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Elegant Resume - DOC 6 by XH6xMh6


									                               Khalid Abd El-Halim Rehan
             14 Emarat Zobat Elqwat Elmosalha, The Green Mountain, Nasr City.
             Cairo, Egypt
             Telephone: (+202) 2342 8450
             Mobile: (+2-011-4540-246)

                                  Seeking a challenging position where my academic background and interpersonal skills
                                are well developed and utilized.
                                  Training and working target enhances the developing progress.

                         2006: Ain Shams University                  Cairo, Egypt

                         Faculty of Engineering, Computers and Systems Dept., Systems.

                         Grade: fair.

                         Graduation's Project: Controlling an Aviation Model Supplied with Surveillance Camera.

                          Grad's Project's Degree :    Very Good

                         Software and Programming Skills: Basics
                            Object oriented Design and Programming.

                         C++ (Mainly Console Application).
                         Software Engineering.
                         Data Structures & Algorithms.

                         From May 2009 till now:
                                 Working as System/Network Admin for KTAIT.
                                 Work responsibilities and duties:
                                             Deal with workstations’ and servers’ OS and working performance.
                                             Working on Virtual environment using VMware.
                                             Creating Domains using Microsoft Servers.
                                             Add Unix-Like systems to a Microsoft AD.
                                             Working on Microsoft Exchange Server.
                         Networking Skills:
                           Plug and play and troubleshooting.
                                Small home or office network installation with xDSL configuration.
                                ADSL routers 3COM (OfficeConnect) and CISCO (LinkSYS), operation and configuration
                                with about 40% advanced features applying.
                         CCNA class attendance only.... [not certified yet].
                         Familiar with real CISCO Routers and Switches.
                         Configure CISCO routers and switches for real and on simulator.

                         Hardware & Computer Architecture Skills:
  Solid Understanding of Motorola Microcontroller (MC86HC11).
Familiar with PIC Microcontrollers (16F/18F Families).
Familiar with different M/C's assembly language.
Logical Design Concepts.
Software & Operating Systems Skills:
   Microsoft Windows (95, 98, Me, and NT 4.0, NT2000, XP, XP SP2…..)
      Win 3.x: Win 3.11.
      Windows 9x: 95, 98, Me.
      Windows NT: NT 4.0, NT 2000, XP, XP SP2, 2003, 2008 as beginner.
      Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
   Linux Platform and Unix like systems.
      Redhat RH033: Redhat Linux Essential.
      Redhat RH131: Redhat Linux System Administration.
                    RHCT Certificate number: 605011966336726. Verify it!
      Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.1.
      Fedora 11 as Workstation.
      Ubuntu 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x installation.
   Mac OS X (Unix like systems).
      Mac OS X 6.x.

Virtualization Technology:
Basics and concepts of virtualization technology, and self-learn use by following
       VMware Workstation 6.5, 7.0 (Under Microsoft Windows, Redhat Enterprise 5, Fedora
       11, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS)
       VMware Server ESXi (VMware vSphere HypervisorTM):
         ESXi 3.0, 4.0, and 4.1 (On Dell PowerEdge R510 Server remotely)...
       VMware Fusion.
      Virtual Machine under Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.0.

Online activity: [Working on live systems]
   Microsoft Windows Server:
      Full system migration from Live MS Windows Server 2003 to MS Window Server 2008:
      User Migration.
      Group Migration.
   Microsoft Domain Creation:
       Create Single Domain.
       Working in a Domain forest..... Beginner.
       Prepare Windows Domain to accept Unix-Like systems (Mac, Linux) using
       Likewise…. [Presented by Likewise team].
       Domain Rename........................Windows Server 2008.
   Mail Server:
       Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1.
       Mailboxes Migration from Exchange Server 2003 to 2007.
       Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1.

Controlling Skills: (courses related to collage study)
   Optimal Control Concepts.
   Industrial Control Concepts.
                         Fuzzy Control Concepts.
                         Familiar with Classical & PID Control.
                         Familiar with PLC (Programmable Logic Control).
                       General Skills:

                        General Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks concepts.
                       Excellent troubleshooting skills (Software/Hardware), Computer Maintenance,
                       Warranty (Cairo University course 1999)...
                       IBM compatible PC installation.
                       OS installation: all Microsoft platform and Linux.
                       System upgrading, and troubleshooting.
                       Software troubleshooting (advanced).
                       Hardware troubleshooting.
                       System backup and restore.
                       Able to save data for long time.
                       Familiar with many tools in this field.
                       Familiar Microsoft Office.
                       Familiar with the 3D applications, and Maya (Not using 3D programs)

                       Internet browsing using the web and share techniques.
                           Good at search with Google, with advanced search in any language using Google

                       I have about 10 years’ experience in PC installation, With OS support [MS Windows,
                           I have 4 years’ experience in networks [small networks].
                           I have a good experience in using the Internet in searching and finding problem
                           solution, it helps too mush.

                       Stories Reading, Sports, Cars and car driving, Computer software [GNU],
                       Animations (3D Anime).

Personal Information
                       Date of Birth: 18/10/1983

                       Marital Status:     Married – thanks to God.

                       Military Service: Done.

Graduation's Project

                        Controlling an Aviation Model Supplied with Surveillance Camera.
                           The mission was to convert the entire analog controller to Digital one with live feed back
                           to the control unit on earth.
                           The team was able to convert the original hand free controller (wireless) to digital one
                           using a transceiver.
                           With a computer ready and connected to the system we could have a live status of the
                           plane in air.
                           We had a problem with the transceiver working frequency; so that it failed to proceed as
                           we wished in the fly height.

Current Activity         Working for KTAIT as System Administrator.
                             P.S: All courses related to Redhat are taken through KTAIT.

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