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                                      COMPUTER TECH VOCABULARY

Words #1
  1. monitor – The part of the computer that looks like a television screen and shows information as it is
  2. mouse - An input device used for moving the cursor around the screen. It must be used on a mouse pad or
     flat surface.
  3. CPU – The “brain” of the computer. Central Processing Unit.
  4. keyboard – The input device for word processing. It has the alphanumeric, symbol, and function keys.
  5. storage device – A computer component that retains digital data for future use. Examples: CD-R, DVD,
     flash memory, floppy disk, hard drive, ZIP disk.

Words #2
  6. simile – A figure of speech comparing two unlike things using like or as.
  7. justification- The alignment of the lines of text along the left margin, the right margin, both margins, and
  8. font – The different style of lettering that characters can be.
  9. centering – To put text in the exact center of the page (vertically).
  10. drag – To continue to hold down the mouse button to move objects on the computer screen.

Words #3
  11. table – A grid of columns and rows.
  12. table wizard – Guides you step by step through the process of creating a table.
  13. bug- A programming error.
  14. characters- Letters, numbers, and symbols that are used on the keyboard.
  15. data – Facts that are given to a computer.

Words #4
  16. portfolio – A collection of documents and graphics completed by an individual.
  17. highlighting- The process of making part of your text stand out to select it for editing.
  18. backspace- A key on computers that moves the cursor back one space to the left and erases keyed
      characters at the same time.
  19. default – The settings the computer uses unless it receives instructions from the user.
  20. delete – A key that tells the computer to remove data that has been input.

Words #5
  21. active –The drive in the computer that currently is in use.
  22. peripheral device – Each separate part that can be added to a computer system.
  23. file – A set of records stored under a specific name or label.
  24. ClipArt – A collection of graphics within a program.
  25. menu – A listing in a software program that gives you choices of what you can do or parts of the program
      with which you can work.

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Words #6
  26. spreadsheet – A program used to create and edit rows and columns of numerical data for budgets, financial
      reports, grades, etc.
  27. formula bar – Displays the cell address and contents of the current cell.
  28. cell – A block formed by the intersection of a row and a column in a table of information
  29. X-axis – The horizontal axis on a graph.
  30. Y-axis – The vertical axis on a graph.

Words #7
  31. multitask – Using more than one computer program at a time.
  32. integrated packages – software programs that combine several other software programs. (Example:
      Microsoft Works includes a database, spreadsheet, word processor, and graphing capabilities.)
  33. software – Program that runs on a computer.
  34. insert – Add text or graphics to a document.
  35. virus – Part of a software program deliberately designed to sabotage a computer.

Words #8
  36. PowerPoint – A multimedia software used to make slide show presentations.
  37. multimedia – A combination of text, sound, graphics, photographs and/or video.
  38. transition – A movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, style to another.
  39. template – Something that establishes or serves as a pattern.
  40. slide – Each individual page used in the PP Presentation.

Words #9
  41. hard drive – Found inside the computer. It stores and saves everything put in, even after it is turned off.
  42. save – A function that keeps the document the user has created for later use.
  43. retrieve – To bring a document in word processing back onto the screen.
  44. document – The text or information the author creates.
  45. input – Adding data into the computer. Can be done from the keyboard or from a disk.

Additional Words
  46. Artificial Intelligence – A computer term used when a computer seems or appears to be thinking like a
  47. document – The text or information the author creates.
  48. retrieve – To bring a document in word processing back onto the screen.
  49. save – In word processing, a function that keeps the document the user has created for later use.
  50. characters – A symbol, letter, or number on the keyboard.


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