4th Grade Theme 2 by kg1VS9


									4th Grade
Theme 2
 Week 8
 Day 3
• What slick features of a computer impress
  you the most?

• What something you have seen on TV that
  is slick?
• Compare and Contrast the pigs in Three
  Little Cyberpigs with the nursery rhyme
  characters in the story…

        3 little pigs          Other characters
        Author’s Purpose
• Authors write to:
1. Entertain
2. Inform
3. Persuade
4. Teach a Lesson
Many authors have more than one
   purpose for writing.
        Author’s Perspective
• The author has a purpose or reason for
  writing. The author also has a perspective
  or point of view or feelings about the topic.
• Listen to the story and think…
  – What is the author’s purpose for writing?
  – What do you think the author’s perspective
    would be?
               No New Foods
               by Mary Roth
“No, I don’t want to try it!” Becca cried. She did not
  want to eat the new dish that her mom had
  made. Becca had tried a new food once, and
  didn’t like it at all. “maybe you will like this,”
  Mom coaxed. Becca took a tiny piece. She
  looked at it. She smelled it. She slowly put the
  piece in her mouth and started to chew. “It isn’t
  so bad,” she thought. Becca tried another piece,
  and then another. Before she knew it, her plate
  was empty! Mom grinned. Becca grinned back.
  She liked the new food after all. “May I have
  more ,please?” Becca asked Mom.
     Discuss with your partner
Author’s    Author’s      Details in Text
purpose     Perspective
           Check our thinking…
Author’s       Author’s           Details in Text
purpose        Perspective

To entertain   Important to try •Tried new dish
               new things.      and didn’t like it
To teach a
                                  •Tried tiny piece
                                  •Emptied plate
                                  •Likes new food
• If something is slick, it
  is presented in an
  attractive way.
• Why do you think P.J.
  thought the
  Cybershop looked
• If someone is nimble,
  he or she moves
  quickly, lightly, and
• What action did jack
  take that showed he
  was nimble?
• To be impressed with
  someone means to
  admire that person.
• Would you have been
  impress by the
  Cybershop? Why or
  Why not?
• If you cease to do
  something you stop
  doing it.
• Why did the pigs want
  the wolf to cease to
• A fierce person or
  animal is angry,
  violent, or ready to
• What event proved
  that the virus was not
  as fierce as he
    Spelling words with VCCV
• Partner 1 spell these   • Partner 2 spell these
  words to your partner     words to your partner
• history                 • welcome
• number                  • blanket
• hunger                  • perhaps
• company                 • service
• window                  • Subject
        Locating Information
• Some electronic Sources:
  – Library Database is a collection of records
    about all the books and other resources in the
  – CD ROM encyclopedia the text of an
    encyclopedia stored in a CD ROM disc
  – Online Magazine and newspapers have
    been especially designed to be read on a
    computer that has an internet connection
• Which is the best way to search a library
  data base for books by Eric Carle?
• A. book title B. by author’s name C. keyword

• Which is the best way to search a library
  database for dinosaurs?
• A. book title B. by author’s name C. Keyword
• Where would you search to find recent
  information about new models of
• A. a CD ROM encyclopedia B. the Internet C. a library database

• What could you easily search by using a a
  CD ROM encyclopedia?
• A. sports scores B. the life of Abraham Lincolon C. meaning of
  the word cease.

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