Teaching and Technology Conference Program by XH6xMh6


									                 17TH ANNUAL
                           Empire High School
                            Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Sponsored by:

The Arizona Department of Education
Southern Chapter, AzTEA
Vail School District
Letter from the President of AzTEA
   The Board of Directors and I thank you for attending the second of our three
   conferences here in beautiful Southern Arizona.
   We are in the middle of some monumental times for AzTEA. At NECC this year,
   AzTEA Board member Dr. Helen Padgett was elected the President Elect for the
   International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). As the Arizona State Affiliate for ISTE, this places us
   in a strong position to show leadership at both the state and national level. Our leadership at the national
   level has been strengthened even more with the election of our Treasurer, Cathy Poplin to the Board of the
   State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA).
   AzTEA members have also participated in a number of activities that promote the use of technology to
   advance 21st century learning from participating in the Summit on 21st Century Learning to helping revise the
   State Technology Standards and State Technology Plan.
   This is to say nothing of the wonderful work that you, our members, do to educate the youth of our state.
   We all know that we are in rough times and now, more than ever, your expertise, dedication, and
   professionalism will help all of our “kiddos,” no matter what their grade level, to attain the skills and habits
   of mind they need to succeed in today’s world.
   And now, I have saved the most momentous event for last. It is with great pleasure that I introduce
   Mr. Coy Ison, AzTEA’s new Executive Director. Coy comes to us with a strong background as an educator, he
   has served as the Director of Technology for the Southeast Education Service Center in southern Utah, and
   has a proven record of innovation. I look forward to working with Coy as we move the organization
   Coy is here at the conference so please make sure you find him and welcome him to Vail and Tucson.
   Oh, and speaking of finding people. Remember, if you find me and tell me one really cool thing your
   students have done this year, I’ll enter you in a drawing for an iPod Shuffle.
   Enjoy the conference!
   Chris Johnson, President

                                             About AzTEA
 The Arizona Technology in Education Alliance (AzTEA), an International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
 affiliate, is a professional non-profit organization devoted to increasing student achievement through technology in
 teaching and learning. Our mission is to empower the educational community in Arizona to infuse technology as an
 integral part of the educational process. We do this by providing advocacy and leadership, promoting educational reform,
 and supporting technology based innovation through our services, activities, programs, and collaborative efforts.
           http://aztea.org/             http://aztea.wikispaces.com/             azteapodcast.podomatic.com
 AzTEA members benefit from:
          Participation in AzTEA events such as Regional Chapters and Conferences.
          A network of professional educators to share innovations & proven techniques, both in person & on-line.
          A voice in statewide technology initiatives -- academic standards, professional development programs, etc.
          Opportunity for low-cost, high quality professional development.
          Quarterly newsletters highlighting Ed Tech issues and classroom activities.
          Greatly reduced registration fees for our statewide technology conference held at ASU each spring break,
           Microcomputers in Education Conference.
          Reduced registration rate and reserved housing to the National Education Computing Conference (NECC) given
           by ISTE, our affiliate organization.
             Today’s Schedule
                              7:15 — 8:00                   Registration and Breakfast ..............................Cafeteria
                              7:30 — 2:15                   Exhibits .........................................................Cafeteria
                              8:00 — 9:30                   Welcome, Keynote and Qwest Grants ...... .Vail Theater
                              9:30 — 10:00                  Exhibit BINGO Begins ....................................Cafeteria
                              10:00 — 11:00                 Breakout Sessions I
                              11:15 — 12:15                 Breakout Sessions II
                              12:15 — 1:15                  Lunch, Exhibits ...............................................Cafeteria
                              1:15 — 2:15                   Breakout Session III
                              2:15 — 2:45                   Door prizes, Closing .......................................Cafeteria

Opening Session .................................... Vail Theater ..................................................... 8:00 am
    Welcome and Greetings
                    Allen Swanson, Conference Co-Chair, Pima County Regional Support Center TIS
                    Matt Federoff, Conference Co-Chair and Chief Information Officer, Vail School District
                    Dr. Chris Johnson, President of AzTEA
                    Coy Ison, Executive Director of AzTEA
                    Linda Arzoumanian, Pima County Superintendent of Schools
                    Calvin Baker, Superintendent, Vail School District
                    Randy Kinkade, President Vail Board of Education
                    Cathy Poplin, Deputy Associate Superintendent for Educational Technology,
                     Arizona Department of Education
                    Qwest Awards, Tammy Hernandez, Project Manager, IDEAL

Closing Session ........................................ Cafeteria ........................................................ 2:15 pm
                     Reflections, Evaluation & Certification, Volunteer Recognition
                     Reminder of Tucson Internet Safety Night (Feb. 12) and WOW (May 2)
                     Door Prizes! (MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN)

                                                       Vendor Bingo

                                                  Qwest Grant Winners

                                Chance to talk with Empire Students and Staff
Welcome to the
2009 Teaching and
Technology Conference
in Vail

I am proud that the Arizona
Department of Education continues
to partner with AzTEA to offer the
tri-conference series, which provides
rich professional development
opportunities for Arizona educators.
The Teaching and Technology
Conference in Vail is about the
vital link between technology and
education. Enjoy your day of learning!

                                         Series Keynote Speaker:

                                    Dr. Howie DiBlasi
                                     Digital Journey
                         Called "The Emerging Technology Evangelist" this Durango, Colorado
                         resident is currently the Chief Information Officer for the Durango School
                         District. Howie has been recognized as "Vocational Teacher of the Year" for
                         the State of Arizona. Dr. DiBlasi has been featured in several magazines as
                         "A CIO that really thinks outside the box". Known as a highly energetic,
                         compassionate and approachable speaker, Howie is a trainer who blends
                         humor, applicable stories of best practice and high levels of audience
                         involvement. Over the past fifteen years, he has presented programs,
                         courses and speeches to thousands of administrators, teachers, technology
                         specialists and professionals around the country.

                                    Today’s Keynote Address

         Building Learning Communities: Projects for the
                  Global Classroom Connection
                                  “Schools are stuck in the 20th century.
                                    Students have rushed into the 21st.
        How can schools catch up and provide students with a relevant education?” - Marc Prensky

Today’s keynote will provide background on six Community Projects and how to make Global
Connections. Students prepare to meet the demands of the global community by applying 21 st
Century skills learned while mastering core curriculum. Participating schools are models for driving
educational reform and transformation as they create learning environments that cater to the
broadest range of users wielding well-stocked artilleries of collaboration tools.

Dr. DiBlasi will demonstrate of the “best of” Web resources and solid application of
Digital Storytelling, Podcasts, 2.0 applications, Blogs and more tools that teach 21st
Century Literacy through the direct application of collaboration, digital
communication and authoring tools.

Friday afternoon and evening school administrators, AzTEA Board and Tucson Teaching and
Technology committee members spent the day at Empire High School participating in an Intel
Leadership Forum for Administrators and getting to know Keynote speaker Dr. Howie DiBlasi.
                                     ((Frriiday Afftterrnoon Prre--Confferrence Eventt))
                                       F day A e noon P e Con e ence Even

                                             After a tour of Empire High School, administrators and
                                             School Leaders participated in the Intel Teach Program’s
                                             Leadership Forum. This workshop is an interactive
                                             environment which provides face-to-face professional
                                             development focusing on the importance of leadership in
promoting, supporting, and modeling the use of technology in instruction. Through the forum,
participants explored relevant research and behaviors related to supporting effective technology
integration and associated professional development.
In this 4-hour forum, participants engaged with their peers to:
     Examine the critical role leaders play in the effective integration of technology into teaching and
     Apply their knowledge to create a prioritized list of leadership behaviors that impact the
        integration of technology as a tool to improve student learning
     Analyze the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) National Educational
        Technology Standards for Administrators (NETS-A)

          If you are interested in participating in an Intel Education Leadership Forum, Teaching with
          Technology or Intel Essentials course, please see the professional development section of the
                                             IDEAL site, ideal.azed.gov

                                                 ((Frriiday Niightt Eventt))
                                                   F day N gh Even

                             An Eveniing wiitth Dr.. Howiie DiiBllasii
                             An Even ng w h Dr How e D B as
                                     Digital Survival Kit:
                        Empowering the 21st Century Educational Leader
                      Administrators and school leaders were the guests of the Southern Chapter of AzTEA at a
                      dinner with the Keynote speaker, Dr. Howie DiBlasi. The “Emerging Technology
                      Evangelist" shared his multimedia vision of the 21st Century learning community and the
                      steps we take to attain this future. Inspiring administrators to travel with the students
                      into the 21st Century, he spoke of the guiding questions successful schools use when
                      creating their personalized plans and the ten changes that need to happen to make the
                      positive transformation.

                      Thank you again to Empire Staff and Students, AzTEA, Intel Teach Facilitators Denise
                      Ryan and Lillian Hritz, and Dr. Howie DiBlasi for a great day.
           AzTEA's Professional Development Conference Series Theme:

                     Teaching and Learning on a
                            Small Planet:
                       Transforming Classrooms
                            A Year-Long Conference Series
               Providing Sustained Quality Professional Development to Educators

Each conference has a unique voice, message and keynote based on a consistent theme. This
year, Dr. Howie DiBlasi will deliver his keynotes and conduct several presentations at each
conference location.

The success of these conferences rests not only in the time and effort that the chapter volunteers
put into the process, but on the quality of the peer networking and sharing that comes from the
presentations from our membership and beyond. Please continue the conversation after the
conference by joining the AzTEA community and seeking out the educational technology
training and support provided to teachers and districts by the state and counties.

                       Join us for another of Dr. DiBlasi’s keynotes:

            “Digital Magic for the 21st Century Classroom”

                                                                           Make your Way
                                                                            Out West to

                                       8th Annual
                    Way Out West Conference
                                     May 2, 2009
                  Raymond Kellis High School, Glendale
                                  ISTE Webinar Series
                                (International Society for Technology in Education)
                                      At Pima County Regional Support Center
                                            6420 E. Broadway 745-4588

                       Bringing professional development opportunities to you conveniently, the
                     series throughout this semester. Come join us for interactive and informative
                        sessions with world experts on effective technology in the 21st Century
                                   Classroom. More webinar info at www.iste.org

   Distance Learning                          Tues., Feb. 3         Digital Photography in the K-5 Classroom    Weds., April 15

   Use Your Noodle: Use Moodle                Weds., Feb. 11        Gaming in Education                         Tues., April 21

   ePortfolios and Web 2.0                    Weds., Feb. 18        iPods for ESL                               Weds., May 6

   Technology for Non-readers (K-2)           Weds., March 4        Non-Second Life, Low Bandwidth MUVEs        Weds., May 13

   Visual Arts                                Tues., March 10
                                                                    Digital Photography Projects for the K-12   Weds., May 20
   Project-based Learning                     Weds., March 18

                 All Webinars take place at the Center at 1pm Pacific Time, 6420 E. Broadway, RSVP 745-4588.

Each Webinar features a Web 2.0 tool or innovative technology of wide appeal to ISTE members and non-
members alike. Each session will be at least 60 minutes in length, with 45 minutes of presenter content. The
balance of the session will feature interactive elements such as audience Q&A and polls, and previews of
upcoming ISTE Webinar events. The theme of the series, Technology in Practice, will highlight practical tools
and strategies to help educators most effectively improve the educational experience and capture value from
new and existing technology investments.

                            AZTEA also sponsors ISTE Webinars around the state. See www.aztea.org
                                      for information about ISTE webinars in your area.

           Archived Webinars are available for playback at the Pima County Regional Support Center.
              Schedule an appointment to view any of the previously presented sessions including:
                        From Good Intentions to Best Practices: Teaching with Second Life in Middle School
                                     Differentiated Instruction + Tech = Powerful Learning
                                                  The World According to Google
                         Revolutionizing Instruction for Autistic Students Utilizing Interactive Whiteboards
                                                    Introduction to Geocaching
                                             Digital Storytelling with Bernajean Porter
                              Create, Communicate, Collaborate—Projects for the Global Classroom
                                        Blogging in the Classroom-- for Intermediate Users
                                                          Virtual Field Trips
                                   Dr. Z's Creative Cookbook for Collaborative Communication
                                                   Digital Citizenship for Parents
                                           Copyright – From Nuts and Bolts to Web 2.0
                                            From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learning
                                                       Educational Vodcasting
                                             Blogging in the Classroom--for Beginners
                                                        Google Earth Lessons
                                                          GoogleLit Trips

Your Day at a Glance                               SESSION 1                                   10:00-11:00

Room      Format              Title               Audience       Level      Presenter             Affiliation
                                                                                             Rincon Vista MS, Vail
 303        P          Beyond Textbooks               All         K-12     Kevin Carney
                    A Virtual Interdisciplinary                                               Arizona Council on
 420       I-W                                     Teachers       K-12    Dr. David Katz
                     Lab: Economics/Math                                                     Economic Education
 410       H-O     Blogging in Your Classroom      Teachers      Interm    Mitch Miller          Amphitheater
                     Conversations with the
Theater     P                                      Teachers       K-12     Howie DiBlasi        Digital Journey
 CCS                Sustainable Professional                                                    Arizona State
            P                                     Curric. Sp.    K-12     Irma Sandercock
Trailer            Development with IDEAL                                                   University/alt^I/IDEAL
                    Differentiated Instruction                             Joy Burroughs      Holbrook Unified
 302        P                                      Teachers       K-12
                   with a Twist of Technology                              Daphne Lamb          School District
                    Finding Success in Large-                                  Nathan        Glendale Elementary
 506        P                                       Admin         K-8
                     Scale Implementations                                    Fairbanks         School District
                      Got GPS? Let's Learn                                     Dr. Alice
 600       I-W                                     Teachers       K-12                      ASU Professor Emeritus
                      Through Geocaching                                       Christie
                   Knowledge and Skills for a                                 Dr. Helen
 505        P                                      Teachers       K-12                      Arizona State University
                      Digital World: NETS                                      Padgett
                                                                             Shelee King
                     Light the Fire of Peer       Professional              George, Ann
 504        P                                                     K-12                        Puget Sound Center
                    Coaching in Your School       Developers                Lumm, Rene
                    Making Demonstrations
 304        P                                      Teachers       K-12      Gary Benna               TUSD
                          Work For You
                   Pedagogy for 21st Century      Curriculum               Rachel Wright
 508        P                                                     K-12                          SchoolKit Sales
                              Learning            Specialists                 Martinez
                      Promethean Increases                                Julie Toombs &
 509        P                                      Teachers       K-12                               L3AV
                      Student Achievement                                  Julianna Bosso
                   Bats, Bridges and Biosphere                                              Amphi School District,
 507        P                                      Teachers      Interm    Laurie Burrell
                     3 (Qwest Mini Grant)                                                       Wilson K-8
                           Strategies for
                                                                                             Dysart Unified School
 502        P       Communicating with the         Teachers       K-12      Evan Allred
                        Terrific Classroom
 305       I-W                                     Teachers       K-12     Arnold Bianco    Desert Springs Academy
                    Management Strategies
                                                                           Jeremy and
                                                                          Krista Gypton,
                    The Empire Experience:
 306        P                                      Teachers       H.S.    Melinda Jensen,     Vail School District
                      Meet the Teachers
                                                                          Darcy Mentone
                                                                            and others
                                                                                            Arizona Department of
  411       P      The New AZ Ed Tech Plan          Admin         K-12     Cathy Poplin
                                                                           Darolene H.         CRUHSD#2/River
 307       H-O           Uses for a Wiki           Teachers       K-12
                                                                             Brown            Valley High School

P = Presentation                              H-O = Hands-on                     I-W = Interactive Workshop

 Your Day at a Glance                                 SESSION 2                                     11:15-12:15

Room      Format                Title                  Audience      Level         Presenter            Affiliation
                       Aha! Math – Ensuring            Curriculum
 508        P                                                         K-8        Stacy Gibbons         Learning.com
                   Foundational Math Proficiency       Specialists

                      Cell Phones as Classroom                                  Kevin Steeves &         Vail School
 503        P                                           Teachers      H.S.
                             Responders                                          Kelly Hadden            District
                                                                               Nathan Fairbanks,         Glendale
                      Creating a culture of job
 506        P                                             PDs         K-8      Jody Gallimore &      Elementary School
                    embedded staff development
                                                                                 Ericka Daniel            District
                     Learning in the 21st Century                              Jan Budak & Katie          Brichta
 507        P                                           Teachers      K-12
                         (Qwest Mini Grant)                                          Felix           Elementary School
                                                                                                       Dysart Unified
                   Getting 21st Century Skills with
 410       I-W                                          Teachers      K-12      Sunshine Darby         School District
                        a Whole New Mind
                                                                                                          No. 89
                    Learning Language Lab Goes
 509        P                                           Teachers     Primary      Sheri Marlin             TUSD
                      Live (Qwest Mini Grant)
                   Making Sweet Connections with
 421       H-O                                          Teachers     Interm     Bonnie Feather         Instructional
                                                                                                     Technology Proj.
                                                                               Matthew Doane &       Liberty Traditional
 307       H-O     OLPC XO In Today's Classroom         Teachers      K-12
                                                                                  Jon Ooms             Charter School

                   Peer Coaching Facilitators: Stay                               Shelee King           Puget Sound
 504        P                                             PDs         K-12
                            Connected                                               George                Center

                    Showcasing Student Work on                                                         Dysart Unified
 420       H-O                                          Teachers      K-12      Melodie Brewer
                             the Web                                                                   School District

                                                                                Allan Cameron,       Carl Hayden H.S.
 304        P             STEM on Steroids              Teachers      K-12
                                                                               Faridodin Lajvardi     Robotics Coach

                     STEM Student Prep for 21st                                Dr. Helen Padgett       Arizona State
 505        P                                           Teachers      K-12
                        Century Workforce                                      & Lynn Castiglione       University

 CCS               Technology for the 21st Century                             Tamara Nicolosi &     CCS Presentation
            P                                           Teachers      K-12
Trailer                     Classroom                                            Jennifer Lane           Systems
                                                                               Raylee May, Mike
                    The Empire Experience: Meet                                                         Vail School
 306        P                                           Teachers      H.S.     Frank, Jen Sanchez
                           the Students                                                                  District
                                                                                   and others
                       The Power of 1: Change
Theater     P                                           Teachers      K-12       Howie DiBlasi        Digital Journey
                     through 1Teacher at a Time

                   Transform Your Teaching with                                                       Canyon del Oro
 411       H-O                                          Teachers      K-12      Beth Malapanes
                        Flip Video Cameras                                                              High School

                    Exploring Systems: Interactive                                                   Systems Thinking
 305        P                                           Teachers      K-12       Anne LaVigne
                           Web Resources                                                                 in Schools

P = Presentation                             H-O = Hands-on                     I-W = Interactive Workshop

Your Day at a Glance                              SESSION 3                                      1:15-2:15

Room      Format                Title                 Audience   Level        Presenter             Affiliation
                   21 Projects for the 21st Century
Theater     P                                         Teachers    K-12      Howie DiBlasi         Digital Journey
                   BYOL* - Cooking up Designs for                         Victoria Schmitt &
 420       H-O                                        Teachers    K-12                                 IDEAL
                           Digital Literacy                               Irma Sandercock
                                                                                                    Vail School
 303        P           Creation Continuum            Teachers    H.S.      Matt Federoff
                   Digital Citizenship - one of the                                               Contemporary
 509        P                                         Teachers    K-12      Ruth Catalano
                           NEW Standards                                                          Enterprises, Inc.
                   Enhance Your Curriculum with
 410       H-O                                        Teachers    K-8         Dan Bartch               ASSET
                         Free PBS Resources
                                                                                                  Arizona Dept.
 507       H-O           In the IDEAL World             PDs       K-12       Cathy Poplin
                                                                                                   of Education
                   Incorporating Video & iTunes                                                     ASU/Apple
 411       H-O                                        Teachers    K-12        Heidi Blair
                           Using IDEAL                                                              Computer
                   Keeping Them In: Using iPods                  Middle                            Vail Unified
 506        P                                         Teachers             Donna L. Crane
                             for Tests                           School                           School District
                     podCASTing - Creativity,
 307        P                                         Teachers    K-8        Carolyn Daly         Tech4Learning
                      Animation, Storytelling
                                                                                                  U. of Arizona
                   "Questionator": Science Is About
 421       H-O                                        Teachers    K-12    Peter Crown, Ph.D.        College of
                          Asking Questions
                      Qwest/AzTEA Classroom                                                          Qwest
 305        P                                         Teachers    K-12    Tammy Hernandez
                    Technology Integration Grant                                                   Foundation
                     The Empire Experience: The                                                    Vail School
 306        P                                         Teachers    7-12    Wayne Griffis, et al
                           Infrastructure                                                            District
                                                                                                  Tempe Union
 CCS               Using Examview Pro to Assist in
            P                                         Teachers    K-12       Scott Foster          High School
Trailer                   Classroom Testing
                    Using Open Source to Deliver                                                   Vail School
 502        P                                         Teachers    H.S.        Larry Rice
                         Technology Content                                                          District
                     Wanda’s Wiki Wonderland:
                                                                 Middle    Jennifer Hunt &        Tanque Verde
 508        P      Literature Circles Online (Qwest   Teachers
                                                                 School     Judi Moreillon        School District
 302        P          Why Apple is Different         Teachers    K-12       Brian Gahan            Apple, Inc.
                   Wow! My Teacher is an Action                  Middle
 600       H-O                                        Teachers             Noreen Strehlow          Elementary
                            Figure!                              School
                                                                                                  School District

P = Presentation                              H-O = Hands-on                I-W = Interactive Workshop

AzTEA Awards for Members
Innovation Awards
The AzTEA Innovation Awards recognize educators, support personnel, administrators,
and community leaders who have demonstrated exemplary commitment to educational technology in
Arizona. Nomination forms are at www.aztea.org.
The awards were presented at the Microcomputers in Education Conference at Arizona State University
Tempe at the AzTEA Gala Celebration.

Exemplary Web Awards
AzTEA has a long-standing tradition of recognizing leaders in educational technology in the state of
Arizona. AzTEA Exemplary Web Site Awards will be awarded at the WOW conference. The web sites
hosted by Arizona schools/teachers in the following categories:
      Elementary School                                         Middle School
      Educational Program/Educational Content                   High School
      Community College/University Department or Division       Classroom Teacher
AzTEA will link to each winning site from www.aztea.org. The site/individual will receive a $500 cash
prize and a trophy to display in their school. In addition, winning entries may display the AzTEA
Exemplary Web Award Site symbol.

Qwest Foundation for Education Grant
AzTEA is very pleased to partner with the Qwest Foundation for Education to award mini-grants of
$2,500 to $10,000 to K-12 educators who demonstrate innovative uses of technology with students.
Meet some of these winners at the sessions here in Vail and at WOW in Glendale. The purpose of
these mini grants is to: (1) Recognize Arizona K12 educators who are using technology in innovative
ways with students; (2) Increase an awareness of how teachers are using technology in the classroom;
(3) Model best practices with technology integration improving student achievement. The funds will
be used to purchase the following for use in the classroom: supplies and materials, technology, or
professional development activities.
Application materials are now online at http://www.aztea.org.

                                                       Grovesite provides the collaborative planning
                                                       web site for each of the three conferences as well
                                                       as the Conference Presenters site that is accessible
                                                       to al three conference committees. As an all-
                                                       volunteer group, we rely on this support to give
                                                       our members these conferences. Thank you!
Set up your free trial in minutes!     www.grovesite.com                               602.952.9880

                    Qwest Foundation for Education
                 Qwest/AzTEA Digital Classroom Leaders

           2007-2008 Grant Recipients                                     2006-2007 Grant Recipients
Patti Hulet and Mary Rozum-Pratto                             Carrie Quinn
    “Butterfly Garden Project”                                    “Video Podcast Revolution”
    Gilbert Unified School District          $8,280.00            Villa dePaz Elementary School, Pendergast ESD

Laurie Burrell                                                Mary Lara
    “Bats, Bridges and Biospheres2”                               “Pond Animals Project”
    Amphitheater Unified School District      $9,809.36           Manuel DeMiguel Elementary School, Flagstaff USD

Robyn Rice                                                    Ruben Montoya
   “Utilities Planning for Mini Cities”                           “Geography and Geocaching”
   Maricopa Unified School District          $9,917.62            Alhambra School District Office, Alhambra ESD

Sheri Marlin                                                  Steve Sagin
    “Language Learning Live”                                      “Innovative Tech in Secondary Ed. via Micro-Leading
    Tucson Unified School District           $7,907.00            to Third World Countries”
                                                                  Edge High School, Edge Charter Schools
Linda Schallan
     “Classrooms without Borders: Using Learning 2.0 Tools    Reed Brotherton
    to Promote Global Dialogue”                                   “So You Want to be an Urban Ecologist?”
    Scottsdale Unified School District       $9,771.99            Western Valley Elementary School, Fowler ESD

Linda Stamer                                                  Patricia Dahlin-Dunne and Karen Sabin
    “Interactive Assessment of Band Students in the Digital       “Morenci: Crime Scene Investigation”
    Age”                                                          Morenci Jr./Sr. High School, Morenci USD
    Flagstaff Unified School District        $2,588.44
                                                              Jack Kahn
Jan Budak and Katie Felix                                         “The Amazing Race: Ancient Cultures”
    “Learning in the 21st Century”                                McClintock High School, Tempe Union HSD
    Tucson Unified School District           $9,367.12
                                                              Kathleen Koopman
Jennifer Hunt                                                     “SmartBoard=ArtBoard”
    “Wanda’s Wicked Worldwide Wiki Workspace”                     La Cima Middle School, Amphitheater USD
    Tanque Verde USD                   $9,374.11
                                                              Amy Kuhn
Theodor Jordan                                                    “Student Blog Portfolios”
  “Biotechnology, DNA and You”                                    Old Vail Middle School, Vail USD
  Casa Grande Union HSD                      $9,992.87
                                                              Linda Laneback
Darlene Price                                                     “Global Eyes”
    “iPods for Reading and Writing Excellence”                    Frank Elementary School, Tempe ESD
    Cave Creek USD                          $7,090.42
                                                              Betsy Wilkening
Jessica Sargent and Crystal Ray                                   “Think, Act, Globally & Locally”
    “Promoting Student Engagement via Technology”                 Richard B. Wilson K-8 School, Amphitheater USD
    Flagstaff USD                            $7,090.42
                                                              Stacie Zanzucchi and Linda Sutera
Steven Stanfield                                                  “Integrating Technology and Language Literacy”
    “Podcasts/Vodcasts to Preserve Navajo and Hopi                Coconino High School, Flagstaff US
    Cedar Unified School District            $3,118.00

                   Support Specialist.........................................Barbara Bau
Session 1                                                                                             10:00 – 11:00

420                                         Interactive Workshop     303                                                   Presentation
         A Virtual Interdisciplinary Lab: Economics/Math                                       Beyond Textbooks

This workshop will provide teachers powerful technology tools to     The advent of readily available digital content is a potential solution
teach the K-12 Standard in Economics and reinforce Standards in      to difficulty fitting materials to standards, but there has been no easy
core areas and Technology. The classroom materials cover the         way to align and provide that content to teachers. Vail School District
fundamental economic content and reasoning skills to understand      has created a solution that answers the need for standards-aligned
current and future economic issues and conditions.                   content, as well as a curriculum calendaring system that delivers that
                                                                     content to teachers in a completely new and eminently usable

K-12                                          Classroom Teachers     K-12                                                            All
Dr. David Katz, Program Coordinator, Arizona Council on              Kevin Carney, Rincon Vista Middle School Principal, Vail School
Economic Education                                                   District

410                                         Hands-on Workshop        Vail Theater                                          Presentation
                   Blogging in Your Classroom                                           Conversations with the Keynote

Do you have a blog? Would you like to start one for yourself or      Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants? Come discuss how emerging
your classroom? Blogs are collaborative tools that teachers and      technologies can be used to support comprehension and 21st Century
students can use to create amazing products. Learn how blogs can     information literacy and develop skills that equip students for meeting
be excellent instructional tools and how to avoid some common        the demands of the global community.
pitfalls when using them with students. We will use Google
Blogger to create a blog that will be up and running when you
leave the session.

Intermediate                                  Classroom Teachers     K-12                                                            All
Mitch Miller, Director, Classroom Teacher/ Tech Trainer,             Dr. Howie DiBlasi, Digital Journey

302                                                  Presentation    CCS Trailer                                          Presentation
       Differentiated Instruction with a Twist of Technology
                                                                               Sustainable Professional Development with IDEAL
This session explores the continuum of Differentiated Instruction
                                                                     How do you promote effective professional development with
and puts theory into practice. Explore a variety of strategies,
                                                                     limited time, money and resources? Using resources found in the
materials and activities that can be used in the classroom
                                                                     IDEAL Learning Environment, explore new and innovative models of
immediately with a twist of technology.
                                                                     professional development with tools designed specifically for online
                                                                     collaboration. IDEAL membership is provided free to all certified
                                                                     Arizona educators.
K-12                                          Classroom Teachers
Joy Burroughs, Digital Literacy Instructor, Holbrook Unified
School District                                                      K-12                                         Curriculum Specialists
Daphne Lamb, FACS and Career Education Instructor, Holbrook
Unified School District                                              Irma Sandercock, Professional Development Coordinator, Arizona
                                                                     State University/alt^I/IDEAL

                                                  Friday Administrator’s Dinner
                                                      Continental Breakfast
                           THANK YOU VAIL FOOD SERVICE
Session 1                                                                                                   10:00 – 11:00

506                                                     Presentation       600 – Media Center                          Interactive Workshop
           Finding Success in Large-Scale Implementations                               Got GPS? Let's Learn Through Geocaching

                                                                           Raise students’ curiosity about geography, science, math, and
Glendale Elementary School District Technology Coordinator will            literature. Participants will use multidisciplinary, inquiry-driven,
share his experience with Learning.com's TechLiteracy Assessment           field-based GPS units in this 2-hour hands-on session to locate data-
and EasyTech as a district-wide technology literacy curriculum and         rich geocaches. Explore EduCaching and best practices that
assessment solution. Learn how to manage the project and achieve           transform classrooms into exciting, empowering, exploratory
success.                                                                   student-centered environments. GPS Units Provided!

K-8                                                   Administrators       K-12                                           Classroom Teachers
Nathan Fairbanks, Technology Coordinator, Glendale Elementary              Dr. Alice Christie, ASU President's Professor Emeritus
School District

505                                                     Presentation
          Knowledge and Skills for a Digital World: NETS

The primary goal of the ISTE NETS Project is to enable educators
in PreK-12 education to use national standards for educational uses
of technology that facilitate school improvement. Explore ideas
and tools you can use in your classroom immediately.
                                                                                                Dr. Helen Padgett

                                                                                            President Elect of ISTE
K-12                                            Classroom Teachers
Dr. Helen Padgett, Director Prof Development and Research, ASU

504                                                     Presentation       304                                                      Presentation
           Light the Fire of Peer Coaching in Your School                                 Making Demonstrations Work For You

When teachers focus collaboratively on engaging learning                   Using video to develop self-directed learners, a veteran teacher has
experiences, classroom practices change and students develop               developed several videos for demonstrations. Video helps hold all
critical 21st Century skills. Learn from Isaac District facilitators how   students attention and make sure the same information is given to
Peer Coaching can develop collaboration, communication and                 all. It creates a reference resource catelog for students to use as
other coaching skills needed to help colleagues apply best practices       they develop independently.
for lesson improvement and technology infusion.

K-12                     Administrators & Professional Developers          K-12                                           Classroom Teachers
Shelee King George, Program Manager, Puget Sound Center                    Gary Benna, Art Teacher, TUSD
Ann Lumm, Technology Integration Trainer, Maricopa Cty ESA
Rene Castaneda, District Technology Director, Isaac SD

Session 1                                                                                                  10:00 – 11:00
508                                                     Presentation      509                                                  Presentation
                Pedagogy for 21st Century Learning                                    Promethean Increases Student Achievement

21st Century Learning is at the forefront of most educational goals       Promethean Interactive Boards create unique teaching and learning
today. Assuring our students are well-prepared to contribute and          opportunities. Activexpressions and Activotes are learner response
thrive in our global environment is vital. Technology standards           systems that allow students and teachers to explore their
have been established and resources used, but what is the right           understanding of concepts and standards with confidence. Students
pedagogy for 21st Century classrooms?                                     and teachers instantly become aware of gaps in instruction that can
                                                                          be addressed using these systems.

K-12                                          Curriculum Specialists      K-12                                         Classroom Teachers
Rachel Wright Martinez, Vice President, SchoolKit Sales                   Julie Toombs, teacher consultant, L3AV
                                                                          Julianna Bosso, Territory Manager, L3AV

507                                                     Presentation      502                                                  Presentation
       Bats, Bridges and Biosphere 3 (Qwest Award Winner)                            Strategies for Communicating with the Geeks

The Qwest award winner Bats, Bridges and Biosphere 3 integrates           Have you ever wanted a website unblocked or software installed?
technology at disadvantaged school sites with the creation of three       This session features a roundtable discussion and collaboration of
after school science clubs. Students experience hands on science          successful communication strategies to help you and your district IT
utilizing real-world science equipment.                                   department--break down the barriers and create a highly
                                                                          performing partnership between the Educators,
                                                                          Curriculum/Instruction and your IT Department.

Intermediate                                    Classroom Teachers        K-12                                         Classroom Teachers
Laurie Burrell, Wilson K-8 5th Grade Science Facilitator, Amphi           Evan Allred, Director, Information Technology, Dysart Unified
School District                                                           School District

305                                           Interactive Workshop        306                                                Presentation
                                                                          Dr. Helen Padgett , Director Prof Development and Research ,
             Terrific Classroom Management Strategies                     Arizona State University Experience: Meet the Teachers
                                                                                      The Empire

Outstanding classroom management strategies and techniques,               What does it take to teach at a school without textbooks? How do
research-based (discipline) support and information, ideas for            you go from traditional materials to all digital content? How do
establishing a culture of appreciation, acquisition of new                you keep a classroom full of students with laptops engaged and on
interactive teaching ideas, instructional strategies for increasing on-   task? Meet veteran Empire teachers (including some founding
task behavior, great tips for maximizing teacher energy and               members) who will share how they prepare for instruction, and
effectiveness, and ideas for creating students with "sweating             how it looks and feels to work at a one-to-one school.

K-12                                            Classroom Teachers        Intermediate & High School                   Classroom Teachers
Arnold Bianco, Mentor/Principal, Desert Springs Academy                   Jeremy Gypton, Krista Gypton, Raylee May, Mike Frank, Jen
                                                                          Sanchez, Melinda Jensen, and Darcy Mentone

411                                                     Presentation      307                                         Hands-On Workshop
                     The New AZ Ed Tech Plan                                                        Uses for a Wiki

Come and comment on the new draft of the AZ Ed Tech Plan.                 Learn how to use WikiSpaces. Session includes demonstrations on
Your voice counts!!!                                                      how we are using them in our District, in our LapTop project and in
                                                                          the classroom.

K-12                                                  Administrators      K-12                                         Classroom Teachers
Cathy Poplin, Deputy Associate Supt for Ed Tech, Arizona                  Darolene H. Brown, Media Specialist, CRUHSD#2/River Valley
Department of Education                                                   High School

                 AzTEA Elected Positions 2008-2009
                                Elections in March

President .................................................... Dr. Chris Johnson, 21st Century Learning Group
President-Elect ............................................. Rick Baker, ASU
Past President.............................................. Priscilla Lundberg, Retired
Secretary..................................................... Kim Thomas, Madison ESD
Treasurer .................................................... Cathy Poplin, ADE
Board Member ........................................... Veronica Diaz, MCCCD
Board Member ........................................... Valerie Quarto, Cochise and Santa Cruz County TIS
Board Member ........................................... Heather Ziegler, Flagstaff USD
Board Member ............................................. Darolene Brown, Colorado River UHSD
Board Member ............................................. Mary Knight, Flagstaff USD
Board Member ............................................. Amy Chayefsky, Maricopa USD
Northern Chair ........................................... Judith Romero, Flagstaff USD
Eastside Co-Chairs ....................................... Julia Lott, Gilbert USD
                                                               Jennifer Merrill, Gilbert USD
Westside Chair ............................................ Dr. Peggy George, retired ASU
Southern Co-Chairs ..................................... Denise Ryan, Office of the Pima County School
                                                               Allen Swanson, Pima County TIS
CTO—SIG Liaisons ...................................... Hank Stabler, Retired
                                                               Jason Jordan, Murphy SD
Corporate Partner Liaison ............................ Jeanine Gearheart, Mesa USD

                            Appointed Positions 2008-2009
                                       Appointments made in June

Federal Advocacy........................................ Dr. Helen Padgett, ASU and ISTE President Elect
State Advocacy ........................................... Hank Stabler, Retired
ADE Liaison ................................................ Nan Williams, ADE
Conference Committee Co-Chairs ............... Julia Lott, Gilbert USD
                                                              Ann Lumm, Maricopa County TIS
Communication Co-Chairs .......................... Dr. Peggy George, retired ASU
                                                              Jennifer Merrill, Gilbert USD
Finance Committee ..................................... Cathy Poplin, ADE
Innovation Awards .................................... Tammy Hernandez, IDEAL
Web Awards .............................................. Kim Thomas, Madison ESD
Membership .............................................. Priscilla Lundberg, Retired
Parliamentarian .......................................... Dr. Ruth Catalano, Retired
Corporate Partner Advisory Group ............. Will Dunham, CCS
Non-Profit Partner Liaison ........................... Kathy Wiebke, K-12 Center
Publications ............................................... Laurie King, Dysart USD
Webmaster ................................................ Sinan Yucel, ASSET
ISTE Liaison................................................. Kim Thomas, Madison ESD
MEC Liaison................................................ Mark Nichols, ASU

                                 Support Staff
Executive Director ....................................... Coy Ison

 Session 2                                                                                                    11:15 – 12:15

508                                                     Presentation     503                                                    Presentation

        Aha! Math - Ensuring Foundational Math Proficiency                               Cell Phones as Classroom Responders

Introducing Aha! Math, Web-delivered supplemental math                   Using the website, http://www.polleverywhere.com, teachers can
curriculum for grades K-5. With research-based instructional models      transform cell phones into classroom responders. This provides
and content, Aha!Math helps improve students’ foundational math          instant feedback and results on student comprehension of specific
skills while developing their higher-level problem-solving,              performance objectives.
reasoning and 21st century skills.

K-8                                           Curriculum Specialists     H.S.                                                     Teachers

Stacy Gibbons, Territory Manager, Learning.com                           Kevin Steeves & Kelly Hadden, Vail School District

506                                                 Presentation         507                                                    Presentation
       Creating A Culture Of Job Embedded Staff Development
                                                                                   Learning in the 21st Century (Qwest Award Winner)
Discussion and examples of how Glendale ESD is providing all
technology-related PD through curriculum. Evaluation of GESD’s           Qwest Award winners Jan and Katie will share their successes along
model highlighting the incorporation of PD standards, professional       the journey to becoming a 21st Century School. Brichta is a 1:1
teacher standards, and technology development through the                laptop school.
content knowledge. Participants will leave with the framework
and examples to repeat and enhance the model implemented at

K-8                                        Professional Developers       K-12                                                 Teachers
Nathan Fairbanks, Coordinator of Technology Integration
                                                                         Jan Budak and Katie Felix, Brichta Elementary School, TUSD
Jody Gallimore, Coordinator of Math / Science
Ericka Daniel, Coordinator of Language Arts / SS

All from Glendale Elementary School District

410                                            Interactive Workshop      509                                                    Presentation

         Getting 21st Century Skills with a Whole New Mind                      Learning Language Lab Goes Live (Qwest Award Winner)

This interactive session will introduce participants to the Six Senses   Helping English Language Learners master oral and written
of the book, A Whole New Mind. Each sense will be described              communication can be enhanced with the use of technology.
and its significance explored. Participants will organize the senses     Participants will hear how a Qwest funded laptop lab has
into 21st Century Categories, share their findings, tour web             supported English Language Learning in a Tucson primary school.
resources that support each of the six senses and make plans for         Student products will be featured along with techniques for helping
how they will incorporate and use them into student learning             students learn to use the technology and initial data on the success
opportunities.                                                           of the program.

K-12                                           Classroom Teachers        Primary                                        Classroom Teachers

Sunshine Darby, Technology Training Supervisor, Dysart Unified           Sheri Marlin, Resource Teacher, TUSD
School District No. 89

                            ASU on iTunes U is a repository and support mechanism for ASU podcasting efforts-- together in a
                            single, easy to access location. This will enhance individual programming, and will work to
                            generate exposure to individual programs that are listed as part of a larger collective, maximizing
                            and leveraging ASU content in conjunction with Apple and iTunes U.
                            ASU iTunes U will utilize ASU’s authentication system and Apple’s repository of educational
                            podcasts, blended into a unified cohesive space.
Session 2                                                                                                   11:15 – 12:15

421                                          Hands-on Workshop         307                                                   Presentation

            Making Sweet Connections with Delicious                                      OLPC XO In Today's Classroom

Participants will discover how to make use of the free social          A presentation on how OLPC XO laptops and other netbooks may
bookmarking website, Delicious, as a tool to share resources.          benefit student knowledge and access to technology. This session
Participants will learn how to develop their own delicious site and    will focus on how to use an OLPC XO and other netbooks as well
the value of using this powerful tool within the field of education.   as furthering the educational possibilities for diverse communities.

Intermediate                                 Classroom Teachers        K-12                                         Classroom Teachers

Bonnie Feather, Technology Integration Specialist, Statewide           Matthew Doane, I.T. Administrator/Teacher, Liberty Traditional
Instructional Technology Project                                       Charter School
                                                                       Jon Ooms, Computer Learning Coordinator, Boys and Girls Club
                                                                       with the East Valley

504                                                    Presentation    420                                         Hands-on Workshop

            Peer Coaching Facilitators: Stay Connected                                Showcasing Student Work on the Web

Peer Coaching Facilitators join Shelee King George from Puget          Participants will actively explore and discuss several Web 2.0
Sound Center for an action-packed session of reflection,               applications that allow students to showcase learning and publish it
collaboration and connection. Add to your facilitator tool kit         online, such as Glogster for educators, Mixbook, Scrapblog, and
while sharing your successes and challenges. Leave with new            much more. Teachers will discuss classroom applications, classroom
strategies to apply in a variety of training venues to continue your   management strategies and security/safety precautions for
growth as facilitators and create new opportunities.                   showcasing student work online.

K-12                                      Professional Developers      K-12                                           Classroom Teachers

Shelee King George, Program Manager, Puget Sound Center                Melodie Brewer, Technology Training Specialist, Dysart Unified
                                                                       School District

304                                                    Presentation    505                                                   Presentation

                         STEM on Steroids                                        STEM Student Prep for 21st Century Workforce

Meet Carl Hayden High’s award winning robotics team that has           The US needs a change that broadens participation in science,
been inspiring others to the hard fun of engineering. The team         technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Explore national
has made hundreds of presentations to kindergarteners,                 and state pathways to address STEM initiatives. Practical classroom
governors, civic groups and influenced the culture of their            ideas.
neighborhood, state, and country. (STEM – Science, Technology,
Engineering & Mathmatics)

K-12                                            Classroom Teachers     K-12                                           Classroom Teachers

Allan Cameron, Retired Computer Science Teacher, Carl Hayden           Dr. Helen Padgett, Director Prof Dev and Research = TBLR,
H.S. Robotics Coach                                                    Arizona State University
Faridodin "Fredi" Lajvardi, Marine Science teacher/director, Carl      Lynn Castiglione, Gifted & Talented SAGE Program, Deer Valley
Hayden High School                                                     Unified School District

Session 2                                                                                              11:15 – 12:15

CCS Trailer                                          Presentation   306                                                Presentation
                                                                                 The Empire Experience: Meet the Students
              Technology for the 21st Century Classroom
                                                                    What is it like to go to a school without textbooks? If you don't
Need help creating a vision or planning for classroom technology?   have a book, how do you know what to study? Is it really possible
Please join us for a hands-on experience with the latest in         to do all your schoolwork with a laptop? Is it easy to get distracted
technology integration tools.                                       or off-task? You can ask all these questions and any others to a
                                                                    panel of EHS students representing a broad cross-section of the
                                                                    school. Get the real story on what student life is like at a one-to-one

K-12                                        Classroom Teachers      K-12                                          Classroom Teachers

Tamara Nicolosi, Training Specialist, CCS Presentation Systems      Jeremy Gypton, Krista Gypton, Raylee May, Mike Frank, Jen
Jennifer Lane, Training Specialist, CCS Presentation Systems        Sanchez, Melinda Jensen, and Darcy Mentone

Vail Theater                                         Presentation   411                                             Hands-on Workshop

       The Power of 1: Change through 1Teacher at a Time                     Transform Your Teaching with Flip Video Cameras

“Schools are stuck in the 20th century. Students have rushed into   Presenter has 15 Flip Video Cameras for demonstration. Flip
the 21st. How can schools catch up and provide students with a      Cameras are easy to use and run around $135.00 each. They plug
relevant education?” We must train our teachers to use Digital      directly into the computer with a USB port and videos can easily be
Tools & include “Global, and Authentic” connections and teach       uploaded to TeacherTube. In addition, without a computer,
our students to be self-directed while making a meaningful          students can tape up to 60 minutes and playback the video on a
connection to the community. Let’s “Change the World!”              TV, LCD projector, or SmartBoard.
KEYNOTE at AzTEA Peaks Performance Conference November,

K-12                                        Classroom Teachers      K-12                                          Classroom Teachers

Dr. Howie DiBlasi, Digital Journey                                  Beth Malapanes, Librarian, Canyon del Oro High School

305                                                  Presentation

          Exploring Systems: Interactive Web Resources

How do interest-earning bank accounts work compared to piggy
banks? What causes populations to grow or decline? Investigate
such questions using Online resources: 1.)WebEd - self-paced
modules exploring systems thinking concepts/tools; 2.)Systems
Simulations - environments to engage students in learning about
dynamic systems within the curriculum.

K-12                                           Classroom Teachers

Anne LaVigne, Systems Thinking in Schools: A Water’s Foundation

                   The ASU, University Technology Office, Applied Learning Technologies Institute (alt^I )
              is dedicated to the advancement of higher education through research, collaboration, and action.

                              alt^I is comprised of six core, interrelated & integrated units:
                              Research and Community Outreach                     New Media Studio
                              Learning Technologies                          Technology Integration
                              Distributed learning                         Media Distribution Systems

  Other Great Conferences & Professional Development Opportunities

                                                                      Technology Tuesdays at the
                                                                        Pima County Regional
                                                                           Support Center
                                                                      February 3      Podcasting
                                                                      February 10     Google Earth and
                                                                                      Google Lit Trips
                                                                      February 17     Geocaching and GIS
                                                                      February 24     ePortfolios
                                                                      March 3 & 10 Pacman and the
                                                                                      Ghosts: Games That
                                                                                      Make You Think
                                                                      March 17        Wikis, Blogs, and
                                                                                      Threaded Discussion
Reserve Housing Now www.iste.org                                                      for Classroom
                Internet Safety Night                                 March 24        Student Response
                                                                                      Systems: The
                     Utterback Middle School
                            6:30-8:30                                 April 14        IDEAL
                       February 12th, 2009                            April 21        Google Tools for
  Join AzTEA, TUSD, and the Office of the Pima County School          April 28         Planning Next Year:
  Superintendent in welcoming representatives from the Pima                            Your Technology
  County Attorney’s Office, County Sherriff’s Department, and
  Tucson Police Department for an informative look at how to
  protect our children as they use and explore cell phones, the
  Internet, and other electronic devices. Lupita Murillo from KVOA          6420 E. Broadway, Ste A100
  News 4 will emcee. Curriculum materials will be available from                     745-4588
  the Regional Support Center. Arrange for classroom visits at this

Session 3                                                                                                        1:15 – 2:15

Vail Theater                                         Presentation      420                                                     Hands-On

               21 Projects for the 21st Century Classroom                            Cooking up Designs for Digital Literacy

"The future of Education will be more about 'the Network' than         As an appetizer, our menu starts with Recipes and Snacks from
'the Classroom.'" Assist students to communicate worldwide and         Tech4Learning’s “Recipes4Success”; a free tool included in the
use new tools that reach into their world of information while         IDEAL Curriculum Resources environment. For the entrée, go
being mindful of sustainable and systemic change that penetrates       beyond the included “how to” tutorials.
rather than just shines the surface.

K-12                                          Classroom Teachers       K-12                                         Classroom Teachers

 Dr. Howie DiBlasi, Digital Journey                                    Victoria Schmitt, Curriculum Resources Coordinator, IDEAL
                                                                       Irma Sandercock, Professional Development Coordinator, IDEAL

303                                                  Presentation      509                                                Presentation

                         Creation Continuum                                      Digital Citizenship - one of the NEW Standards

Obtaining the "right tool for the job" can be harder than expected.    NETS-S presents Digital Citizenship as a more encompassing
What is needed is a new terminology for the description of             prospect than just Intellectual Property. This overview of the
technology initiatives, materials, and equipment. As featured in the   standard opens the discussion of what the term means and how to
winter edition of Converge magazine, Matt will propose a               incorporate it into the curriculum and daily life.
descriptive model called the "Creation Continuum" that may help
guide decisions.

                                                                       K-12                                         Classroom Teachers
High School                                                 All
                                                                       Ruth Catalano, Retired Admin., Contemporary Enterprises, Inc.
Matt Federoff, CIO, Vail School District

 Continue your technology professional development
outside the conferences! Watch, listen, read, learn, and                                AzTEA Podcast
                     contribute:                                                        azteapodcast.podomatic.com
                                                                                        AzTEA Wiki

410                                              Hands-on              507                                                Hands-On
                                                                                               In the IDEAL World
        Enhance Your Curriculum with Free PBS Resources
                                                                        Come see how IDEAL (www.ideal.azed.gov) has evolved. Discover
PBS Teachers Connect is an online community of teachers                resources for a "Train the Trainer" workshop you can use at your
exchanging ideas, resources and instructional strategies on the        school or district.
integration of digital media and technology. Learn how to use this
valuable free tool and to search for resources that you can use in
your classroom from a variety of PBS programs.
                                                                       K-12                                      Professional Developers

K-8                                           Classroom Teachers       Cathy Poplin, Deputy Associate Superintendent for Educational
                                                                       Technology, Arizona Department of Education
Dan Bartch, Instructional Specialist Coordinator, ASSET

Session 3                                                                                                         1:15 – 2:15

411                                                      Hands-On       506                                                 Presentation

            Incorporating Video and iTunes Using IDEAL                               Keeping Them In: Using iPods for Tests

During this hands-on workshop we will explore the why and how           This presentation will discuss the background, use, and success of
of incorporating video into instruction. All of the video sources are   having Special Education students use iPods for taking tests. Data
available free through IDEAL. We will use Google Sites and Google       and testimonials will be shared to demonstrate the powerful
Apps through IDEAL to share what we learn.                              success of this tool. Q & A period will conclude the session.

K-12                                         Classroom Teachers         Middle School                                Classroom Teachers

Heidi Blair, Assist. Director of Research & Outreach, ASU/Apple         Donna L. Crane, Special Education Teacher, Vail Unified School
Computer                                                                District

307                                                 Presentation        421                                            Hands-on Workshop

          podCASTing - Creativity, Animation, Storytelling                      "Questionator": Science Is About Asking Questions

Come learn how podcasting can improve student understanding             In true inquiry based learning, students generate questions, not the
and achievement and explore some basic techniques for creating          teacher. Our NIH-funded program is beta testing two online tools
audio and video podcasts and posting them online.                       designed to facilitate questioning both in and out of the K-12
                                                                        classroom. Students use the Questionator in class to ask questions

K-8                                          Classroom Teachers

Carolyn Daly, Regional Sales Manager, Tech4Learning                     K-12                                           Classroom Teachers

                                                                        Peter Crown, Ph.D., Online Media Producer, U. of Arizona
                                                                        College of Medicine
305                                                 Presentation        306                                              Presentation

       Qwest/AzTEA Classroom Technology Integration Grant                           The Empire Experience: The Infrastructure

Come learn how you can receive up to $10,000 from the Qwest             How do you keep 850 laptops running day in and day out? What
Foundation and AzTEA. Over 40 teachers have already received            are the personnel & equipment resources required to provide a
funding for the most innovative projects including: building mini-      reliable experience to staff and students? Empire technology staff
cities, conducting DNA analysis studies, Micro-lending Project, and     will take you over to the Technology Support Center,
geocaching. Through Qwest, AzTEA has $100,000 to give to                demonstrate their support processes, and answer your questions
classroom teachers. This session will provide you tips for writing      regarding what goes on behind the scenes at a one-to-one school.
your proposal.

K-12                                         Classroom Teachers         7-12                                         Technology Support

Tammy Hernandez, Project Manager, IDEAL                                 Wayne Gritis, Site Technology Coordinator, Vail School District
                                                                        Steve Lee, Certified Repair Technician, Vail School District
                                                                        DeAun Nieto, Computer Lab Technician, Vail School District

                      The Students of Empire High School: Arizona’s Premiere 1:1 Laptop School

Session 3                                                                                                          1:15 – 2:15
CCS Trailer                                            Presentation      502                                                    Presentation

        Using ExamView Pro to Assist In Classroom Testing                         Using Open Source to Deliver Technology Content

ExamView Pro is a computer program that allows teachers to create        Open Source and Web 2.0 software/Internet solutions deliver
tests and exams with ease. It also allows teachers to modify tests       technology enabling tools within the classroom. Jing, Scratch,
easily for Special Education students. It is a great time saver when     Alice, Freemind, NeoOffice, Squeak, BlueJ, WordWeb, Nvu,
developing semester exams. It can be used for every subject and          Gimp, JustBasic, Juice, Miro, Inkscape, Seashore, Adium, and
grade level. The program allows for easy importing of information,       Perivian...can provide extensive technology competencies to 21st
maps, and pictures.                                                      Century students when used within a multitude of curriculums.
                                                                         Examples of student work will be presented.

K-12                                            Classroom Teachers       High School                                    Classroom Teachers

Scott Foster, Special Education Dept. Chair, Tempe Union High            Larry Rice, Technology Teacher, Vail School District
School District

508                                                    Presentation      302                                                    Presentation

       Wanda’s Wiki Wonderland: Literature Circles Online                                      Why Apple is Different
                    (Qwest Award Winner)
                                                                         PC and Mac users, come explore what makes Apple different and
Learn from our experience working with virtual literature circles! An    unique in education. You will learn about Apple's "Think Ahead"
8th-grade language arts teacher and a teacher-librarian co-designed,     initiative and plans for 2009 for K-12 education. Specifically,
implemented and assessed student literature circle wikis. We will        collaboration tools, creativity tools, mobility and product
share students' work, resources and our stories of teaching in a 21st-   information for the 2009 year.
century, learner-centered environment.

Middle School                                   Classroom Teachers       K-12                                           Classroom Teachers

Jennifer Hunt, 8th-Grade Pre-AP Language Arts Teacher, Tanque            Brian Gahan, Account Manager, K-12 Education, Apple, Inc.
Verde School District
Judi Moreillon, Ph.D., Teacher-Librarian, Tanque Verde School

                             600 - Media Center                                      Presentation

                                                  Wow! My Teacher is an Action Figure!

                             If you want to grab your students' attention, why not introduce historical
                             concepts as an avatar dressed in period costume? Teach math concepts in three
                             dimension. Create public service announcements using avatars as actors.

                             Middle School                                     Classroom Teachers

                             Noreen Strehlow, Technology Integration Specialist, Phoenix Elementary School
                             District #1

 Did you know?...

 Every county in Arizona has a Technology Integration Specialist available for
 training and assistance in the effective use of technology in the classroom? The
 TIS in your county is available free-of-charge and will travel to your location.
 What a deal!

                Who ever said that you don’t get anything for free?

Statewide Instructional Technology Project
                            Contact Information

Intel® Teach Program: Essentials and Thinking with Technology classes are available through
IDEAL at no cost to participants. There are opportunities for 24 to 60 hours of professional
development credit with graduate credit option. A Master Teacher course is available for those
who would like to become trainers. Travel expenses and substitute costs are reimbursed for
Master Teacher's who travel beyond 50 miles. Contact your county Technology Integration
Specialist or Lillian.Hritz@schools.pima.gov for more information.

                                                                 Intel® Teach
Platinum Partners

Platinum Partners

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At Qwest™ we believe in the power of education to change
lives and enrich communities. We put our support behind
  pre-K through 12 education with initiatives that ensure
students are ready to learn, teach parents their important
  role in student learning, and help teachers acquire new
 tools and skills. From fostering community involvement to
   facilitating investment in schools, we know how to hit the

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                                       Bronze Partners
          Adaptive Curriculum                        I CAN Learn Education Systems, Inc.
            Apple Computer                                     Ignite! Learning
     Arizona State University-MEC                                ISTE/AzTEA
  ASU-Applied Learning Technologies                           One2One Mate
               ASSET-Eight                               Provision Communications
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              Tucson Teaching and Technology
                   Conference Committee
  Allen Swanson, Office of the Pima County School    Chris Johnson, 21st Century Learning Group and UA
                    Superintendent                   Matt Federoff, Vail School District
  Denise Ryan, Office of the Pima County School      Vaughn Croft, Office of the Pima County School
                    Superintendent                                    Superintendent
  Mary Bouley, TUSD and UA                           Ed Kowalczyk, TUSD
  Curtis Dutiel, Office of the Pima County School    Richard Lippman, TUSD
                    Superintendent                   Emily Mann, Office of the Pima County School
  Li-lin English, TUSD                                            Superintendent
  Christina Franco-Carillo, TUSD                     Peggy Steffens, Amphitheater Unified School District

                      Arizona Ed
                      Tech News
    Arizona Technology Plan
                     Transforming Education: Enabling Learning for all Arizona Students
The current draft is ready now for your comments. The Department of Education is looking for feedback on
the draft of the 2009 Education Technology Plan from Educators, Parents, Business People and Community
Members in your regions. The committee has made strategic recommendations for four interrelated

              Student Learning
              Leadership
              Preparation and Development of Educators
              Infrastructure

Please share these links to comment on the 2009 draft of the Arizona Education Technology Plan via e-mail,
website, your signature, newsletters, and other communications: http://moourl.com/AZplan or

                              Internet Safety
                             Schools required to teach
                                    web safety
                                      From www.eschoolnews.com

Schools receiving e-Rate discounts on their telecommunications services and internet access soon will have
to educate their students about online safety, sexual predators, and cyber bullying, thanks to federal
legislation passed in both the Senate and the House.

The Broadband Data Improvement Act requires the Federal Trade Commission to carry out a national
public awareness program focused on educating children how to use the internet in safe and responsible

The Statewide Instructional Technology group grant provides services to all
Arizona public, private and charter schools in educational technology training.
Please contact your county’s Technology Integration Specialist to arrange
workshops tailored to the needs of your campus and staff. Curriculum
integrations and lesson resources http://pimarsc.pbwiki.com/Internet-Safety-and-

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