Musical Theatre Jazz Felicia by wanghonghx


									Dance Beyond Movement:

                         By: Felicia D Khan
           Era/Place Of Origin
• Musical Theatre
  – As early as 5 BC people of Ancient Greek
    Civilization used musical theatre and dance to
    stage comedies and tragedies
  – An Ancient Greek Stage:
          Era/Place Of Origin
• Broadway
  – Originated on Broadway Avenue,
    Manhattan New York City
  – Creators known as ‘gypsies’
    because any productions made on
    Broadway were discredited and
    considered not a serious type of
           Era/Place Of Origin
• Jazz
  – Began evolving in the 1920’s from African dance
  – From North America
  – Swing evolved to modern jazz, known for ‘racy’
          Roots and Evolution
• From performances of aboriginal rituals and
• Middle Ages and Renaissance
  – Was not apart of religious productions
  – Mostly practiced within groups who travel
    preforming in towns in Europe
           Roots and Evolution
• Burlesque
  – Popular in the 19th century
  – Influenced musical theatre
    by adding dramatic and
    revealing costumes and
• Ballet
  – Using many movements and technique from
    ballet, choreographers made ballet movements
    more dramatic and theatrical
• African
  – it evolved more and more from the American
    people to help form jazz
            Purpose/ Function
• 1950’s-1960’s
  – rock music became popular
  – Jazz as a whole was affected as a dance style by
    the music, new style derived from jazz called rock
  – Jazz started being taught as a style
  – Many famous theatrical performances were
    produced in this time
• 1970’s-1980’s
  – Jazz became seen as less theatrical as music styles
    continued to change
  – Biggest decline in jazz dance
  – More demand for rock and edge to movements
    due to the birth of disco dance and breakdancing
• Jazz music originated from New Orleans
  during the 1920’s
• Musical Theatre music involves more
  expression which is assisted by the sounds of
  jazz to help be a part of the plot
• Jazz Music
    w Come Fly With Me
• Musical Theatre
  – Widely exaggerated to help tell a story
  – Many times dialogue is used to help keep the song
    part of the storyline
  – The Lady Is A Tramp (Lady Gaga and Tony Benett)
  – Just One Step- Songs For a New World
• Jack Cole
  – Brought ethnic styles to jazz dance
  – Help transform many ballet moves to help derive
    theatrical jazz
  – Known as the father of jazz
• Bob Fosse
  – Helped produce many famous Broadway shows
    during 1970’s
  – Emphasized many jazz moves , was known for
    making them very sexual and physically
  – Dancin (Recreation) 2011
  – Whos Got the Pain
          Costumes and Props
• Women
 – Tight, revealing most of the time
 – Black and red used very often
 – Short pants that have high waist
 – Era based most of the time
          Costumes and Props
• Men
  – Also tight fitting
  – One piece body suits
• Common top hat used for
  both men and women
• Canes and chairs
• Shoe are very flexible for
  beginners and sometimes
  heels are added for better
         Movements and Steps
• very dramatic
• over
• Big
• Involves a lot of
• All that Jazz
                 Key Points
• Broadway is a form of musical theatre and jazz
  is one of the genres of dance used in musical
  theatre productions to help portray stories
• The type of jazz that has bee discussed is the
  more modern form of jazz (for more in depth
  on early jazz refer to Early Jazz PowerPoint)
• Musical Theatre has been used since the
  ancient times to help tell stories
             • Musical theatre
Key Points
               originated to Canada
               through aboriginal
             • During 1500’s
               preformed only for the
             • Modern day jazz, widely
               influenced by African
               and Ballet
             • Became very popular
               during 1950’s-60’s
Key Points                  • Dialogue is used in musical
Famous Musicals by Fosse:
                              theatre music to help keep
• Chicago                     the song part of the
• Dancin’                     storyline
• Sweet Charity
• Kiss Me Kate              • Jack Cole known as the
• Cabaret                     ‘father of jazz’
                            • Bob Fosse influenced jazz
                              dancing widely by
                              emphasizing movements
                              and adding a more
                              revealing part to the style


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