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									    Staying Safe - useful websites + links to EYFS disk


The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) is the UK’s leading charity
working to reduce the number of children and young people killed, disabled or
seriously injured in accidents.


Trackoff is Britain’s rail industry initiative to help educate children and
teenagers about safe conduct on the railway.

Millions of young people live close to a railway line or use the railway to travel
to school, to visit friends or to go on holiday.

Some are drawn to play on the railway; some feel like messing about.

All need to understand the dangers and consequences of playing on or
misbehaving on the railway.

Health and Safety Executive –

HSE is the national independent watchdog for work-related health, safety and

We are an independent regulator and act in the public interest to reduce work-
related death and serious injury across Great Britain’s workplaces.

The website has a wealth of resouces reguarding COSHH – Control of
Substances Hazardous to Health and risk assessments.

Pre School Learning Alliance –

The Pre-school Learning Alliance is a leading early years membership
organisation and one of the largest providers of quality childcare in England.
They have a range of publications to purchase such as ‘Safeguarding
Children’ and ‘Managing Risk’

EYFS CD Rom – 3.3 Enabling Environments –Safe Early Years Environment
–Practitioner guide [PLA Document]
Ofsted –

Ofsted are the inspection and regulatory body for childcare and education

They also produce a range of report and publications based on their
inspection findings.

Safe and sound explains how registered childcare providers help children to
stay safe and be healthy. It includes 'best practice' case studies and the
website contains additional materials to help providers evaluate further
improve their own practice.

Fire Safety Guides for buildings –

 Fire safety law and guidance documents for business [click on ‘fire and
resililance’ on the home page]

Road Safety –

A range of resouces to use with parents/children and in the workplace on
vehicle safety, cycling and road safety for children and teenagers.

Family and Parental Institute -

The Family and Parenting Institute is an independent charity guided by a
board of trustees working to champion families.

Is it Legal? [click onto resouces]

Laws touching on families are numerous and can be confusing. This ever-
popular guide, now published in its third edition, continues to offer welcome
clarification for all those with or working with children and families. It updates
the law on key questions, including employment of children and local authority
duties, and looks at the new childcare Acts too as well as emerging areas like
chat rooms and computer games.

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