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					The ‘columns’ I hoped for under the ‘Music’ header were as follows:

Title; Year: Instrumentation: Length; Notes (i.e. past performances/recordings, details of premiere,
commissioning body); related image links; audio;

This list obviously misses some of the data, and has, very conspicuously, no audio files yet, but it’s a
start…. Sure you can work out which stuff goes under which column header

Rotary/Lateral (Rondo) (2010) cello, wine glasses and electronics – premiered by Anton Lukoszevieze
at Ars Electronica Center, Linz, October 2010
Proxemics:: The World is a Deaf Machine (2006, Nov) Multi-channel installation – A response to the
sculpture of Ian Tyson and the architecture of Lasdun and Foster - premiered Sainsbury Centre for
Visual Arts Nov 2006
Melt (2006, Jun) for marimba and real-time sound processing – premiered by Amelia Puga-Iglesias
Trace (2000) clarinet, piano and concealed CD player - King of Hearts Arts Centre for Colin Lawson
& Peter Hill
Drift (variant) (1999) tape - Ultima Festival, Oslo, October 1999
Time to consider (1996) solo harpsichord - Eastern Arts/Norwich & Norfolk Festival/The King of
Hearts Arts Centre for Jane Chapman
AfterImage (1993) baroque flute, tape - ACGB/Sonic Arts Network for Huddersfield International
Contemporary Music Festival
Unearthing (1993) tape
 Drift (1992) tape - nominated Prix Leonce Petitot, NOROIT, Arras, France CD release (INA-GRM)
Frame (1992) soprano sax, bass clarinet, tape
 Inside/out (1990/1) tape - commissioned ORF (Austrian Radio), Wien
 Joculatore (1990) tape - Eastern Arts for Stephen Mottram (marionettist)
 Alive and Kicking (1989-90) mezzo, piano, double bass & tape - Garden Venture, Royal Opera House,
Covent Garden and Dartington College
Plateau (1988/revised1990) tape - commissioned Adventures in Motion Pictures, for Dance Umbrella
Festival, London
Animata (1988) commissioned for marionettist Stephen Mottram
Suspended Animation 4 (1987) tape
Dipping Wings (1986) instrumental sextet (fl/afl, clt/bsclt, tpt, vla, vc, perc) – commissioned Ballet
Suspended Animation 2 (1985-6) tape – commissioned Ballet Rambert –
Interiors (1984-5) tape – commissioned ICA Musica series –
Dangerous Liaisons (1982-3) tape - honourable mention Bourges Festival, France
Choreographed by Richard Alston for Ballet Rambert
Wastes (1983) percussion & tape - Welsh Arts Council, for Cwmni Dawns Gwylan
Isorhythms (1980) for four amplified voices (SSAA)
Passages (1980-1) tape - St Johns Smith Square
Marloes (1979) for large ensemble and blindfolded ambulant audience
Cawfields (1978) Site-specific installation (after Richard Long), Cawfields Quarry,

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