Beyond the Oregon Trail by quAf07


									Beyond the Oregon Trail           Facilitator Guide
Website evaluation: January, 2010

Page Website                                                  Evaluation
III                             Site not updated. For up-to-date information on Beyond the
                                                              Oregon Trail Curriculum contact us through our UUR email:
5                Just go to
                                                              A wealth of resources for teachers at all levels in many subjects
5                        Great resources. Subscription required for full access.
                                                              Magazine also available.
15             “Mix It Up” day plus many lesson plans and activities
15         7 activities for teaching about diversity
15      Youth-related activities with 4-H
20 (etc)                   “manifest destiny” reference materials (not lesson plans or
20    Google “Oregon Trail”                                   Provides access to many sites
20            10 lessons for middle and high school based on PBS
                                                              documentary The West. Includes lessons on Nez Perce and the
                                                              Dawes Act plus African Americans in the American West.
29    Provides laws and treaties as resources
29                 History of NW coasts: map plus one page of links to primary
29                    Excellent reference documents for late 19th century Native
                                                              American history, including Rogue River War and Siletz
                                                              Reservation documents
29 Many links to information on Native American tribes, including
29  First People of Clackamas County plus links
29           Article with references on Native Americans of Siuslaw and
                                                                  Lower Umpqua Valleys, Central Oregon coast
29            Article on mission and boarding schools with discussion
29                                  website for the Chemawa Indian School in Salem
29   Tribal websites all work.
45                Pamphlets, 1818-1907, regarding African American history
45 Article on Chinese Americans in Oregon
45                DOESN’T WORK. There is an article on Chinese in Oregon
45                     Index to early Chinese culture in Oregon
55 Japanese American Exhibit and Access Project
55               CHANGE htm to php to find Survival on the Slough
70          Link to black pioneers no longer works, but you can search
                                                                the website to find it.
70                   A history of blacks in Oregon, 1788-1940
70    Ethnic links in Oregon history: many links provided
70        Print references regarding African American history in the NW
70             DOESN’T WORK. Go to and
                                                                search within the site.
84               Resources about Hispanic life and culture in Oregon
84                                   CHANGED TO
84 DOESN’T WORK. Couldn’t find the article.
84                                      Latin American Network Information Center
97                          Maybe this website has changed? Relevance not clear.
97                                            Institute for Peace and Justice: has broad mission related to
                                                                (primarily Christian) nonviolence and social justice.
97     The 1998 White House initiative promoting racial dialogue
97                                                Anti-Defamation League fighting anti-Semitism and all forms
                                                                of bias-motivated hatred
97                                       Website expired December 2009
121             See especially Publications section: Anti-Bias Education for
                                            Young Children and Ourselves, Beyond Heroes and Holidays,
                                            and Putting the Movement Back Into Civil Rights Teaching
122                   The website exists, but I couldn’t find any reference to the
                                            video cited in the BTOT guide (“In Light of Reverence”)
                                            However, the film and lesson plans are available at
122                CHANGE to
122                  CHANGE to to purchase “Justice on
                                            the Table: Farmworkers ($25, 2003)
123                           Global School Network Foundation
123   Oregon Historical Society website
123           Social justice education and training. Films for rent.

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