Timeline of the Palestinian Israeli Conflict

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					                        Modern Timeline of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

1916   The Sykes-Picot Agreement, which defined European spheres of influence in Southwest Asia,
       suggested establishing a Jewish homeland in Palestine
1917   British issued the Balfour Declaration
       What was the Balfour Declaration?

       Why was it issued?

       How did Jews respond?

1948   Palestine was partitioned
       How did this come about?

       Why didn’t the British take action?

       What were the results of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War?

1956   Suez Canal Crisis led France, Britain, and Israel to make war on Egypt
1967   Israel won the Six Day War
       Why did the Arab nations accuse Israel of expansionism, and were their accusations justified?

1973   Yom Kippur War (4th Arab-Israeli War)
       What did U.S. actions reveal about U.S. goals in the Middle East, and what was the result of this
1977   Anwar Sadat of Egypt journeyed to Israel to try to secure a peace treaty
       What were the results of Sadat’s visit for Egypt?

       For Israel?

1978   Camp David Accords were signed
       What were the major accomplishments of the Camp David Accords?

       How did the actions of Menachem Begin betray the Camp David Accords? Why might he do so?

1982   Israel invaded Lebanon
1987   Palestinians began the Intifada
       Why were the Palestinians protesting?

1993   The Declaration of Principles on Palestinian Self-rule (Oslo Accords) took place and a Joint
       Israeli-Palestinian Economic Cooperation Committee was established
1994   Israeli military government withdrawn from the West Bank
2000   Israel completed its withdrawal from Lebanon
2002   In response to a series of Palestinian suicide bombings, the Israeli army reoccupies much of
       the West Bank and Gaza Strip
2002   Israel began construction of a highly controversial wall dividing Israeli- and Palestinian-held
       territory, cutting through areas previously occupied by Palestinians
2004   Israel defied the International Court of Justice ruling and the United Nations that called for
       them to halt construction of the wall in the West Bank, and continued construction
2005   Israel evacuated its settlements in the Gaza Strip and four smaller settlements in the West
2006   Hamas won Palestinian parliamentary elections while refusing to recognize Israel’s right to
       exist and rejecting the Oslo Accords
2006   Israel, the U.S., and the EU halt money flowing into Palestine in order to force the Hamas-led
       government to recognize Israel and renounce violence
2006   A Hamas attack on Israeli soldiers sparked a five-month-long Israeli offensive into Gaza
2006   An attack by Lebanese extremist group Hezbollah resulted in an Israeli military campaign in

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