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									How does it work?                                                                                                                                        Theodore A. Bieniosek
    At the factory, the Flash memory is programmed
with the desired music album. The circuits are then
fused to allow for read-only access. To prevent
                                                                  USB-CD                                             Related Patents:

                                                                                                                     - 6,961,854: Methods and systems for encoding and
                                                                                                                     protecting data using digital signature and
piracy, the data output is digitally watermarked so
                                                               The USB-CD is the next step forward in music          watermarking techniques
that any copy made will be extremely degraded. To
                                                               distribution.    Designed to replace conventional     - 6,664,459: Music file recording/reproducing module
play the recording, the Flash memory data is read,
                                                               Compact Discs, the USB-CD utilizes the Universal      - 6,959,366: Device control method, data transfer
passed through a decoder, watermarked, and finally
                                                               Serial Bus receptacle, standard on all computer       apparatus and recording medium
outputted to the computer system though the USB
                                                               systems, to playback ultra-high quality music.        - 6,473,736: Constant bitrate real-time lossless audio
                                                               Record companies will jump to begin distribution and  decoder restoring moved excess coded data
                                                               regain profits lost to music piracy, as the USB-CD    amounts
Why USB?                                                       stores the equivalent of one LP album on a virtually
    Universal Serial Bus is the industry standard for          indestructible chip the size of a quarter, with a digital Market Research:
connecting computer peripherals. Even while                    output that cannot be pirated.
running at Low-Speed, USB maintains a data transfer                                                                      - 8 out of 10 surveyed agreed that the USB-CD could
rate greater than a 1x CD-ROM drive, fast enough for Features:                                                           be a veritable competitor to the Compact Disc within
linear music playback.      (
                                                                                                                         20 years.
                                                               - Digital watermarking technology eliminates piracy       - 9 out of 10 surveyed agreed that the USB-CD would
                                                               - USB connectivity guarantees compatibility               be more durable than a Compact Disc.
How can it be so small?                                        - Size of device
    The latest data compression techniques can store - Indestructible, waterproof casing prevents damage - 2 out of 10 surveyed enjoyed the idea of the USB-
the equivalent of one CD on a single 512 MB Flash                                                                        CD’s anti-piracy protection.
ROM chip. Though currently Flash memory is                                                                               - 7 out of 10 surveyed felt that the USB-CD’s main
                                                               Limitations:                                              drawback was that it could only be used on
prohibitively expensive, within 10 years the price for         - Current cost of memory prohibitively high
the same capacity should drop to within that of a                                                                        computers.
                                                               - Currently no connectivity with stereo systems           - 3 out of 10 surveyed expressed skepticism of the
standard CD.                                                   - No lossless audio compression decoder chip mass storage capacity of the USB-CD.
    Dimensions                    Circuit Board Layout
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