2009 ANNUAL REPORT
                                       BOARD ACTING CHAIRMAN

When I look back at what was reported in 2008 that “our school life was dominated by an extensive building
program”, I can report that in 2009 the situation hadn’t changed. If anything our program grew following
the opportunity to build additional facilities and refurbish existing buildings made available by the Australian
Government. Due to the Global Economic Crisis (GFS) the Government offered building grants to schools as
apart of their Stimulation Packages.

It’s difficult to recall any remembrance of normality due to the numerous disruptions experienced by our
entire school community. The Board acknowledges these challenges that have impacted everyone of us;
from principal, administration staff, teachers, maintenance staff, students and their families. We extend our
sincere gratitude for the patience while ‘riding the storm’. Hopefully very soon we may be able to experience
normal school life in some of these wonderful new buildings.

Our school exists to ‘educate for eternity’ and help bring the families within our school community into an
experience of what it means to be a Christian and experience God’s promises.

Only a short time ago we announced the appointment of the Family Services Chaplain, Ian Rowbottom. This
year we welcome Nathan Randall also to the Chaplaincy after Leah Taylor left to pursue further study at the
end of 2008. Nathan is the Youth Pastor at Craigmore Christian Church. These appointments continue to
significantly address the great need to nurture and support our children as they grapple with the pressures
of school life and worldly experiences.

The staff at our school are passionate about the development of children that God has placed in our care
and with the support of our Chaplains cement the knowledge that God has a plan and purpose for every one
of us. Please pray for our staff as they endeavour to guide and teach children so they can equip themselves
with a foundation of knowledge and a strong faith to get them through everyday life.

This year we saw Jeff Spencer stand down from the position of Chairman and we welcomed Nigel Barnard,
Craigmore Christian Church Pastor, as the new chairman. To Jeff - we sincerely appreciate your guidance
and the significant role you have so faithfully undertaken with the new school building program. Nigel, we
wish you God’s blessing as you take up this important role. Nigel comes to us with a wealth of personal
experiences within the school having five of his own daughters come through the school. Nigel has also been
a faithful and must loved servant of the CCC for many years and the School Board look forward to working
alongside him.

It seems only yesterday that our Chairman was expressing the challenging task of building our enrolments
beyond the 380’s. Well, praise the Lord we have hit approximately 430 students, this has been a real answer
to prayer.

However the challenges of growing our school still exists, not only to increase our enrolments beyond 450,
but to finish our new buildings with as little disruption as possible to all who work within it.

The pressures and challenges of managing our school keep us on our toes as we look forward to the year
ahead. With the wonderful support of our Principal, Sandra Jesshope, Business Manager, Tim Rankin, and
staff we see another year filled with God’s blessings. As we head into our 30th year we will continue to place
our school and all that is within it into the His hands.

Mr Mark Burleigh
                                          PRINCIPAL’S REPORT

As usual I once again thank God for his faithfulness over yet another year. We should never underestimate
the difference our students can make and the achievements they can experience when they come to an
understanding of the Gospel and the power of walking in a way that brings glory and honour to God. As an
educational institution, academic excellence is certainly encouraged, but excellence in Godly character is
even a more powerful ‘tool for success’ for which to equip our young people.

At the commencement of the 2009 school year, I shared with both the staff and students the following verse
from Philippians.

“Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it to completion.” Phil 1:6

When we consider personal achievement we should not separate it from the fact we are created by God for
His good purpose. Phil 1:6 encourages us to grasp the fact that God, who has already started a work in us,
whether we acknowledge his handiwork or not, will carry it on to completion. For us to know that we do not
have to do things completely in our own strength, limited to human wisdom and discernment, should
encourage us to strive far above what we may see personally possible.

The beginning of the 2009 School year saw us welcome 74 new students and launching off with an
enrolment of 423 young people ready to reach their potential.

Our year started with welcoming back many of our 2008 Yr 12 students to commend them for their efforts
and fantastic achievements. Many of our community enjoyed the publicity we received from the Messenger
highlighting some of our highest achievers. Out of the 25 Merits awarded to northern schools, 10 of these
went to our students! Along with that great result we once again saw us maintaining percentages of As and
Bs at a significantly higher level than the state average. This was a significant result for the school; a
testimony to our pursuit of excellence. When I look at our graduating class of 2008, I am delighted and
encouraged to see so many of this wonderful group of young people head into the next era of their lives
having a firm understanding of the love God has for them, and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
That is the ultimate reward for all those working here at CCS. I trust that this is a great encouragement to
all the families as we continue to work together to encourage our young people to aim for excellence whilst
seeking to honour God in all they do, say and think.

As I write this report at the beginning of 2010 I can also congratulate all of the 2009 Year 12 students on
their achievements. We have included a summary of their results in this AGM report. Congratulations to
Nelson Schonfeldt for being awarded the Secondary Dux for 2009 after completing the year with a TER of
98.25. Special mention must also be made of Rosanne Bell for achieving an excellent TER of 97.75.


1       Building Programme
Throughout the year we continued to anticipate the completion of the new school buildings. When one
walks around the new facilities we can’t but wonder at what God has in store for us. The start of a new
year saw us once again set as our goal a determination to see young people reach their potential through
the ministry of the Craigmore Christian School believing that God is very much an integral part of the
educational programmes running throughout the school.

2009 saw us successfully apply for the Building the Education Revolution grants announced by the Federal
Government. The Primary Schools grant gave us much needed funds to complete the new library and
classrooms and relevant parts of the administration building. They also have enabled us to build 4 new
primary classrooms and student amenities as part of the Science and Language Centre building. The
Science and Language Centre Grant have enabled us to meet the need we had to develop our Science
facility and LOTE learning centres. The combined grant monies to be received through these grants is
approximately $4.2M.

Once the BER projects and our own building projects have been completed we will have the following new
           Gymnasium
           1 Multi Purpose GLA
           Library with activity room and computer suite
           8 Primary General Learning Areas
           Language Learning Centre
           Computer suite for LOTE/ Primary students
           3 Science Labs
           3 Student Amenities blocks
           Staff Preparation areas
           New Administration
                 Staff Room
                 Staff Amenities / Handicapped toilet
                 First Aid room
                 General Admin areas
                 School Reception and foyer
                 Board Room
                 Student Reception
                 Senior Staff Offices
                 Principal’s Office and Admin area

We also have a very nice new outdoor learning area and a sandpit provided through the last of the
‘Investing In Our Schools Programme’ grants. The $45000 was provided by the Federal Government under
the leadership of Prime Minister John Howard.

We acknowledge and very much appreciate the grants which have flowed from the Federal Government
both under the leadership of our former Prime Minister, Mr John Howard, and current Prime Minister, Mr
Kevin Rudd, over the many years of the School’s ministry to the local community.

The Digital Education Revolution continued to roll out throughout 2008. This enabled us to secure 1
computer to every 2 students from Year 9 to Yr 12. The on-cost component of the grant programme
provided funds for the infrastructure needed to run a much larger network of school computers. The DER
programme now sees us working towards a ratio of 1:1.

2       Curriculum
We have endeavoured to continue to provide students with a wide choice of subjects to cater for various
learning styles and interests. In 2009 we introduced Year 12 Maths Applications as a follow on to
introducing Maths Applications at Year 10 and Year 11 in 2008.

Our Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students participated in NAPLAN (National Assessment Programme: Literacy and
Numeracy) testing and once again we were pleased to see expected and consistent results. Further detail
can also be found in Deputy Principal’s Report.

Staff were heavily involved in professional development activities related to the introduction of the New
SACE in 2010. This saw many staff attending outside school seminars and conferences. This transition time
from the old SACE to the new SACE has had its challenges and my thanks and appreciation must go to Mr
Shane Barnes as he leads the staff through this period of significant change. The expected launch /
development of a National Curriculum has also been on the radar and the school continues to monitor and
follow this initiative from the Federal Government.

Throughout the year numerous excursions, the usual camping Programmes from Year 3 – Yr 12, School
Drama, Music evenings, various sporting events and extra curricula activities were once again all part of our
curriculum smorgasbord. All of these events were shared with the school community through the School
Newsletter and annual School Magazine.

3       Future Direction
The Senior Staff participated in a Planning Retreat at the start of the year to revisit and to consider aspects
of school development.
This was a very useful time and laid the foundation upon which much can be built upon. As a school moving
from single steam classes to double stream there are many new challenges opportunities and needs.

The Topics discussed were:
Planning for Growth - Strengths/ Weaknesses/Opportunities /Threats
Vision for next 5 Years
         Academic/ Curriculum Outcomes
         School Culture
         Parent Connections
Due to the unexpected opportunity to secure BER grants not as much time as one would hope was spent
throughout the year following up on these early discussions. However, the time was documented and once
again still provides us with a base to continue strategic planning for meeting the needs of our changing and
growing school. The BER grants have certainly assisted us in being able to provide learning areas much
needed by the growing student population and this in itself has assisted us in looking at future needs and

As a school in receipt of both State and Commonwealth funding we have had to meet an increasing level of
compliance expectations. Although the funding model for this quadrennium (2009 – 2012) is the same as
the previous model there is movement and discussion that this may change. The need to keep abreast of
such discussions is again an increasing demand upon the Board and Principal.

New staff
       Miss Danielle Barolo      Year 7 Home Group, MS English, MS Science, MS Maths and MS PE
       Miss Lian Gooden          Secondary Student Support, Yr 10 Math
       Mr Adam Heaton            Senior English Communications, MS SOSE, MS English
       Mr Kelly Penn             English Communications, MS PE, MS English and MS SOSE
       Mr Nathan Randall         School Chaplain
       Mrs Kerrilee Morriss      School Service Officer (SSO) for JP and Prim classes
       Miss Elise Packer         SSO – Special Education
       Mrs Kylie Jones           Junior Primary Teacher
       Mr Ovidiu Apostol         Joined the staff midyear to teach both MS and SS mathematics
       Miss Alice Parsons        Also joined midyear to take on the responsibility of the midyear Reception

End of Year Staff Movement
        Mr Charles Yarak                   Study and other work/ family commitments
        Mrs Bronwen Burleigh               Moved to another teaching position
        Mrs Lian Klassen                   Moved to another teaching position
        Miss Danielle Barolo               Moved to another teaching position
        Mrs Rachel Sanders*                Moving to another work place
        Mrs Cathie Bell                    Family Commitments
        Miss Samantha Eglinton             Marriage and relocation
        Mrs Jasmyn Nicholls                Maternity Leave

        Miss Sandra Jesshope     25   years (only 4 Years as Principal)
        Mr Grant Eaton           20   years
        Mrs Michelle Eckert      20   years
        Mr Linton Eckert         10   years

Both those staff leaving and those reaching significant milestones were recognized at the 2009 Awards
Evenings. *Staff who are unable to be recognized at the Awards evenings are invited to our Commendation
Assembly at the beginning of the next year to enable us to give due recognition to exiting staff.


1       Family Council
2009 saw us launch our new look Parent Council now known as the Family Council. Led by Mr Ian
Rowbottom this group of parents will look at how to support the needs of the school and the families
connected to the school. The mission of the Family Council is to foster a sense of belonging and community
amongst the families whose children attend the school as a practical, tangible expression of the love of God.
A number of initiatives were identified including the provision of opportunities for social interaction,
informative, educational and inspirational events of interest, relevance and value to parents.

2       Outside School Hours Care
This service continues to grow as it supports more and more families who need care for their children before
and after school hours. 2009 saw the service develop the Vacation Care programme enabling parents to
access a Christian holiday care service throughout the term breaks including the Christmas holiday period. A
special mention must go to Mrs Hazel Duffield for her work and commitment in seeing the OSHC service

1    Student Leadership
                Rose-Anne Bell (Head Prefect)
                Nelson Schonfeldt (Deputy Head Prefect)
                Josie Burleigh
                Kate Jensen
                Chani Hitchins
                Adam Moyle
                Lucy Harrison
                Jessica Pogas
                Maria Podobny
                Laura Eckert

     Dux of Primary                                   Emma Criste
     Principal’s Award- Outstanding Student           Svetlana Zupanic
     Dux of Middle School                             Sebastian Roy
     Dux of Senior School                             Nelson Schonfeldt
     Principal’s Encouragement Award                  Chani Hitchins
     Principal’s Award- Outstanding Student           Rose-Anne Bell
                                                      Nelson Schonfeldt

2    Cornerstone Leadership Camp
     Four students attended this camp at Broken Hill. This has become an annual prilgrimage as the
     students learn about Christian leadership. This has been a great initiative under Mr Barney Jones’
     leadership of the Middle School.

3    Work Placement
     This year we had the honour to host the Work Placement Awards Evening where young people
     across a number of Northern Schools were recognised for their achievements in the work place. The
     Governor, His Excellency, Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce, was invited to present some of the awards.
     Two of our students were nominated for the SA Business Award for 2009.

4    Others in Need
     Victorian Bushfires
              Through this horrific natural disaster it was very encouraging to see our staff and student
              body reach out and raise much needed relief funds for the victims of the bushfires across
              As a school we adopted Plenty Valley Christian School’ and raised approximately $6000
              which was sent to families in the school that lost their homes. Mr Rob Ellis personally
              delivered the cheque and a car load of games, toys and clothes to the school.

     Mission Trip to Philippines
             Eleven students, Mrs Moresi and myself travelled to Manila to support and work with the
             team and students at the King Solomon International Christian School (KSICS). On our
             arrival a typhoon had caused severe flooding and damage to many of the areas in the close
             vicinity to the school. Our team was very quick to get involved to assist the families which
             had lost their home and all possessions. Our student attitudes and willingness were a great
             encouragement and testimony to the Lord’s ability to work through young people. Through
             a “Donation Day’ he students also managed to raise $2800 to go directly to those families
             who had lost everything. Mrs Moresi’s effort to organize and enthuse the students has
             been commendable and a great encouragement to many. Those serving in KSICS are very
             appreciative of our interest and support.

     Red Shield Appeal
            This year saw four of our students volunteer to collect money through the Red Shield Door
            Knock Appeal. This was an initiative of Mr Kelly Penn. Between them they raised
            approximately $800.
        MS Read-a thon and Forty Hour Famine
               Once again many of our students participated in these fund raising activities. It is
               encouraging to see so many students involved in various activities striving to think of others
               and assist in vital fund raising.

        Missionary Walk-a-thon
                This year all money raised was forwarded to the King Solomon International Christian School
                to be used to cover student education costs or be used for building programmes.

      There is so much one could report on the activities of a school so again I direct readers to our
      annual school magazine to celebrate many of the great achievements we witnessed throughout
      2009. Again I acknowledge the work of all the staff whether they be teachers, administration staff,
      maintenance staff, ancillary staff, OSHC staff, and /or part of the Chaplaincy team. (It is a team
      ministry and I commend them all for their efforts throughout 2009. CCS continues to be very
      blessed with the caliber of its staff). I take this opportunity to also thank the efforts of all the Senior
      Staff for their initiatives, commitment, patience and perseverance as we lead the school through
      changing times.

Miss S E Jesshope Dip T, Grad Dip Ed, Grad Cert in Ed, M Ed
                                        DEPUTY PRINCIPAL’S REPORT
    In my second year of appointment, I am pleased to report on SACE and NAPLAN results, given that my role
    of Deputy Principal focuses on administrative and academic aspects of the school.

    SACE Information
    In 2009, our school saw 65 students complete various components of the South Australian Certificate of
    Education (SACE). This included 18 students in Year 10, 29 in Year 11 and 18 Year 12s. Students were able
    to select from a total of 34 one-unit (semester length) SACE subjects at Stage 1, and 18 two-unit (whole
    year) subjects at Stage 2, which is a commendable range of subjects for a relatively small school.

    Our long-term strategy is to offer Year 12 subjects that provide a broad pathway to tertiary courses. By
    doing so, we hope to ensure that the maximum number of students receive their preferred subject choices
    and pathways for future study and employment. With this in mind, the introduction of English
    Communications in 2008 and Maths Applications in 2009 at Year 12 level seems a wise choice, allowing
    students to achieve at an attainable level. 2010 will see the introduction of Tourism at Stage 2 level, with
    strong student interest and a well –qualified teacher. Additionally, in 2010 we plan to introduce at Stage 1
    level several new subjects that reflect the growing interest in a wider range of more practical but not
    necessarily less academic subjects; these subjects are Early Childhood Studies, Food & Hospitality and
    Community Studies.

    Furthermore, in 2009 we implemented the first fully recognised Stage 1 Personal Learning Plan (PLP), at
    Year 10 level. This compulsory part of the new SACE format aims to educate students in careers pathways,
    equip them to make informed academic and employment decisions, and empower them to take ownership of
    their future. At present, we have decided to implement this course one lesson per week for the whole year
    for Year 10s, to be completed at the end of Year 11, Semester 1. This model seems to allow some flexibility,
    and also assists students to include their Service Week (Year 10) and Work Placements (Year 11) in the mix.

    The year 2010 will see the introduction of the New SACE at Stage 1 level, with new Subject Outlines,
    Assessment Types, Performance Design Criteria and Performance Standards. Consequently, all staff who
    teach SACE subjects received some training by the SACE Board and within the school community, in order to
    prepare them for this fundamental shift in assessment practices.

      2009 Year 12 Results Summary
      We continue to sound the trumpet to celebrate the final results of Year 12 students, and the 2009 results
      continued the tradition of exceeding state averages in terms of proportion of As and number of merits on
      a per capita basis. Particular mention should be made of Michael Butler, who coached his students to
      earn four Merit Scores (the highest mark possible for a subject) – two in Drama Studies and two in
      English Studies – and Shane Barnes, who was able to assist students to obtain a Merit Score in Modern

      Similar to the past three years’ results, it is a significant detail that, while there were a little over 20 Merit
      Scores awarded in total to schools in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, our students earned 5 of them.

                Merit Awards in 2009                               Craigmore Christian School Dux 2009
                Rose-Anne Bell         English Studies                      Nelson Schonfeldt (TER 98.25)
                                       Modern History

                Nelson Schonfeldt      English Studies                   25% earned a TER of 95 or higher
                                       Drama Studies                     41% earned a TER of 90 or higher
                                                                         50% earned a TER of 80 or higher
                Chani Hitchins         Drama Studies

                                                                  Students Who Achieved ‘A’ Grades in 2009
                     Grade Distribution in 2009                   4 As       Rose-Anne Bell
                                                                             Josie Burleigh
                                                                             Nelson Schonfeldt

                                                                  3 As       Kate Jensen
% of Students

                                                                             Robert Sage
                                                                  2 As       Thomas Day
                                                                             Chani Hitchins
                                                                  1A         Michael Michell
Not only do we recognise ‘A’ grades (especially the particularly high proportion of Merit Scores or 20s), but
we also applaud those who accomplished their own “personal bests” across a range of subjects, as well as
the many able teachers who assisted the students to reach their goals.

The Commonwealth Government’s MySchool website recently published the table that appears on the next
page, which shows Craigmore Christian School’s performance in NAPLAN against statistically similar
schools as well as against the Australian averages. I’m relatively pleased with our performance (green is
good in the table), but acknowledge the need to address some areas, as indicated above (pink is slightly
below average).

2009 Naplan Results
During May, all Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 students underwent the Commonwealth Government’s compulsory
National Assessment Program for Literacy And Numeracy (NAPLAN). They sat a series of tests aimed at
assessing: Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation, Writing, Reading and Numeracy. Every student received a
NAPLAN Report containing three pieces of information: their performance in relation to the benchmark or
minimum standard, their progress through levels generally associated with their age group, and their
performance in comparison with other students on a state-wide and national level.

The table below outlines the results of our students against the national achievement levels. It is pleasing
to see that, on average, our students performed well above the national minimum standards (NMS) or
benchmarks. Perhaps Numeracy in Years 3 and 7, and Writing in Year 9 need extra support (at least for
the 2009 cohort).
              YEAR 3                  YEAR 5                  YEAR 7                  YEAR 9
              NMS =     NMS       =   NMS =     NMS       =   NMS =     NMS       =   NMS =     NMS       =
              270       2.0           374       4.0           426       5.0           478       6.0
                        CCS                     CCS                     CCS                     CCS
              CCS                     CCS                     CCS                     CCS
                        Average                 Average                 Average                 Average
              Average                 Average                 Average                 Average
                        Proficiency             Proficiency             Proficiency             Proficiency
              Score*                  Score*                  Score*                  Score*
                        Band#                   Band#                   Band#                   Band#
Spelling      383       4             489       6             538       7             584       8
Grammar &
              417       4             530       6             544       7             586       8
Writing       391       5             520       6             534       7             573       7
Reading       403       5             508       6             537       7             582       8
Numeracy      371       3             486       6             520       6             605       8

  * The 0 to 1000 scale is divided into 10 bands to cover the full range of student achievement observed in
  the tests. The bands map the increasing complexity of the skills assessed by NAPLAN. Six of these bands
  are utilised for reporting student performance at each year level. The Year 3 reports show Bands 1 to 6,
  the Year 5 reports show Bands 3 to 8, the Year 7 reports show Bands 4 to 9, and the Year 9 reports show
  Bands 5 to 10.

  # For each year level, a national minimum standard (NMS) is defined and located on the common
  underlying scale. For Year 3, Band 2 is the national minimum standard; for Year 5, Band 4 is the national
  minimum standard; for Year 7, Band 5 is the national minimum standard; and for Year 9, Band 6 is the
  national minimum standard. These standards represent increasingly challenging skills and so require
  increasingly higher scores on the NAPLAN scale.

  Truly, God is good and is “able to do exceedingly above all that we can even ask or think” (Ephesians
  3:20-21). Some great things are happening academically at Craigmore Christian School and I look forward
  to embracing the challenges of the new SACE in 2010 and 2011, and preparing to incorporate the newly
  developed Australian Curriculum.

  Mr Shane K Barnes
                                        SENIOR SCHOOL REPORT

At the Senior School Orientation day in January 2009 we discussed the concept of our school. While it is
easy to use the pejorative term ‘ this school’ (‘this school expects me to…’; ‘this school doesn’t have…’; ‘this
school has stupid…’ etc.), we need to guard against criticism that is the consequence of familiarity and
against envy at what others apparently have. If we replace the phrase ‘this school’ with ‘our school’ then
we emphasise ownership, a sense of belonging and even a sense of responsibility. Such an attitude will
then facilitate a caring environment, a healthy work ethic, and an attitude of growth rather than
destruction. People who claim Craigmore Christian School as ‘our school’ want to protect its reputation, its
physical environment, the school’s vision, its positive atmosphere, Christian values and its most important
resource: its people. ‘Our school’ is focussed on building a community of people who are working
consistently for one another’s best.

One of the fundamental markers that we are achieving such goals is the quality and success of our year 12
students. Once again we had students who achieved academic results that were outstanding. These
results were the consequence of diligence, determination and a teachable spirit. In fact – the results were
the outcome of a far more foundational element of our students: excellence of character. In the end it is
not solving a quadratic equation, writing a stunning essay or explaining the political structure of the
Australian parliament that counts: it is to possess a character of grace, humility and compassion. That
our students so often demonstrate these qualities in their approach to their work, to their teachers and to
one another, is the surest sign that ‘our school’ is doing something right.

The pastoral responsibilities for the year eleven class of 2009 were capably handled by Mr Jarrod Lungley.
With an affable and joyous spirit he contributed invaluably to the class, and was assisted by Mr Ovidiu
Apostol who joined the staff in the latter part of 2009. The year 10s were split into two groups: Mrs
Rosanne Wolfendale took one (in her pink room 44), and Mrs Rebecca DeGraaf took the other. Both
teachers bring a consistently professional approach to their duties and lead their classes with care and
wisdom. Splitting and sharing classes is undertaken with a desire for staff to develop closer relationships
with their class members, offer pastoral care, and deliver effective Biblical Studies. Senior school provides
an excellent opportunity for maturing young people to develop appropriate and worthwhile relationships
with adults, and for those students to see teachers as companions on a journey rather than combatants in
a battle!

I was, again, in charge of the year twelves. The year began with a camp, on which we were able to
explore some of the essential aspects of maintaining emotional, physical, relational and academic
wellbeing throughout the year. It is no secret that the final year of schooling can be stressful and at times
overwhelming, and that students need to maintain positive habits, strong relationships, healthy self-
esteem, and balance. Having the camp at the start of the year provides the chance to explore these
foundational elements before the year is completely underway. Having my office in the year twelve
common room has also assisted me in keeping a keen eye on the students and has meant that I can keep
the students on track and aware that the ‘free time’ they have during the day is essential for study!
Devotional studies with the year 12s primarily focused on apologetics: on developing a healthy intellectual
approach to faith in order to prepare students for the challenges of work and further study beyond the
school environment.

Rose-Anne Bell had the role of Head Prefect in 2009, following her most capable administration of the role
in 2008. She once again proved to be a tremendously wise, reliable and compassionate leader with a
consistent integrity and desire to serve. She was assisted by the Deputy Head Prefect Nelson Schonfeldt
and a team consisting of: Laura Eckert, Lucy Harrison, Adam Moyle, Josie Burleigh, Chani Hitchins, Kate
Jensen, Maria Podobny and Jessica Pogas. Mrs Rachel Sanders offered staff direction to the group -
assistance that was particularly valuable in keeping the students on-task and thus able to effectively
achieve the necessary outcomes, such as organising and delivering another successful Prefects Dinner,
managing fund raising activities, being involved in class meetings, and leading assemblies. The role of
prefects gives students the opportunity to develop leadership skills, to willingly serve others, to be a
positive influence and to develop the skills of negotiation, planning and initiative. Weekly meetings
provided the forum in which to organise, implement and review school-related activities assigned to them
and to remain focussed on building positive team spirit with one another and within the Senior School.
They also organised the Prefects Dinner – always a highlight of the school calendar – and in 2009 the
theme was ‘Putting on the Ritz’. It was held successfully at the Gawler Arms Hotel, and the night was
highly enjoyable: the outsourcing creating a much more efficient evening. It was exciting to see the
culmination of the prefect’s maturity and dedication.

Other opportunities provided beyond the classroom were available through the school’s senior drama
production, year 12 breakfast, in-school and inter-Christian school athletic days, cross country run and
swimming carnival (ICS). Occasional Senior School assemblies, regular class devotions, and special
activities such as the year 10 sexual education programme (expertly organised by Mr Stacy) gave students
a chance to discuss issues and share their experiences and ideas with one another. The camping
programme also extended students and proved enjoyable for both staff and students. Once again, the
Year Tens went on an educational and recreational visit to Kangaroo Island; the Year Elevens ventured to
Canberra for an informative tour of the capital and its major attractions; and the Year Twelves travelled to
Aldinga for their camp. Mid-year and final examinations provided students with an exposure to this
challenging and fundamental form of assessment and Mr Stacy and Mr Barnes were both involved in the
invaluable process of counselling students in both their course and career choices. For a smaller school
there is ample opportunity for students to express and develop their skills and we are grateful to those
who commit themselves beyond the call of duty to make such opportunities available.

Of course, all of this is just a brief snapshot of ‘our school’ – a quick tour of the year’s highlights. So much
of what happens is the seemingly common events of every day: lessons, pastoral care, recess and lunch
interactions, and those unplanned moments where relationships are built with peers and staff. Yet these
are the very essence of what a school does: quietly, consistently and prayerfully contribute to building the
lives of young people to take their place in their families, their society, and hopefully in the Kingdom of

Mr Michael Butler
                                      MIDDLE SCHOOL REPORT

Over the past few years the Middle School has progressed through stages, rebirth (2007), growth (2008)
and in 2009 we attempted to consolidate the changes that had taken place. Originally we used the
development of a tree to symbolise our intentions, and this has proved very practical and simple.

After another successful year managing, but more importantly, leading the Middle School I began 2009
with more confidence and a renewed sense of success from 2008. Many aspects and initiatives introduced
in previous years were able to develop in 2008 ready to be consolidated as we progressed through 2009.
With a relatively large changeover of staff, our intentions to develop and consolidate were affected, but
success and progress was still noticeable.

In 2009 we continued to provide a safe haven for our students, that so many need in this crucial period of
their life and personal development. We continued to have bi-weekly Middle School specific assemblies to
nurture and maintain the community of Middle School. One large change that occurred this year was that
the student directed learning curriculum that had been a part of the Middle School curriculum was
removed and replaced with more face to face (Teacher directed) teaching time which in turn enabled
teachers to cover more content during each year. With this curriculum change came many decisions and a
period of negotiation necessary as we sought to provide a balanced curriculum that successfully covered
the basic content needed by students in this stage of their schooling. Mr Shane Barnes and I worked
further with staff towards mapping the Middle School curriculum using teaching programs which have
certainly developed substantially and are now seen as a vital tool to use to ensure successful teaching.

Due to an increase in numbers of students entering the Middle School from Primary school we once again
were able to double stream all classes from year 7-9. Teachers employed for these classes were: Year 7:
Mr Cam Larson (from 2008) and later Mrs Karen Whitehead and Miss Dani Barolo, Year 8: Mr Adam
Heaton and Mrs Jane Petrie, and Year 9: Mrs Nagamma Whelan and Mr Kelly Penn. Unfortunately, Mr Cam
Larson left CCS after term 1 and was replaced by Mrs Karen Whitehead. Miss Dani Barolo came to us
straight out of university as did Mr Adam Heaton who replaced Mr Tim Britton who took up a position
closer to home, at Tyndale Christian School. Mr Kelly Penn also came to CCS directly out of university and
like the others mentioned here, very quickly built a rapport with the students in their care. Mrs Nagamma
Whelan and Mrs Jane Petrie continued in their existing roles this year.

The end of the year however saw more staffing changes with Mrs Karen Whitehead having the opportunity
return to her speciality, Home Economics, while Miss Dani Barolo also left CCS to take up a position at her
old school in Mount Barker as the travel to and from home had become quite onerous. Miss Barolo and
Mrs Whitehead did a great job at getting their students through the challenges of the first year of high
school, and it was very sad to see Miss Barolo leave CCS at the end of the year.

Students continued to be exposed to a high level of teaching in the core fields of Mathematics, Science and
English. They also studied SOSE and Personal Development Health and PE and chose varying options in
the elective fields from Home Economics, Technology Studies, Art and Design. Students were exposed to
approximately 5 lessons per week for each of these core subjects and less amount for the elective options.
The curriculum is aimed at being practical but also academically challenging in an attempt to prepare
students for the academic rigours of the senior school, years 10-12.

As always, the Middle School camps were a great success even if one camp did involve getting all our
equipment drenched again, as we hiked through the Flinders Ranges. The Year 7’s went to Woodhouse
Adventure Camping site in the Adelaide Hills, Year 8 had another exciting Aquatics camp at Christies
Beach, and the Year 9’s participated in the annual Flinders Ranges bushwalking camp. All of these
activities were a great success, for which all thanks goes to the staff, once again who work long hours and
are required to make many decisions to ensure safety of all students during the most interesting and
diverse situations.

Privilege outings continued to be a large part of the Middle School program and a great motivator for
students to work well throughout the year. This year the students enjoyed going to the beach at Glenelg, a
bike ride and many other activities. The staff continue to promote activities with an emphasis on physical
exercise in a new or different context which was achieved very well in particular when students completed
the bike ride mentioned above.
Closely aligned with Privilege activities is the annual Horizons Program in term 4 which runs for 10 days as
an end of year event. Once again this provided a broadening of our students educational experience as
they heard speakers from both within the school and also from outside organisations speak on issues such
as: safe partying, the Bible’s view on relationships and dating, the juvenile justice system, and growth and
development in teenagers to name just a few. Other activities included bush regeneration in Craigmore
Park, a visit to a car sales yard to learn about buying a car, laboratory sessions with CSIRO, rock climbing
and many other educational activities. One of the highlights of the week was the visit to Flinders university
and the opportunity to complete a number of exciting and interactive experiments aimed at inspiring
students to go on to further studies after completing high school.

In the athletic and sporting arena, students had the opportunity for involvement in the Inter Christian
Schools swimming carnival, school sports day, followed by the Inter Christian School Sports Day. Later in
the year the Cross Country Run and the Inter Christian School Cross Country Run were held. A number of
students also participated in after school sports programs including netball, beach volleyball and
basketball. The input of staff and parents in this was appreciated and vital.

A key feature of the Middle School is the consistent devotional and Biblical Studies lessons that are
permanently timetabled into the school week. This year, in addition to the fabulous sessions provided
during Elective week, students were able to learn about various Biblical issues and situations as their
teachers led them through a program for the year. With two lessons a week allocated to this it is a great
opportunity for purposeful discussion from people who are real Christians who can identify with the
struggles teenagers find themselves facing.

The theme for 2009 was Consolidation and although we faced some struggles, this definitely occurred. The
success of our aims was only possible with the outstanding skills of the Middle School teachers spurred on
by the wonderful students we teach each day. The Middle School branch continues to grow strong, and
with careful watering, we hope to see many more years of development and growth occur. As such, the
theme for 2010 is a result of staff collaboration, and is entitled Just Do It. This is not a copy of the
successful marketing slogan by the Nike brand, but does in fact refer to the willingness to get tasks done
even when there may seem to be insurmountable obstacles in our way, and in doing so, be prepared to
launch willingly into new areas that may seem at first glance, difficult and challenging.
As we conclude 2009 and begin 2010, we pray that the changes that have been made over the past years,
and then consolidated in 2009 have put us in good stead to be ready to Just Do It in the coming year.
The theme chosen is reflected in Paul’s words when he wrote to the Philippian church:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phil 4:13)

Mr Barnaby Jones
                                      HEAD OF PRIMARY REPORT

As I reflect back over the past year, I am very thankful to the Lord for his wisdom and insight. It has been
a privilege to serve the Lord and the school community by providing a Christian Education for the many
children placed under our care during the school year. It is my desire to be always looking for ways to
improve our school and to create for the students a wonderful learning environment that is immersed in
the Word of God.

Staff Responsibilities
This year has seen the Junior Primary and Primary School grow and develop. Due to increased enrolments,
2009 saw us continue to grow across every year level. This meant that we had a number of composite
classes and two year levels in Year 6. We also welcomed 14 new Reception students in the middle of the
year. By July we saw the Primary School grow to 213 students. We were very thankful to the Lord for this

During the year we welcomed a new staff member. Miss Alice Parsons took on the teaching role in the Mid
-Year Reception class. She brought to the role a lot of valuable experience that she had developed during
her time as a teacher at other Christian Schools and her work as a Children’s Pastoral worker.

Camping Program
The camping program is always an exciting event on the calendar for the students. Each camp had a
different focus, and from all reports the children had a very enjoyable time. Each year much effort goes
into the planning and running of these camps and it is important to recognize the efforts of the Primary

Sports Activities
Sport and physical activity are vital components of our school program. Every class is involved in a fitness
program, and it is always exciting to see the children enjoying the fun activities planned for them. One
event that our students look forward to is Sports Day. The Junior Primary classes ran a slightly modified
program, while the Primary students were involved in athletic events that prepared them for the Inter
Christian Sports Day and other out of school events. The day ran very smoothly and we were thankful to
the many parents that came to help and encouraged their children in their sporting endeavors. We are
also very grateful to have Mrs Moresi organize our Sports program. She is a valuable asset to us, as she
willingly coordinates the After School Sports Program, and prepares our students for volleyball, and
SAPSASA activities. Many of our students have done well at these events as a result of the coaching

National Science Week and Theme Day
During the course of term 3 students from Junior Primary and Primary school participated in National
Science Week. Miss Rachel Pelentsov was able to apply for a small grant that helped with the purchasing
of supplies for the various activities. Throughout the week students participated in a variety of activities
and experiments. They also had the opportunity to submit science projects for a competition. The week
closed with students joining in a special theme day. It was pleasing to see so many students dressed as
their favourite scientist and enjoying the activities planned for the day.

Fund Raising
Missionary Walk-a-thon was a very successful day. We raised a total of $ 4000.00. This year we
encouraged some healthy competition and rewarded the class who raised the most money with a pizza
lunch. We also gave out gift vouchers to individual students who raised the most money. The Primary
Prefects collected over $640.00 as part of their sausage sizzles and casual days. The money raised was
allocated to the King Solomon School in the Philippines.

Curriculum Development
Curriculum development is a continual focus each year. Most staff members attended at least two
conferences. The Junior Primary Staff members attended literacy based conferences with a focus on
fundamental skills of reading and writing, while others attended professional development on how to
engage boys more successfully in the learning process.
The teachers have returned with creative ideas and have implemented a variety of activities into their
programs. We are using the Primary Curriculum Document as a guide for planning and classroom
implementation. The teaching staff have found this to be a valuable tool for programming.

As I reflect over a year that has passed and look ahead to a new year, I am thankful to the Lord for his
faithfulness in providing such dedicated staff whose lives, personalities and involvement have contributed
to the life of Craigmore Christian School.

Mrs Michelle Eckert
                                       FINANCIAL STATEMENTS

The annual surplus of $1,326K reflects the gladly received BER (economic stimulus) funding. This funding
has resulted in a significant increase in the net value of the school from $886K to $2,213K. This funding
represents income that is far beyond our capacity to earn or borrow in the short term. It not only provides
the immediate benefit of a new building but also provides long term stability.

With the income from BER in 2009 and 2010 producing significant surpluses, we our conscious of the
increased depreciation expense in 2011 and beyond. We are currently in the process of planning for 2011
and beyond to ensure that when the funding is finished and the depreciation remains, that we will
continue to have surplus budget results.

We completed our first audit (2008 financial year) with Edwards Marshall & Co during 2009. Edwards
Marshall & Co is a medium size accounting firm based in Adelaide with a significant client base of
independent schools (approx. 40). While not an easy task, we are very happy with the result and have
higher levels of confidence in our financial position and processes. It should be noted that some figures
from 2008 may appear disproportional to 2009. This can be attributed to both the different standards used
by Edwards Marshall and adjustments made.

Wages comprised approximately 78% of our cash expenditure. The increase in wages expenditure in 2009
compared to 2008 reflects the appointment of 5.5 additional FTE staff members from 43.5 to 49. Small
increases also resulted from standard EBA wage rate increases and increments of some teachers’ and
SSOs’ levels. Minimal additional staff have been appointed for 2010 and it is now anticipated that even
with continued enrolment growth, current staffing levels will remain constant for the next few years. Wage
increases have also been determined with the Staff Association through to February 2011. These wages
increase align our teaching staff with the state government awards including the recent agreed increases.

The appointment of a new teacher for a mid-year reception class will not be considered again unless it can
be justified as a way of securing enrolments that would not have been possible without the mid-year
intake. Limited mid-year student intake positions will be available where vacancies exist in existing
reception classes and are not at the expense of a full year student.

Income from student enrolments increased in 2009 as a result of increased enrolment of FTE funded
students from 391 in August 2008 to 422.2 in August 2009. These figures reflect the Federal Government
Census and their qualification criteria. We use these figures as the recurrent funding received from the
Federal Government comprises 62% of our income. In total 79% of CCS income comes from government
funding and 20% from school fees.

Fees increases for 2010 are in the range of 7.01% to 7.95% with an average of 7.55%. This is in line with
the average increase in running costs of independent schools of 6.5%. The additional one percent reflects
where CCS deviates from the average with significant self funded new facilities and slightly higher than
average wages increase. These fee increases still mean that we are within the bottom 10% of all
independent school fees and maintain CCS as the lowest fee school amongst our peers.

Mr Tim Rankin
                                        2009 PREFECTS SPEECH

Jeremiah 29:11 says:
“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans
to give you a hope and a future.”

Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow students.

My name is Rose-Anne Bell and I am honoured to have been the Head Prefect of Craigmore Christian
School for 2009. On behalf of myself and Nelson Schonfeldt, our Deputy Head Prefect, I extend to you a
very warm welcome.

As no doubt you are aware, this evening marks the end of a school year, as well as another calendar year.
Tonight we pause to celebrate the talents and achievements of our students over the past year. We also
celebrate our individual purposes and consider how they fit into the framework of God’s plan for our lives.

Rose-Anne and I have approached our leadership positions within the school realising that our purpose is
that of setting a Godly example, promoting our school’s values and serving as the student voice.

The Prefects of 2009 – Rose-Anne Bell, Josie Burleigh, Kate Jensen, Chani Hitchins, Adam Moyle, Laura
Eckert, Lucy Harrison, Maria Podobny, Jessica Pogas and myself – have strived to fulfill these roles within
the school. Together we have consistently and

diligently served our school – the students and staff members – to the very best of our ability.

Just a few months ago, Rosie and I were privileged to receive an invitation to Government House. We
were given the opportunity to meet our governor and many other influential people in our current-day
society. We enjoyed the general atmosphere of the Government House and its extensive grounds. I guess
the focus of this outing was to be able to see leadership at one of its highest levels in this state to put it
into perspective our own prefect ship: we have a responsibility to serve, and we are representative of a
collective of people.

As one of our responsibilities, the Prefect group organised the 2009 Prefects Dinner - “Putting on the Ritz”.
This dinner, hosted at a new venue and boasting a new programme, was hopefully an enjoyable occasion
for all who attended. I won best dressed.

Another memorable occasion was marked by the Prefects Principals Cup, a day out on the green with our
principal, Miss Jesshope. In establishing this new school tradition, the Prefects hoped to positively
contribute to the school environment, involving staff and students in a golfing game at the end of each

Between student versus teacher sporting events, sausage sizzles, and numerous other fundraising
initiatives, the year 2009 has been a very rewarding year for the Prefects. We have worked diligently
throughout the year and I would like to thank each of the Prefects for their hard work and commitment. I
would also like to congratulate and encourage the elected Prefects for the year 2010. It is my prayer that
the Lord will guide you as you fulfill your purpose as Prefects and seek to serve and honour Him in all

It has indeed been an awesome privilege to be part of God’s plan for this school – as a student and as a

At this time, I would like to sincerely thank our principal, Miss Jesshope, and our supervisor Mrs Rachel
Sanders for their input and invaluable support over the past year. When difficult situations arose, both
were patient and understanding, giving advice and counsel. For this we are truly thankful.
While tonight is certainly an evening to celebrate and to reflect on God’s provision, it is also an evening of
mixed emotions for our year 12 students. For many of us, the thought of a life outside of school is both
overwhelming and frightening. We find ourselves devoid of direction, with no definite purpose in life.

However, we do know that we have a purpose in life and we can rest assured that God has a plan for our
lives. When our teachers fulfill their purpose they have enormous impact on the lives of their students.
With love and patience, they equip us for life outside of school and in doing so, become part of God’s plan
for our lives. Our parents too, through encouragement and support, are crucial to the life of the school and
to the life of their children.

Of course, even while fulfilling our purpose, we may not understand the entirety of God’s plan for our lives.
We may not know exactly what tomorrow holds but we do know that God is faithful and that His plan does
give us hope for the future. Therefore,
I would urge each one of us to remember the words of Proverbs 3:6 - “Trust in the Lord with all your
heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your
paths straight.”

In summary, students, teachers and parents – all of us have a purpose. Not only within the school, but in
our homes, with our families and with our friends. Take heart in knowing that we are all part of God’s plan.

So, I encourage each one of us to greet the year 2010 with renewed vigor, armed with the assurance that
God is our hope for the future.

Thank you and good evening.
                               2009 SCHOOL STAFF

     CCC ELDERS                            Mr   Ron Sweetman
                                           Mr   Nigel Barnard
                                           Mr   Peter Porrovecchio
                                           Mr   George Sears
                                           Mr   Jeff Spencer
                                           Mr   Henry Rouse
                                           Mr   Ian Rowbottom

     CHAIRMAN                              Pastor Jeff Spencer
     DEPUTY CHAIRMAN                       Mr Mark Burleigh
     PUBLIC OFFICER                        Miss Sandra Jesshope
     PARENT REPRESENTATIVE                 Mr Ian Rowbottom
     CHURCH REPRESENTATIVES                Mrs Marie Hogan
                                           Mr Steve Willis
                                           Mrs Elisabeth Sweetman
     STAFF REPRESENTATIVE                  Miss Rachel Pelentsov

                                           Mr Ian Rowbottom
                                           Mr Andrew Maddison
                                           Mrs Tamra Maddison
                                           Mr Shane Dragon
                                           Mrs Sam Dragon
                                           Mrs Lisa Hunt
                                           Mr Phil Zupanic
      PRINCIPAL                            Miss Sandra Jesshope
      DEPUTY-PRINCIPAL                     Mr Shane Barnes
      PRINCIPAL’S ASSISTANT                Mrs Jenny Harrison

     Reception W                        Mrs Suzanne Withers
     Year 1                             Mrs Jasmyn Nicholls
     Year 1/2                           Miss Erin Fairley
     Year 2                             Miss Elizabeth Tasovac
     Year 3                             Miss Samantha Eglinton
     Year 3/4                           Mrs Sioux Moresi
     Year 4/5                           Mr Robert Ellis
     Year 5                             Mrs Janene Scott
     Year 6                             Miss Rachel Pelentsov
     Year 6                             Mr Michiel Pretorius

     MIDDLE SCHOOL CO-ORDINATOR            Mr Barnaby Jones
     Year 7 L                              Mr Cam Larson / Mrs Karen Whitehead
     Year 7 B                              Miss Danielle Barolo
     Year 8 H                              Mr Adam Heaton
     Year 8 P                              Mr Kelly Penn
     Year 9 J                              Mr Barnaby Jones
     Year 9 D                              Mrs Jane Petrie
SENIOR SCHOOL CO-ORDINATOR            Mr Michael Butler
Year 10                               Miss Rebecca Watson & Mr Derek Stacy
Year 11 L                             Mr Jarrod Lungley
Year 11 W                             Mrs Rosanne Wolfendale
Year 12                               Mr Michael Butler

DIRECTOR OF STUDIES                Mr Shane Barnes
SENIOR SOSE / PE TEACHER           Mr Alex Whitehead
SPECIAL ED. ASSISTANT              Mrs Juline Michell
SPECIAL ED. SUPPORT                Mrs Bronwen Burleigh
MUSIC TEACHERS                     Mr Grant Eaton
                                   Miss Rebecca Watson
MUSIC ASSISTANT                    Mrs Merrilyn Griffith
LAB. ASSISTANT                     Mr Greg Draper
JAPANESE                           Mrs Cathie Bell
ART                                Mr Christopher McAleer
                                   Mrs Nagamma Whelan
MATHS TEACHERS                     Mr Charles Yarak
                                   Mrs Ovidiu Apostol
I.T. TEACHER                       Mr Dieter Scholich
NETWORK COORDINATOR                Mr Ron Townley
VET COORDINATOR                    Mr Derek Stacy
STUDENT CHAPLAIN                   Mr Nathan Randall
FOOD TECH                          Mrs Ruth Roy
TECH STUDIES TEACHER               Mr Peter Morgan-Matusch

SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION                 Mr Tim Rankin (Business Manager)
                                      Mr Tony Harrison (Office Manager)
                                      Mrs Ruth Pelentsov (Admin SSO)
                                      Mrs Cathy Metherell (Receptionist)
                                      Mrs Marie Barker (Compliance Officer)

SCHOOL ASSISTANTS                     Mrs   Anne Rouse
                                      Mrs   Marie Hogan
                                      Mrs   Kerrilee Morriss
                                      Mrs   Denise Chadwick
                                      Mrs   Jacqui Thomas

CARETAKER                             Mr Peter Barnard
GROUNDSMAN                            Mr Tom Nikolettos

HEAD PREFECT                          Rose-Anne Bell
DEPUTY HEAD PREFECT                   Nelson Schonfeldt
PREFECTS                              Josie Burleigh, Kate Jensen, Chani Hitchins,
                                      Adam Moyle, Lucy Harrison, Jessica Pogas
                                      Maria Podobny, Laura Eckert

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