Casey Anthony iming with witeplayboi Ryan Green

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					16 June 2008 Monday Cma aka caseyomarie iming with witeplayboi Ryan Alex Green

Witeplayboi (7:56:15 AM): hey how was the showcase
caseyomarie (7:56:34 AM): it went really well!
caseyomarie (7:56:39 AM): you should come out one friday
Witeplayboi (7:57:15 AM): i will once i quit my job
caseyomarie (7:57:30 AM): awesome! :-)
caseyomarie (7:57:33 AM): how's life love?
Witeplayboi (7:58:17 AM): i finished 12th in one of the biggest online poker tourneys last night...i
was pissed
caseyomarie (7:59:07 AM): alex, that's great though!
caseyomarie (7:59:11 AM): you're really stepping it up
Witeplayboi (7:59:34 AM): if i won it was like
Witeplayboi (7:59:35 AM): uhmmm
Witeplayboi (7:59:46 AM): set me up for the next 4 years type money
Witeplayboi (8:00:07 AM): instead
Witeplayboi (8:00:10 AM): scraps
caseyomarie (8:00:19 AM): holy crap hun!
Witeplayboi (8:00:29 AM): first was 125,000
caseyomarie (8:00:38 AM): jesus christ
Witeplayboi (8:00:53 AM): i get 9000
Witeplayboi (8:00:58 AM): see why its so upseting lol
caseyomarie (8:01:08 AM): still, 9000 isn't bad at all babe
Witeplayboi (8:01:33 AM): so what r u up 2
caseyomarie (8:02:02 AM): not a whole lot. checking up on all the myspace/facebook hoopla
caseyomarie (8:02:03 AM): yourself?
Witeplayboi (8:02:23 AM): im at my moms chillin
Witeplayboi (8:02:28 AM): gonna get a haircut in a lil
caseyomarie (8:02:32 AM): nice
caseyomarie (8:02:37 AM): how's your place working out?
Witeplayboi (8:02:50 AM): ehhh..i cant wait for the lease to be up
Witeplayboi (8:02:54 AM): want my own place
caseyomarie (8:02:58 AM): this is true
caseyomarie (8:03:53 AM): i'm finally moving into my house, at the end of the month. i'll have a
roommate for a little bit. but at least my friend amy is like living with myself.
Witeplayboi (8:04:17 AM): yeah u told me
Witeplayboi (8:04:19 AM): thats hot!
caseyomarie (8:04:23 AM): :-)
caseyomarie (8:04:29 AM): i'm extremely excited
caseyomarie (8:04:34 AM): it's well passed due
Witeplayboi (8:04:49 AM): u gonna invite me over
caseyomarie (8:05:09 AM): most definitely
Witeplayboi (8:05:20 AM): late night randevous
caseyomarie (8:05:25 AM): haha no no
caseyomarie (8:05:32 AM): but poker games, beer pong, the usually hang outs
caseyomarie (8:05:40 AM): casey really likes this boyfriend of hers :-)
Witeplayboi (8:05:44 AM): i had to try
caseyomarie (8:05:59 AM): i know
caseyomarie (8:06:00 AM): ha ha

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