Mr. Bailey is a 20-year veteran information technology professional with a broad computer
security and network technology background. He regularly provides technology and information
security consulting services to government and educational organizations. He conducts risk
assessments and heads management policy development groups. He has often developed,
managed, and headed planning, deployment, training, and post-project support of major IT
initiatives. He regularly researches and evaluates products and technologies for security and
utility. Mr. Bailey is the published author of technical and security standards documents being
utilized by government agencies and educational institutions. He is an expert communicator
presenting complex information to both technical and non-technical audiences.

Mr. Bailey is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified
Information Systems Auditor (CISA), and, as a Senior Security Engineer for Data Networks, has
performed many Security Assessment projects in the public sector.

His network systems expertise includes consulting, design, implementation, training, and
support management. Mr. Bailey has distinguished himself as a featured pre-conference
speaker at several, regional, educational technology conferences in the Eastern U.S. He has
performed security analyses and related consulting services on a wide range of operating
system platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, UNIX) and network platforms (Juniper, Cisco,
HP, 3Com, Intel, and Nortel).

Mr. Bailey was an editor for and led development of security benchmarks for the Center for
Internet Security (CIS)

      Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
      Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
      Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate – Secure Access (JNCIA-SSL)
      Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate – Intrusion Detection & Prevention
      Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate – Firewall/VPN (JNCIA-FWV)
      Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate – Unified Access Control (JNCIA-UAC)
      Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate – Enterprise Routing (JNCIA-ER)
      Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate – Enterprise Switching (JNCIA-EX)
      Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA)
      Certified Linux Professional (CLP)
      Master Certified Novell Engineer (MCNE)
      CompTIA IT Project+

      Developed a comprehensive security risk and vulnerability assessment and risk
       mitigation process based on industry best practices. Provided training for internal staff
       on delivering the solution
      Delivered detailed security assessments to both government and education
       organizations, as well as overseeing assessments performed by project teams.
       Developed and implemented security remediation plans including technical solutions and
       information security policies
      Designed, managed, deployed, documented, and provided training for large, complex,
       multi-million-dollar, as well as small, IT projects for government and education
       organizations including management of project team
      Developed identity and authentication management solutions across several operating
       system and application platforms utilizing a variety of tools
      An expert communicator both in written materials and spoken word
      Editor of and primary contributor to two security benchmarks, or industry best practices
       checklists, for the Center for Internet Security. These benchmarks are utilized by
       industry, state and federal government agencies, educational institutions and non-profit
      Provided training to large and small groups in both leader-led and hands-on training
       environments on complex technical topics. Presented regularly in front of hundreds of
       people at conferences


Systems:      Windows 2003 & 2000, Windows XP, Red Hat Linux, SuSE Linux, Novell Open
              Enterprise Server & NetWare; Mac OS X
Languages:    Python, Perl, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, RegEx
Software:     Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Access, SQL Server, IIS, and
              Exchange; Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver; Apache; MySQL;
              platform management tools
Hardware:     Juniper Firewalls, Juniper Routers & Switches, Juniper VPNs (IPSec and SSL),
              Juniper Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP), Cisco Routers and Switches,
              Cisco Firewalls, other firewalls, load balancers, and network traffic management
Networking: Directories and Identity Management: Microsoft Active Directory, Novell
            eDirectory, OpenLDAP, Mac OS X OpenDirectory, Novell Identity Manager

Maryland General Assembly – Firewall Cluster Consulting and Deployment
    Mr. Bailey worked with MGA to provide best practices consulting for a new firewall
      cluster to the Maryland General Assembly, and assisted with the planning, training, and
      deployment of the cluster and related management system

Duplin County Schools
   Completed a Network and Security Assessment
   Deployed Firewall and VPN
   Developed an Information Security Policy Development
   Was able to build tools to automate the process of collecting data from a wide range of
       management        platforms and individual systems and turned this data into a
       comprehensive report documenting the existing environment
   After performing WAN network tests, he was able to locate issues both with DCS
       infrastructure and ISP systems to improve performance
   Assisted the school system in successfully rearchitecting their networks
   Planned, configured, deployed, and trainned on a new firewall and SSL VPN appliance
      Met with DCS administration and faculty during a series of meetings and performed risk
       assessments, created reports, and drafted policies to assist them in the development of
       several management IS policies, requiring security best practices from the employees of

Scotland County Schools
    Performed a Network Assessment and firewall and VPN deployment
    Assisted SCS staff in pinpointing several issues causing performance and instability
    Created a report detailing some observed security issues
    Worked with SCS to plan, configure, deploy, and train on a new firewall and VPN system

Kent County Government
    Performed a Network Assessment
    Worked with KCG to develop network access control to provide secure access to
      wireless and wired networks
    As part of this project, parts of the network were re-architected, firewalls and routers
      deployed, and access control enabled throughout the emergency response center

Harford County Government
    Planned a series of meetings and interviews on several management policies related to
      information security
    Worked extensively with both internal staff and external auditors
    Performed risk assessments in various areas of concern
    Located the areas of highest risk, and used best practices to assist HCG in developing
      IS policies to aid in using best practices both within the IS technical infrastructure and by
      HCG employees

Harrison County Department of Education
    Performed a comprehensive Security Assessment
    Prepared a series of interviews, technical testing, and tiger team walkthroughs
    Worked with HCDOE to improve physical and IT security, including deployments of new
       policies, technology, and physical measures to increase security of the infrastructure,
       personnel, and students

Montgomery County Schools
   Performed a comprehensive Network and Security Assessment
   Met with MCS to discuss concerns about network performance and their security posture
     including network performance testing, wireless security, a site survey, and security
     awareness training. MCS was able to greatly enhance their network performance and
     security posture as a result of the work performed

South Carolina State Election Commission
    Because of Mr. Bailey’s extensive security expertise, the South Carolina State Elections
      commission selected Data Networks to perform an extensive physical security
      assessment of their Electronic Voting System throughout the state. Due to the sensitive
      nature of this project, specific details are not included in this document

Granville County Schools
    Consulted with GCS on ways to integrate authentication and was successful in
      integrating E-Mail, Novell Open Enterprise Server, Mac OS X and X-Serve, and web
      page authentication
Wicomico County Public Schools
    Met with Wicomico to plan a method to provide highly-available Internet and WAN
     connectivity Planned, configured, deployed, and provided training on a firewall cluster
     that provided failover within the cluster and also between multiple public and private
    Configured the firewall to load-balance the traffic between the public networks and
     automatically reroute critical traffic out the surviving network should connectivity fail on
     one of the networks

South Carolina Department of Education
    Was the lead on this project to plan, design, and deploy a sophisticated identity
      management and unified authentication platform to deploy statewide administrative
      applications for SCDOE
    Worked with SCDOE employees, contractors, and Data Networks personnel to build a
      unified platform for identity and authentication

Novell eDirectory and Open Enterprise Server Security Benchmark Development
    Because of Mr. Bailey’s extensive and practical expertise with the Novell Open
       Enterprise platform, he spearheaded, in conjunction with Novell, private- and public-
       industry security specialists, the Novell benchmark documentation that served as the
       foundation for the CIS benchmark standard for Novell technologies

Caroline County, Maryland
    Performed a Security and Network Assessment
    Met with CC leadership to jointly create a series of tests to expose the needed
    Briefed them on the results, saving CC time and money in their planning for new
       technology initiatives

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