Flyers

Better Land, Better Water                                VHS & DVD 1992

Bringing Wetlands Back                                     VHS     1990

Building Your Own Terraces                                 VHS     1990

Celebrate the Land                                         VHS     1995

Choices on the Land                                        VHS     1988
Clean Water: Progress Through Partnership                  VHS
Conservation: Our Purpose, Our Passion                     DVD     2008
A Conservation Farmer is Your Friend                       VHS
Conservation from the Countryside: Our Land…Our Future     VHS     1995

Conservation on Your Own (How To)                        VHS & DVD 1989
Consideration for Migratory Birds in Forested Wetlands     VHS
Contractor Checkout of Narrow Based Terraces               VHS     1990
Control the Splash Spots                                   VHS
Diversity Window                                           VHS
The Dust Bowl (CBS Documentary)                            VHS
Enhancing Wetlands                                         VHS     1995

EWP—Healing the Land                                       VHS     1994

Faces of the Future                                        VHS
Fine Tuning Your Planter for Maximum Yields                VHS
The Great Iowa River Experiment: Turning Farmlands
Back Into Wetlands and Changing Lives Along the Way
Harmony I - Public Service Announcements                   VHS     1992

How to Inspect Watershed Dams                              VHS     2000

How to Build a Wetland                                     VHS
The Hungry Canyons of Western Iowa                         VHS
Introduction to Water Quality: Module I                    VHS
Introduction to Water Quality: Modules 3 & 7               VHS
Is There a Better Way?                                     VHS
It's In Every One of Us                                    VHS     1987
Keepers of the Flame (with Jon Chandler)                     VHS & DVD 1995
Land of Life: A Celebration of Wildlife Habitat on Private
Lines on the Land                                              VHS     1991
Linking Girls to the Land: Working Together to Conserve
Natural Resources
Making the Connections in Iowa's Food System                   DVD     2003
Managing Crop Residue from Harvest Through Planting            VHS     1992

Marketing for Conservation Success                             VHS     1993

The Mud Stops Here                                           VHS & DVD 1991

National Envirothon                                            VHS
National Summit on Private Land Conservation                   VHS     1999
Naturally Fertile Fields                                       VHS     1993

NRCS—A Great Place to Work                                     VHS     1998

NRCS Diversity Project                                    VHS     1997
NRCS Logo                                                 VHS
Old MacDonald / Priceless Residue / Conservation Sounds   VHS
A Partner in Conservation Since 1935                    VHS & DVD 2005

Partnerships for Watersheds                                    VHS     1998

Plants with a Purpose                                          VHS     1988
Preserving the Health of the Land - America’s
                                                               VHS     2000
Conservation Challenge
Private Lands, Public Benefits: A Policy Summit on
                                                               VHS     2001
Working Lands Conservation
Reinvesting in America's Watersheds                            VHS
Riparian Restoration and Management                            VHS     1997
Rooting for Higher Yields                                      VHS
The Seeds of Site-Specific Farming                             VHS
Soil Conservation at Work                                      VHS
The Soil Wizard                                                VHS     1986
Stream Bank Bioengineering                                     VHS
Sustaining America's Agriculture: High tech and horse
Techniques for Restoring Wetland Topography                    VHS
This Land                                                      VHS
Urban Development in Black Hawk County                         VHS
Voices of Experience: Watershed Protection for the Future     VHS     1996

Walnut Creek Watershed (REAP)                                 VHS
Water Management for Wilfelife in Wetland Systems             VHS
Waterloo Pipeline Explosion                                   VHS     1984

The Wealth in Wetlands                                      VHS & DVD 1991

Wetland Window (PowerPoint)                                    CD
Wild Ones / Working Mothers / Frequent Flyers
Working With the Best: Best Management Practices for
                                                              VHS     1993
Water Quality
                                  Description                             TRT

       Covers the "how-to" of plugging abandoned wells, taking
       nitrogen tests, planting trees, planting windbreaks,
       establishing grasses, and using filter strips. Good for use in
       schools and loaning to landowners.
       Shows how wetlands are being restored in Iowa and why.             10:00
       How-to video shows landowners how to plan and install
       terraces. Includes information on how terraces work, things to     26:15
       consider, and tools they'll need.
       Tells of the accomplishments of farmers in conservation and
       protecting the environment.
       Shows how local people work with landowners to improve soil
       conservation/water quality.

       with Linda Applegate
       Farm Bureau                                                        27:30
       This 8-part how to video encourages farmers to do basic soil
       conservation work on their own.
       NRCS                                                               26:00
       Shows conservation contractors much of the "how-to" of
       checking terraces themselves.

       Shows how through EWP the NRCS helps communities
       recover from fires, floods, and other natural disasters,
       including rehabilitating the land and rebuilding infrastructure.
       Includes 3 case studies from FL, MO and WA.

       Brief video shows the items to be checked as part of regular
       inspections of watershed dams for operation and                    11:15
       maintenance. Shot in Iowa.
       NRCS                                                               17:00
Music video featuring footage and original songs which
celebrate conservation efforts across the United States.

Compares conservation practices to things of which 6th and
8th grade students are familiar.
Drake University
USDA-SCS                                                           12:30
Shows the eight steps to marketing success. Good outline for
local problem solving and conservation promotion.
Shows and tells the extent of sediment problems in Lake Red
Rock, the sources of sediment, and conservation solutions. IA      17:30
An envirothon for high school students                             10:00
Intro, speaker excerpts and news clips                             26:06
Managing manure from dairy. Highlights producer in
Recruitment video featuring a variety of people and careers in
NRCS. Shows who NRCSers are and what we do. Looped 20              2:58
times for continuous play.
                                                                  3 @ :30
For groups and individuals interested in addressing watershed
concerns using a voluntary approach. Describes watersheds,
and includes comments from people who have been involved
in partnership efforts.
Video showing the Elsberry Plant Materials Center and
explaining the plant materials program.
Illustrates how our natural resource base and the health of our
environment is linked to conservation on private lands.
National Governor's Conference, Washington, D.C.                   17:39

The magician/humorist featured in this video uses illusion to
demonstrate the importance of saving soil.

Public service announcements                                      :15/:30
with Mike Webster
This tape explains how farmers near New York City worked
with NYC to improve their land care and the city's water    18:00

NRCS                                                        21:00
Warns of the dangers of working near pipelines.
Five farmers from across the United States explain their
personal conviction on the values of wetlands in terms of
farming operations and personal satisfaction. Narrated by
Leslie Nelson.
NRCS (Maryland)                                             12:00


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